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Anyone that has ever traded in a car understands the anguish of the insulting price that the dealership offers. They want top dollar for their vehicle, yet they want to give you thousands less. There are a few things that you can do to ensure that you get top dollar for your trade in. One of the most important issues to ensure that you get what your car is worth is a clean car. Do not go to the dealership when your floorboards are covered with trash and the outside looks like the bottom of a bird cage. Here are a few tips that can help you get top dollar for your car: oMaintain service records oUse seat/floor covers oClean & shiny oUse a clay bar on stuck objects oKnow the car's blue book value Making sure that your engine is taken care of is as important to the dealership or person looking to buy a used vehicle. A good way to prove appropriate maintenance is to keep a log detailing the date and service that was completed. This not only proves that you have maintained the exterior but also the engine. Most buyers want to ensure that the vehicle that they purchase is going to last so this is a good way to help them make their decision. As for keeping the vehicle clean, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. If you keep the vehicle clean throughout its life it shows. Sure, you can clean up the car, but if you have stains or tears how you have taken care of the car says a great deal to the potential buyer. Under no circumstance should you ever try to sell a vehicle that is dirty. Make sure to run it through the car wash and at minimum vacuum the interior. A couple of hours of cleaning can yield you hundreds maybe even thousands of dollars. There are some tips for how to keep the outside of the car clean as well. Many car owners make the mistake of using harsh detergent to wash their cars. Detergent that is not meant for a vehicle can dull and even weaken the paint surface. Car detergent is affordable and should be used to keep the vehicle clean and the paint in tip top shape. Remember this is the first thing that the potential buyer see's. If you use a car wash to clean your car that is great, most of the time they do a great job. One thing to watch for and avoid is the brush system. While it seems to work well and does unless a rock or other debris is caught in the brush. This can cause small scratches in the paint. It is best to hand wash your car with a chamois rag, another good idea is old cloth diapers, they work great. How to Wax: Step 1: After washing and drying find a shady spot to avoid spots or streaks Step 2: With gloves to protect your hands, rub the wax in circle motions Step 3: Try not to get the wax into the lines (openings) of the car. If you do wipe it out with an old soft cloth. Step 4: Use a terry cloth or other soft cloth to wipe the wax off. Also, make circular motions.

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==== ==== How To Wax Your Car. Click on the link Below ==== ====

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