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PC-Based DVRs are still some of the most feature-rich security camera systems on the market, however most DVR cards still only work with older-style PCI slots. Unfortunately, computers are beginning to come with less and less PCI card slots for expansion and are replacing these slots with newer style PCIe slots. Make sure that you select a DVR card that is designed to work with the expansion slot that is available in your PC. Many DVR Cards still are only available in PCI models however there are several newer DVR cards like our Alnet Systems which now have PCIe versions to allow installation in the newer style PCs. These new PCIe Cards not only work with the newer PCIe expansion slots, but they also offer many newer features when compared to previous model DVR cards including hardware H.264 video compression, iPhone remote viewing, Android remote viewing, BlackBerry remote viewing and many more features like with our Alnet AVC-series DVR Cards. The enhanced throughput of the PCIe slot allows these cards to have improved color, clarity and frame rate as well, providing you with better quality and smoother video. DVR Cards are available in many different varieties, ranging from 4-camera cards through 16-camera cards which can also be stacked with multiple cards in a PC, to allow for up to 32 cameras total in a PC. With these new style cards, you can use most new style PCs to record from your home or business security cameras. Simply install the cards into your PC with a PCIe slot and then install the software that comes with the card to turn your PC into a security camera DVR that can record from your home or business security cameras right onto the hard drive of the PC. Most systems even include motion detection recording to help save space on your hard drive. Updated PCIe cards also allow for expanded features and better quality than many older PCI cards. With the newest model Alnet AVC-series PCIe cards, the video is compressed into H.264 video format on the card to help reduce load on the main CPU for improved quality, frame rate and remote viewing. When building or upgrading your security camera system, ensure that you select a card that will work with your PC expansion slot and has the features that are desired for your home or business camera system.

Our new updated Alnet PCIe DVR Cards provide great video quality in H.264 video format and allow for remote viewing from iPhone, iPad, iPod, BlackBerry, Android PDA phones, Windows Mobile phones and more. Remotely view security cameras offer advanced remote viewing from a PC, Laptop, Google Android phones, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile PDA phones.

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==== ==== ip camera, security cameras, cctv cameras, iphone video surveillance reviews and information Click on the link Below ==== ====

New Model PCIe Dvr Cards