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Originally designed for banks, high-security areas, and the estates of celebrities and the very rich, video surveillance systems used to be too expensive for average home owners. These old systems relied on cameras that were part of a CCTV (closed circuit television) system that was expensive to install and maintain. But nowadays, CCTV systems are a thing of the past. And new information and digital technology has resulted in video surveillance systems that most homeowners can afford and operate easily. Just having video surveillance cameras does a lot to prevent intrusion. Many would-be thieves think it's not worth the trouble of breaking into a home with visible security cameras. So if you're interested in protecting your home and property, you should consider a system of this kind. Today's surveillance systems use Internet Protocol (IP) cameras that are inexpensive to maintain and easy to use. Unlike the CCTV systems which required a network of coaxial cables, IP systems deliver digital information over an IP network. Another benefit is that the video can be monitored in real time. IP surveillance cameras can be purchased individually or as part of a software bundle. The software is needed to record, view, and broadcast the video. The cameras should be placed near the entrance to your home, on any detached buildings that are also on the property, and if you have valuables inside your home, near them. You can put them wherever there's an IP network connection. Unlike webcams, the cameras don't have to be connected to a PC, and they each have their own IP address. The image quality of the digital feed is really superior to the old analog video, and the most advanced IP cameras can zoom, pan, and tilt. What people like best about these systems is that if you have a network video recorder, you can watch the feed live from any computer that has Internet access. In some cases, you can even watch from a smart phone. Being able to see what's happening at your home from across town or across the world can really put your mind at ease. Instead of the videotapes used by CCTV systems, the video captured by IP surveillance cameras is stored digitally, which makes it easy to archive and access. The price of IP systems has come down a lot, and the technology is offered by most of the home security systems. So consider upgrading to this kind of protection for your home.

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==== ==== ip camera, security cameras, cctv cameras, ip video camera, reviews and information Click on the link Below ==== ====

Video Surveillance Systems for the Homeowner