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17 Elul - 17 Tishrei September 2015

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Rabbi Joshua Levine Grater September 4/5

High Holy Days 5776 In Pirke Av o t , T h e Ethics of Our Ancestors, Hillel teaches, “Don’t say I will study when I have leisure time, for perhaps you never will.” (2:5). Life is about setting priorities and then trying really hard to stick with them. And as we approach our holy days, this time of year is about examining our priorities and seeing how we are doing in terms of sticking with them. In just a few days, we will gather for Rosh Hashanah, coming to pray and begin the examination, in depth, leading us toward the ten days of teshuvah and ultimately, Yom Kippur. I hope that we have all been doing something in our personal lives, spending some time each day in this focused examination, not letting it all land on us with the coming of erev Rosh Hashanah. “Don’t say that

I will study when I have leisure time, for perhaps you never will.” The bigger picture, the larger questions, moments of doubt, insights into hope, tears of desire, sighs of pain, melodies of awe and connections with the soul: that is the stuff of the Yamim Noraim, the Days of Awe that we now approach.Enter the sanctuary with the seriousness of life and death, and together we will pray. Now is the time. This year, PJTC seeks to begin the exciting and holy work of implementing our recently completed strategic plan. This will not be easy work, but having experienced the process in our synagogues and organizations, I know how rewarding and invigorating it can be. Hopefully many of you attended the various listening sessions offered during the summer, sharing your thoughts, reviewing the plan and where YOU, the congregation, said you were satisfied and where there was room for improvement. We are called by the Torah to not just “understand/ Continued on page 16

High Holy Days Service Schedule Rosh Hashanah Erev—Sun., Sept. 13 Service 8:00 PM

First Day—Mon., Sept. 14 Service begins at 9:00 AM

Tashlich —Mon., Sept. 14 LA Arboretum 4:00 PM

Second Day—Tues., Sept. 15

Brachot/Shacharit 9:00 AM Family Service 5:00 PM Led by Rabbi Silverstein followed by "bring your own" Dinner

Kol Nidre—Tues. Sept. 22

Early Kol Nidre Kol Nidre

Sat. Torah Study 9:00 AM Lounge Shabbat in the Round 9:30 AM Social Hall Knell Minyan 9:30 AM Knell Chapel Kiddush hosted by Roz and Larry Scherr Selichot Sat. Service 7:30 PM September 11/12

6:00 PM 7:00 PM

Yom Kippur Day Wed., Sept. 23

Service begins at 9:00 AM Torah Service Yizkor Memorial Followed by Rabbi's Sermon Musaf Service................To Follow Study Session..................3:45 PM Minchah............................5:00 PM Neilah...............................6:00 PM Havdallah.........................7:15 PM

Knell Chapel Parashat: Nitsavim

Fri. Family Kabbalat Service 6:30 PM Katz Terrace Fri. Service 7:30 PM Social Hall Oneg hosted by Sisterhood Sat. Torah Study 9:00 AM Lounge Shabbat in the Round 9:30 AM Social Hall Kiddush hosted by Richard Samuelson September 13/14/15

Rosh Hashanah

Sun. Service 8:00 PM Galpert Sanctuary Mon. Service 9:00 AM Galpert Sanctuary Mon. Tashlich 4:00 PM LA Arboretum Tues. Service 9:00 AM Galpert Sanctuary Tues. Family Service 5:00 PM Galpert Sanctuary September 18/19

Parashat: Vayelekh

Fri. Service 7:30 PM Katz Terrace Oneg hosted by Sisterhood Sat. Torah Study 9:00 AM Lounge Shabbat in the Round 9:30 AM Social Hall Knell Minyan 9:30 AM Knell Chapel Kiddush hosted by the Langholz Family September 22/23

Yom Kippur

Parashat: Ki tavo

Picnic and Tot Shabbat 6:00 PM Katz Terrace Fri. Shabbat Service 7:30 PM Katz Terrace Oneg hosted by Sisterhood

Kol Nidre/Yom Kippur

Early Kol Nidre 6:00 PM Knell Chapel Kol Nidre 7:00 PM Galpert Sanctuary Yom Kippur 8:00 AM September 25/26

Fri. Service 7:30 PM

Galpert Sanctuary Parashat: Ha’azinu

Social Hall

Sat. Torah Study 9:00 AM Lounge Sat. Service 9:30 AM Social Hall Shabbat in the Round 9:30 AM Social Hall Oneg and Kiddush hosted by David Peters & Jess Dominguez September 28/29


