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7 Adar - 8 Nisan 5772 March 2012

Rabbi Joshua Levine Grater Nadav Leebo, Giving from the Heart, Part 1 The Torah teaches us that giving is a service of the heart, being generous for causes that we care deeply about helps to bring God’s presence into the world. In the portions that we read in this month of March 2012, we are precisely in the parts of Exodus where the Israelites are called upon to donate for the building of the tabernacle, the special, holy place that is created for God’s presence to dwell on Earth. One of the phrases that gets repeated over and over is “nadav leebo, giving

generously from the heart.” Or, give “as one’s heart is moved.” There is a difference between giving tzedakkah, gifts to help the poor and needy in our midst, and giving of our hard-earned money to support organizations, causes, charities and institutions that we feel moved by, inspired by, dedicated to and want to see succeed in the world because we like their mission. As Jews, we are called to give both kinds of “offerings,” just as there are several different categories of offerings described in the Torah. I believe that if asked, all of you would say, I hope, that PJTC is one of those organizations that deserve our hard-earned money because of all of the reasons, and more, that I mentioned above. So, in this column, Click to continue Rabbi Grater's article

Temple President Matt Ober Securing our Future, Together I c o u l d n’t b e g i n this column without noting the profound loss of Madeline Mark, and acknowledging her contribution to PJTC through her service to the Board, Admin. Council and committees. While her passing is a tremendous loss to PJTC, being able to share with many of you the many stories about how she touched our lives has been a gift. Madeline touched many of us in unique ways. She was a champion of active listening and direct conversation; of considering all points of view on an issue and working toward a resolution. And

Services Minyan Services are held every Sunday in Knell Chapel, beginning at 9:00 AM March 2/3

Sat. Service 9:00 AM Galpert Sanctuary Kiddush hosted by Board of Directors Whitman Supper 6:30 PM March 7

Fast of Esther/Purim

Megillah Readings Tot Megillah reading for kids 5 and under with Judy Callahan Wed. 6:30 PM Knell Chapel Family Megillah Reading and Shpeil Wed. 7:00 PM Galpert Sanctuary Adult Megillah Reading Wed. 8:00 PM Knell Chapel March 9/10

Parashat: Ki Tissa

Weizmann Day School will lead services Fri. Services 7:30 PM Galpert Sanctuary Oneg hosted by Weizmann Day School Parents Sat. Service 9:00 AM Knell Chapel Kiddush hosted by Sam Haddad in honor of Rabbi Kollin and Cynthia Cohen’s wedding March 16/17

p e r h ap s a m o n g h e r most unique qualities was always finding the positive in what we were facing, no matter how difficult or disappointing. I know that the Board will reflect upon Maddie’s positive outlook as we take on some of the issues and challenges our community will face in the near future. The most pressing issue facing PJTC and its future is our current financial condition. In my February column I made a commitment to bring to you important issues about PJTC that were

Parashat: Tetzaveh

Scholar-in-Residence Weekend Dr. Steven Windmueller (For complete schedule see page 9) Family Service 7:00 PM Knell Chapel Fri. Service 8:00 PM Galpert Sanctuary Oneg hosted by Sisterhood

Parashat: Vayakhiel-Pekudei

Services led by Dalet and Hei Class Fri. Service 8:00 PM Galpert Sanctuary Oneg hosted by Dalet and Hei Class parents Sat. Service 9:00 AM Knell Chapel Kiddush hosted by Shabbes Minyan Group March 23/24

Parashat: Vayikra

Fri. Service 8:00 PM Galpert Sanctuary Oneg hosted by Sisterhood Sat. Service 9:00 AM Knell Chapel Kiddush hosted by Shabbes Minyan Group March 30/31

Parashat: Tzav

Services led by Bet Class Fri. Service 8:00 PM Galpert Sanctuary Oneg hosted by Bet Class parents Sat. Service 9:00 AM Galpert Sanctuary Kiddush hosted by Rabbi Kollin and Cynthia Cohen in celebration of their Aufruf

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– PJTC Officers – President – Matt Ober Secretary – Ira Blitz Treasurer – George Roegler Exec. VP Management – Faith Segal Exec. VP Programs – Jonathon Weisz VP Administration – Stu Miller VP Membership – Rebecca Golbert VP Religious Affairs – Erich Schlecht VP Youth Programs – Maureen McGrath Planning Committee Chair – John Carlton Sisterhood President – Barbara Levinson Men's Club President – Bob Levinson

– Board of Directors –

Noah Golden-Krasner, Claire Gorfinkel Jerry Halpert, Shoshana Hess, Lonne Lane, Jan Pais, Meredith Rose, Ruth Several, Larry Sharfstein, Lindsay Wetmore-Arkader

–Voting Past Presidents – Marcia Alper, Judy Callahan, Sandy Hartford, David Lorin

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Cantor Ruth Berman Harris Purim, the oldest running play! On Wednesday evening, March 7, we will celebrate Purim with the oldest and longest– running play in the history of the world! For those of you who are familiar with Broadway in New York, you might think that we are going to be performing "Phantom of the Opera" because most people are under the misconception that "Phantom" was the longest running play. WRONG! The answer is "The Megillah." What? You might reply….Who wrote that play? Where was it published? When did it play on Broadway? Are the tickets expensive? Is there anyone famous playing the characters? Is it violent? Can I take my children to see it? Will my husband fall asleep in his seat? So many questions and here are the answers. This play is known by two names: "The Book of Esther" and "The Megillah" (scroll). Although there are five books of Jewish scriptures that are properly referred to as “megillah” (Esther, Ruth, Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs, and Lamentations), this is the one people usually mean when they speak of “The Megillah.” It is customary to boo, hiss, stamp feet and rattle graggers (noisemakers) whenever the name of Haman is mentioned in the service. The purpose of this custom is to “blot out the name of Haman.” I bet you never did that in a Broadway show! This play has been running once a year all over the world, in

various shapes and forms, for hundreds of years. (The producers must have made lots of money! laugh). It commemorates a time when the Jewish people living in Persia were saved from extermination. This book is unusual in that it is the only book of the Bible that does not contain the name of God. In fact, it includes virtually no reference to God. Mordechai makes a vague reference to the fact that the Jews will be saved by someone else, if not by Esther, but that is the closest the book comes to mentioning God. The word “Purim” means “lots” and refers to the lottery that Haman used to choose the date for the massacre. In addition, we are commanded to send out gifts of food or drink, and to make gifts to charity. The sending of gifts of food and drink is referred to as Mishloach Manot (sending out portions). A common treat at this time of year is hamentaschen (Haman’s pockets). These triangular fruitfilled cookies are supposed to represent Haman’s three-cornered hat. Purim is one of the most joyous and fun holidays on the Jewish calendar. So, join us for all the festivities that PJTC offers to celebrate this holiday! We are counting on YOU. Chag Sameach, Cantor Ruth

Share Your PJTC Memories With The Congregation • Were you married at PJTC? Did you have a baby naming or a bar or bat mitzvah here? • Did you celebrate a family event or special occasion? Plans are underway for PJTC’s 90th Anniversary Celebration and we want your memories included.

Please send us a photograph that marks that special PJTC event in your life. Send all materials to or drop them off with Eitan Trabin at the temple office Don’t be left out! 2

March 2012

Religious School News

Executive Director

by Debby Singer, Education Director

by Eitan Trabin

Today is one of those amazing bright blue, extra-warm, gentle pre-spring California days when from my office window I can see every trail that is cut into the beautiful San Gabriel Mountains that form the backdrop for our synagogue. We are so fortunate to be living in such an amazing valley where all of nature’s beauty can be found just a few short steps from our collective back doors. Last Sunday our Tihon-niks and their teachers Rabbi Grater and Malina Mindell hiked into Eaton Canyon to dwell in this beauty for a short time in honor of the holiday of Tu b’Shevat. At the same time our families with the youngest of our kids met at the Los Angeles County Arboretum where congregant and Volunteer Director Nancy Carlton arranged for docent-led tours of this amazing facility for about eighty of us. After an hour’s walk we gathered for a mini-seder and song session with Cantor Ruth. And, just yesterday we celebrated the holiday of Tu b’Shevat with a seder for our middle graders where we tasted samplings of food falling into several categories that symbolize the seasons of the year and the Tu b'Shevat at the Arboretum. elements of the earth. The kids wrote haikus about Israel, sang songs written about trees, drank four cups of juice, said many blessings and learned about the ways in which we can be shomrei adamah, caretakers of our earth. In this vein, our Aleph Class has once again spearheaded a plastic water bottle drive and will be going to the recycling center this week. The money they collect Annabella and Sarah the Tu b'Shevat will be donated to the Arboretum to help at Seder. them replant after losing some 400 trees in the recent windstorm. The Tu b’Shevat planting theme was carried out by our Bet Class students who painted and decorated clay pots housing lovely plants which they hand-delivered to the residents of Park Marino next door to the temple. More plants which were the center pieces for our seder were also placed in pots decorated by our Ganeinu Class and which will soon find their way into the hands of the very appreciative seniors next door. And now our focus turns to March and our annual Shabbaton, where our kids get to commune with nature in another set of mountains, namely the San Bernardinos, as they join with neighboring synagogue schools in a weekend of activities guaranteed to create new bonds of friendship and strengthen the old. We also look forward to celebrating the holiday of Purim with programming for the entire family and gathering for three class Shabbat dinners. The Dalet and Hei Classes will lead us in services on March 16, the Sunday School classes will celebrate Shabbat with a potluck on March 23 and the Bet Class students will take their places on the bimah on March 30. We take great pride in the fact that our children are

