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19 Adar 5773 - 20 Nisan March 2013

Cantor Ruth Berman Harris Passover

Services March 1/2

Passover (Pesach, in Hebrew) is the first of the three harvest festivals in t he Je w ish calendar. It takes place in the month of Nisan, the first month in the Jewish calendar. The other two holidays are Shavuot, which takes place 50 days after the first day of Passover, and Sukkot, which follows four days after Yom Kippur in the fall. On these three festivals, adult male Israelites (women have come a long way in 3000-plus years) were expected to make a pilgrimage to the Temple in

Jerusalem to bring offerings to God in thanks for the fruitfulness of the land (Deuteronomy 16:16-17). Since most pilgrims walked, these three festivals are referred to as the Shalosh Regalim (literally “three feet festivals"). Pe s a c h w a s o r i g i n a l l y a n agricultural festival that took place at about the time of the barley harvest in Israel. The Torah, however, shifts the emphasis of this holiday to the Jewish exodus from Egypt. It is this historical focus that has dominated the observance of Passover for well over 2000 years. Pesach has several different names in the Torah. The name Chag HaAviv, “the spring festival,” refers to the holiday’s agricultural roots. The term Pesach refers to the paschal Click here to continue

Temple President Matt Ober Transitions It should come as no surprise that I was fairly motivated to write my final FLAME column. I have a confession to make; writing my monthly F L A M E c olu m n h a s been one of the greatest challenges of my two year presidency. It isn’t that I didn’t have much to say or didn’t feel it important. I found it a challenge to highlight for you in as little as 500 words how much goes into running our “Jewish Temple and Center” each and every day. From our dedicated and caring staff, to our devoted and dynamic clergy, to our diligent and determined lay leadership

and administrative council, to our supportive Sisterhood and Men’s Club, to our enthusiastic and tireless volunteers, to you, our congregation, everyone plays a part in this community we call PJTC. And while I have no intention of putting you now through a twoyear trip down memory lane, I do want to share with you some of the reasons it has been my honor and privilege to serve this congregation. My term began with an underlying congregational tension fueled by a level of distrust, and dissatisfaction with business as usual. Click here to continue

1434 N. Altadena Drive • Pasadena, CA 91107 (626) 798-1161

Parashat: Ki Tisa

Tot Shabbat Service 6:45 PM Knell Chapel Kita Bet and Gimel will lead services Fri. Service 7:30 PM Galpert Sanctuary Oneg hosted by Kita Bet and Gimel class parents Sat. Service 9:00 AM Knell Chapel Kiddush hosted by Marlene and Barry Segal in honor of Barry's 80th birthday March 8/9

Parashat: Vayakhel-Pekudei

Fri. Service 7:30 PM Galpert Sanctuary Oneg hosted by Sisterhood Sat. Service 9:00 AM Knell Chapel Kiddush hosted by Hava Ben-Zvi and Linda Rourman on the yahrzeit of Hava’s beloved husband, Dr. Ephraim Ben-Zvi March 15/16

Fri. Service 7:30 PM

Parashat: Vayikra

Galpert Sanctuary

Gary Schwarz Bar Mitzvah Sat. Service 9:00 AM Galpert Sanctuary Oneg and Kiddush hosted by Debbie Priester and Andy Schwarz March 22/23

Parashat: Tzav

Fri. Service 7:30 PM Galpert Sanctuary Oneg hosted by Sisterhood Sat. Service 9:00 AM Knell Chapel Kiddush hosted by Shabbes Minyan Group Passover Schedule March 25 Passover begins at sundown Enjoy the first Passover Seder with friends and family Tuesday, March 26 Passover Service 9:00 AM Knell Chapel Second Night Seder Community Seder 7:00 PM Social Hall Wednesday, March 27 Passover Service 9:00 AM Knell Chapel Monday and Tuesday, April 1 and 2 Passover Services 9:00 AM Knell Chapel April 2 – Yizkor March 29/30

Chol Hamoed Pesach

Fri. Service 7:30 PM Galpert Sanctuary Oneg hosted by Sisterhood Sat. Service 9:00 AM Knell Chapel Kiddush hosted by Linda and Elliott Mazur in memory of Elliot’s father, Marvin Mazur

Religious School News

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by Debby Singer, Education Director

Our Mishpaha Magic program featuring composer and songstress Cindy Paley was not a success if numbers are your game. We were only about 30 strong with eight families represented. It’s kind of disheartening to put so much planning into a program for days on end, buying and schlepping and creating, when the turnout is less than expected. Admittedly I was a little bummed when I realized the group would be small and I calculated in my head all the hours spent getting ready and making sure all details were attended to while putting other tasks and responsibilities to the side. But then something happened and the magic kicked in as Cindy took the microphone, guitar in hand and began welcoming our group with her beautiful voice and specially chosen meaningful and spirit-filled songs. Each family lit a Havdallah candle and the light filled the dimly lit, cavernous space of the Social Hall. Each in turn read from the specially prepared Havdallah service. When braided together, the many wicks of our Havdallah candle are stronger and burn with greater light and warmth than they could alone. In a similar manner, each of us finds greater love, security and understanding, sharing our lives as a family. Like this candle we are one, and together we possess the power to bring light and warmth to all humanity.

We raised the Kiddush cup, inhaled the spices and sang a song of hope that Elijah the Prophet will return to tell us that world is perfect – that there is brotherhood, sisterhood, justice and peace for ever yone. When the lights came back on we read a story about the Shema which was the theme of the evening, followed by a lesson in American sign language in which we learned to speak the Shema with our hands. There was more singing…a Laila Tov lullaby, a rousing Adama V’Shmayim, a soulful L’chi Lach. Our special craft for the evening was the creation of Shema pillowcases which each child made to take home with a couple to spare so that we can brighten the lives of those whose names appear on the temple’s get well list. The time frame for the evening was 7:00-8:30. At 9:30 we began cleaning up as folks lingered to talk, to snack and to sing some more. We agreed to do it again. Perhaps to start earlier and include a light dinner so that bedtimes would not be so late on a Saturday night. Our Mishpaha Magic program, which this time was funded by a special grant from the Jewish Federation, may not have been a success in terms of numbers, but for those of us who partook of this experience to say farewell to Shabbat together, it was! Join us next time, won’t you?

Whitman Dinner and Board Installation

Friday April 5 at 6:00 PM Social Hall

Dinner at 6:00 PM will be followed by the installation and services at 7:30 PM. Join us as we welcome in Shabbat and our new officers and Board members There is no charge for the dinner but we must have your reservations by Friday, March 29. Reservations will not be accepted after that date. Call the PJTC office at 798-1161 or email at

RSVP to the Temple office by March 29. 2

March 2013

Men's Club News

Madeline Mark Fund to Honor Students T he Pa s a d e n a Je w i s h Temple & Center is pleased to announce a new honor to be awarded annually to the post-b’nai mitzvah student (ages 14-18), who best exemplifies the values of longtime PJTC member, Madeline Mark (z"l). Madeline was deeply involved in encouraging youth to find their highest expression of growth, motivation, and achievement in ways unique to each individual. PJTC invites students who are engaged in volunteer projects at the Louis B. Silver Religious School, at their own public or private school, or through their own individual initiative, to write an essay of approximately 1,000 words. This essay should briefly describe the project, and focus primarily on the realizations achieved about oneself in doing the project. The student whose essay is deemed to best represent the values of reflection, growth, and positive change will be awarded a grant of $250, and that student’s name will be added to the Madeline Mark Memorial Honor Plaque to be prominently displayed at PJTC. All essays will be published online on the PJTC website, and the winning essay will be published in the FLAME. The award is open to PJTC members only.

by Jerry Halpert, Men's Club President

Successful Past Programs - Thanks for joining us Sunday, February 3 A festive group of football fans joined together in Wohlmann Hall for the Annual Super Bowl Sunday game. We enjoyed socializing, eating and drinking and watching the championship game on the large 72-inch TV screen in a game where the Baltimore Ravens' win was not determined until the final seconds. Sunday, February 24, 2013 A number of members and guests enjoyed an interesting free one-hour tram tour of Santa Anita racetrack and its back lot. Some enjoyed breakfast at Clocker’s Corner. Join Us On The Photo Team Members of the Men’s Club have agreed to take photos at PJTC events when requested. Often there is no record of important events at PJTC. We are open to anyone who would like to be part of our photo team. Call me at (626) 793-8783 or email to let us know of your interest. You don’t have to be a Men’s Club member to participate in this important activity.