Mon. Sukkot Service 9:00 AM Knell Chapel Kiddush hosted by Ruth Kaye and Marcia Alper Tues. Service 9:00 AM

Knell Chapel

1434 N. Altadena Drive • Pasadena CA 91107 http://www.pjtc.net/ (626) 798-1161

Staff and Officers Pasadena Jewish Temple and Center 1434 N. Altadena Drive Pasadena, California 91107 (626) 798-1161 • (626) 798-8410 (Fax) http://www.pjtc.net/ info@pjtc.net

– PJTC Clergy and Staff – Joshua Levine Grater – Rabbi Gilbert Kollin – Rabbi Emeritus Ruth Berman Harris – Cantor Claire Gorfinkel - Caring Community Coordinator Sondra Dreshner - Gabbai Rabbi Becky Silverstein – Education Director Eitan Loewenstein –Religious School Assistant Bruce Applebaum – Operations Manager Melissa Levy – Youth Director Debra Bunting – Clergy Assistant Marian Rosen – Bookkeeper Robert Brown – Facilities Manager

– PJTC Officers – President – Faith Segal Secretary – Erich Schlecht Treasurer – Mickey Bernath Exec. VP Management – Jeff Landau Exec. VP Programs – Noah Golden-Krasner VP Administration – David Lorin VP Adult Programs – Ruth Several VP Youth Programs – Geoff DeBoskey VP Finance – Sandy Hartford VP Membership – Andrea Edwards VP Religious Affairs – Jacob Levy Planning Committee Chair – Brian Mark Sisterhood President – Debbie Guest Men's Club President – Andy Schwarz

– Board of Directors – Keri Axel, Liane Herbst, Haley Karish, Carol Rader-Meislin, Amy Richardson, Richard Samuelson, Carolyn Siegal, Nathan Temple, Roberta Tragarz

–Voting Past Presidents –

Phil Callahan, Cathy Krasner Matt Ober, Jonathon Weisz

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Adult Education Committee by Carol Sofer, Adult Ed Chair

2015-16/5776 should be another great year to participate in adult learning opportunities at PJTC. The Adult Education Committee is planning classes, programs, events and a very special Scholar-in-Residence Weekend on March 4-6, 2016. The year begins with a continuation of ongoing classes in Hebrew Language, Talmud and Bible. Hebrew classes are taught by Nurith Brier on Thursday evenings. Rabbi Kollin will be teaching his Talmud and Bible class on Monday nights. Please check with the PJTC office for exact dates and times. Adult Ed also will continue sponsoring our Book Group, chaired by Liz Green, and Documentary Discussion Group, chaired by Jerry Halpert, held on the second and fourth Thursday nights respectively. A social Bridge group is in the planning stages. Bagel Breakfast on November 1 – The first bagel breakfast sponsored by Adult Ed will be held on Sunday, November 1 at 10:15 AM. "Saving Ellie Kahn our Most Precious Legacy – Our Family's Unique and Personal Stories and Memories" is the title of the program presented by Ellie Kahn, LMFT, oral historian, writer, filmmaker and psychotherapist. For more than

25 years, Ellie has been conducting indepth interviews with the eldest family members, to preserve their personal memories for future generations. Far too often, these stories are lost. Ellie will discuss her work and entertain with videos from some of her projects. The audience will participate. Since 1988, Ellie has conducted hundreds of Oral History interviews. Her interview subjects have included the great granddaughter of African-American slaves, corporate heads, people with terminal illnesses, Holocaust survivors, celebrities, former migrant workers, and community leaders. In 1996, Ellie created an oral history project about the Jewish Community in East Los Angeles, between World Wars I and II. This led to Ellie's production of the documentary film, "Meet Me at Brooklyn & Soto," which aired on KCET for 5 years, as well as winning the Los Angeles Conservancy Preservation Award and a CINE Golden Eagle Award. Our Documentary Discussion Group will view this film on Thursday, October 29. In 1996, Ellie established a nonprofit corporation, Living Legacies Historical Foundation, in order to use oral history for educational and cultural projects. Ellie continues her freelance writing, most recently for the Jewish Journal. Please join your friends on November 1 at PJTC for this interesting talk.