If you don’t make it to PJTC during the week, we may not yet have had the pleasure of meeting. But, along with our dedicated office staff, I am here for you each weekday, as we manage the daily operations of the synagogue and work to ensure we meet our future operational and logistical needs. Since we have not had the opportunity to sit down and catch up, let me share some of the things I have been focusing on: These first few months of 2012 have been a busy time at PJTC. We've said goodbye to two staff members and brought in a new bookkeeper, Goldie Chaikin. Goldie has been working hard to learn our procedures and systems on the go, and has been rising to meet the challenge of the position. As our office staff grew a little smaller, we welcomed back more of our dedicated office volunteers to help us stay responsive. A great big "thank you" to all of you who help us keep this place running smoothly every day! In partnership with Weizmann Day School we recently completed a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) application which will, when approved, extend their stay here at PJTC for many years to come. The CUP team will be working diligently with the county as the approval process unfolds. We have also been finalizing a new lease with the day school, which re-emphasizes our strong and vibrant relationship. As you may already know, we have continued to put together excellent programming—from community-wide events to specialized workshops, events for kids, events for seniors, events for everyone. Alongside services and our incredible religious school, these programs are our life-blood—they exemplify and reshape the strong community we are. These events make PJTC a wonderful place. They also cost the temple a significant amount to put together and implement. You may have noticed that we are now asking for donations to cover certain classes, events, and workshops. Donations are helping us meet some of our programmatic costs, but to further cover the gap we are seriously exploring moving to a fee system for certain programs, taking the path many other local synagogues have taken. We have been working on a new website, which will be an active portal for current members, allowing you to quickly learn about an upcoming event, RSVP online, or pay a bill. It will also serve as an information hub for prospective members and first—time visitors, offering membership forms online, access to our calendar of events and the FLAME, as well as basic information about Judaism and ritual practices here at PJTC. Every day I speak to many of you about upcoming events, billing questions, fundraising plans, facility repairs, good news, and sad news. Our office staff is here for you. Stop by and say hello. Shalom, Eitan


Debby Singer, continued

willing and able to lead us in prayer on Friday nights and we hope the congregation will support them by being present for these special services. B’Shalom, Debby 3

March 2012

It's Happening with Sisterhood! When we choose not to focus on what’s missing from our lives but are grateful for the abundance that’s present, we experience heaven on earth. Sarah Ban Breathnach

Carolyn Siegal and I just returned from a wonderful Leadership Institute put on by Women’s League for Conservative Judaism. Our tuition and room and board were generously paid by Sisterhood. The weekend was so packed with information and inspiration I can only hit some of the highlights here. Among the most memorable for me was listening to Rabbi Brad Artson discussing the challenges facing Jews today: “We are not prepared to dilute core values in order to expand our numbers,” was one of his main messages. Rabbi Elliott Dorff offered a Jewish take on Medical Ethics and our moral/ ethical obligation to heal ourselves and others. They were both inspirational, but the most moving session for me was Rabbi Cheryl Peretz’ discussion on Gratitude. Rabbi Peretz asked us to list on a piece of paper five things that we are each personally grateful for. Both Carolyn and I were moved by this exercise.  Here are the items I listed that day: 1. My health; 2. The love of my family; 3. The love of my PJTC community; 4. The good fortune of my circumstances; 5. The gift of an open mind.  I plan to start every Sisterhood meeting with each of us taking a moment to express one thing that we are grateful for. I will initiate this at the next meeting. Besides these somewhat philosophical discussions which always excite me, we learned different approaches to leadership and what our own individual styles are. We were given great ideas for how to run meetings, stay organized and attract new and younger members.  I came back so pumped I couldn’t sleep. But you know what really got me all jazzed up? I returned home to great successes like Hava Ben-Zvi’s presentation, so even though I had to miss hearing Hava, it just shows how our Sisterhood does it right whether the leadership is around or not. Big thank yous go out to Hava and to Leslie Aiken, Carol Sofer, Nancy Copeland, Ginny Blitz and Andrea Edwards and the Adult Education Committee. All their hard work paid off. It is gratifying to know that our Sisterhood is strong and capable of leading itself.  I want to express a big thank you to Anita Landau, who has done a yeoman’s job of planning and scheduling the special oneg coming this May that Sisterhood is hosting for Rabbi Kollin and his bride, Cindy Cohen. By the time you read this article, our Executive VP Carolyn and I will have presented some great new ideas and new vision. For now, Shalom, Barbara


Women’s Book Club

by Connie Taus, Book Club Chair

March 8: Swashbuckling Jewish pirates?? Edward Kritzler’s Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean chronicles the story of Jews who were expelled from Spain and Portugal during the Inquisition and fled to the New World in search of a safe haven. April 12: The Paris Wife, by Paula McLain. We are given an inside look at the short but exciting marriage of Ernest Hemingway and Hadley Richardson. They find themselves in the energetic, boozy literary scene of Paris in the 1920s, where they meet the likes of Ezra Pound, Scott Fitzgerald and Gertrude Stein, and ultimately face a crisis in their marriage. Members of the Book Club will find the books we read at Vroman’s at a 20% discount.

Save The Date!

Sisterhood Shabbat, April 21, 2012

Our Saturday morning service will begin at 9:30 AM “in the round” in the Social Hall. Lift your spirits by joining our creative, innovative, and musical service honoring Sisterhood members, followed by a festive kiddushluncheon hosted by Sisterhood. Contact Ruth Several for more i n for m at i on and i f you w i sh to participate.

Sisterhood’s Showcase Project

by Sheila Padlipsky, Showcase Committee

In the Pasadena area each year a mansion is selected for renovation, redecoration and landscaping. Members of PJTC will have the opportunity to serve as docents. The shifts are four hours each, and in return, our Sisterhood or Men’s Club, will receive $40.00 for each shift worked. It’s a lot of fun. Work two shifts and you receive a free ticket. The 2012 Showcase runs from April 15 to May 13. Mondays are dark. Shifts are 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM and 1:00 to 5:00 PM on Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. On Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays there is an additional shift  from 5:00-9:00 PM. To sign up: Please contact Sheila Padlipsky at and tell her which day or days you prefer. 4

March 2012

Rosh Chodesh elebration

Restaurant Night Coming in April by Debbie Guest, Sisterhood VP Development

Following an entire Passover week deprived of chometz, this will be your opportunity to satisfy your cravings for pizza, pasta and breadsticks. On Tuesday evening, April 17, dine at Maria’s Italian Restaurant at the Pasadena Hastings Ranch shopping center on Foothill Boulevard, next to Radio Shack, and they will donate 20% of your check (less tax and tip) to PJTC Sisterhood. You must present the flyer you print from a link which will appear in the April FLAME, or come into the office to pick up a hard copy. Take-out orders and delivery orders will not qualify for the donation, so plan on taking your family out for dinner. Mark your calendars! We’ll remind you next month and provide the link for the flyer. Thank you for your support.


Thursday Evening 7:30 to 9:00 PM

We welcome the month of

Iyar — April 26

We will not meet for Rosh Chodesh Nisan on March 22 as previously scheduled

Contact Stacy Miller if: 1. You've always wanted to help, but don't like meetings! 2. Want to make a difference while volunteering in the comfort of your home. 3. Understand bookkeeping! The Judaica Shop needs a volunteer to use a free computer accounting program to enter items bought and sold at the PJTC Judaica Shop. It's easy to learn, it just needs someone with some time and a desire to help!

Goodies at the Judaica Shop

PJTC Sisterhood welcomes this gathering of Jewish women to celebrate the new moon with study, discussion and, of course, dessert. For more information contact the temple office at (626)798-1161 or Kathy Kobayashi

Your Happy Purim bag and personalized scroll listing all those who have greeted you at Purim is available at PJTC. The bags will be distributed at all PJTC events through March 8. Sisterhood wishes everyone a Happy Purim through providing complimentary Purim bags to all our members.

s ell

Stop by for a

Sisterhood Judaica Shop

Request for Funding from PJTC Sisterhood

Looking for a fun and social way to spend Sunday morning while your student is in Hebrew School? Volunteer once a month in the Judaica Shop! Check us out by visiting the Judaica Shop on Tuesday, Thursday or Sunday and/or contact Stacy Miller at . You'll be glad you did (and so will we!).

PJTC Sisterhood welcomes requests for funding of special events, out-of-the ordinary activities and sponsorship opportunities. Sisterhood allocates and budgets a specific amount of money annually for this purpose and will consider requests on a first-come, first-serve basis. Additionally, the more advance notice provided, the more likely funds will be available and Sisterhood can act upon your request. For newly-instituted guidelines and application, visit the Sisterhood page of PJTC’s website. The FLAME

April 26

Nite on the Town Books Yours for only $25.00 It's Easy To Use Visit each restaurant up to three times. On each visit, with a party of two, your lower priced entree is free or reduced substantially in price. With a party of at least four, your discount is more, sometimes even doubled. Your membership is valid for dinner any evening (Fridays and Saturdays too) through December 30, 2012. Include your membership card when paying your bill, and the restaurant will take care of the rest. All proceeds benefit Sisterhood. Contact Ruth Kaye for more information.

New Volunteer Opportunity!

Bottled water and snacks such s as granola bars, tem 1. i fruit rollups and $ h c r Ea fo small packages of cookies and chips are now available for sale in the Judaica Shop. nosh when you’re in the neighborhood.

Save The Date


March 2012

USY — United Synagogue Youth by Aaren Weisz, Youth Director

This month USY is having an amazingly exciting event. On Saturday, March 17 through Sunday, March 18 we will have a joint event with the USY chapter from Adat Ari El in North Hollywood called ”Into The Night.” This all-night extravaganza will start at 8:00 PM; we will travel by bus doing fun activities until 8:00 AM! The events of the night include: a parkour gym, sky-high sports, glow-in-the-dark mini golf, ultrazone laser tag, breakfast at Denny’s, and ping pong! How can you turn down an event so packed with amazing fun? The event costs only $60! “Into the Night” is open to 8th-12th graders and there are only 50 spots for both chapters combined, so make sure you RSVP at This will be an event of a lifetime, so don’t miss out!

Dinty Moore Dinner, RSVP Today! On March 13 the annual PJTC tradition lives on in our Social Hall at 6:30 PM with a sumptuous dinner and entertainment by Christy MauroCohen, as we honor Jim Hogan as Men’s Club’s “Man of the Year.” RSVP to to hold a spot, but get your $25 check (per person) to the PJTC office today, because after March 8, it’s $30 per person! Gil Kollin’s Bachelor Party! All men are invited to join in celebration of our Rabbi Emeritus tying the knot, so on March 22, we’ll all raise a glass to Gil, enjoy a kosher nosh or two, and rousing entertainment. We’ll be gathering at 7:30 PM at the CST campus Social Hall. Tickets are $25 and must be purchased in advance, so RSVP to Men’s Club now, and get your payment in by March 15. NCAA “Madness” On The Big Screen: Join us in Wohlmann Hall on April 2 for the NCAA Championship Basketball game. As we did with the Super Bowl, we’ll have pizza and beer for your $5 donation (and a Men’s Club Board meeting at halftime). All are welcome for the action, food, and perhaps even a friendly wager or two. RSVPs requested please. Mother’s Day Brunch, May 13: Men’s Club honors all Moms with our signature event on Sunday, May 13 (when else?) in the Social Hall. Delicious food, fun entertainment, and a festive atmosphere are all in appreciation of Mom. The whole family is welcome. Just be sure to RSVP. Men’s Club Kippot Are Here! Every Men’s Club member gets one, so look for them at our programs or contact us at to get yours! Join Men’s Club to support Jewish Youth! Contact us to renew your membership or to join us. Men’s Club Financially Supports PJTC Youth and education: We financially support the LBS Religious school. We help our teen leaders by financing their USY Convention expenses. We give to the Weizmann and B’nai Simcha schools. Join Men’s Club or Renew Your Membership TODAY!

