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Video surveillance systems continue to rise in popularity across the board, showing up more in businesses, at traffic lights and on city streets. Advances in technology are making video surveillance systems smaller, more affordable and more practical, most types being compatible with a standard home computer. Thanks to the dropping price and shrinking size of surveillance cameras, surveillance systems are now mass marketed and increasingly making their way into the homes of average consumers. With home invasion on the rise, consumers are seeking the increased security barrier that video surveillance provides, both for the deterrence factor and for their own awareness. The added sense of security provided by the use of video surveillance systems makes them invaluable to homeowners. As with most technological trends, availability of the equipment through mainstream avenues has affected multitudes of new applications for video surveillance. Not surprisingly, parents are using video surveillance in their homes while they are away to monitor the behavior of children and caregivers. In-home monitoring has been both welcomed and met with controversy, as technological innovation inches one step closer to giving us the benefits of being in two places at once. Sadly, neglect and abuse are not unheard of in the childcare industry. It can be argued that video surveillance of childcare providers is a step in the right direction. Many day care centers across the country agree, and are even installing video surveillance systems that allow parents to remotely view the daily activities at the center. The increased accountability that takes place alongside the implementation of a day care surveillance system can give parents invaluable peace of mind regarding their children's safety. So what are the limits regarding surveillance of your child's nanny or babysitter in your home? The answer touches on the controversial topic of privacy rights that could constitute an entire book in and of itself. It is currently legal in the U.S. to record video surveillance of a person's actions without consent, so the ultimate decision lies with the parent. While individuals express different views on the ethical implications of surveillance, the general consensus is that awareness of the surveillance is key. Childcare providers as a whole seem not to oppose video surveillance, as long as they are aware that it is taking place. The benefits that parents receive from knowing the conduct of a nanny or babysitter are obvious. Parents can now have the peace of mind of knowing that their child is not being mistreated by a caregiver, and can consequently be selective in finding find the best care for their children.

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==== ==== ip camera, security cameras, cctv cameras, ip video surveillance reviews and information Click on the link Below ==== ====

Child Care Surveillance ip camera, security cameras, cctv cameras, ip surveillance video reviews and information