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This article will teach you how to do SEO fast in 4 easy steps. Search engine optimization (SEO) is basically the process of ranking in search engines. If you can rank #1 in Google organically and not have to pay from AdWords, then you will definitely be able to make money. The first organic listing in Google gets around 45% of all the traffic. The 4 steps to successful SEO are: creating quality content with good keywords, choosing a good domain name, getting lots of quality links, and traffic. If you apply these four steps, you will be able to do SEO fast. Most people don't even do SEO right. They either spam their site with keywords or don't get enough back links. But SEO is really only made up of 4 main components. How to do SEO Fast: Step 1 The first is CONTENT. You need at least 250 words on your homepage. You also need to include the primary and secondary keywords you want to rank for in most if not every paragraph. Search engines don't like spam or lame sites with little content. Make sure your title bar has less than 12 words and repeated keywords. How to do SEO Fast: Step 2 Second is your DOMAIN NAME. You need a domain name that is at least somewhat close if not exact to your keywords. You will notice that most sites on the first page of Google for a particular keyword have that keyword in their domain. If you can't get the domain name for your keyword, just make it short and catchy. How to do SEO Fast: Step 3 The third and most important component of SEO is LINKS. You need back links to rank, and they are almost 80% of SEO. Links basically show how popular a website is amongst other sites. If you have a back links to sites with high page ranks like Facebook or .gov or .edu sites, you will be popular in the eyes of Google. One link to a site with a page rank of 5 is equal to getting over 500 links to sites with a PR of 1. You can get back links by typing in your keyword + back link or blog into Google and looking for blogs and submitting your website to those blogs. Also, write articles and poet in forums and put your link in your posts or signature box. If another website has your website url on their website, and you also link to them, that is a back link. It is a link anyway if you don't link to them, it is just better to. Back links get you traffic too. If you post to someone's blog and a bunch of people read that blog and see your post, they might click on you link-and that is nice traffic and a link. How to do SEO Fast: Step 4

The fourth component of SEO is TRAFFIC. Search engines only rank popular sites. Drive traffic through Facebook, Twitter, and forums. I also recommend doing at least one AdWords campaign just to get some starter traffic. Besides, Google likes people who pay them. They even offer free credits if you look around. So to summarize SEO, you will rank in Google if you have good content, proper use of keywords, a good domain name, back links, and traffic.

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==== ==== google page one, page one of google, google seo, more traffic, more customers. Click on the link Below ==== ====

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