The deadline for entries is March 31, 2013. Please submit your essay to: Ruth Several, Chair. For more information, go to

Modern Jewish Writers Tuesday, March 19, 3:00 PM Wohlmann Hall

We will discuss Joseph Roth's novel, The Radetzky March. Note that we have switched to an afternoon hour. We welcome additional readers. Email for further details. Peter Brier Book Club facilitator

All Are Welcome! Join Us For Our Annual Dinty Moore Dinner Join us for a festive catered deli supper.

6:30 PM, Tuesday March 12, 2013

Honoring PJTC Men’s Club’s Man of the Year

Please join us:

Bob Levinson

Entertainment provided by "CHRISTY MAURO-COHEN IN CONCERT" With David Cohen at the Piano

PJTC Guardians

Brunch and Business Meeting Sunday, May 5, 2013 Social Hall 10:15 AM - 12:00 Noon

Mary Ann and Mickey Bernath, Guardian Chairs RSVP to

Without Sustanance There is No Torah


Reservations with Check to PJTC Men’s Club by March 8 - $25 ($30 thereafter) Send checks to Men’s Club at PJTC office For Information call the PJTC Office (626) 798-1161 3

March 2013

It's Happening with Sisterhood! By Barbara Levinson, Sisterhood President

Sometimes when I write my monthly article, it moves at a slow pace. That previous month may have been quiet. We all need quiet moments. However, this past month has been a flash of exciting Sisterhood and Temple/Sisterhood events. We started with a spectacular Shabbat Shirah evening that began with a delicious dinner, followed by a moving musical program provided by our Cantor Ruth and her good friend Diego Rubinsztein from Buenos Aires and several PJTC musicians. We left this musical interlude transformed and full of spiritually uplifting melodies. Then the event wound up with what was modestly billed as a “Dessert Reception.” Those of you who were there know that the whole social hall was transformed and we had an array of desserts fit for royalty with orchid centerpieces to decorate the tables. The credit goes to the Sisterhood-led team of Nancy Carlton, Aty Rotter and Ricki Lane. "Kudos" does not do them justice.  I don’t particularly like my articles to be a list of names  in order to give credit where credit is due, but forgive me this once when I tell you about the fun-filled Hamantaschen Bake skillfully organized by Barbara David. We made close to one thousand hamantaschen and by WE I mean Barbara David, Nancy Carlton, Aty Rotter, Nancy Copeland, Leslie Aiken, Laura Van Dellen, Susan Lorin, Lynn Broudy, Stacy Miller, Carole Grant, Sandy Hartford, Lyn Slotky and me. We had such a good time. There is nothing like bonding over the aroma of home-baked goodies and finally licking the bowl clean of the last bits of poppy seed or fruit jam. And me as usual, with flour on my face, hands and jeans.  To top things off, after our February 10 Congregational Meeting, Sisterhood held its annual Torah Fund Chay’ay Olam luncheon honoring another spectacular Sisterhood woman, Stacy Miller. This luncheon was spearheaded by our Torah Fund VP, Bobbi Sloan, as it is every year. Some of these names will sound familiar. You know the busiest women are never too busy to help and so we thank Nancy Carlton for decorations, Betsy Conovitz for doing the invitations and programs, and Wendy Frankel and Ricki Lane for the delicious lunch. Of course we thank our Regional President of Women’s league, Renée Ravich, for bringing greetings from our Regional Board. And, oh yes, there’s Edie Taylor. Does anything ever get done around here without Edie to catch all the details we miss? Last, but certainly not least, kudos to Bobbi Sloan who led and brought this incredible luncheon to fruition. She will tell us she didn’t do anything; that it was her team, but all of us know a team is only as good as its leader. That was our month past. Hope you enjoy some pictures of these events..  The FLAME

Torah Fund

by Bobbi Sloan, VP Sisterhood’s Rae Goodstein Memorial Torah Fund Photos by Edie Taylor

On Sunday, February 10, 2013, PJTC Sisterhood held its annual Rae Goodstein Memorial Torah Fund Chay’ay Olam luncheon, this year honoring Stacy Miller. It was a wonderful event, recognizing the outstanding service that Stacy has The Family: Stu, David, given to PJTC Sisterhood, the temple and the community. The décor was Samantha, Stacy, Bailey festive, with colored tablecloths and beautiful succulent plants decorating the tables. The food was delicious – Southwest style, starting with margaritas and on Stacy's Step-Mom Pat, to assorted salads filling large tostada Stacy, Sister Julie shells. For the entertainment we showed a DVD of a skit performed by our talented Sisterhood ladies in 1995, who talked and sang about Torah Fund. Some of you might recognize the participants: Bonnie Skolnik for the music, Donna Gabai, Marilyn Fingerhut (z"l), Marcia Alper, Marcy Horenstein, Natalie Schweon Greenfield and her daughter Michelle, Patty Loitz and Stacy and Carol Roz Scherr. That was eighteen years ago! We honored Judy Callahan as our 1995 Chay’ay Olam and helped her and Phil celebrate their 23rd anniversary. Stacy’s husband Stu and friend Carol Mills spoke of the amazing talents and attributes that made Stacy this year’s honoree. I’d like to thank the following people who helped make this year’s luncheon a success: Betsy Conovitz for her artistic talents in creating the invitations and the program. She was assisted by her friend, Julie Delucia. Ricki Lane and Wendy Frankel provided the beautiful and delicious buffet luncheon, the decorations, and the scrumptious dessert. Nancy Carlton created the lovely table centerpieces. Robert Brown and Kenny Allen provided the technical skill to set up and run the projector. Last but not least is Edie Taylor. Edie is my partner and mentor in putting together this event year after year. She is responsible for the editing and proofing of the invitations and programs. She coordinates the mailings. In addition, she found the original VHS tape and asked Maury Weiss (thank you Maury!) to transfer it to DVD for modern projection. She located the women who performed in the skit eighteen years ago, so that they too would be able to relive the memories. I also thank all who attended. Your presence contributed to the success of this event. Thank you for your continuous support of Torah Fund. 4

March 2013

Pizza, Pasta, Bread after Pesach: Restaurant Night

Save the Date

Wednesday, April 3 Maria’s Italian Kitchen

Sisterhood Shabbat Saturday, April 13

by Debbie Guest, Sisterhood’s VP Development

You deny yourself all manner of wonderful food for eight days, and the house is now empty of those things, so this is the ideal time to treat yourself to a dinner out. Maria’s Italian Kitchen on Foothill Boulevard is donating 20% of your bill (not including tax or tip) to us if you announce yourselves to the management as a participant in this fundraising event. The donation applies only to dine-in meals. Participants need not be Temple members, so encourage your friends and neighbors to come, as well. The offer is good from 5:30 PM to 9:30 PM. Looking at this FLAME online you can go to this link, Maria's, and print out a flier to hand to your server on Wednesday, April 3. One flier will suffice for any size group of diners. You may print as many fliers as you like to distribute to friends, should they decide to come separately. The flier has all the details you need (date, address, parking, and time the offer is available). Paper copies of the flier are available in the PJTC lobby. Thank you for participating in this event.

Please join Cantor Ruth and guitarist Duvid Swirsky for our annual Sisterhood Shabbat on Saturday, April 13 at 9:30 AM in the Social Hall. An uplifting service in the round will be followed by a festive Kiddush luncheon sponsored by Sisterhood. Please contact Ruth Several for more information.

Volunteer Opportunities with Sisterhood Do you have tech talents with a creative flair? Sisterhood is looking for someone to do our Constant Contact email blasts and manage our Facebook page. You will have a tutorial if you need one! Or.... Maybe you’re the one to handle invitation orders for bar and bat mitzvahs, weddings or luncheons. We have the catalogues filled with samples, we just need you to meet with parents and place the orders. You will be trained! And ....Sisterhood’s nominating committee is meeting. There’s no time like the present to get involved. Bring a friend and join a committee! Please contact Stacy Miller at or any other nominating committee members: Carol Mills, Stacy Ober, Jan Pais and Carolyn Siegal and let us know where your interests lie! We want you! We need you too!

