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23 Nisan - 23 Iyar May 2016

Temple President Faith Segal Looking to the Future It's May, I can’t believe it. I have been president of PJTC for a year now, and what a year it’s been. I would like to thank the 2015-2016 Board of Directors for all of their hard work and dedication to PJTC. We accomplished a lot as a board last year and now the work will continue. Although our Board of Directors will be smaller in size, we will remain strong and effective for the well-being of PJTC. I am looking forward to the year ahead and working with our new 2016-2017 Board of Directors. With the reduction in the size of our board, our committee structure will be stronger and will play a very important role for our congregation. I urge you all to find something that you are interested in and to get involved. The coming year should be a great one for PJTC. We are continuing to work on the implementation of our Strategic Plan, and to put in place the things that YOU have all told us are important to you and for PJTC. Our youth are more involved than ever before and USY and Kadima are thriving. By the time you read this FLAME, you will have heard that their Eateasy Speakeasy Restaurant Fundraiser on May 1st was a great success. Our youth planned the event, chose the menu, did the shopping and prep work and cooked for and served 140 people. They decorated the social hall, entertained their guests with music and dance, developed camaraderie with each other and enjoyed working together

to bring this event to PJTC. This night could never have happened without the leadership of our amazing youth director, Melissa Levy, and her “restaurant” team of Jake Levy, Aaren Heller, Karen Levin and Ricki Lane. Great job by all!!!! I am also very happy to tell you that after a long process and the dedication and hard work of our Rabbi Search Committee, Rabbi Noam Raucher has accepted the PJTC Senior Rabbi Position. Our Board of Directors has approved the employment contract that our negotiating team worked very hard on. And, at a congregational meeting on Tuesday, April 26, the congregation approved the general terms of the contract. I would like to thank Geoff DeBoskey, Sandy Hartford and Mickey Segal for their work on our behalf. Rabbi Raucher will be joining our community in mid-July. I know that he, his wife Tamar and their two young boys are very excited to move to the Pasadena area and become a part of our wonderful community. I am also happy to tell you that on June 4, PJTC will be honoring Judy and Phil Callahan as our Congregants of the Year. This is our major fundraiser for 2016. We will be celebrating Judy and Phil and all they have done for PJTC through the years. Their involvement with and dedication to our synagogue is amazing and we look forward to our “Evening Under the Stars” to celebrate them. Be sure not to miss

Services Minyan Services are held every Sunday in Knell Chapel, beginning at 9:00 AM.

May 6/7

Parashat: Aharei mot

6:45 PM Tot Shabbat Knell Chapel Fri. Shabbat Service 7:30 PM Galpert Sanctuary Yom HaShoah Commemorative Service Oneg hosted by Randy Shulman in honor of his mother Alice’s birthday Torah Study 9:00 AM Lounge Service in the Round 9:30 AM Social Hall Kiddush hosted by Ida Unger and Steve Moos May 13/14

Parashat: Kedoshim

Family Kabbalat Service 6:30 PM Social Hall Fri. Shabbat Service 7:30 PM Social Hall Oneg hosted by Sisterhood Torah Study 9:00 AM Knell Chapel Shabbat Service 9:30 AM Knell Chapel Kiddush hosted by Shabbes Minyan Group May 20/21

Parashat: Emor

Ava and Eliana Gabriel B’not Mitzvah Fri. Shabbat Service 7:30 PM Galpert Sanctuary Shabbat Service 9:00 AM Galpert Sanctuary Oneg and Kiddush hosted by Melissa and Neil Gabriel May 27/28

Parashat: Behar

Fri. Shabbat Service 7:30 PM Social Hall Oneg hosted by Sisterhood Torah Study 9:00 AM Lounge Service in the Round 9:30 AM Social Hall Kiddush hosted by Cantor Ruth Berman Harris and Laurence Harris in honor of the graduation of Ariel, Talia's safe return from Israel and Grandma Sonia's birthday


If you prefer to receive the FLAME by mail at no charge, please email the office at info@pjtc.net.

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1434 N. Altadena Drive • Pasadena CA 91107 http://www.pjtc.net/ (626) 798-1161

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