PJTC Board Of Directors Report August 24, 2015 Meeting Treasurer’s Report: Mickey Bernath, Treasurer, reported that an unexpected bequest of $100,000 has been made to PJTC by the Larry Bunisky Trust, and will be added to the General Fund. As a result, a balanced budget for 2015-16 is being forecast. Governance Taskforce Report: Matt Ober, head of the taskforce, presented a preliminary proposal for restructuring the Board and the Admin Council. The objectives of this initiative are to streamline our governance structure for greater efficiency and ease of decision-making, and to better align governance with the vision, mission, values and strategic goals of the Temple. After review by the Board at the October Board meeting, these changes will be integrated into the proposed new constitution, which will be presented to the Congregation for final approval at a special meeting in November. Sandy Hartford, VP Finance, reported that the financing options for the proposal for a solar power installation at PJTC will be discussed in the September meeting of the Finance Committee. She also mentioned that there will be a change in the Guardian entry level from $500 to $750, and that Jon and Sarah Weisz are the new Guardian chairs. Faith Segal, President, reported that the date of the next Board meeting has been changed to Wednesday, September 30, because of a conflict with Sukkot. Submitted by Jeff Landau, August 25, 2015 2

September 2015

Men's Club News by Andy Schwarz, President

The Men’s Club recently had two successful events. On Saturday night August 1, 47 people went to see the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes’ minor league baseball game. One of our members, Maury Weiss, even caught a foul ball! On Sunday morning August 30, we hosted a free pancake breakfast to welcome back our religious school students and parents. The Men’s Club is helping to arrange rides for any PJTC member who needs a ride to services. Please contact Claire Gorfinkel, who will work with the Men’s Club on your behalf. Our next Sunday breakfast event will be in October and we are hoping to get Ashley Waterman from the Jewish Big Brothers/ Big Sisters of Los Angeles to speak to us. The need for male and female mentors is great, and we would like to learn more about helping this wonderful agency. I want to personally thank all of you who have sent in your annual dues and purchased football pool tickets. Without your support we could not have made donations this month to the USY, the PJ Library which sends Jewish books to our youth, and the B’nai Simcha Preschool. The High Holy Days are coming soon, and the Men’s club will once again be assisting with ushering and helping to support the shuttle bus the temple will be running to the parking lots. On behalf of the Men’s Club Board of Directors, I would like to wish everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year. We hope to see you all at our upcoming events, which are always open to the entire congregation.

 

         

I played a great horse yesterday; it took seven horses to beat him.

Delfina Penaloza Pasadena Deanna Ahmed Sierra Madre

At PJTC Presented by Men’s Club

Saddle Up!

February 20 2016

David Peters and Jess Dominguez Glendale Michael and Julie Culver Pasadena Gail Meltzer Altadena Andrew and Carin Salter Pasadena Antonio and Kate Rangel Pasadena The FLAME


September 2015

It's Happening with Sisterhood by Debbie Guest, President, PJTC Sisterhood

PJTC Sisterhood Annual Challah Sale!!!!

Some people may ask, "What is the value of reading the entire Torah every year? The words don't ever change. Why reread the same text?" The Torah may not change; people's lives often do. If your life circumstances have changed, a passage you read previously might be perceived differently this year. A portion that seemed irrelevant to you in the past may resonate for the first time this year. Perhaps a new child in the family will spark a new understanding of what Abraham was prepared to sacrifice when he bound Isaac on the mountain. Or, after the loss of a beloved partner, you may relate to Jacob's despair after losing his dear Rachel. This year brings many changes to my household. One year ago I would not have predicted that I would be a Bubbe at the close of this year's High Holy Days, nor that one of my daughters would be living with us again after a number of years spent far to the east. I will surely look for new meanings in the prayers and readings going forward! PJTC Sisterhood offers a reassuring sense of stability as many of our board members have agreed to continue on this year. Since I will have to communicate virtually from Kentucky for a time, our very able board members will fill in for me here when necessary. For example, you may see a variety of women on the bimah for b'nai mitzvah presentations. I've always thought of us as a team, and we will function like a well-oiled machine! We will enjoy a successful year, again. Women's League posted an essay on "what success looks like," and I want to share (and paraphrase) excerpts of that here: "Success can mean different things to different groups. What we all must start thinking about is creating a new meaning of success. Years ago, we measured success simply by the number of women who were in attendance. Today, we should adjust that thinking. Success means that those women who are in attendance are important, and that success means that those who participated had a good time, learned something new and met new women. It is not the numbers that makes an event successful, rather it is whether those that attended came away with a new perspective of what your Sisterhood or women's group can mean." We all work hard to make each meeting, program or event successful. Why do we work so hard? This is our way of giving back. We create lasting friendships and connections through Sisterhood. We receive satisfaction in providing women with programs so that they can learn from one another. Social action projects provide support to those in need, and we are grateful to be able to contribute to our burgeoning youth program. We do it because we love the results … and that is what success looks like. Embrace the New Year and all it may bring. L'Shana Tovah!