2013 Showcase House for the Arts

Rosh Chodesh elebration

by Elise Knepper, Project Chair


Thursday Evening 7:30 to 9:00 PM

We welcome the month of

Nisan — March 7

The Pasadena Showcase House of Design is one of the country’s oldest, largest, and most successful home and garden tours benefiting the local community. Each year an estate of architectural significance is renovated by some of Southern California’s most prominent interior and landscape designers using the latest design tools and concepts. This year’s home will be a magnificent estate in Arcadia, and PJTC is proud to help provide docents again in 2013. Temple members have the opportunity to host at the event for a four-hour period of time, answering simple questions and pointing visitors in the right direction. In return, our Sisterhood will receive $40.00 for each shift worked.   The dates of the Showcase House are April 21-May 19 and shifts are available from either 9:00 AM-1:00 PM. or from 1:005:00 PM. There are also additional shifts from 5:00-9:00 PM on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Please support us and spend an afternoon (or two) at this lovely property! Email Elise Knepper at elise@ThePropertyShopPasadena. com, or call (323) 369-6869 to join us. The FLAME

At the home of Carolyn Siegal

For more information call

(626)798-1161 or SAVE THE DATE: APRIL 4 for our next gathering

PJTC Sisterhood welcomes this gathering of Jewish women to celebrate the new moon with study, discussion and, of course, dessert. Topic: Telling Stories Through Stitchery An Evening With Needlework Artist Trudie Strobel. Come view and learn about needlework depicting personal and communal history, life cycles and tradition. RSVP to or Kathy Kobayashi.

The ultimate “do-nothing” fundraiser! Register your cards with eScrip. Shop throughout the year. eScrip sends PJTC a check. Register on-line at or contact Karen Levin for information or help. Please be sure to use the PJTC Group ID # 9207786 when enrolling. 5

March 2013

From the Eugene and Marilyn Fingerhut Memorial History Project

Interfaith Study Group

by Cecilia Fox, PJTC’s ISG representative

The Interfaith Study Group (members of Pasadena Jewish Temple & Center, All Saints Episcopal Church, Pasadena, and the Islamic Center of So. Calif., L.A.) meets on the second Sunday of each month, rotating locations through our institutions. Our purpose is to grow in understanding, to be respectful, and interested in learning from each other. All are welcome. Next Meeting on Sunday, March 10, 2013, will begin promptly at 5:00 PM in PJTC’s Wohlmann Hall. Our three panelists will discuss “Traditions and Beliefs About Death and Dying, from the Jewish, Muslim and Christian Perspectives.” Panelists are:  Cantor Ruth Berman Harris, Pasadena Jewish Temple and Center. Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, her BA (Bar Ilan University, Israel) is in Bible and Talmud. She was the first woman cantor in Argentina to graduate from the Rabbinico Seminario of Latin America. She served congregations in Israel, Milwaukee and Phoenix before coming to PJTC. Cantor Ruth’s professional work has great breadth, including responsibility for the music, an integral part of all Jewish services. As teacher and counselor, she prepares students for b’nai mitzvah. Her partnership with Rabbi Joshua Levine Grater creates a compassionate, spiritually uplifting clergy team. She visits congregants who are ill or bereaved, offers seminars on end of life issues, death and dying, and conducts services at homes during the mourning period. Dr. Misbah Eldereiny, born and raised in Egypt, has B.A.s in Islamic Studies (Higher Institute of Religious Studies, Egypt), and in International Finance, in which he also has a doctorate. He came to the U.S. in 1975 and was Administrator & Coordinator of Religious Affairs, Islamic Center of So. Calif. for 20 years. Early in his career in Egypt, he was responsible for the rehabilitation of the many wounded soldiers returning from the 1967 war with Israel. He is founder of the Islamic Learning & Practicing Center, L.A., and of Straight Way (Islamic) School. Dr. Eldereiny has researched modern societal issues from an Islamic perspective. A counselor, teacher, scholar and Imam, he has been honored for his work by U.S. Congress, California State Senate, and local government agencies. The Rev. Sarah W. Nichols is Director of Pastoral Care for Episcopal Communities & Services (ECS), continuing care retirement communities in Southern California. She directs the comprehensive program and its chaplains, provides training/ counseling in palliative care, end of life issues, compassion fatigue, and quality of life. She also directs By Your Side: Vigil Companions, preparing volunteers to serve those at the end of life. She took part in the National Consensus Project for Quality Palliative Care (2009), including improving the Quality of Spiritual Care as a Dimension of Palliative Care. A contributing author to Hospice Foundation of America’s book, Living with Grief: Spirituality and End of Life Care (2011); her article “Examining the Impact of Spiritual Care in Long Term Care,” will appear in OMEGA: Journal of Death & Dying. Please bring a dish for the potluck (vegetarian/dairy only) after the panel. Drinks, paper goods, cutlery provided. Contact Cecilia Fox via temple office with questions (626) 798 1161. To be informed of our events, contact Norma Sigmund, NSigmund@ or call her at (626) 583-2734. Carpool to PJTC leaves All Saints North Parking Lot at 4:15 PM. The FLAME

by Michael Several, Project Chair

This is the second of a series of articles about the El Monte Jewish community After an initial period in which El Monte had a reputation for being a tough town ready to impose vigilante justice in the area, it had become a more sedate place by the end of the Civil War, with a small commercial center surrounded by an agricultural economy based on walnut groves and hops. According to Karen Wilson, who is curating the upcoming exhibit at the Autry National Center on the Jews of Los Angeles, Jacob Weil, who operated a store in El Monte, is the first known Jew in the town. However, it is not known whether he lived in El Monte or Los Angeles, where he also had a store. The first Jewish resident of El Monte is unknown. But by the end of the nineteenth century it was home to Issac L. Kauffman. An immigrant from AlsaceLorraine, Kauffman opened the town’s first general store. The Kauffman Mercantile Company was a substantial operation that served as the shopping hub of El Monte. Issac later moved to Los Angeles and left the store under the management of his son, Milton. A measure of Issac Kauffman’s importance to the early development of El Monte is the naming of one of the town’s main residential streets in his honor. Kauffman’s involvement in the town’s politics and development is unknown, but Ephraim J. Shirpser’s is well documented. After moving to El Monte at the beginning of the twentieth century, he briefly worked at Kauffman’s general store before becoming a traveling salesman. After a year on the road, he returned to El Monte and went into the plumbing business with a non-Jewish partner. In 1908, Ephraim and his father, Solomon, opened a general store which they operated until 1922. Ephraim then went into real estate and insurance, which he continued until about 1950. In her survey, The Jews of the United States, Hasia Diner noted that “in small communities at their early stages of economic development, Jewish men, most of whom made a living as merchants, stepped forward to help govern their communities.” Shirpser embodied that Jewish experience in El Monte. Over the years, he was president of the City Council, a member of the Board of the Chamber of Commerce, and on the board of the Columbia Grammar School. Recognizing his contributions to El Monte, the El Monte City School District named an elementary school in his honor. The most successful Jewish resident in the political life of El Monte was Sydney Kading. Active in the Merchants Association, the Exchange Club, the 20-30 Club, and the Kiwanis during the post-WWII period, Kading was elected to the City Council in 1956 to challenge the annexation of unincorporated areas surrounding El Monte by Rosemead, South El Monte, City of Industry, Irwindale, and Temple City. As a councilman, he spearheaded the annexing of land by El Monte that ultimately enabled the town to have a population of more than 110,000. Sydney served twenty years on the council. During his four terms he twice held the position of mayor that rotated among the council members. A year after leaving the City Council in 1976, Kading died at age 61.