PJTC’s Annual Community Shabbaton Under the Stars Pt. Mugu State Park, Malibu, California Father’s Day Weekend Friday, June 15 through Sunday, June 17, 2012

by Judy Pettigrew

canopy of stars. Our longtime camping guide and naturalist photographer, Dave Wyman, will be our trip leader. Dave and his crew will prepare all our meals from Friday night dinner through breakfast on Sunday. There’s lots to do in Pt. Mugu State Park, including a frolic in the ocean, hiking, biking and exploring. You’ll need to bring your tent, sleeping bag, a camp chair and flashlight, and don’t forget your toothbrush! Although there’s no turn-down service and you won’t find a mint on your pillow, our campsite has showers and flush toilets along with beautiful views of the nighttime sky, the gentle sound of the surf and fresh air! So mark your calendars. Check out the FLAME as we get closer to the date for more information about cost. Any questions? Contact me.

SAVE THE DATE PJTC's 90th Celebration Weekend MAY 5, 2012

Let's Embrace the Past And Build the Future Together! More Details to come. The FLAME

Greetings PJTC campers! At the beginning of Father’s Day weekend on Friday, June 15, we are headed to Pt. Mugu State Park in Malibu to celebrate Shabbat and welcome our Sabbath bride under a


March 2012

Pomegranate Guild of Judaic Needlework West Coast Regional Conference

Pomegranate Guild of Judaic Needlework West Coast Regional Conference

Tuesday – Thursday, June 5-7, 2012 at the

American Jewish University Brandeis-Bardin Campus Simi Valley, California

Our West Coast Regional Conference will take place at the beautiful Brandeis-Bardin Campus nestled at the foot of the Santa Susana Mountains. Visit and click on “Our University”/”Our

We will begin on June 5th with lunch and a guest speaker followed by our first class session, free time, dinner and an evening program June 6th will include 3 meals and two class sessions with our guest speaker, Peachy Levy, presenting A Unique Banner of Women in the Sukkah. June 7th will include breakfast, one class session and lunch, followed by an optional field trip to The Skirball Cultural Center for a docent-led tour, highlighting unique textiles and heirloom pieces.

 

Campuses”/”Virtual Tour”/”Brandeis-Bardin Campus—Virtual Tour”

Tuesday–Thursday, June 5-7, 2012 at the American Jewish University


3 days and 2 nights, includes 4 class sessions .......................................................................... $100 June 5


or 7

June 6


–full day registration includes 2 sessions ..................................................................... $50


—half day registration includes 1 session each day ............................................ $25

Calling All PJTC Men To Join Us For Rabbi Gil Kollin’s

Bachelor Party

Room and Board—All meals and snacks are Glatt Kosher

Brandeis-Bardin Campus Simi Valley, California

3 days and 2 nights, 7 meals and snacks, private bath, double occupancy .............................. $240 3 days and 2 nights, 7 meals and snacks, private bath, single occupancy ................................ $290 1 day, 2 meals and snacks........................................................................................................... $40 Cost of kits for classes to be announced

Classes include (but may be subject to change)  silk painted table runners, gelt bags and Passover pillow cases  black work Magen David  Brazilian embroidery  knit scarf for the High Holidays  needle point Chai  keepah folding and quilted keepah  creating your own needlepoint design  iris paper folding  African Folklore Judaic designs  Assissi embroidery  crocheting  beading

for more information visit their website pomegranate-guild-of-judaic-needlework-announcements-4autosaved.pdf

Conference Challenge—The theme of our West Coast Regional Conference is L’dor V’dor. Please consider this in creating a piece of your original design and execution no larger than 18” x 18”. Challenge pieces will be displayed at the Conference. Registration information will be available January 2012. For further information contact:

Conference Chair Charlene Kazel (818-701-7679) or San Fernando Valley Chapter Day Group President Bonnie Vorspan (

7:30 PM, Thursday, March 22, 2012 Location – CST Campus Social Hall 550 S. Second Ave. Arcadia, CA 91006

Donation $25.00 Send in your reservations with check by March 15 Mail to PJTC Men’s Club, 1434 N Altadena Drive Pasadena, CA 91107 For Information Contact Bob Levinson

Save The Date Yom haShoah - April 22, 2012 10:00 AM- 12:00 PM - Social Hall

All Are Welcome! To Join Us For Our Dinty Moore Dinner

Once again PJTC, with participation of the LBS Religious School students, will commemorate Holocaust Day by a ritual Seder and reading of the Yom haShoah Haggadah. This special Haggadah recognizes the Holocaust survivors in our midst. The readings will recapitulate some of their personal experiences in the Shoah. As we did last year, there will be short group discussions with the survivors, to help us and our young people better understand and remember the Shoah.

Join us for a festive catered deli supper 6:30 PM, Tuesday, March 13, 2012 Honoring PJTC Men’s Club’s, Man of the Year

Jim Hogan

Entertainment provided by Christy Mauro-Cohen In Concert

With David Cohen at the Piano

-----------------------------------PJTC Men’s Club and B’nai Brith Dinty Moore Dinner Reservations with Check are due by March 8. Name:____________________________________

Please join us:

PJTC Guardians

Brunch and Business Meeting

Number of tickets ________

Sunday, March 18, 2012 Social Hall 10:15 AM - 12:00 Noon

E-mail address: __________________________________ _________$25 each by March 8 ($30 thereafter )

Sandy and Steve Hartford, Guardian Chairs RSVP to

Total: ____________

Reservations by check payable to “PJTC Men’s Club,” Mail to: PJTC Men’s Club, 1434 N. Altadena Dr. Pasadena, Ca 91107

Without Sustanance There is No Torah

For Information contact



March 2012

A One-of-a-Kind Tree in our Own Front Yard

Interfaith Study Group

Trees receive much attention in Jewish tradition -- from the Garden of Eden to Tu b’Shevat. Now, a very special tree is the crowning jewel of the yard that our communities saw to fruition. Early on, the yard planning committee envisioned the tree as a symbol for the project and sold leaves and tiles to help raise money. Today we can all take in this lovely monument bearing so many of our fingerprints. It all began with a simple drawing by Weizmann Parent Kat har ine Hig g ins, w hich graced every pledge card at our fundraising events. This sketch then became the inspiration for the large-scale tree mosaic, which was created by the entire student population of our school under the vision and supervision of our extraordinary art teacher Ellen Dinerman, who holds an MFA Second graders (L-R) Ava, in Ceramics and Sculpture from Adam, Leon and Izzy, attach tile Claremont Graduate School. pieces to the mosaic. Ellen collected spare tiles from Contractor’s Tile Mart and Home Depot. Next she sketched out a tree on cement board, which Weizmann parent, David Arnn, jig-sawed. Our middle school students assisted in selecting texture and color. Then, each class cemented and later grouted the mosaic pieces. Our students studied local ecosystems to create the ceramic creatures that will adorn the tree. Kindergarteners made beautiful flowers. First graders hand-crafted colorful insects. Second graders worked on native reptiles. Third graders focused on birds, while fourth and fifth graders created small mammals. As a next step, Ellen, Katharine, and parent Annette Silverstone made the inscribed leaves. Finally, on Tu b’Shevat, David installed the trunk and branches on the yard’s north wall, with daily additions of leaves and creatures. I experience pure joy every time I visit the tree. For one, it’s quite the advertisement for our school’s incredible fine arts program. It is also the physical manifestation of the generosity and vibrancy of our communities. The leaves bear inscriptions of so many familiar names. There are also inscriptions in memory of loved ones including Cindy Bernath (z”l) for whom the play structure is also dedicated, and Daniel Pearl (z”l) whose leaf was presented to his parents at our last Harmony for Humanity concert. This mosaic mural is a beautiful piece of art in its own right. But its significance, like that of trees in nature and in the Torah, transcends far deeper than what is seen on the surface. The dedication ceremony is tentatively slated for Sunday, May 6. Please stay tuned for details. We also invite you for a sneak peak of this truly magnificent tree. To order a leaf, email before March 25. To schedule a visit of our school or our new tree mosaic, please call the office at (626) 797-0204 or visit We are now accepting applications for the 2012/13 school year in all grade levels, K-8.

Members of PJTC, Islamic Center of Southern California (Los Angeles) and All Saints Episcopal Church (Pasadena), meet monthly at one of our institutions,in rotation. Our purpose is to grow in understanding, to be open, respectful, curious, and interested in learning from each other. All are welcome to join us on Sunday, March 11, 2012, 5.00–7:00 PM, at All Saints Episcopal Church, 132 N. Euclid, Pasadena, in Sweetland Hall, when Professor Joseph Pradhu, Philosophy Dept., California State University, Los Angeles, will speak on Mahatma Gandhi’s interfaith legacies. Professor Prabhu is Former President of the Society of Asian & Comparative Philosophy, and serves on the Executive Committee, Parliament of World Religions, and is chair of its local Interfaith Ambassadors of the World’s Religions. His forthcoming book is titled Liberating Gandhi: Empire, Community, and a Culture of Peace. Please bring an item for our vegetarian potluck meal, which will follow the speaker’s presentation, and gives us the opportunity to meet and visit with each other. Future meetings are April 15, 2012 at L.A.County Museum of Art, LACMA, with Nisreen Malhis, ISG member and expert guide at the Muslim Art Collection, further details to follow; May 20, (carpool leaves from All Saints at 4:30 PM) at Islamic Center: Ruth Hayward to speak on Tibetan Buddhism; June 10, Simone Berman will talk about surviving the Holocaust as a child, protected by Belgian nuns. ISG planning committee seeks a second PJTC member who has attended several ISG meetings–each institution usually has two representatives. Please contact me if you are interested in joining the Planning Committee, and with any other questions, via PJTC office, (626) 798-1161, or call Ana Camacho, at All Saints Church at (626) 583-2737, with general questions or to be added to the ISG mailing list.

by Lisa Feldman, Weizmann Day School, Head of School, M.A. Ed.


by Cecilia Fox, PJTC’s ISG representative

Modern Jewish Writers by Peter Brier, Group Facilitator

The Modern Jewish Writers book group will meet for its third session on March 20 at 7:30 PM in the Temple Lounge. In January we read Abraham Cahan’s The Rise of David Levinsky (1917), often cited as the first American Jewish novel, and in February, Henry Roth’s famous Call It Sleep (1934), rediscovered by important critics in the 1960s as the first modern American Jewish novel. On March 20 we will discuss Bernard Malamud’s The Fixer (1966), a historical novel about a poor Jew who challenges the Tzarist establishment. It’s a gripping tale very different from the whimsical and melancholy stories usually identified with the author. They have a beauty and power all their own which we will explore later in the year. Do join us. Our modern Jewish identity is revealed, as nowhere else, in our greatest Jewish writers. Remember, we always meet on the third Tuesday of the month. If you want to know more about us please email or give me a call.


