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Dummy security cameras are much sought after by those on a tight budget. Simulating the appearance of the real thing, these 'fakes' come in an assortment of different shapes and sizes, much like their operational cousins. Dome, ceiling, and pinhole spy cameras are all available in dummy versions, allowing you to give the impression of a well monitored area. The key to deploying dummy CCTV cameras effectively is in their correct placement. Hiding them away in a corner where no one can see them is counterproductive, so instead they should be placed in highly visible areas; ideally there should be a warning sign accompanying them. A sign that reads 'Warning, CCTV Recording in Action!' attached to a nearby wall usually suffices. By placing them in obvious locations, you can focus attention to the fact that the area is camera secured. Dummy CCTV cameras are advanced enough these days that it takes an incredible astute criminal to work out the difference between fake and real cameras. There are now models that move and pivot in the same way as expensive cameras do, so knowing that they are fakes would take inside information to make its way into a criminal's hands. Obviously, there are potential disadvantages to choosing a dummy security camera over a real one. Nothing is ever recorded, there are no records of events, and all the camera does is sit there, ever fooling those who pass by. When it comes to stopping petty crimes from happening dummy cameras are perfect, but if you need proof of recorded actions - consider a real CCTV camera kit instead. However, you don't have to go one way or the other. Installing real cameras together with fake ones is a great tactic that big stores and large sites use to their advantage, and there is no reason why you can't copy them. Having a mix of camera types cuts the cost of owning a large network of CCTV zones, but the deterrence effect remains just the same as having every camera a fully live model. If you already have CCTV implemented, why not install a few fake CCTV cameras in blind spot areas? Then you can increase your home or business security at little cost.

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==== ==== ip camera, security cameras, cctv cameras, CCTV Cameras reviews and information Click on the link Below ==== ====

Deploying Dummy CCTV Cameras ip camera, security cameras, cctv cameras, iphone video surveillance reviews and information