March 2013

Religious School Committee Update- Phase I In the fall of 2012 a committee was organized to prepare the temple for the hiring of a new education director. This committee, named the “LBSRS Committee”, studied the state of the religious school to understand what opportunities exist as we prepare to search for a new education director. The committee was made up of individuals with strong backgrounds in education. Members included LBSRS teachers, parents, religious school committee members, and clergy. Debby Singer, the current Director of LBSRS, played an essential role in the process. The committee began the process by building an extensive SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses/Challenges, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis of the religious school. The analysis highlighted a school made strong by an engaged community, excellent educators, well-crafted curriculum, and admirable leadership. While the overall state of the religious school is very strong, the committee found that there are areas to improve upon. They highlighted opportunities to improve communication, refine the curriculum, and expand current partnerships while developing new ones. While the SWOT analysis yielded excellent results, the committee wanted to ensure the voices and opinions of religious school parents were represented. The committee developed a short survey which was sent to 146 current parents of religious school students. The survey was sent electronically on three occasions and was completed by 63 individuals. A summary of the results can be found below. Parents were first asked four open–ended questions. The responses were varied, but distinct themes emerged. When asked what aspects of their child’s religious school education are most important, the most common themes mentioned were; Learning Jewish Traditions and Culture, Learning Hebrew, Socializing with Peers, Building Community, and Fostering Jewish Identity. When asked what aspects their kids found most important, the most common responses were; Socializing with Peers, Having an Engaging, Fun, and Stimulating Experience, Learning about Judaism in General, Learning about Jewish Traditions and Culture, and Participating in Arts and Craft. When the parents were asked what aspects of LBSRS they were most pleased with, the most common themes were; Great Educators/Developing Jewish Role Models, Building Community, The Curriculum, Learning the Value of Mitzvot, Engaging, Fun, and Stimulating Experience, and A Positive and Safe Atmosphere. When asked about the aspects that they would like improved, the parents responded with: Modifying the School Schedule, Improving Hebrew Instruction, Program and Curriculum Suggestion, Suggestions for Educators, and Better Communications. The parents were asked if they would like to see more LBSRS planned social events, retreats, and weekends. Thirty one of 57 indicated they would like more planned events, while 20 indicated they did not. Six were undecided. The parents were asked if they were satisfied with the amount of communication they received from the school. Forty three of 55 indicated they were satisfied, 11 indicated they were not satisfied, and one was undecided. The final question asked the religious school parents which of three school-week models appealed to them most: the current The FLAME

at Pasadena Jewish Temple Yom Hashoah, Holocaust Memorial Day, will be observed on Sunday, April 7 10:00 AM The program will include PJTC Survivors and religious school students.

The program will include readings from the Haggadah Leyom Hashoa, and skits built around actual experiences of PJTC survivors.

All are welcome

model (Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday), a one weekday and Sunday model, or one weekday and Saturday model. Among all respondents the one weekday and Sunday model received the highest weighted average score (4.1 out of 5). The current model scored 2.6 and the one weekday and Saturday model scored a 2.1. When reviewing the responses of parents whose kids attend Tuesday and Thursday classes (omitting the responses of Sunday School only parents) the rate in favor of the current model changed slightly to 2.9 of 5. When reviewing the responses of six Tihon (post B'nai Mitzvah program), the current model rated higher still (and more favorably than the other two options) at 3.7 of 5. That sample size is admittedly very small, but could indicate a trend. The results of the survey and the SWOT analysis highlighted important issues that the Religious School Committee will be working on. The detailed results will also be provided to the Education Director Search Committee. Our most sincere thanks go out to the members of the LBSRS Committee for their time, great insight, and dedication to the religious school and PJTC. 7

March 2013

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Women's Book Club

offering on the fourteenth day of Nisan, and the root of the word PESACH comes from the verb PASACH which means “passed over,” related to the passing over of the houses of the Jews. The lamb was eaten on the first night of the holiday, which today is the night of the first Seder. The term Chag Ha Matzot, “the Matzah festival,” refers to the entire holiday during which leavened bread is not eaten. On the first and second nights of Pesach, we gather with family and with our extended Jewish community to celebrate. The laws regarding what may and may not be eaten during Passover are very detailed. Ashkenazic Jews, those from Eastern Europe, have different food traditions from Sephardic Jews, those from Spain, Portugal, and the Middle East. Many Jews refrain from eating foods made of the leavened flour of five grains: wheat, barley, spelt, rye and oats. The word SEDER means order. The seder consists of fourteen separate rituals and the normal festival candle lighting. Among these rituals are the telling of the Israelites’ deliverance from bondage in Egypt, the discussion of the various symbolic items on the seder plate, the eating of a festival meal, and the blessing after the meal. The guidebook for the seder is the Haggadah, (telling, legend) – a book that contains all the rituals, prayers, and songs used in the seder. The word Haggadah means to tell, as the whole Haggadah is a tool used to relate the story of the Exodus. In my opinion, the whole point of the seder is to “re-live” the story. We do so by telling it to our children and by trying to come out of Egypt, our personal Egypt. Because of that, we need to eat matzah and taste maror. We need to identify with the Exodus and relate it to our own personal redemptions. This is the essence of the seder. In this time of celebration and renewal, may we find our path to freedom. Chag Sameach!, Cantor Ruth

by Connie Taus, Book Club Chair

Anyone interested in reading and discussing books is most welcome to join us. We meet on the second Thursday of each month in the Temple Library. On Thursday, March 14, the book is Portrait in Sepia by Isabel Allende. With a backdrop of the turbulent times in late 19th century Chile, Allende presents vivid portraits and sordid tales of the lives of several members of one colorful family. For Thursday, April 11, the book is The Fish That Ate the Whale, by Rich Cohen. This book is a paean to the “banana cowboy” Samuel Zemurray, who emigrated from Russia in the 1890s to Alabama and went from being a banana peddler to become the head of the United Fruit Company, formenting revolutions in Central America along the way. Books are available at Vroman's at a 20% discount where we are listed as the "PJTC Book Club."

Cemetery Committee News and Bagel Breakfast Dear Fellow Congregants, Lately, purchase of cemetery plots at Mount Sinai Memorial Park in the Hollywood Hills has become very expensive and costs are expected to increase as space is nearing capacity. Our PJTC Administrative Council was presented a proposed agreement for a one-year program with Mount Sinai Simi Valley, where cemetery plots are considerably less costly. In this case, if we qualify for Mt. Sinai’s terms and conditions, PJTC would receive a rebate for plots sold to our membership during the one-year term. The Administrative Council further agreed that any rebates that PJTC may receive would be passed back to the qualifying buyer, further reducing the buyer's overall cost. To qualify for the Mount Sinai rebate benefit, our Temple membership would need to purchase at least ten single plots at the Simi Valley campus as advanced planning during the oneyear period. One of our congregants has already indicated that three plots would be purchased once the agreement is in place, making it more likely that PJTC would qualify for the rebates. We have invited Mr. Eric Frank from Mount Sinai to be our speaker at a Bagel Breakfast on March 3, 2013 to discuss “Jewish Burial Options and the Cost of Dying.” Although the topic is not one that we like to contemplate every day, it is inevitable that it needs to be dealt with by ourselves through advanced planning, or by our loved ones during a time of emotional stress. Please come to the Bagel Breakfast; it should be very informative. In addition, we will discuss the option for burial at Rose Hills Memorial Park where PJTC currently owns plots that can be purchased by congregants. There are pros and cons associated with burial at Rose Hills that one needs to be aware of, which can be discussed at that time. Ken Gerst and Hy Vego Cemetery Committee Chairs The FLAME

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Judaica Shop -- Find All Your Passover Needs Here! The plagues have come early to the PJTC Judaica Shop! Wooden frogs, locusts, bags of plush plagues, frog aprons, oven mitts and pot holders too! Get plague decals for all 10 fingers! You will look marvelous! Looking for something meaningful like a beautiful new Seder plate or matzah plate? We have fabulously embroidered afikomen bags with matching matzah covers. Recline in style on a beautiful Yair Emanuel embroidered pillowcase. Be on the lookout for Maztolah — Kosher for Passover granola! This year we will once again have a limited supply of Barton's Passover candies. What would a Passover memory be without candied fruit slices? We still have Haggadahs, some beautifully collectible.

Please visit!

Our hours are Tuesday/Thursday 4:00-6:00 PM and Sunday 10:00 AM-12:00 Noon when School is in session We can also open by appointment.