March 2012

PJTC Hosts Noted Political Scholar Dr. Steven Windmueller, noted Jewish communal service scholar, educator and internationally known specialist on political issues and American Jewish affairs will be our 2012 Scholar-in-Residence, on the March 2-4 weekend at Pasadena Jewish Temple & Center. The weekend will include three programs highlighted by a special Whitman Family-sponsored supper on Saturday night. Dr. Windmueller’s discussions will focus on the American Jewish community, political issues, upcoming presidential election, Jewish voting patterns and many related Jewish concerns.

Friday, March 2, 8:00 PM, “The Jewish Contract with America.”

Save the Date

Dr. Windmueller will speak immediately after Kaballat Shabbat services on Friday night, March 2, at 8:00 PM. His specific topic will be, “The Jewish Contract with America,” followed by a question and answer opportunity. Sisterhood will sponsor the Oneg Shabbat that evening.

Saturday May 5, 2012

Saturday, March 3, 6:30 PM, “Changing Jewish Political Attitudes.”

Pasadena Jewish Temple and Center Announces Its

For Saturday evening, March 3, a fabulous program will be offered starting at 6:30 PM.. First, Rabbi Grater and Cantor Harris will lead a lovely musical Havdallah service. Then, thanks to the generous sponsorship by the Whitman Family, there will be a delicious Whitman buffet supper, followed by the Scholar program. The topic for this evening’s program is “Changing Jewish Political Attitudes.” Dessert will follow the program. Please make your reservation to attend the Whitman buffet supper by calling the PJTC office (626) 798-1161. No reservations for the after-supper program are necessary.

90th Jubilee


Sunday, March 4, 10:00 AM, “The Dawning of a New Day: the Future of the American Jewish Community.”

We are continuing PJTC Basketball for adults (high school age and above) at 8:00 PM on the 3rd Monday of every month. Our next date will be March 19.

The weekend will conclude on Sunday morning, March 4 with a Bagel Breakfast. Dr. Windmueller will speak on “The Dawning of a New Day: the Future of the American Jewish Community.” The breakfast will be held at 10:00 AM. A $7.00 donation is requested for the Bagel Breakfast. Dr. Windmueller currently holds the Rabbi Alfred Gottschalk Chair in Jewish Communal Service and is immediate past-Dean of the Jack H. Skirball Campus of Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion, Los Angeles. He has a doctorate in International Relations from the University of Pennsylvania and has held academic appointments at several major institutions of higher learning. Most recently and prior to coming to Hebrew Union College, he served for ten years as the executive director of the Community Relations Committee of the Jewish Federation of Los Angeles. He has appeared on CNN, PBS, NBC and other nationally syndicated media offering commentaries on Jewish public affairs. His more than thirty articles and monographs have appeared in Los Angeles Times,

Rock-a-Bye Baby

Mazel tov to Lyn and Bud Slotky on the arrival of their first grandchild, Sawyer Jameson Reitano, born on February 13 to daughter Anna and her husband James Reitano. Lots of excitement in the Slotky household! Mazel tov to Felicity and Jonni Swerdlow on the arrival on February 21 of grandson Dakota Ruben Swerdlow to happy parents Gilad and Joanna, and big brother Ari. Another mazel tov to Ellie and Ken Gerst on the arrival of their fourth grandson, Samuel Gunars Heine, born on February 22, first child of Julie and Jim Heine. The FLAME

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March 2012

New “Village” Forming Get in on the Ground Floor! Monday, March 26 at 3:00 PM

Scholar-in-Residence continued from page 9

Sh’ma, Moment Magazine, the Jerusalem Letter, and the Journal of Jewish Communal Service. He recently launched “The Wind Report,” an interactive website, This is a very special opportunity to hear from the expert in this area, the latest about what is happening politically as it relates to the Jewish Community. PJTC is fortunate indeed to be able to host this weekend Scholar-In-Residence program, organized by PJTC’s Adult Education Committee. Please RSVP to (626) 798-1161 for the March 3 Whitman Supper by March 1. Return to page 9

Adults over age 80 are the fastest growing segment of the U.S. population, and one out of every four people in Pasadena is over 65. Those numbers will only increase as the baby boom generation matures. As we are aging, we are asking how we are going to remain independent, stay in familiar surroundings, and flourish among our friends, family, and neighbors. We still want to participate in our communities. We still have a lot to offer! In response to the changing demographics and the economic realities of retirement communities, people in Berkeley, Boston, Palo Alto and other areas are forming “Villages”: virtual communities designed, built and governed by their members, to enable people to remain in their homes and increase their quality of life. A Village offers its members services and programs that range from support for daily living needs to social and cultural events, ongoing health and wellness activities, and memberto-member volunteer support. With one phone call, a Village member can find a ride to the grocery store or to the doctor, help with small home repairs, regular exercise programs, and access to trusted professionals in fields ranging from home health care to gardening. Village members look out for one another, plan gatherings and have fun. Under the leadership of volunteer Executive Director Sue Kujawa (formerly with Mothers’ Club) a group of people in Pasadena is exploring creating a Village in the San Gabriel Valley. Sue invites PJTC members to meet with her on Monday, March 26, in the Lounge at 3:00 PM. Please come and hear about this exciting innovation in our community, contribute your ideas and questions to the planning process, and become involved.

The Affordable Housing Crisis in Pasadena: An Evening of Learning and Discussion Co-sponsored by: PJTC's Tikkun Olam Committee, and Greater Pasadena Jews for Justice

The recent census numbers demonstrate that we have an affordable housing crisis in this country: an estimated 3.5 million homeless men, women and children each year. One in four U.S. households reported spending more on their housing than is considered affordable (30 percent of household income according to the federal government). This crisis affects very low- to middle-income households and companies unable to pay salaries that adequately cover housing costs—and therefore cannot recruit and retain their brightest and best employees.

• • • •

Come join us at PJTC on April 18 at 7:00 PM to learn:

What are the issues, controversies and policies? How does the housing crisis relate to the problem of homelessness? What can be done? What can we do as a congregation?

Come find out - Come learn and discuss! For more information

Adult Programming

Sponsored by the PJTC Spiritual Care Committee. For further information contact Claire Gorfinkel.

HAZAK Yiddish Club meets the first and third Mondays of the month at 2:00 PM in the Lounge. Contact Annie Cheslow for info. Movie Days are on the second and fourth Mondays of the month at 1:00 PM in the Lounge. Contact Sue Galpert.

We Have a Lost and Found Closet! Several youngsters have left sweaters, hoodies and other items of clothing at the temple. These items are now in our Lost and Found closet. If they belong to you or someone in your family, come and get them! Just ask one of us in the office. We don’t keep them too long. Unclaimed clothing will be donated to Foothill Unity.

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March 2012

Israel Matters Edited by Jeff Landau

The following was presented by Jim Schaefer at Shabbat services on Friday, February 10. Avi Shabbat—February 10, 2012 Avi Schaefer was a freshman at Brown University. Two years ago, as he was walking back to the University with friends late at night, he was struck down by a drunk driver and killed. Avi was the twin son of my brother, Rabbi Arthur and my sister-in law, Laurie Gross Schaefer. Laurie is the artist who created the very beautiful work of art that hangs at the front of our sanctuary. Upon graduation from high school, Avi and his twin brother Yoav, left Santa Barbara for Israel, made aliya and enlisted in the IDF, the Israel Defense Forces. After his three years with the IDF, Avi enrolled at Brown and anxiously began pursuing his academic studies and his dream of an Israel at peace with its neighbors. So why are we observing here, and at numerous synagogues and Hillels around the country, an Avi Shabbat? When our family attended Avi’s funeral, we learned that Avi was special to many people. A group of Avi’s friends from Brown University flew out to support the family and attend the funeral. Many of his fellow IDF friends immediately left Israel to be there. The memorial service was held at Temple Stephen S. Wise and was overflowing with friends of Avi. The service was televised live in Israel so that family and friends there could join in the memorial to Avi. It was through that memorial service, and the weeks and months after, that I learned how many lives, young and old, Avi had touched. Let me share a few words with you from one of Avi’s many friends, Benji Davis who wrote this shortly after Avi’s death: “We often ask, will a leader ever emerge who has the ability and integrity to unify the people of Israel, and bring peace among Israel and its neighbors? Two weeks ago, we lost one of those potential leaders.” Avi believed that he could make a big difference, that he could be a spark that would ignite a more peaceful Middle East. Can you imagine that? A twenty-one-year-old college freshman thinking that he can change the world. Actually, for many people, he did change their worlds. In his very short time at Brown, his fellow student and one time adversary, a Palestinian, become one of Avi’s best friends. Avi inspired my son Brian and my niece Jenelle to study in Israel. He inspired others to learn more about Israel, some to join the IDF, and all of us to make a greater effort towards achieving peace in the Middle East. Out of his death grew the Avi Schaefer Fund, an organization that is “dedicated to changing the climate of the discussion surrounding Israel and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on North American college campuses, and developing opportunities to further Avi’s values of empathy, mutual respect and active listening.” The Fund recently completed its second, highly successful Jerusalem Symposium. This, now annual, event in Jerusalem brings together North American student leaders from high The FLAME

school, gap-year, study abroad, and post-graduate programs in Israel to hear from distinguished scholars, thinkers, and activists in Israeli society. The event last month had over 300 committed and energetic students in attendance. Next week, the Fund is sponsoring its first annual Student Leadership Colloquium, hosted by Brown University. The Colloquium will start with a gathering of student leaders from the various Ivy League institutions, academics, and policymakers to work towards effecting change in the atmosphere surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian discussion. The Fund promotes the Avi Shabbat, which now is in its second year. The Avi Shabbat is not about Avi. It is about an effort to achieve peace for Israel. It is about asking yourself, what can I do? Can I learn more about Israel and about Palestinians? Can I contribute in some way to help others learn, not about the Israel that is portrayed in the media, but to learn about the real Israel: to know and understand Israel’s daily struggle to survive and to pursue peace and, to learn and to better understand those Palestinians and Muslims who also struggle and want peace? Denise and I are most grateful to Rabbi Grater for supporting the Avi Shabbat and inviting us to share with you Avi’s story and the purpose of the Avi Schaefer Fund. Let me leave you with Avi’s own words, taken from his College Application Essay: “My service [in the IDF] has taught me that the only path to peace in this region of the world is through dialogue and education. It is my quest to help find solutions to problems plaguing the Middle East….I put my life on the line, to do my part to keep the dream of the Jewish nation alive. I came to Israel as a student of the language, its people, and because of my love for the land. It is my hope that one day, Israel will exist without fear and uncertainty, and my children will be able to pray at the Western Wall, not as soldiers, but as free and safe citizens.”

