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When you're learning how to spear fish there are really three (3) main steps you will need to learn to give yourself the maximum chance of spearing all the fish you need. 1. Stalking The Fish When you're learning how to spear fish the first step to master is stalking the fish. As you are swimming through the water and spot a fish you would like to spear, you first have to get close enough to it to be in range of your speargun. That's what it means to stalk a fish. When you see a fish the first thing you need to do is compose yourself and prepare to take a deep breath to be able to dive down and have enough time to get a good shot. If you can, dive down ahead of the fish rather than on top of it. diving straight down on top of a fish can often cause it to spook and swim away. As you approach the fish make sure you move slowly and fluidly as any sudden movements can scare the fish away. 2. Shooting The Fish To shoot the fish first make sure you're within range of it. A simple rule of thumb I like to use is don't shoot at the fish if it's more than five speargun lengths away from you. Try to shoot the fish from the same depth as it, in other words, dive down to the same depth as the fish. Hold the speargun fully extended in front of you with your line of sight running down the length of the spear. When the fish has turned side on to you and you are comfortable that you have a clear shot then go ahead and shoot that fish! 3. Retrieving The Fish Once you've shot the fish you need to get the fish and the spear to you so the fish can be taken off the spear. A lot of the time the fish won't be dead yet so you will have to use your dive knife to stab it in the brain before you take it off the spear. You can also cut it's throat to kill it but this causes the fish to bleed a lot and possibly attract sharks so I prefer to stab it in the brain. Once the fish is dead you can remove it from the spear and put it in the boat or in a floating bag or box that you may be towing around in the water with you.

Neil Mellon is a spearfishing enthusiast, who loves to travel out to the Great Barrier Reef whenever the weather is good to spear some fish. He has been spearfishing for 8 years and during that time has discovered the tricks to learning how to spear fish. He also enjoys fishing and crabbing, the conventional style.

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