March 2013

Library News

PJTC’s Annual Community Shabbaton Under The Stars

The Library is Ready for Passover

Pt. Mugu State Park, Malibu, CA

In the children’s area we have a beautiful display of books for and about Passover, including, of course, Sammy the Spider’s First Passover. In the adult section we have plenty of Haggadot for you to borrow or take so that everyone at your Seder table can follow the story in his or her own copy. Sharing is not always a mitzvah. There is also an excellent selection of books and commentaries on Passover. You will have to supply your own cups of wine. The Authors Among Us Our community has authors and we are featuring one of them in the column below and in the Library. Stop in and see the books we have featured so far and help us find other authors hiding among us. Our Hours The library now opens a little before 10:00 AM on Sundays when the LBSRS is in session and closes at about 12:30 PM. Stop in and chat with Sharon Goldberg or Simon Burrow, borrow a book, ask a question or use our now working extremely well WIFI connection. The PJTC Library: Free WiFi, a quiet space on Sunday morning and books. Lots and Lots of Jewish Children’s Books

Save The Date:

Friday, June 14 through Sunday, June 16, 2013

Greetings PJTC campers! All are invited to join Dave Wyman (our fearless leader) and his terrific staff, along with Cantor Ruth and her family for PJTC’s annual camping Shabbaton on Father’s Day weekend, June 14-16, at Pt. Mugu State Park in Malibu. We will welcome our Shabbat bride under a canopy of stars, hike and hang out at the beach and celebrate Havdallah, followed by a campfire, singing and s’mores. Our longtime camping guide and naturalist photographer, Dave Wyman and his crew will prepare all our meals from Friday night dinner through breakfast on Sunday. The trip is not just for families with children! Young and old adults, married or single, are welcome and encouraged to participate. New this year: Those of you who don’t want to stay overnight in a tent can sign up for lunch and dinner on Saturday and come for just the day, to enjoy the community, the hikes, the beach and the campfire. The cost for the weekend may be a little bit more than last year ($85 per adult; $65 for children over 2) and we have yet to set a price for the one-day experience. Campers need to bring a tent (or rent one from Dave), sleeping bag, a camp chair and a flashlight. Our campsite has showers and flush toilets along with beautiful views of the nighttime sky, the gentle sound of the surf and lots of fresh air!  Mark your calendars! If you have any questions, please contact Claire Gorfinkel,

The Authors Among Us Fredric Raichlen, a PJTC member, has published Waves, a book in The MIT Essential Knowledge Series. Dr. Raichlen is professor emeritus of civil and mechanical engineering at Caltech and is an expert on coastal engineering and wave mechanics. Do you know how rogue waves are formed? Or what bathymetry is? Where the largest wave tank in the USA is? That Catalina Island serves as a giant breakwater for Long Beach Harbor? Or whether the sun or the moon contribute more to the tides? Are large breakwaters the best place to watch storm waves? You can learn the answers to these questions and many more by reading Waves. It describes all of the phenomenon we associate with waves in the least technical terms possible. The book explains the various types of waves, why they happen and our current state of knowledge about them. A nontechnical reader of Waves might be intimidated by the new vocabulary and the formulas, but unless you want to calculate the size of the breakwater at your new beach house, you can get most of the good stuff from Waves by glossing over the formulas. For instance, did you know that in the deep ocean, in a simple sense, there is a constant relationship between the distance between successive waves and their frequency? In the explanation of tsunami, the book gives you both the methodology used by scientists to warn us of the phenomenon The FLAME

Tot Shabbat Service

March 1 6:45 PM Knell Chapel

Come for an evening of togetherness, song and prayer!

Jo i n Ju d y C a l l a h a n , Director of B’nai Simcha Preschool, and Cantor Ruth for a half-hour Shabbat experience filled with music and movement for families with children age seven and under. and an experiment you can do in the bathtub to see how they occur. Professor Raichlen’s explanation of the design and construction of breakwaters will heighten your appreciation of how much thought and effort went into constructing these random–appearing piles of stones. The use of headline pages, illustrations and diagrams make this book about a very interesting but technical subject accessible to the nontechnical reader. Well done, Professor Raichlen. By the way, bathymetry is the topography of the oceans’ bottom. And it is wise not to go out on breakwaters during storms because many of them are designed so that very large waves will overtop them. 9

March 2013

Adult Education

by Carol Sofer, Committee Chair

Bagel Breakfast on April 21: “Including and Assisting Jews with Special Needs”

You are invited to the

The Adult Education Committee along with the Bikkur Cholim Committee and Men’s Club is pleased to present “The Kehillah Series -Conversations on Inclusiveness: Assisting Jews with Special Needs” on Sunday, April 21. PJTC is participating in Jewish Wisdom and Wellness Week by sponsoring speaker Michelle Wolf, community activist and authority on Jews with special needs at a 10:15 AM Sunday bagel breakfast. Jewish Wisdom and Wellness Week is a community-wide week (April 21-27) of learning, which includes some 60 events, lectures, workshops, and experiential classes hosted by community organizations and synagogues throughout Los Angeles and Southern California. It is sponsored by Kalsman Institute on Judaism and Health and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. This program at PJTC will focus on Jews with special needs, whether they are physically disabled, have developmental disabilities, mental health issues, or other health issues. Ms. Wolf will discuss how a synagogue can best support and accommodate these groups when planning programs, teaching classes, having religious services, socializing and sponsoring events, ensuring that these people feel accepted. Ms. Wolf writes the blog Jews and Special Needs at She was recently mentioned in Jewish Journal Editor Rob Eshman’s February 7 column on this subject. Please read Rob Eshman’s comments below: “Together with JFS’ (Jewish Family Service) Sally Weber, Wolf started HaMercaz at The Jewish Federation, which has helped coordinate and jumpstart many new programs, including a recent special-needs study mission to Israel. Nationally, many synagogues now conduct special-needs prayer services, and offer accommodations for b’nai mitzvah and other programs. But two challenges remain. ‘One,’ Wolf wrote, 'is to create a national coordinating system, along the lines of Hillels.’ The other challenge is even more daunting: to figure out how we, as a community, are going to provide the huge number of Jewish adults with special needs the residential, vocational and financial resources they will need as they grow older and their parents are no longer around or able to do so. Group homes, vocational training and long-term trusts loom as major needs that will require major resources.” Michelle Wolf is employed as Transitions Program Coordinator at Bet Tzedek Legal Services agency and also is Director of Foundation and Government Relations, American Diabetes Association. Please RSVP to attend the Sunday, April 21 Bagel Breakfast Program by calling the PJTC office at (626) 798-1161 or through the Jewish Wisdom and Wellness website, http:// Please save the following dates for future events: May 18 - Saturday night- Back by popular demand!! Special Saturday Night Shavuot Education Program June 9 - Sunday morning- Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival movie at Laemmle Theatre in Pasadena The FLAME

2013 Annual Women’s Forum “Women Who Make A Difference” Celebrate the Special Women of our Jewish Community

Pasadena Jewish Temple & Center will be honoring

Anita Landau

Tuesday, March 19, 2013 9:15 AM - Doubletree Hotel, Monrovia

Featured Speaker Jeannie Smith “Courage is a whisper from above…”

We are pleased to announce that this year our keynote speaker will be Jeannie Opdyke Smith. Jeannie will share the inspirational story of her mother, internationally recognized Polish rescuer Irene Gut Opdyke. Her story illuminates the fact “One person can make a difference”. The Israeli Holocaust Commission named Irene one of the Righteous among the Nation; a title given to those who risked their lives by aiding and saving Jews during the Holocaust

~ Tributes ~

Congratulate a Women’s Forum Honoree in the event program with a single line tribute @ $18 or more.

Deadline: March 5 For more information, please contact Marilyn or Hilary at (626) 445-0810 or Sponsored by the Jewish Federation of the Greater San Gabriel & Pomona Valleys

Saturday, March 16 5:30 PM We will have pizza, ice cream, and a bounce house - come play, eat, and meet old and new friends. We will gather together to close the evening with the traditional havdallah ceremony. Modern Jewish Writers Book Group This group meets on the third Tuesday of the month. Peter Brier is the facilitator for the group. At the 3:00 PM meeting on March 19 we will discuss Joseph Roth’s The Radetzky March. Classes • Rabbi Kollin’s Talmud class meets on Mondays at 7:00 PM. • Modern Hebrew at 5:15, 6:15 and 7:15 on Thursday evenings with Nurith Brier. • Join the Stitchers on Thursday afternoons with Trudie Strobel at 1:30 PM in the library. 10

March 2013

A Joyous Yom Ha’atzmaut Celebration Catch the Spirit of Israel’s 65th Birthday Tuesday Evening, April 16, 2013 Join with us as all ages come together at PJTC to celebrate Israel's 65th birthday. There will be something for everyone --entertainment, music, food, and much more. Enjoy a delicious dinner of Israeli cuisine at the Cafe Tel Aviv.