Friday, March 2 Family Service 7:00 PM, Knell Chapel

Come for an evening of togetherness, song and prayer! Join Judy Callahan, Director of B’nai Simcha Preschool, and Cantor Ruth for a half-hour Shabbat experience filled with music and movement for families with children age seven and under.

Jewish Meditation Tuesdays - 7:30 AM Wohlmann Hall

Join Rabbi Joshua for Jewish meditation, which will incorporate learning and practice. The morning is one of the best times to meditate, so we will gather for an hour before getting started for the day. The first 30 minutes will be spent in silence and meditation, then 20 minutes for learning a text or instruction, and a short reflection period to end. All are welcome, no experience needed. 11

March 2012

Purim  l   Carnival  

Make some Noise! Purim March 8 Passover April 6-14


Sponsored  by  Pasadena  Jewish  Temple    Center   and  Temple  Beth  David  of  the  San  Gabriel  Valley San  Gabriel  Valley    

Come  Join  Us  

Sunday  March  11,  2012   12-­3  p.m.  

Temple  Beth  David   9677  Longden  Avenue   Temple  City,  CA  91780   (626)  287-­9994  

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Purim Wednesday, March 7 MEGILLAH READING

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New at the PJTC Library

An Evening of Celebration

In March we are very pleased to be featuring: Legacy of Rescue: A Daughter’s Tribute by Marta Fuchs

Marta, who grew up at PJTC, is the daughter of Morton (z"l) and Ilona Fuchs. In Legacy of Rescue, she has retold the story of her family’s heroic survival and rescue during the Holocaust and their eventual escape from Hungary to the USA.

Pasadena Jewish Temple and Center 6:30 PM Tot Megillah and refreshments for kids 5 and under with Judy Callahan Knell Chapel 7:00 PM Family Megillah Reading, Shpeil and refreshments, Kids 6 and older Galpert Sanctuary

The book, which has just been published, details the remarkable everyday courage of people we know and of the Righteous Gentiles who helped them. Stop by the library and borrow this wonderful tribute to Morton and Ilona or order your own copy at Also at the library this month. We have a very nice display of books for Purim. The FLAME

8:00 PM

Adult reading of the Ganze Megillah, “What Would Mordechai Drink� Come join us for the adult megillah reading at 8:00 PM in Knell Chapel followed by specialty cocktails based on the characters in the Book of Esther. 12

March 2012

Yom haShoah 2012

With Appreciation From the Mark Family

by Felicity Swerdlow

As we prepare to observe Yom haShoah and commemorate the millions who perished during this darkest period of our history, the PJTC Adult Education Committee has put together a compelling program of Yom haShoah events. 1. Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust We are organizing a special PJTC trip to the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust in its brand new facility in Pan Pacific Park, on Sunday morning, April 15. We will carpool from the PJTC parking lot at 9:00 AM and return by 1:30 PM. We will participate in our own docent-led tour which will provide an overview of the history of the Holocaust by closely examining Holocaust–era artifacts and museum exhibits. At the end of the tour we will meet with a Holocaust Survivor who will share his/her experiences during the war, as well as their experiences sharing their testimony with diverse groups of school children and young adults who visit the museum. The Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust (LAMH) opened its new building in Pan Pacific Park on October 14, 2010. The museum presents the history of the Holocaust as objectively as possible--its exhibits present many original artifacts and display them in a way that allows them to tell the individual stories they contain. To RSVP and reserve a space in the group or for more information, please email or call me. 2. Yom haShoah Seder As has become our tradition at PJTC we will hold our Fourth Annual Yom haShoah Seder together with our Louis B. Silver Religious School students. We use the occasion to recognize and hear from our very own PJTC members who survived the Holocaust and whose personal stories serve as living proof of the resilience of the Jewish people, and whose vibrant and fulfilling lives are an inspiration to us all. Our Yom haShoah Seder will take place on Sunday, April 22, at 10:15 AM. Please join our multi-generational gathering as we observe and remember. 3. Dr. Michael Berenbaum - The Holocaust in a Time of Genocide As part of our PJTC Yom haShoah commemoration, we are honored to have one of the foremost and distinguished scholars of the Holocaust, Dr. Michael Berenbaum, as our speaker. Dr. Berenbaum is a writer, lecturer and teacher. He is the director of the Sigi Ziering Institute: Exploring the Ethical and Religious Implications of the Holocaust, and a Professor of Jewish Studies at the American Jewish University in Los Angeles. We are extremely fortunate to be able to host a scholar of the stature of Michael Berenbaum. Join us as our community continues to remember on Tuesday, April 24, 2012, at 7:30 PM in Galpert Sanctuary. Survivors speak of one commandment that transcended everything that came from the lips of those who perished and seared the souls of those who remained--Remember: Do not let the world forget! (The World Must Know, Berenbaum, 2006). Join us as our community continues to remember.


For your support for our family on the loss of dear Madeline. At the funeral, at the shivas, your cards, calls, sitting with Maddie, reading to her, singing to her, making her smile, the endless hugs and kisses, and all the delicious food, we were overwhelmed with your kindness. At the same time we were buoyed by your support. You made it so much easier for us. Maddie gave so much to our PJTC community. Your words at the funeral and the shivas told us more than we even knew abut how very much she reached out and comforted so many. And you all gave us the love and support we need to begin to see our way through our grief. We cannot speak enough words of gratitude to let you know how much your embrace helps us and how profoundly grateful we are to be part of such a loving community. Here is the eulogy link as delivered by Rabbi Grater. Thank you, Brian, David, Rachel and Elliott A Big Thank You from Ruth Kaye To my very dear PJTC friends, thank you for the wonderful outpouring of love I received when Larry died and for the many tributes, cards, donations and phone calls. Larry was so happy to be a part of our congregation and your love for him is especially heartwarming. Special thanks to Rabbi Grater, Rabbi Kollin and Cantor Ruth for the beautiful memorial service, which Larry would have loved. I have always felt that PJTC was my “home away from home,” and never more so than in the last few difficult weeks. Thank you all.

Theatre Havurah

“New Jerusalem” will receive its West Coast Premiere at the West Coast Jewish Theatre. The play focuses on the life of Baruch de Spinoza and his relationship to the Jewish community of Amsterdam and the Talmud Torah Congregation. The year is l656. The New Jerusalem of the title refers to the Dutch city of Amsterdam which became a city of refuge for Jews fleeing the Inquisition of Spain and Portugal. Because Spinoza, a noted philosopher, found himself in trouble with Christian authorities, the Jews of Amsterdam who felt vulnerable as second-class citizens, challenged his beliefs. The resulting excommunication is portrayed on stage in a most moving manner. We will attend the performance on Saturday evening, March 31 at 8:00 PM at the Pico Playhouse, 10508 West Pico Blvd. in Los Angeles. To reserve tickets, send a check for $22.00 each to Ricky Calvin. The group will meet for dinner before the play at The Main Course, directly across the street from the theatre.


March 2012

From the Eugene and Marilyn Fingerhut Memorial History Project

From Sylvia & Lou Schleimer: To all the members and friends of Sylvia and Lou who sent contributions to Sisterhood, to the Temple and to other charities, in honor of our 70th Anniversary, Lou and Sylvia say "MANY THANKS.!" And to Wendy Frankel, who did such a beautiful Kiddush for us, "Our heartfelt thanks for making it so easy for us to celebrate our Simcha with our PJTC family! ”

by Michael Several

This is the third and last of a series on the case of “Simon Levy v. Temple B’nai Israel of Pasadena The dismissal of Simon Levy’s lawsuit against Temple B’nai Israel of Pasadena did not end the controversy over the congregation’s religious practices. Unable to change the services through the courts or by persuasion, disgruntled congregants left and formed other congregations. The first split was within a week after Simon Levy’s lawsuit was dismissed, when he and his son, Harry, the shochet (butcher) in Pasadena, David Silk, and several others formed Shaarei Zedek as an Orthodox congregation. The Congregation only lasted a few years, and may have disbanded after Simon Levy passed away in 1927. Though Simon’s lawsuit complained that Temple B’nai Israel was adhering to “reformed” practices, the services were probably following those associated with the expanding Conservative movement. There is no evidence that the temple was affiliated with the Conservative movement in the 1920s, but it may have identified itself with it. The 1925 Purim Souvenir book described its Cantor, “Rev. Armin Rosenberg” as having been a cantor at a prominent, but unidentified, “Conservative” congregation for 20 years. While temple practices may have been too “reformed” for some, they were too traditional for others. According to Andy Sher, of blessed memory, a group of congregants in the 1930s “were dissatisfied with the fact that our services were perhaps a little more towards the orthodox side than what they liked or wanted. Led by Dr. Emmanuel Rosenberg and Maury Melvin, they formed a congregation and rented a home on El Molino Street.” Evelyn Drasin, the granddaughter of Simon Levy, also recalled the division: “There was a split in the Temple after it was built, and Dr. Rosenberg, the eye doctor, the Peppers, [who owned a fruit and vegetable market on North Fair Oaks] and others left the Temple and rented a big house on El Molino.” According to David Goldman, of blessed memory, they attempted to attract people from Temple B’nai Israel, but “they were not sufficiently numerous to be able to stand the strain of running a congregation.” He recalled that “they had a rabbi, but may not have had the finances to hire an ordained one.” In addition to services, Goldman said they also “attempted to have some Sunday school classes.” There is disagreement over how the congregation of Temple B’nai Israel responded to the reformed synagogue. According to Andy Sher, “There was no animosity to the people pulling away from the temple. We felt if that is what they wanted, it’s a free country, they could do whatever they wanted to do, so there was no real animosity.” In contrast, Goldman recalled “it caused a rift in the community.” He was supported by Clara Berkus, the daughter of C.M. Widess, who said her “father squashed it. He felt that Pasadena couldn’t support more than one temple, and of course they had a very difficult time raising funds to keep the temple going.” Sher and Drasin recalled that the Reform Temple lasted only a year and most of the people from Temple B’nai Israel who joined it came back. When they returned to Temple B’nai Israel, Sher said that “both sides got together and each gave a little. The success of having one congregation is due to the fact that The FLAME

