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Presenting your car the best way it possibly can be is a very rewarding task. There's nothing better than cruising the streets and nicely polished shiny car. However there's a lot of damage that can be done to the paintwork if your car is not washed correctly. To start with it is essential to use clean and good condition sponges and leathers. In fact even the condition of the bucket can make a difference, for example using a bucket that has been used for building work can leave scratches on the car due to the small amount of dust which can be ingrained into the inside surface of the bucket. The first thing to do is to hose down the car with most powerful hose you have. This should be done with cold water. Doing this should remove most of the loose dirt on the outside of the paintwork. Next, when you're happy that all the loose dirt has been removed, you should use a good quality car shampoo and make up the mixture into a bucket with warm water. Taking a clean sponge you should follow the directions on the car shampoo and make sure you clean the car thoroughly but not aggressively, starting at the top and working your way down. Once you've done this process once, you should repeat it again with a clean bucket. When the car is spotlessly clean, but before it is dry you should again hose it down with cold water. You must make sure you remove all traces of the car shampoo. Now, taking a clean leather which has been soaked in water you should work your way from the top to the bottom of the car you should remove the water with the leather ensuring that there are no smears. By now you sever very clean car. But next you might want to add that extra showroom shine by adding polish. Ensure you have clean cloth's and follow the directions on the polish. Make sure that you do not do this in sunlight as this can dry out the polish before you have time to buff it. Now that you have got this are you might as well go the whole hog and clean the Wills with a decent will cleaner, the tyres with tyre black, and any chrome trim with a chrome polish. Also, don't forget to clean the windows so they are smear free as this will add that extra sparkle to the car.

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==== ==== How To Maintain Your Car. Click on the link Below ==== ====

How To Wash Your Car to a Showroom Shine  
How To Wash Your Car to a Showroom Shine How To Wash Your Car. Car Detailing Supplies, Auto detailing Supplies, Motorcycle Cleaning Supplies