Headlining the entertainment will be performances by our amazing and talented Religious and Day School students, and the world-renowned Keshet Chaim dance troupe ( Dinner at 6:00 PM. Concert at 7:00 PM. Adults $15, kids free. To make your reservations and purchase tickets contact Bruce at (626) 798-1161 or Bruce




Friday, March 22, 2013 7:30 PM, Galpert Sanctuary Please join us for the Family Shabbat Service Friday, March 22, 2013 at 7:30 PM. The Family Shabbat Service is the regular Shabbat service with a family vibe. The music is upbeat, the atmosphere is welcoming, and the sermon is a storytelling session geared toward all ages! The Family Shabbat was created to fill a growing need among families and elementary school-aged kids wanting to celebrate Shabbat through music, prayer, and stories in a welcoming and inclusive space. Our next Family Shabbat Services will be on: April 19, 2013 May 17, 2013


Matt Ober's article continued from page 1

And so began the long process of healing the community through transparency, direct communication and honest, respectful disagreement. As a Board, we listened, debated, stepped out of our comfort zone, and made decisions based upon what each of us believed was best for our congregation as a whole. We argued together and we laughed together. We were passionate, not passive. And in the end, I believe we are a better PJTC than when we began. I am grateful to the Board of Directors and Administrative Council for the courage with which you faced the challenges of the past two years with eyes wide open; for asking tough questions and serving your synagogue so competently. Thank you for your trust and support. Of course there were also many “highs” over this short twoyear journey. We celebrated 90 years as a San Gabriel Valley Jewish Community together under the stars. We welcomed our new cantor who has fully dedicated herself to our synagogue and has been welcomed as a member of our PJTC family. Through Cantor Ruth, we brought a new tradition to PJTC–Shabbat Shirah, our annual night of song, celebration and music from around the world. We have welcomed a significant number of new families with young children, giving birth to Family Shabbat, and filling our classrooms and playground with the energy and enthusiasm of our youth. Of course we cannot ignore the significance of our congregation’s success with the Campaign for the Future. We faced one of our most significant challenges head on. Our synagogue’s unanticipated financial woes reflected what was happening with the economy nation-wide. But our predicament forced us to take a careful, long overdue look at our entire financial structure and re-examine our income and expense monitoring and reporting, our budgeting, our dues structure, and our community’s philosophy of giving. We rolled up our sleeves and we took the issue to you, our congregants. With your openness and active participation, becoming a financially healthy congregation was a remarkable experience. We all are more informed and aware of what it takes to operate our synagogue and sustain our Jewish community. As poet John Donne wrote “no man is an island, entire of itself.” I believe the same is true of our PJTC community. Among the many insights I will take away from my service to PJTC is that despite our differences, we are all part of one another and have PJTC’s best interest in mind. When we participate as lay leaders, committee chairs, volunteers, parents or together in prayer, each of us adds value to the whole of PJTC. So thank you! And as long as PJTC remains a community of passionate individuals with divergent desires there will be tension, much work to be done, resolution and healing. I extend my sincere heartfelt gratitude to Rabbi Grater, Cantor Ruth, Debby Singer and Eitan Trabin for their support and guidance. Working with them to further their vision for our congregation has been my pleasure. And finally, smooth transition is one of the hallmarks of a successful organization. So it is with great anticipation that I enthusiastically pass the gavel to Jon Weisz. All the best, Matt Return to Page 1 11

March 2013

Bar Mitzvah Celebration Gary, son of Debbie Priester and Andy Schwarz, was born in Arcadia and has been a member of PJTC since birth, with Rabbi Kollin officiating his brit milah, his baby naming and now his bar mitzvah. He has enjoyed coming to PJTC since his pre-pre-K classes all the way to his Hei class and has made some very close friends. He enjoys blowing the shofar with his father during the High Holidays. He enjoys playing sports: baseball, basketball, football and now wrestling with the Titan Mercury Wrestling Club (TMWC). He’s also a member of Boy Scout Troop 358 in San Marino, has earned the National Jewish Scouting awards of Maccabee, Aleph and Ner Tamid and presently holds the classification of Star Scout. He hopes to become an Eagle Scout in the next few years. Gary is also a member of his Interact Club at Huntington Middle School in San Marino. He has been learning to speak Chinese since he was in kindergarten. During his first year in Chinese School he earned the first place award for “Speaking the best Chinese” out of seventeen schools in the San Gabriel District. Gary would like to be a sports announcer when he grows up.

Jewish Burial Options Bagel Breakfast March 3, 2013 10:15 AM, Social Hall

Come learn with us as we explore Jewish Burial Options and the Cost of Dying. PJTC member Ken Gerst will be joined by Eric Frank from Mount Sinai for this informative discussion. Although the topic is not one that we like to contemplate every day, it is inevitable that it needs to be dealt with by ourselves through advanced planning, or by our loved ones during a time of emotional stress.

Happy Purim Thank You To Our Community Friends! The following businesses generously donated to our Happy Purim celebration and Sisterhood Fundraiser. As we thank these merchants, we look foward to PJTC members’ continuing support of these local businesses: • COSTCO, 1220 W. Foothill Blvd., Azusa • Diamond Bakery, 335 N. Fairfax Ave., Los Angeles • Fresh & Easy, 605 So. Lake Ave., Pasadena • Fresh is Best Co. 4313 Chevy Chase Dr., La Canada • HOWS Market, 3035 E. Huntington Dr., Pasadena • Ralph’s Market, 320 W. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena • Trader Joe’s, 467 N. Rosemead Blvd., Pasadena • Von’s Market, 155 W. California Blvd., Pasadena • Von’s Market, 1390 E. Washington Blvd., Pasadena We appreciate their generosity and community spirit! Thank you from PJC Sisterhood.

— Contact for Donations —

Donate to Temple Projects & Funds Order a Memorial Plaque Freeman Passover Fund Order Leaf/Stone on Tree of Life.... Temple Office (626) 798-1161 Shabbat b'Lev Music Fund MAC Committee............................................................Edie Taylor PJTC Oral History Project....................................Michael Several Simcha & Memorial Tablecloths............................. Paula Waluch Send a Sisterhood Tribute........................................... Roz Scherr Dedicate a Prayer Book.........................................Jo Anne Kindler Large Print Sim Shalom..................................................Roz Scherr Rabbi Galpert Memorial Fund......................................... Jan Pais Shirley Hoffman Fuchs Award Fund....................................................Debby Singer L.B. Silver Religious School........................................... Jan Pais Torah Fund Donations................................................Bobbi Sloan Judaica Shop................................................................Stacy Miller Sisterhood Kitchen Fund.....................................Nancy Copeland Women's Retreat Fund..........................................Nancy Copeland Madeline Mark Memorial Fund....................................Ruth Several The FLAME


March 2013

March Birthdays March 1 ..........William Dreshner Lori Rotenberg March 2 .......... Anya Bershatsky Craig DeMerit Margaret Farbstein Karen Liquornik Jessica Weiner March 3 ................... Aaron Lam Richard Samuelson March 4 ......Kathryn Gundersen David Lorin Barry Segal March 5 ....................Peter Brier Diana Granat David Holland-Moritz Gideon Markham Carla Sameth Caroline Yoskowitz March 6 ................Asher Dewey March 7 ............ Melissa Gabriel Stuart Miller March 8 ............ Jesse Kaufman Dianne Ruthman Alfred Solish March 9 .............. Shirley Cohen March 10 .............Trudie Strobel March 11 . ......Wendy Bat-Sarah Burton Green Diana Spiegel March 12 ......... Sara Kiguelman March 13 .............David Boesch Valerie Grover Andrew Lane Bernard Lehrer Shai Martinez March 14 ...... Nadav Bar-Chaim Wendy Crump Jane Fishman Jean Tarnove March 15 .............. Ethan Cohen Barry Kustner March 16 .....................Keri Axel Cathy Krasner Lee Segal Jessica Zlotnicki

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and Anniversaries Alan and Erica Adler .............................................................3/2/2002 Daniel and Mindy Schiffman . ...............................................3/3/1990 Jerry and Shelly Silberberg ..................................................3/5/1961 Shahrokh and Nicole Basseri ................. #25........................3/6/1988 Craig and Sharon DeMerit . ................................................3/10/2002 Jesse and Florence Kaufman . ...........................................3/13/1966 Darrell and Chris Cozen .....................................................3/13/1976 Yudie and Jane Fishman ....................................................3/15/1986 Warren Meislin and Carol Rader-Meislin . ..........................3/17/1991 Evan and Mary Steinberg ...................................................3/18/1977 Ralph and Molly Wolveck ....................... #70......................3/21/1943 Eugene and Ruth Roberts ..................................................3/21/1974 Filiberto and Karen Lujan ...................................................3/24/1996 Patrick and Jill Wright .........................................................3/24/2002 Michael and Tamara Silver .................................................3/25/1989 Douglas Crane and Rebecca Golbert ................................3/27/2004 Michael and Diana Burnstine .............................................3/31/2001

Want to Get Out, Have Fun & Meet New People? Single? Mid 30s to Mid 50s? Jewish Federation’s New Jewish Singles Group with A Smashing, Pin Dropping Event. Sunday, May 19, 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Montrose Bowl

2334 Honolulu Avenue, Montrose (Glendale) Cost: $20 includes bowling and noshes

RSVP: or 626.445.0810

Save the Date for: Looking Your Best

Learn about the Latest in Skin Care and Aesthetic Techniques Marina Jick, BS, LE, RN

HAZAK Presents the L.A. Opera Production of 'The Flying Dutchman"

Join us for a presentation by PJTC member, Registered Nurse and licensed aesthetician, Marina Jick, of Pasadena’s leading MediSpa, Marina’s Oasis. From MicroRolling to Dermal Fillers to PhotoFacials: find out what the buzz is all about!