Happy Purim Thank You To Our Community Friends! The following businesses generously donated to our Happy Purim celebration and Sisterhood Fundraiser. As we thank these merchants, we look forward to PJTC members’ continuing support of these local businesses! •

COSTCO - 1220 W. Foothill Blvd. Azusa, CA 91702D • DIAMOND BAKERY - 335 N. Fairfax Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90036 • FRESH & EASY - 605 S. Lake Ave., Pasadena, CA 91106 • FRESH IS BEST CO. – 4313 Chevy Chase Dr., La Canada, CA 91011 • HOWS MARKET - 3035 E. Huntington Dr., Pasadena, CA 91107 • RALPH’S MARKET - 1101 W. Huntington Dr., Arcadia, CA 91007 • RALPH’S MARKET - 320 W. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena, CA 91105 • TRADER JOE’S - 467 N. Rosemead Blvd., Pasadena, CA 91107 • TRADER JOE’S - 345 S. Lake Ave., Pasadena, CA 91101 We appreciate their generosity & community spirit! Thank you from PJTC Sisterhood

Memorial History Project continued

the services were constructed so all factions felt they were being catered to.” The more Orthodox members of the congregation, according to Al Levy, attended Saturday morning services and the less traditional members attended Friday night services. Goldman recalled that as a result of the split, “many of us felt that we should just have one Jewish place of worship and education, and through the efforts of individuals who felt that we should have something more like a Community Jewish Center, we all got together.” 14

March 2012

March Birthdays

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March 2012

Yahrzeits for March (announced Fri/Sat preceding the date) Adar 7

March 01, 2012

Irene Entner Allen Hartford  Isadore Jackson  Hyman Lampert  Paul Mandel  Herman Siegel  Ruth Siegel  Harry Steingold  Max Taus  Peter Vogel  Sidney Weinberg  Adar 8

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Joseph Blitz Rebecca Burston  Hyman Dreitzer  Jean Orloff  Sam Rich  Max Schneider  David Splaver  March 03, 2012

Arpie Balekjian Valentin Friedman  Leonard Rotter  Rose Sackeroff  Gerald Schissell  Norman Shrifter  Adar 10

Adar 17

Arthur Bunin Anselm Kramer  Joseph Vicker  March 05, 2012

Steven Broudy Max Scharf  Milton Singer  Adar 12

March 06, 2012

Lena Hess Marshall Jaffe  Adar 13

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Adar 23

March 17, 2012

Mildred Ellis Ernest Klein Sarah Ostrow  Max Schlachter  Lillian Ward  Adar 24

March 18, 2012

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Nisan 1

Adar 26

March 20, 2012

Louis Brown Mae Fischer Max Knell  Esther Popick  Isaac Schiffer Ben Schwartz  Leah Zimon  Adar 27

Nisan 2

Adar 28

Nisan 3

March 26, 2012

David Arion Ann Benkle Ephraim Ben-Zvi  Janka Kurschner Bessie Lott  Adele Marion  Nisan 4

March 27, 2012

Harry Blinder Abraham Carnow  Brina Shulman Nisan 5

March 28, 2012

Leo Newman Mildred Schleimer Sybil Swerdlow  Nisan 6

March 29, 2012

Max Ackerman Howard Fried Filmore Levy  Dora Lewinstein Reeta Presant  Nisan 7

March 30, 2012

Dinah Blumenfeld Max Chemel Gertrude Holzer  Moses Margolis  Harold Minovitz  Adolf Peters  Ida Peters Ruth Schwartz Alice Snow

March 22, 2012

Edward Collins III Charles Gabriel Zev Gabriel  Harry Kaplan  Bertha Katzman  Aaron Lash Elmer Novak  Jerold Weissfeld 

March 25, 2012

Golda Anghel Abraham Shapiro Morris Zelinka 

March 21, 2012

Esther Eisenberg Harry Aaron Eisenberg Sonia Kryshka  Steven Levine  Yonkel Oserowsky Elli Seelig  Yetta Siegel  Betty Sonies Shokrolah Yonessi 

March 24, 2012

Betty Gruman Doris Gruman Jacob Gruman  Joseph Gruman  Michla Gruman  Pesa Gruman Wolf Gruman  Sam Ober  Milton Quint Sam Seigan  Regina Weiss  Bertha Zelinka

March 19, 2012

Batya Berlant Nathan Jaffe  Sylvan Kelin  William Miller  Benjamin Saperstein 

March 23, 2012

Sarah Bernstein Emma Cohen  Carlie Ellinger Anne Furman  John Gallagher  Ira Green Abraham Katzman  Allen Presant  Monica Tobias

Eli Cohen Fannie Genss William Present

March 14, 2012

Phillip Friedenberg Mary Gordon  Louis Hochman Molly Polokoff  Morey Schwartz Minerva Shapiro  Marvin Warschaw

Adar 29

March 16, 2012

Harry Cohen Gustave Goldin Martin Gould  William Gross  Fannie Grossman David Jacobson  Harry Kippen  Sonia Krakowsky Daniel Siegel  Irving Soshnik  Harris Taylor Seibert Weissman  Theodore Woolsey 

March 13, 2012

Michael Fradkin Sasha Friedland Joseph Goldstein  Herman Greenberg Minnie Landau  Ruth Scherr  Sam Weisz

March 08, 2012

Beatrice Barg Sam Baris  Sam Cohen David Epstein  Sophie Greenspan  Binya Gruman Joseph Handin  William Ingall  Erno Kernyi  Abram Miller Max Miller  Albert Reichenbach  Julius Raphael Samuels Mousa Younessi 

March 12, 2012

Chaih Applebaum Ray Applebaum  Louis Faibish  Barbara Kuhn Leroy Lavine 

March 07, 2012

Rosa Aladjem Miklos Kohn  Samuel Kramer Solomon Landsman  Jeanne Mallet  Joseph Robin Charles Weinstein  Ann White 

March 11, 2012

March 15, 2012

Morris Fertel Morris Gliner  Helena Goldman  Alvin Seigan Jacob Snow  Melvin Spicer, Sr.  Barbara Splaver

March 10, 2012

Paul Arnow Judith Ashkenas Anna Baker  Celia Fingerhut  Meyer Fox Milton Fox  Maurice Galpert Lloyd Gold  Edith Goodstein  Rose Jackson Louis Jacobs  Lillian Kustner  Todd Norton  Esther Oserowsky Anne Rosenthal  Murray Schneider 

March 04, 2012

Adar 11

Adar 21

Samuel Braiker Rose Golbin  Elsie Green Leonard Klemer  Jules Larner  Samuel Seigle Selma Spira  Julius Strauss  Boris Tansky Moses Weissfeld 

March 02, 2012

Adar 9

March 09, 2012

Freda Chemel Henry Heller Sol Mannes  Naum Mintskovsky Walter Pemstein  Herman Plessner  Robert Rosen Sanford Sigoloff  Ira Zellinger 

Nisan 8

March 31, 2012

Ruben Bellan Fishel Langholz Oscar Scherr Clara Weinstein  Joseph Weissman



March 2012

Matt Ober's article continued from page 1

appropriate for congregant input and to seek your comments, feedback and participation. And so I am introducing to you PJTC's financial picture as I call upon each of you to participate in the resolution. As you may have heard over the years on more than one occasion, dues alone are not sufficient to meet the needs of this community, and this year is no exception. Over the many years, PJTC has been supported by generous donors of all shapes and sizes who have helped PJTC thrive. This time, in this year, it will take participation from every member to correct our financial decline. By all accounts, PJTC is expected to close out the 2012 Fiscal Year with a significant deficit. And while for most nonprofit religious organizations a deficit alone is not necessarily cause for concern, compounding this year’s deficit is the fact that our cash reserves can no longer cover the budget deficit. Without going into more detail than this column will allow, recent independent financial analysis of PJTC’s finances for the past six years reveals that we’ve ended the last two years with shortfalls in dues while expenses have remained relatively stable. Apparently, by using cash reserves to meet operating expense during those deficit years, PJTC was able to maintain the level of services, programs, and classes to which we have all grown accustomed, and keep our facilities open and operating at full capacity. But this year, we learned that the well has run dry. While we have non-liquid assets (i.e. endowment, Arcadia campus) our liquid cash-onhand has been depleted. Add to that a changing membership demographic (more new or young families paying reduced dues) and an increase in the number of our members on special dues programs, we likely will not have the necessary funds to meet this year’s operating expenses by year end. Our staff, Admin. Council and financial team are working to correct past financial practices and budget assumptions to prevent further deficit years, while we consider ways to replenish cash reserves. All options are on the table. But the short-term objective is to eliminate the deficit and restore funds used to meet the deficits of the past few years. We are approaching this challenge head on and with eyes wide open. Fortunately we have discovered this now while we have an opportunity to do something about it. And that is where you come in. Over the next few weeks and months, we will be calling upon and meeting with many of you to discuss PJTC’s financial concerns; to listen to your thoughts, suggestions and constructive criticism. We will be calling upon you to participate not only by attending one of several parlor meetings to be held throughout the area, but more importantly, by giving. Truly, we are all in this together. We are a community of individuals that support each other through good and not so good. We have never failed to recognize a challenge, roll up our sleeves and do what is necessary to succeed. We have been doing it for 90 years! And when we gather together on May 5th for PJTC's 90th Jubilee, I want us all to be able to look at each other and know that we did all that we could to meet this challenge, and to celebrate our success together. Our community cannot afford to ignore this opportunity to secure PJTC's future. Matt Return to page 1