All 3-pound Challahs come shaped as Turbans for High Holidays. Either choice of Plain or Raisin is $10.00. Ricki and Wendy have retired from baking Rugellah. All of our baked goods will be provided by Diamond Bakery.

Rugellah are available again in Cinnamon/Sugar or Chocolate Chip for $15 pound. Honey Cake is available for $9 each, Plain or with Nuts. Please call or email your order to Carol Mills 626-351-8403 or carolarmills@gmail.com Please provide your phone number and/or email Pick up your order on Sunday 9/13 (Erev Rosh Hashanah) between 9:30 and noon at the Temple Cash or Check only upon pickup. No prepayment.

Have a delicious New Year!!

Rosh Chodesh elebration 5775

Thursday, 7:30 PM October 15 Sisterhood welcomes the month of Heshvan at the home of Louise Wannier



How a Jewish Girl Discovers Being Jewish & Musings on a ‘Jewish’ Writer’s Life

Writer Merrill Joan Gerber, a new congregant, reads from and discusses her novel, The Kingdom of Brooklyn, which won an award from Hadassah Magazine for “the best English language book on a Jewish theme.” Questions & RSVP to sisterhood@pjtc.net

September 2015

Sisterhood College Outreach Committee

Torah Fund

by Terry Meng, Committee co-chair

by Bobbi Sloan, Vice-President, PJTC Sisterhood Rae Goodstein Memorial Torah Fund

Is your high school graduate heading away this fall? Attention PJTC families with first year college-bound children! The College Outreach Committee of Sisterhood is collecting names and addresses of high school graduates leaving home for the first time. Even though our young people will be away from home, our Sisterhood tradition is to continue PJTC’s connection to them by sending them Jewish holiday boxes to share with their new friends and community. In order to be eligible (1) the families are members of PJTC, (2) the student is attending a program/school away from home for the first time (Students who graduated in past years but are just now leaving home are welcome!), and (3) the student must have a permanent USA mailing address for the year. We encourage all families to participate. Please email me at terrymeng58@att.net as soon as possible with the following information: Parents’ name, address, and phone numbers; student’s name, mailing address, and phone number and the student’s date of birth. We look forward to hearing from you.

The 2015-2016 Torah Fund campaign has begun. Education is one of the most important means of transferring the wealth of tradition from one generation to the next. When you contribute to Torah Fund, you are investing in the future of our children: an investment in knowledge pays the best interest! Torah Fund supports the Jewish Theological Seminary, Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies, Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies, and Seminario Rabinico Latinoamericano. The theme for this year is Nat’ah Karem – She plants a vineyard.  This is the kind of theme that encourages all of us to figure out what our metaphorical or symbolic vineyard is.  What will our legacy be? How do we want to be known with regard to this legacy or this vineyard that we planted? How do we want to change the world or ourselves or something else “for the better”? A letter was sent out asking for donations to Torah Fund. Donors of $180 and above will be given this year’s pin/ pendant as a gift for their participation. I will distribute the new pins during the High Holy Days.  We appreciate any amount that you are able to give.  Contact me at (626) 254-9724 for more information or donations.

July 1 has passed, so it is time to renew your Sisterhood membership! This will insure your inclusion in all of our communications throughout the coming year. Please send a check for $36, payable to "PJTC Sisterhood" to: Carol Mills 3775 Greenhill Road Pasadena, CA 91107 If you have your original renewal form, you may fill that out and send it with your check. If not, please include a note to Carol with the following information: Your CURRENT contact information printed clearly: 1.Name (if different from what is on your check) 2.Email address 3.Phone number Let us know if you are interested in any of these areas of Sisterhood life: Gift Shop, Onegs/Kiddush, Jewish Learning, Tikkun Olam, Women's Seder, Programs, Fundraisers, Zahava, Rosh Chodesh.

Safety and Security At our events and services, kids are great but remember our staff has a lot on its plate. Keeping children safe is an important thing to do but parents and grandparents, it’s up to YOU!