Sunday, March 17 at 2:00 PM

The legend of the ghostly ship has fascinated opera lovers for hundreds of years. An enthralling score, illuminated by striking stage imagery, powers a thrilling journey into an unsettling, mythic world where a tormented spirit seeks true love as his redemption. An L.A. Opera Community Educator will give a talk on “The Flying Dutchman”at the Pasadena Temple and Center on Monday, March 11 at 1:00 PM. Everyone Is Welcome! Limited nunber of tickets at $10 ea. Reservation with check only. Call Joan Halpert (626) 793-8783 or Sue Galpert (626) 421-6399 for information The FLAME

Sunday, March 10 10:00 AM to 12 noon PJTC Social Hall

• • •


Bagel breakfast & presentation “Ask the Expert“ Q&A Door prizes and raffle Free to Sisterhood members, $5 for guests. RSVP: March 2013

Hava Nagila Film in Pasadena    

Theatre Havurah

The Adult Education Committee will offer a discount screening of the new documentary film, Hava Nagila at the Playhouse Laemmle Theatre in Pasadena on Wednesday night, March 20 at 7:20 PM. Here is an opportunity to see this delightful film at a significant discount. Tickets are only $7.00, discounted from the usual $11.00 price.     Hava Nagila (The Movie) is a documentary romp through the history, mystery and meaning of the great Jewish standard. Featuring interviews with Harry Belafonte, Leonard Nimoy, Connie Francis, Glen Campbell, Regina Spektor and others, the film follows the ubiquitous party song on its fascinating journey from the shtetls of Eastern Europe to the kibbutzim of Palestine to the cul-de-sacs of America. High on fun and entertainment, Hava Nagila (The Movie) is also surprisingly profound, tapping into universal themes about the importance of joy, the power of music and the resilient spirit of a people. “A toe-tapping, entertaining celebration of the song, starring Harry Belafonte, Connie Francis, Glen Campbell, Leonard Nimoy and many others" San Francisco Chronicle To attend, please RSVP to Bruce at PJTC by email or phone (626) 798-1161. He will email you the voucher for the discount ticket for the Wednesday night, March 20 screening. For more information, email Carol Sofer, 

by Ricky Calvin

On Saturday evening, March 9, the Theatre Havurah will go to see George Bernard Shaw’s Mrs. Warren's Profession. The play explores mothers, daughters and the idea of a “woman’s place.” When Vivie finds out the truth about her mother’s profession, sparks fly. Armed with wit and astute insight, Shaw exposes the corruption and hypocrisy of Victorian society. The play will be performed at the Antaeus Theatre, 5114 Lankershim in North Hollywood and will be preceded by dinner at a location to be selected. Tickets are $12.00 each and can be reserved by sending a check to Ricky Calvin.

If interested in an extended version of the Pesach Guide, go to http://www. 2013 default/files/public/jewishlaw/holidays/pesah/rabbinical-assembly-pesahguide-5773.pdf or pick up your copy in the Temple office.

Thanks to Our February Volunteers

We would all like to thank the members of the Pasadena Jewish Temple & Center community for their remarkable support during Jack’s last week. We very much appreciate the spiritual guidance offered by Rabbi Kollin and Cantor Harris. Ricki Lane and all the women who worked with her were kind and helpful. Our sincere thanks from Margaret Farbstein Mark and Hannah Farbstein Ellen and Phil Stein

Rock-a-Bye Baby Mazel tov to new grandmother Barbara David and great-grandfather Dan Leibl, who welcomed Grayson Padget Lowenthal on January 23. Proud parents are Alexis and John Lowenthal. The young family lives in the Los Feliz area, close enough for lots of visits. The FLAME

PJTC offers our members a variety of ways to be of service to the Temple. Those who are able to give of their time are vital to sustaining our community. To host an Oneg, call Anita Landau To host a Kiddush, call Roz Scherr Feb. 1/2 Feb. 8/9 Feb. 15/16 Feb. 22/23

Oneg & Kiddush Hosts

Oneg hosted by Joan and Jerry Halpert in honor of their wedding anniversary. Kiddush hosted by the Shabbos Minyan Group Oneg hosted by the Dalet class parents. Kiddush hosted by Carolyn Kunin Oneg and Kiddush hosted by Karen and Daniel Levin in honor of their son Alex’s bar mitzvah Oneg hosted by Sisterhood. Kiddush hosted by Judy and Phil Callahan in honor of Phil’s birthday


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Yahrzeits for March (announced Fri/Sat preceding the date) Adar 19

March 01, 2013

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Mildred Ellis Sarah Ostrow  Max Schlachter  Lillian Ward 

March 09, 2013

Esther Eisenberg Harry Aaron Eisenberg Elli Seelig  Betty Sonies Shokrolah Younessi 

Louis Hochman Molly Polokoff  Minerva Shapiro  Adar 21

March 08, 2013

March 30, 2013

Molly Lewis Elizabeth “Betsy” Tyree Nisan 20

March 22, 2013

Jack Halpert Jerold Weissfeld Nisan 12

March 31, 2013

Fannie Blitz Ann Carsh Max Gross  McAdoo Ricks

March 23, 2013

Stafford Calvin Nisan 13

March 24, 2013

Tanya Friedman Philip Schneider  Rachel Weinman Gregory Williams

Mechirat Hametz

Sale Of Products Containing Leavening I hereby authorize Rabbi Gilbert Kollin of the Pasadena Jewish Temple And Center to sell any hametz that is in my possession as of 10:00 AM., MARCH 25, 2013 (14 Nisan 5773). Hametz covered by this sale has been collected and secured in a designated location at the address listed below. NAME__________________________________________ ADDRESS_______________________________________

CITY _______________________, CA


DATE_______________________, 2013

A donation of at least five dollars ($5.00) to the Pasadena Jewish Temple and Center Mitzvah Fund is suggested. The money will be earmarked for the repurchase of the hametz at the end of Pesah. (8:00 PM on April 2). The FLAME


March 2013

February Donations General Fund

Library Fund

Rochelle Weiss Craig Fox, in memory of mother, Florence Fox Carolyn Kunin in honor of Rabbi Gil Kollin Carolyn Kunin in honor of Sam Haddad Margaret Farbstein and family with appreciation.

June Brodie, in memory of husband, Arnold F. Brodie

MAC (Membership Assistance Committee) Neil Brown

Madeline Mark Fund Ike & Faye Langholz

Adult Education

Yahrzeit Donations to General Fund

Roza Kuppermann

From George Lubow George Lubow Roslyn Lubow Roslyn Lubow Judy Ellis Hava Ben-Zvi Helen Rotenberg Lewin Debbie Guest Hervey Segall Barbara McQuiston Edward McQuiston Bella Tsarovsky Lawrence Teitelbaum Ilene Donner Judith Fox Andrea Edwards Nora Eidelberg Jack Weinberg Lynn Bienenfeld Judy Ungar Barbara Levinson Shirley Hoffman Pauline Witkin Pauline Witkin Pauline Witkin Pauline Witkin Pauline Witkin Felicity Swerdlow Jonathan Swerdlow