Tikun Olam Committee - Foothill Unity Center by Felicity Swerdlow

The Tikun Olam Committee is working closely with Foothill Unity Center to identify volunteer opportunities for our temple community, and to offer our members many different ways to contribute as a community to an organization that works with families in need right here in the Pasadena area. Foothill Unity Center offers vital assistance, with love and dignity, to help local people in crisis to become self-sufficient. It acts as a lifeline for very low-income individuals and families who are struggling to survive; 38% of them are children. Their service area covers eleven cities in the San Gabriel Valley. With support from the community and a large group of dedicated volunteers, they serve over 12,600 individual persons (4,606 families). Foothill Unity Center has two centers, one in Monrovia and one in Pasadena. Our aim is to work closely with the Pasadena Center, which is at 191 N. Oak Ave. We are working on establishing a range of volunteer opportunities for PJTC members that will cover the following: 4. Urban Harvester - One Hour, Once a week Urban Harvester is dedicated to connecting food stores with excess food. Our congregation will assist in moving food on a weekly basis from supermarkets, restaurants and stores to Foothill Unity Center in Pasadena. In addition, help is needed to identify additional businesses and sources that will participate in this food recovery effort. 5. Food Drives PJTC participates in a large food drive over the High Holy Days. However, there is a need to extend this food drive to cover the whole year. There are barrels for food collection at the temple but we would like to intensify our efforts by having the barrels highly visible and encouraging members to bring a small food offering every time they come to the Temple. We also need to develop a system for sorting and delivering the food to the Pasadena Center on a regular basis. 6. Food Distribution at the Pasadena Center Volunteers are needed for food distribution on Tuesdays from 9:00-11:30 AM, and on Wednesdays and Fridays from 1:00 -3:00 PM. Help is needed with the actual distribution, as well as intake and sign-ups. 7. Assistance with Three Major Events During the Year Giving children a better start to school - Each August, with the support of businesses and organizations throughout the community, Foothill Unity Center provides school-aged children of their low-income client families the clothing, supplies and even haircuts that they need to start the new school year with confidence.  Annual Thanksgiving Distribution - Foothill Unity families receive all the fixings for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, including meat. Annual Holiday Distribution Party - Foothill Unity families receive huge holiday food boxes, new toys and clothing for their children, Christmas trees and more. In 2011 over 1,800 families, including nearly 3,000 children, were able to celebrate the holidays with dignity. (We’re proud and grateful that PJTC contributed 100 turkeys for the holiday distribution!) 8. Skilled Resources Foothill Unity Center offers many opportunities for our members to contribute professional services. Click to continue Tikun Olam article



March 2012

Foothill Unity Center continued from page 17

Rabbi Joshua Levine Grater's article continued from page 1

9. Health Services The lack of health care resources in our community means many families need access and referrals to medical, dental and vision care in partnership with community providers. 10. Crisis and Support Services Foothill Unity provides a continuum of support that includes help with rentals, transportation and employment; temporary shelter; and more. There are many opportunities for our members to provide Legal Aid, Psychological and Social Work Services, and Computer and Financial Education Services. 11. Pet Food Bank By supplying food and other pet needs, Foothill Unity Center clients avoid giving up their pets because they can no longer feed them. In 2011, supplied solely by local donations, Foothill Unity’s Pet Food Bank provided food to 726 pets. 12. Plastic Bag Recycling Plastic bags are needed to pack items for the food distribution Stay tuned for more information. If you would like to be a part of this Tikun Olam Foothill Unity Center Sub-committee, please email or call me.

as your spiritual leader, coming from a religious and Torahbased angle, I am asking you to think about your giving to our beloved community. This will be a recurring theme over the next few months. We have an amazing community and we have come to expect a certain standard of activity here at PJTC, starting with inspiring and uplifting prayer services, to our dynamic programs, to our award-winning religious school, to a top-notch staff, to a beautiful and well-kept facility. Like the Israelites of the Torah, we have built a magnificent mishkan, a holy space, where we come to experience God’s presence, find community comfort for our moments of joy and sadness, where we come to study, play, make friends and serve the greater community through tikkun olam. And, like the Israelites, who gave with all their hearts, bringing offerings and gifts to Moses, we too need to be bringing offerings and gifts to our sanctuary, to PJTC, in order for us to be able to continue to provide the services and experiences that we desire as a congregation. We are celebrating 90 years this year, in large measure, because of the generosity and dedication of those who came before us. We need your help, from the generosity of your hearts, to make our future sustainable. The Israelites gave of their hearts and riches because they were moved by the mission of God and Moses, by the vision of a future based on mitzvot and connection to a way of life that was inspiring and exciting. I believe that PJTC has a mission and vision, based on the original vision of Exodus itself, that is inspiring and exciting. If you do too, then make us your priority for giving. Think about your synagogue, the community that provides spiritual care in our most vulnerable moments in life, educates our children, keeps Judaism alive for the next generation and think about giving like the Israelites. Or, in the spirit of this season, think like Mordechai and make Jewish life and survival your number one priority. Our future depends on it. Hope to see you for the Megillah reading and chag Purim Sameach! Rabbi Joshua

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You are invited to the 2012 Annual Women’s Forum “Women Who Make A Difference” Celebrate the Special Women

of our Jewish Community Pasadena Jewish Temple & Center Sisterhood will be honoring

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Carolyn Siegal

Sisterhood’s Ilona E. Fuchs Tablecloth

Thursday, March 22, 2012 - 9:00 AM Courtyard Marriott, Baldwin Park Featuring Actress Elaine Rembrandt in a One-Women Performance of “Courage & Commitment”

Do you know about Sisterhood’s Tablecloth Project? Do look at our embroidered tablecloths the next time you attend a kiddush luncheon. We have four of them, all for simchas, and one more for memorials. Our talented volunteer embroiderer is Paula Waluch. She would love to add the name of your honoree on our cloth; just send Sisterhood a check for $18.00, and keep her busy. If you wish a longer description, send us a little more info. Call Paula and talk to her about it.

Elaine’s performance dramatizes the lives of Deborah the Judge, Dona Gracia Mendes, Emma Lazarus and Golda Meir as it takes us through the history of the Jewish people. These distinguished women of varied backgrounds each had a goal far greater than that of their own immediate needs and the conviction to achieve it. Tributes Congratulate a Women’s Forum Honoree in the event program with a single line tribute @ $18 or more.

Deadline: March 6

For more information, please contact Marilyn Weintraub at (626) 445-0810, ext. 26 or Sponsored by the Jewish Federation of the Greater San Gabriel & Pomona Valleys



March 2012

February Donations General Fund

David Silver, in honor of his nephew Jeffrey Silver’s Bar Mitzvah Lester Slifkin Pearl & Vance Tyree Zahava Eckstein-Sweet Jim & Sue Hogan Giovanna Fradkin Dovid & Rachelle Silberberg Norma Chodos & Lynn Scarbrough Irving & Matilda Feuer Alice Shulman Sam & Mala Langholz, in honor of Bryan & Susan Langholz’ 25th anniversary Jordan & Judy Ellis, in honor of Lou & Sylvia Schleimer’s 70th anniversary Sam & Mala Langholz, in memoryr of Rosa Kuppermann’s husband, Aron Rabbi Gilbert Kollin, in memory of F. Pinchas Fellus Sonia O’Brien, in memory of Madeline Mark

Adult Education Committee

Galpert Scholarship Fund

Roza Kuppermann, in memory of her father, David Davidson Edna Cott, in memory of her father, Joseph Simon Goldberg Edna Cott, on memory of her sister, Beatrice Yorke Josh & Jan Pais, in memory of Daniel Robinson, son of Ernie & Evelyn Robinson Josh & Jan Pais, in memory of Beverly Donnenfeld, sister of Connie Taus

Shabbes Minyan Fund

Paul & Josette Bellan Mary Ann & Michael Bernath

Sim Shalom Prayerbooks

In memory of Avery Douglas, beloved sister of Marcia Alper, from Josh & Jan Pais In memory of Cecelia Knell, devoted mother of Dianne Ruthman, Harvey Knell and Judy Binder, from Josh & Jan Pais

Sisterhood Kitchen Fund

In honor of Aty Rotter, our Chay’ay Olam honoree, frpm Lee & Mickey Segal, Nancy & Craig Copeland, and from Carolyn & Scott Siegal In honor of Edie Taylor’s special birthday, from Judy Ungar In honor of his daughter, Aty Rotter, our Chay’ay Olam honoree, from Dolfi Gruenfeld

Donation from the Sisterhood Board to the Adult Education Committee in loving memory of its chair, Madeline Mark

Louis B. Silver Religious School

Josh & Jan Pais, in memory of Anat Bar-Chaim’s mother, Monci Benedek

Membership Assistance Committee (MAC)

Sisterhood Tributes

To Edie Taylor in honor of her special birthday, from Mala & Sam Langholz, Ricky Calvin, Carol & Eric Mills, Evelyn & Ernie Robinson, and from Liz & Bud Green To Anita Pemstein-Roth in honor of her new granddaughter, Marin Lily Knight, from Nancy & John Carlton, Stacy & Stu Miller, Ricki & Lonne Lane, and from Evelyn & Ernie Robinson To Anat & Nadav Bar-Chaim in honor of their new grandson, Jordan Itai Rezvan, from Nancy & John Carlton, Stacy & Stu Miller, Ricki & Lonne Lane, and from Felicity & Jonni Swerdlow To Sandy & Steve Hartford in honor of their new grandson, Jacob Robert Kerwin, from Bruce & Ariela Applebaum, Stacy & Stu Miller, Nancy & John Carlton, Evelyn & Ernie Robinson and from Felicity & Jonni Swerdlow To Christina & Justin Cohen in honor of their daughter Maia’s bat mitzvah, from Felicity & Jonni Swerdlow To Joan & Jerry Halpert in honor of their 55th wedding anniversary, from Ricky Calvin To Zina & Herb Phillips in honor of their 62nd wedding anniversary, from Judy Ungar, and from Edie Taylor To Sylvia & Lou Schleimer in honor of their 70th wedding anniversary, from Judy Ungar, and from Ricky Calvin To Dolfi Gruenfeld wishing him a speedy recovery & return to good health, from Joan & Jerry Halpert To Sam Gulkis wishing him a speedy recovery & return to good health, from Bonnie Buratti & Kai Lam, Liz & Bud Green, and from Evelyn & Ernie Robinson To Kathy Kobayashi in honor of her speedy recovery & return to good health, from Stacy & Stu Miller, and from Sheila & Joel Padlipsky To Ruth Kaye with heartfelt sympathy on the loss of her dear friend, Larry Figner, from Nancy & John Carlton, Florita & Joe Linett, Bonnie Buratti & Kai Lam, Connie & Art Taus, Carol & Eric Mills, Ricki & Lonne Lane, Joan & Jerry Halpert, Evelyn & Ernie Robinson, Felicity & Jonni Swerdlow, Linda & Paul Rourman, Mala & Sam Langholz, Sheila & Joel Padlipsky, Karen & Neil Brown, Liz & Bud Green, Edie Taylor, Ricky Calvin, Betsy & Steve Conovitz, Ellen & Harvey Knell, and from Sandy & Steve Hartford To Brian Mark & family in loving memory of their dear wife & mother, Madeline Mark, from Ilona Fuchs & family, Sheila & Joel Padlipsky, Karen & Neil Brown, Stacy & Stu Miller, Liz & Bud Green, Edie Taylor, Ricky Calvin, Nancy & John Carlton, Marlene & Barry Segal, Connie & Art Taus, Ellen & Harvey Knell, and from Sandy & Steve Hartford