Mah Jongg Madness Sisterhood’s marvelous Mah Jongg Mavens have again graciously agreed to offer their time and talent to tutor their Sisterhood sisters in the intricacies of the game. We are offering two nights to learn the most basic Mah Jongg elements: Thursday, October 29 and Thursday, November 5, both at 7:00 PM in Wohlmann Hall. Mah Jongg neophytes are invited to attend either or both of these training sessions to learn how to separate dots from dragons and bams from cracks. We’ll show you how to line ‘em up in a wall and score some points. Come learn the rules, schmooze a little and eat a little. You will have the opportunity to meet other players wishing to form groups that meet regularly in people’s homes. If you decide you wish to continue playing, our Sisterhood orders the regulation Mah Jongg cards (large font available) in January, for delivery in the spring. Please RSVP for one or both nights to Aty Rotter: altalya19@ aol.com or phone (626) 445-5288.

How About Hosting an Oneg?

Do you have an event you would like to celebrate at one of our Friday night Onegs following Shabbat services? How about a birthday, anniversary, an upcoming or belated engagement or wedding celebration, the birth of a grandchild, a college graduation, a new job or promotion, a book publication or anything else wonderful to share with your PJTC family? Please become one of our Oneg Volunteers. It’s a mitzvah! Are you a member of our meditation group, a Mah Jongg or bridge group, the Theater Havurah, an adult education class or one of the basketball players? Organize your group, you’ll find that it’s fun! Contact Arlene Weiss, Sisterhood Oneg Chair to reserve your date. We will provide you with a set of instructions to guide you through the details. Many dates are still available. Thanks to you all. The FLAME


September 2015

USY (United Synagogue Youth) by Melissa Levy, Youth Director

Huntington Hospital would like to invite you to a very special event:

We're off to another amazing year for our PJTC Youth Program! Our USY leaders have been hard at work this August planning for the school year. On August 23, we had our Kadima Pirate Party, full of team-building pirate-themed games. USY kicks off the new month on September 5 with a Pirate Pool Party, followed by a trip to Disneyland on September 6 with Jewish teens from all over Southern California, Nevada and Arizona!  Are you seeing a pirate theme? Keep a look-out in between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur for a special music video produced by our teenagers! "A (Jewish) Pirates Life for Me" is sure to be quite the talk of the shul! We have also moved the Youth Lounge from downstairs to upstairs, into the Media Room. With so many more youths involved, we are super grateful to have more space for activities and meetings! Come and check out our work-in-progress new digs the next time you are in.   As our program continues to grow, we are determined to keep up the high quality of leadership development as well as ritual, social and educational programming you have now come to expect. A huge thank you to the PJTC Board, Men's Club and Sisterhood, for increasing their youth budgets this year to take our growth into account. As additional fundraising, our teens are beginning a much more formal 5-cent deposit bottle and can collection program in the coming weeks. All money raised will go to our Youth Scholarship Fund, which allows our youth to attend regional and even international leadership gatherings and shabbatons. You will soon see decorated USY recycling bins around the PJTC campus. If your bottle or can reads "CA CRV," or similar phrasing, please drop it in a bin!  Parents of USYers and Kadimaniks: We have even more programs coming up very soon, so be sure to check your emails from me. I've done my best to update my contact lists, but if you are not receiving emails for Kadima (grades 4-6) or USY (grades 7-12), please send your information to usy@pjtc.net and I will add you right away.  Please also note that RSVPs and permission forms are required for all youth programs. Based on your feedback from last year, forms are now available to be filled out in our secure online format–check your email for the link to begin the application process. L'shana Tovah, Melissa Levy

“A Time to Remember” Thursday, October 15 from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM Huntington Memorial Hospital, Braun Auditorium

We warmly invite anyone who has lost a child too soon regardless of cause or age, to attend this special evening. The event will include a brief memorial service, reading of names and refreshments. Please RSVP by October 12 to Brenda Burke at (626) 397-8509 or Brenda.Burke@huntingtonhospital.com If you would like your child’s name read, please provide information by October 13.

Community Outreach RNs from Huntington Hospital will offer free seasonal influenza vaccinations to the general public. Limited quantities. Place: Social Hall Date: Tues., October 27 Time: 4:00 PM Eligibility Criteria • All adults over 18 years old and children age 9 -17 with parent/guardian present for consent • No allergy to eggs or previous influenza vaccine • No medical history of Guillain-Barre syndrome • No serious illness or fever at the time of vaccination Beginning September 20, 2015, please call the Huntington Hospital Flu Shot Hotline (626) 397-3333 for additional community Free Flu Vaccination Clinic locations. Visit our website at huntingtonhospital.com and under Quick Links, click on Free Flu Shots.

