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WORSHIP MUSIC IN CHURCH HAS ALWAYS HAD SOME STRANGE MOMENTS FOR SOME, LIKE THERE’S SONGS THAT NEVER SEEM TO END, OR THERE’S THE ‘CLAP-OFFERING’ KIND OF SONGS. Yeah, there’s songs that never end because they have repeatable verses. Like, I remember growing up, one of our songs that we sang was “In our church, Lord be glorified.” And then

where she didn’t feel welcome.” And I thought, “Ugh, you’re right. Way to deflate that.” (CHUCKLES) THAT’S SO CHRISTIAN OF HER. Exactly! And she was honest. There are Christians that use that as a shame point but that’s just her heart. I just thought it was hilarious, the idea that someone would bring

I just realized that there’s situations in my life where I went, ‘Booty, God, Booty,’ with a relationship or conversation. we’d just switch out the noun. So it’d be, “In our home, be glorified, in our schools, in our heart, in our gas station…” Like, that song you could just sing for a year and a half. That song is still being sung. But then even modern songs, like Hillsong United’s “Oceans,” that has 92 choruses. We are crossing the entire ocean. That is a Transatlantic adventure when you step out of that boat. YOU TALK IN THE BOOK ABOUT ‘BYOT,’ WHICH IS ‘BRING YOUR OWN TAMBOURINE.’ NOW, TELL ME YOU’VE NEVER SEEN THAT HAPPEN. I have! Honestly, it was in Nashville and I spoke at the church where it happened later, and I couldn’t tell that story even though it’s one of my favourite stories. Yeah, a woman two or three people away from me brought her own tambourine to play—it was a premeditated tambourine. She deliberately thought, “You know what this church needs more of? Tambourine.” It was fantastic. And I wrote a really funny blog post about it. My wife is a much better human, and she said, “I’d rather attend a church where that’s okay than one


their own tambourine. And I started to tell that joke to people and they’ll tell their stories of what other people brought. A friend of mine said he was at a Christian concert and someone brought their own chauffer horn. Like a ram’s horn, to play. And I said, “Well, did they play it at the right parts of the song?” And he said, “Jon, what modern worship song do you know that’s currently being written that has a ram’s horn part?” I was like, “Fair enough, fair enough.” Somebody else told me that he went on a men’s retreat, and men’s retreats are already awkward. Like, a bunch of dudes singing together? Let’s just be honest, it feels awkward at first. But he was on a men’s retreat and somebody brought their own f lute to play. My question there was, “Is that dude married? Is there any way that that dude has a wife? Like did some wife tell him, “You know what guys love? Flutes. You should bring one.” THAT’S RIGHT. BRING THE FLUTE. NOTHING SPELLS A MEN’S RETREAT LIKE A FLUTE. Yeah, we love it.

WHO WOULD BE SOME OF YOUR FAVOURITE ARTISTS TODAY? One of my favourite voices today is this guy Todd Smith. He’s in Selah. Really amazing, amazing voice. And he’s a friend, he lives in our neighbourhood, and so I’ve been fortunate enough to get to know him. Just a great heart, a great person, they’ve sold a ton of albums, really successful but so humble. And then also, [there’s] Needtobreathe. I love Needtobreathe. I think they do a great job of writing really captivating songs that aren’t so heavy-handed. I think they’re not afraid of metaphor and poetry…sometimes Christian music ends up being really heavy-handed. And then I really like Lecrae. I think he’s wildly talented. Growing up, I did not have access to good Christian rappers. There just weren’t any. Our stuff was like, “I love God, grass is called sod, a fish is called cod.” It was just terrible. But I think Lecrae is as good as any rapper on the [secular] market. So I really like him. JON, I REALLY APPRECIATE THE TIME WE’VE HAD TOGETHER. ONE LAST THING: IF PEOPLE WHO HAVEN’T YET READ ANYTHING YOU’VE PUT OUT THERE ONLINE ON YOUR BLOG OR ANYTHING, WHAT’S THE BEST WAY FOR PEOPLE TO SEE SOME OF THE STUFF YOU’VE GOT GOING ON. Yeah, they can find me at Acuff. me. I’m on Twitter a lot @jonacuff. And then Do-Over, my new book, is available anywhere books are sold. It’s on audio, and digital, and hard cover. So that’d probably be the best place to plug in. It’s not a book about hating your job, it’s a book saying, “What if what I did mattered, and how could I actually do it better.” JON, THANKS SO MUCH FOR JOINING US. REALLY APPRECIATE IT, AND HOPE TO TALK WITH YOU AGAIN SOMETIME IN THE FUTURE.

SEVEN - Issue 43 (July/August 2015)  

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