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Remote Access Software, also known as Remote Desktop Software or Remote Control Software, is enjoying unprecedented levels of success in today's marketplace. These programs facilitate connections among multiple internet enabled devices. Once connected, the software allows the devices to take control of one another in a master/slave environment. The master device will see a full screen representation of the slave on its screen, and will have unfettered control over that slave device. These connections allow for advanced technical support delivery, group project collaboration, eased home surveillance and scores of other practical applications. In this article we will examine how these Remote Desktop Software programs can drastically increase the functionality of your Smartphone or internet enabled device. Software Access - iPhone, Blackberry and Android Apps are now a multi-billion dollar per year industry. People clearly have the desire to add functionality to their phones, and are willing to pay for apps that perform tasks which their computers may already be capable of doing at no extra cost. Instead of going broke downloading dozens of new apps, a wise investment can be made into Remote Access Software. Using these access enabling programs, users can log into their home PC right from their Smartphone. Once connected, the user will have complete control over that system and will be able to leverage its software and horsepower. This access can provide an effective solution for solving problems without having to buy a new app, and can help users remain active whiel staying productive. Near Unlimited Storage - The price difference between an iPhone with 16GB of storage and an iPhone with 32GB of storage is one hundred dollars. For just a few dollars, a user with a 16GB iPhone can gain access to hundreds of gigabytes of available storage, with absolutely zero access for file size limitations. That storage solution is, of course, realized through the use of Remote Access Software. By loading this software on both an internet enabled Smartphone or other mobile device, and a home computer with a healthy hard disk drive, mobile users can have full access to the storage capabilities of their home system. This access can come in handy when a user is faced with a device which is about to run out of storage space. All the user must do is connect to their home system and offload whatever files they wish in order to free up space on their device. This connectivity also works the other way, as users can take any files they may wish from their home system for access on their mobile device. This can be especially helpful when dealing with large amounts of images or video files. Forgot that important file on your home system? Remote Access Programs can be an absolute lifesaver in situations like this. Your home computer does not even have to be on at the moment you need access to it, as these programs have the ability to awaken sleeping remote machines.

We see that any Smartphone or internet enabled mobile device can be significantly upgraded in terms of functionality and storage through the use of Remote Control Software.

This article was written by Tim Kennedy on behalf of Proxy Networks. He recommends you consider Proxy Networks for all your Remote Control Software, Remote Desktop Software and Remote Access Software needs.

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