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Video surveillance systems are one of the easiest and most effective ways of improving the security of your home or business. Modern surveillance cameras have a variety of distinctions to choose from, ranging from video resolution to wireless or wired connectivity. Wireless or Wired Cameras Video surveillance cameras have two main types of connections: wired or wireless. Wired cameras are the standard for this technology. They are reliable, easily capable of recording and storing high definition video with the help of a DVR, and relatively inexpensive. Most wired video surveillance packages include 4 to 8 cameras, easily covering an entire home or business for maximum security. Unfortunately, the wired connection may require a professional installation for proper passage through walls in your home or business. You may also find the wires protruding from the back of the camera to be messy and hard to organize. If the included cords are not long enough to run back to the recording device, you will have to purchase longer cords at an additional cost. The newest trend in surveillance technology is the use of wireless cameras. Wireless cameras don't require the installation of lengthy cords to a recording device. Instead, they store footage on SD cards. Most have motion detection settings that only record footage when the camera detects movement. However, these new devices do have some drawbacks. First of all, they are not truly wireless, as the majority of wireless cameras still require a power cord to be run to a power socket. Footage is also often recorded at a lower resolution than wired cameras, making it more difficult to identify people in recordings. Storage may be limited compared to the 500GB+ DVRs that come with most wired camera systems. SD cards provided usually only store up to 2 GBs of data, resulting in just a few days or a week of video that can be stored. SD cards can be upgraded to up to 16 or 32 GBs, though at an additional cost. Finally, wireless surveillance systems are frequently more expensive than their wired counterparts, and come with fewer cameras. Some systems only come with 1 or 2 cameras, with additional cameras being quite costly. Overall, many individuals may find that wired security cameras are a better fit for their needs, but wireless cameras are still a great option for those desiring the latest technology and less clutter. Video Surveillance from Security Companies For the most trouble-free installation and the best in security, purchasing video surveillance systems from home security companies has distinctive benefits. Companies like ADT use top-ofthe-line encryption to ensure that your video signals are secure from spies. With professional installation, you don't have to worry about hiring an outside company to run the wires through your

home or setting up the cameras on your home network. Most surveillance systems feature integration with most smart phones and internet-enabled devices, such as laptops and tablets, but surveillance systems from alarm companies integrate video monitoring with the rest of their home security services. The convenience inherent in using these companies, instead of buying your own system, is clear, especially if you already have a basic security plan. Lots of Uses Video surveillance has plenty of uses besides trying to catch burglars. It can also be used to:

Check to see when children leave for, or come home from, school. Keep an eye on pets during the day. View who's at the front door. Monitor housekeepers and other home service workers when you're not there.

With all of its uses and relatively inexpensive cost (most wired systems start at around $250), video surveillance systems are a great tool to have in your home or business.

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==== ==== ip camera, security cameras, cctv cameras, ip video camera, reviews and information Click on the link Below ==== ====

Video Surveillance Systems Wired or wireless security cameras, video surveillance cameras, hidden cameras, ip video cameras, reviews and information

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