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Increasingly bloggers are moving from text-based blogs over to video-based blogs, otherwise known as "vlogs". For bloggers themselves, creating videos can be fun, can help to build rapport with your readership, and can also make producing content a little easier and quicker as you can simply flip your video camera on and start talking rather than having to power up your computer to carefully craft a fascinating piece of writing. For blog visitors, too, there are benefits. It can be nice to see your favourote bloggers "in the flesh" so to speak - to see them and hear them - and you feel like you're more part of their world. But until recently, actually creating a simple video blog post and then uploading it to your blog was something of a chore - meaning that most bloggers didn't bother with it. Introducing The Flip Video Camera The recently-released Flip video camera is rapidly becoming the "weapon of choice" for video bloggers due to it's ease of use and - even more importantly - the ease with which you can upload videos to your blog. This tiny, lightweight camera, with built-in memory and battery pack is a "take anywhere" piece of kit that you can use to rapidly produce good quality videos wherever you happen to be. Simply turn on your camera and press the big red "record" button to start filming. Press it again to stop and you've got a basic video ready for the Internet. The Flip video camera doesn't require wires and cables in order to upload videos, rather it plugs straight into the USB socket of your computer. Once plugged in, the software that comes with the Flip video camera allows you to select which videos you want to deal with and click one button to download those to your computer for storage and/or editing. Uploading to your video blog is almost as easy. The Flip video camera software is designed to interface smoothly with YouTube so if you don't yet have a free account, sign up for one now. You can then just select the videos you want to upload and the Flip video software will upload those videos to your YouTube account. Literally from plugging in your Flip camera to having a video uploaded to YouTube can take

moments. Then all you need to do is to navigate your way to the video in your YouTube account and find the "embed" code which will be on the right-hand side of your new video. Copy this code and simply paste it into a new post on your blog to effortlessly make your video appear ready for your readers (or watchers?!) to view. Other people can also add the video to their blogs if you let them so your marketing message can spread even further, and YouTube of course pays for the bandwidth when people view your videos, as opposed to it coming out of your web hosting allowance, making it not only a simple but also cost effective way to run a video blog.

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==== ==== ip camera, security cameras, cctv cameras, megapixel security cameras reviews and information Click on the link Below ==== ====

Easy Video Blogging with the Flip Video Camera ip camera, security cameras, cctv cameras, ip camera software reviews and information