Camp Scholarship Fund Jeff & Karen Goss

Holocaust Memorial Event (Adult Activities) Ike & Faye Langholz

Shabbes Minyan

Carolyn Kunin in honor of Ricki Lane Ike & Faye Langholz

Union Station

Patricia Kirkish, in honor of Stacy Miller

Sisterhood Tributes

To the Wetmore-Arkader family in honor of the birth of their new baby, Andrew Samuel Arkader, from Stacy & Stu Miller, Nancy & John Carlton, Marcia Alper, Sheila & Joel Padlipsky, Mary Ann & Mickey Bernath, and from Sue Galpert To Barbara David in honor of the birth of her first grandchild, Grayson Padgett Lowenthal, from Stacy & Stu Miller To the Levin family in celebration of Alex’s Bar Mitzvah, from Ricky Calvin To Stacy Miller in honor of her receiving Torah Fund’s Chay’ay Olam Award (Ole!), from Bonnie Buratti & Kai Lam, Karen & Neil Brown, Nancy & John Carlton, Joan & Jerry Halpert and Patricia Bunin & George Roegler To Anita Landau in honor of her being chosen as PJTC’s “Woman Who Makes a Difference,” from Joan & Jerry Halpert, Mary Ann & Mickey Bernath, and from Aty & Howard Rotter To Maite Bernath in honor of her being chosen as Weizmann Day School’s “Woman Who Makes a Difference,” from Aty & Howard Rotter To Craig Pettigrew in appreciation of the many hours he worked to transfer Rabbi Galpert’s (z”l) lectures onto discs for me, from Sue Galpert To Michael Several in appreciation of the many hours he worked to transfer Rabbi Galpert’s (z”l) lectures onto discs for me, from Sue Galpert To Maury Weiss, with appreciation for his work transferring our old video tape to DVDs for our Torah Fund event, from Edie Taylor To Betsy Conovitz with thanks for her work in creating the invitation and program for our Torah Fund event, from Bobbi Sloan and Edie Taylor To Sondra Dreshner wishing her a continued speedy recovery & good health, from Mary Ann & Mickey Bernath To Sue Galpert, wishing her a speedy recovery & return to good health, from Joan & Jerry Halpert To Carol Sofer, wishing her a speedy recovery & return to good health, from Joan & Jerry Halpert To Dan Bayer, “Thinking of you & wishing you good health”, from Joan & Jerry Halpert To Matt Ober, wishing him a speedy recovery from surgery & continued good health, from Ricki & Lonne Lane, Nancy & John Carlton, Ricky Calvin and from Joan and Jerry Halpert. To Dr. Mark Farbstein in memory of his beloved father, Jack Farbstein, from Stacy & Stu Miller To Margaret Farbstein in memory of her beloved husband, Jack Farbstein, from Stacy & Stu Miller, Marcia Alper, Sheila & Joel Padlipsky, Trudie Strobel, Sue Galpert and from Evelyn and Ernie Robinson. To Cindy Shilling & family in memory of her beloved mother, Frances Kelley, from Linda Rourman, Stacy & Stu Miller, and from Karen & Neil Brown To the Meng/Dreier family in memory of Terry’s beloved father, James Meng, from Stacy & Stu Miller, and from Ricki & Lonne Lane To Jane Monterroso & family in memory of her beloved mother, Mildred Kasdin, from Linda Rourman, Liz & Bud Green, and Stacy & Stu Miller



In Memory of: Father, Benes Lubow Mother, Bella Lubow Father, Isidore Hochstein Mother, Ella Hochstein Father, Bruno Loeb Mother-in-Law, Sarah Sokal Brother, Shiraga Tenenbaum Father, Arthur Drelich Father, Ben Segall Son, Tim Lopez Grandson, Tim Lopez Mother, Hana Eizenberg Mother, Eve Teitelbaum Father, Harold Goldberg Husband, Ted Fox Husband, Rod Edwards Mother, Miriam Dajes Mother, Anna Weinberg Father, Seymour Bienenfeld Mother-in-Law, Irma Ungar Father, Irvin Ryder Husband, Robert Hoffman Sarah Silberblatt Shana Sergie Charles Finesod Pauline Silberblatt Chaim Silberblatt Father, Jack Lewis Father, Ruby Swerdlow

March 2013

Girl Scout Cookies Girl Scout Troop 2921Weizmann Day School/PJTC will be selling Girl Scout C o okies at PJTC on Sunday March 3 between 10:00 AM and 12:00 PM. Please come out and support our troop!

Coffee • Sandwiches • Pastries

Looking for a Pasadena Home Temple Family seeks to relocate to Pasadena or surrounding area. They are searching for a very reasonably priced rental home.  Contact:

New Menu Items

Extended Hours

1359 North Altadena Dr.

Mon. - Fri. • 6:00 am - 8:00 PM (at Washington Blvd) Sat. • 7:00 am - 5:30 PM (626) 398-8654 After Hour Rentals – A friend to PJTC –

We thank you for supporting our advertisers Air Control of California unparalleled representation for savvy home buyers and sellers 1-800-354-3361 Sam Haddad

-Temple Member-

t: 323.671.1260 | e: w: | dre: 01344668


– Temple Member –

Pasadena Jewelers

Serving San Gabriel Valley Since 1988

• Jewelry and Watch Repair • Special Orders • Diamond Settings • Engraving

painting and wallpapering

— A friend of PJTC members —

1864 E. Washington Boulevard • Pasadena, CA 91104 in the Washington Mini-mall at the corner of Allen and Washington.


S C L #5 875 4 9

(626) 798-4403 The FLAME


62 6 • 39 8 • 9 9 2 8

– Temple Member – 17

March 2013

There is still time to get plenty of use out of a Nite on the Town card. Participating Restaurants in these areas:

Pasadena, Arcadia, South Pasadena and La Canada

1810 • Beckham Grill • Central Park El Portal • Go China • The Italian Kitchen La Fiesta Grande • Margarita Jones Mezbaan • Nikki C’s • Oba Sushi Roxolana • Stoney Point • Firefly Bistro Radhika • Bella Sera • Café Mundial Chang • The Derby • Los Gueros Matt Denny’s • Orleans Corner Tulipano • Villa Italia • Dish

Factory Trained Technicians

*** YOURS FOR ONLY $25 *** It’s easy to use:

• For dinner, visit each restaurant up to three times. On each visit, with a party of two, your lower priced entree is free or reduced substantially in price. • Valid for dinner any evening through Dec. 30, 2013 • Valid for unlimited lunch visits at select restaurants • Include your membership card when paying your bill.

(626)792-5879 (800) 300-2532

To order

Send your request, along with a check for $25 per membership to: PJTC, 1434 N. Altadena Drive, Pasadena, CA 91107 Make check payable to: PJTC Sisterhood.

3230 E. Colorado Blvd. (Between San Gabriel and Rosemead)

Rourman Tallitot

Beautiful Hand Embroidered Custom Tallitot made to order

Pashmina style tallesim as low as $100.00

Custom Judaica

• Mazel Tov bags

• Chuppahs • Challah covers • Matzoh covers and more. Call Linda Rourman (626) 447-7252 -Temple MemberThe FLAME


March 2013

To view the March FLAME calendar, please click icon

Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage PAI D PASADENA, CA Permit No. 705

1434 N. Altadena Drive • Pasadena, CA 91107

Community Second Night Seder

Celebrate Pesah with Family & Friends at PJTC’s Catered Seder and Service

Tuesday, March 26, 2013 • 7:00 PM Adults — $45.00 • Children 12 and under — $25.00 Non-members pay an additional $5.00 Response Deadline is March 15.

Call the Temple office for more information. (626) 798-1161

Are you aware of someone seeking to join a Jewish family for a first night Seder, or are willing to open your home to allow community members to attend your Seder? Please contact Neil Brown at (626) 798-5657.

The Joseph & Helen Freeman Passover Fund Donations to this fund enable Jewish students from Caltech, Art Center and other local colleges as well as our community members who may need monetary assistance to attend the Passover Seder that is held at PJTC each year. Generously created by Joseph z”l and Helen Freeman.

Name:_________________________Phone (_____) ______________ eMail_________________ _______ # Adult, PJTC member$45.00 = $ ________ _______ # Adult, Non-member$50.00 = $ ________ _______ # Under 12, PJTC member$25.00 = $ ________ _______ # Under 12, Non-member $30.00 = $ ________ _______ # Infant & toddler (need chair count) ________ _______ I would like to make an additional donation to the Freeman Passover Fund _______ Total cost = $ _______ Circle payment choice- —> Check payable to PJTC Charge to my account Send reservation and payment to: PJTC, 1434 N. Altadena Drive, Pasadena, CA 91107 *Vegetarian entree available with advance request.

March FLAME 2013  

This is the newsletter for the temple. It contains articles by our Rabbi, Cantor, Temple President, Religious School Director, Executive Dir...

March FLAME 2013  

This is the newsletter for the temple. It contains articles by our Rabbi, Cantor, Temple President, Religious School Director, Executive Dir...