In honor of Edie Taylor’s 85th birthday, from Roza Kuppermann In memory of her husband Hans Strobel, from Trudie Strobel

Donations to General Fund

From: Shirley Hoffman A. Fenner Milton Sandy Hartford Phyllis Telis Henny Moskowitz Jim & Sue Hogan Sandra Costello Phillip Weise Bryan Jick Sue Hogan Lynn Bienenfeld Bella Tsarovsky Andrea Edwards Barbara Weisenberg & Len Lipton Susan Auerbach Judith Fox Judith Fox Glenn Gruber Jonathan Swerdlow Felicity Swerdlow Albert, Barbara, & Carey Levy Judy Callahan Judy Callahan Linda Mazur Bob Levinson Gilbert Kollin Doris Segall Sheryl Lander Walton & Barbara Walton, Jack Weinberg Lawrence Teitelbaum Judy Ellis Debbie Guest


In Memory of: Sister, Sylvia Ashkenas Friend, Tim Lopez Father, Robert Gortman Husband, Sam Telis Brother, David Moskowitz Father, Samuel Alt Mother Father, Hyman Weise Father, John Jick Sister, Barbara Werboff Father, Seymour Bienenfeld Mother, Hana Eizenberg Husband, Rod Edwards Friend, Larry Figner Mother, Shirley Auerbach Husband, Theodore Fox Mother-In-Law, Eva Fox Father, Joseph Gruber Father, Ruby Swerdlow Father, Jack Lewis Father, Harry H. Levy Father, Sam Marion Aunt, Mollie Weinstock Father, Walter Schuster Sister, Carole Clines Mother, Anne Kollin Father, Ben Segall Bessie Greenland Mother, Anna Weinberg Mother, Eve Teitelbaum Father, Bruno Loeb Father, Arthur Drelich


March 2012

Adult Education News

Report of January 23, 2012 Board Meeting

by Carol Sofer, Education Committee

by Ira Blitz, Secretary

The meeting began with a thoughtful D’var Torah by Shoshana Hess. Cantor Ruth gave a report stating that she has been working with the b’nai mitzvah candidates and is really enjoying it. The kids have “also been buying into it." She also reminded the Board of the concert that she and her friend from Argentina, Diego Rubinsztein, will be doing on February 4. She hopes all will come. The Board unanimously approved requested changes for signers of the Sisterhood bank account. The Board discussed and approved unanimously a modification of the PJTC/CST Merger Agreement to reflect the original intent of the merger committee. John Carlton reported on the progress of the Planning Committee, which is strategizing on the future needs of PJTC and how this affects the entire Jewish Community in the West San Gabriel Valley, including the preschool, day school and Federation. The Committee has gone through the informationgathering stage regarding the various options and is ready for decision-making. Subcommittees are being developed to follow through on the various aspects of the possible changes. No recommendations are expected soon. Jon Weisz, Executive VP Programs, reported on the upcoming Scholar-in- Residence weekend March 2-4. This will feature Dr. Steven Windmueller, an expert in American Jewish Affairs, who will give presentations on Friday and Saturday evenings as well as Sunday morning. The Saturday event will be in conjunction with a supper sponsored by Sandy and Alan Whitman. The Board unanimously agreed to sponsor the Kiddush at Shabbat services that weekend. Faith Segal, Executive VP Administration, reminded the Board of the upcoming 90th Anniversary Celebration for PJTC on May 5. She asked all of us to welcome our new bookkeeper, Goldie Chaikin. She also expects to have a newly-designed website for PJTC up in about a month or so. George Roegler, Treasurer, reported that if income stays at current projected levels, a significant shortfall in the budget is anticipated primarily due to not meeting expectations of dues and falling far short of historical experiences in previous years. Additional fundraising will be our goal to cover the short-term gap. There will be a Congregational Meeting on Sunday, February 26, 2012 at 10:15 AM at which there will be the election of Board members and Officers of the Synagogue. The proposed slate will be sent to the Board twenty days before this. During Good and Welfare, Rebecca Golbert informed the Board of an event February 29 at the Pasadena Historical Museum regarding People of the Book, Pasadena's "One City One One Story" selection. The next Board meeting will take place on Monday, February 27, 2012.

Scholar-in-Residence Program March 2-4. See detailed article on page 9 New Shabbat Workshop with Cantor Ruth "An Introduction to Why, What and How We Pray” Do you know why we bow at certain prayers or why we don’t we start the service with Oseh Shalom or the Amidah? Have you ever asked yourself questions similar to these? Or perhaps you learned about Shabbat worship in Hebrew School and now would like some refresher information? Cantor Ruth Berman Harris will be offering a wonderful workshop on Shabbat synagogue “choreography” and liturgy on Thursday evenings March 15, 29 and March 12 at 7:30 PM in Wohlmann Hall. As workshop participants, we will have the opportunity to practice what we are learning, with the expert leadership and guidance of Cantor Harris. Yom haShoah Programs: Tour of New Holocaust Museum on April 15 and program at PJTC in April Look for detailed info on page 13 Book Group The monthly book group, Modern Jewish Writers, continues on the third Tuesday evening of each month, facilitated by Peter Brier. The group will meet on March 20 in the lounge at PJTC, discussing Bernard Malamud’s The Fixer. Other Ongoing Classes Talmud with Rabbi Kollin at 7:00 PM on Wednesdays. Join him for a leisurely tour of the Talmud and how it has been interpreted by succeeding generations of rabbis. Torah & Lunch at noon on Thursdays with Rabbi Grater. Bring a dairy lunch. Modern Hebrew Language classes with Nurith Brier on Thursdays. Beginning level is at 5:15 PM, intermediate at 6:15 PM, and advanced at 7:15 PM. Contact Nurith for info. All classes meet at PJTC.

— Contact for Donations —

Donate to Temple Projects & Funds Order a Memorial Plaque Freeman Passover Fund Order Leaf/Stone on Tree of Life.... Temple Office (626) 798-1161 Shabbat b'Lev Music Fund Ohr Hadash Vision Fund..................Rabbi Grater (626) 798-1161 MAC Committee.................................. Edie Taylor (626) 792-1237 PJTC Oral History Project.......... Michael Several (323) 254-1487 Simcha & Memorial Tablecloths....Paula Waluch (626) 797-8826 Send a Sisterhood Tribute..................Roz Scherr (626) 798-5797 Dedicate a Prayer Book........................ Lyn Slotky (818) 249-0238 Large Print Sim Shalom......................... Roz Scherr (626)798-5797 Rabbi Galpert Memorial Fund........... Janice Pais (626) 449-6774 Shirley Hoffman (626) 583-8065 Fuchs Award Fund.......................... Debby Singer (626) 798-1164 L.B. Silver Religious School............. Janice Pais (626) 449-6774 Torah Fund Donations...................... Bobbi Sloan (626) 254-9724 Judaica Shop...................................... Stacy Miller (626) 836-9280 Betsy Conovitz (626) 799-9553 Sisterhood Kitchen Fund........... Nancy Copeland (626) 793-6663 Women's Retreat Fund................. Nancy Copeland (626)793-6663



March 2012

Air Control of California Coming soon to a computer near you! The FLAME

1-800-354-3361 Sam Haddad

-Temple Member-


PJTC is going green and joining the 21st century

Please remember to bring canned fo o d whenever you come to the temple. Be sure to notice the basket on the table in the main lobby. Please bring a couple of cans of food to help fill it.

With this issue, you'll be receiving the FLAME by email (or via our website). Please make sure we have your most current email address. Congregants without email addresses will receive paper copies in the mail. Everyone else who also wants paper copies will be asked to come to PJTC to pick them up or make special arrangements with the office.

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March 2012

painting and wallpapering E L L I O T T

Factory Trained Technicians

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Rourman Tallitot

Let Us Help You Keep An Eye On Things

Beautiful Hand Embroidered Custom Tallitot made to order

Pashmina style tallesim as low as $100.00

ACO 86

Technology is changing are you up to date? Would you like to know when your children arrive home from school home? A Mijac installed and monitored alarm would do the trick Lee Levy - VP Sales, Janice Eckstein - General Manager

Custom Judaica

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• Mazel Tov bags

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March 2012

To view the March FLAME calendar please click on this link

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1434 N. Altadena Drive • Pasadena, CA 91107

Community Second Night Seder Celebrate Pesah with Family & Friends at PJTC's Catered Seder and Service

Saturday, April 7, 2012 • 7:00 PM

Adults — $45.00 • Children 12 and under — $25.00 Non-members pay an additional $5.00 Response Deadline is March 30.

Call the Temple office for more information. (626) 798-1161

Are you aware of someone seeking to join a Jewish family for a first night Seder, or are willing to open your home to allow community members to attend your Seder, please contact Neil Brown at (626) 798-5657. The Joseph & Helen Freeman Passover Fund

Donations to this fund enable Jewish students from Caltech, Art Center and other local colleges as well as our community members who may need monetary assistance to attend the Passover Seder that is held at PJTC each year. Generously created by Joseph & Helen Freeman.

----------------------------------------------------------------Name:_________________________Phone (_____) -______________ eMail________________________ _________ # Adult, PJTC member ............................$45.00 = _______ _________ # Adult, Non-member ..............................$50.00 = _______ _________ # Under 12, PJTC member ......................$25.00 = _______ _________ # Under 12, Non-member .......................$30.00 = _______ _________ # Infant & toddler (need chair count) _________ I would like to make an additional donation to the Freeman Passover Fund


Total cost = $ _________ Circle payment choice —>

Check payable to PJTC

Charge to my account

Send reservation and payment to: PJTC, 1434 N. Altadena Drive, Pasadena, CA 91107 *Vegetarian entree available with advance request.

March Flame for the Pasadena Jewish Temple and Center  
March Flame for the Pasadena Jewish Temple and Center  

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