Team Lifesavers! Donate Blood and Save Lives! Huntington Hospital is sp ons or i ng te am challenges among the employees. Please donate to TEAM LIFESAVERS between now and October 30. Make an appointment (or walk-ins welcome) (626)397-5422. The location is at Huntington's Blood Donor Center, Ground Floor of the Wingate Building on Fairmount Ave. Park in the East Parking lot (across from the Emergency Department). Parking will be validated. Each donation saves 3 lives!

For your support following my recent knee surgery. Your visits, tributes, meals, help with errands, and prayers have contributed so much to my recovery. I am grateful to be part of such a giving, caring community. Franci Levine-Grater The FLAME


September 2015

Caregiver Resource Day, Sunday October 18 Are you currently caring for a loved one, a parent, spouse, child, sibling, or friend? Do you anticipate that you may one day be caring for someone who is ill? On October 18 from 10:30 AM to 1:30 PM, PJTC and the Jewish Federation of the Greater San Gabriel and Pomona Valleys will co-sponsor a Caregiver Resource Day to provide information, tools, and resources to assist you.  Our keynote speaker, from the Keck School of Medicine at USC, will discuss neurological disorders; there will be a panel on elder law, housing and caregiver resources.  Following that, there will be opportunities to meet with representatives from numerous organizations that serve caregivers in a wide variety of ways, ranging from Huntington Senior Care Network to The Jewish Home and Bet Tzedek legal services. This event will take place at PJTC.  It is free and open to the public.  Brunch will be served. For more information:  (626) 798-1161.


New Bereavement Support Group Starting Soon Jennifer Levin, PhD and Marriage Family Therapist Intern (under the supervision of Natasha Morisawa, LMFT), will lead another support group for those who are grieving the death of a spouse, on Wednesday afternoons at PJTC, October 7 through December 9. This program is co-sponsored by the Jewish Federation of the Greater Pomona and San Gabriel Valleys. If you, or someone you know, would be interested in participating, please leave a message, including your telephone number, for Claire Gorfinkel at the synagogue office (626) 798-1161.  Preregistration is required and there will be a fee. Jennifer will contact you with details.

Interfaith Study Group

by Andrea Edwards, Membership VP

Happy New Year, everyone. As we bring in our new year, the very hardworking PJTC Membership Committee has been busy welcoming our newest members (Cohort 1516) and continuing to engage Cohort 1415. We enjoyed a spectacular year, hosting 82 new families! Yup…you read that correctly…82 new families, representing more than 200 new people in our community. We couldn’t be more delighted about the success of the Sponsored Membership Program; in fact, you may already know that the Board approved continuing the program for this year. We have welcomed 6 new families since mid-August! We are so happy to feel the vibe and energy of all these wonderful new folks. Be on the lookout for notices about activities and ways you can catch our energy and excitement. It IS electric and contagious… As we begin the New Year, we wish you all l’Shana Tovah, for a beautiful, joyous, healthy and bountiful 5776.

by Cecilia Fox, PJTC representative on ISG Planning Committee with Norma Pratt.

Sunday, October 11, 2015 from 5:00-7:00 PM at All Saints Episcopal Church, Sweetland Hall, 132 N. Euclid, Pasadena. Parking lot is immediately north of church. Program begins promptly at 5:00 PM, potluck meal at 6:00 PM., questions and responses follow. Topic: Ministering to an Interfaith World. Chaplains Gilbert Kollin, Rabbi Emeritus, Pasadena Jewish Temple, Rev. Tim Langdell, and Iman Abu I. Abdul Hafiz, Prison Program Director, Islamic Shura Council of Southern California, discuss their experiences as interfaith Chaplains in the U.S. Army in Turkey, in children’s hospitals, and in California prisons, respectively. Sunday, November 8, 5:00-7:00 PM at Pasadena Jewish Temple, Wohlmann Hall . Topic:Maryknoll Sisters describe their professional lives abroad in Teaching, Nursing & Nursing Education, Education Administration, and more, in Chile, El Salvador, Korea, Nepal, and the Philippines among diverse cultures and faiths. Panelists Sister Dolores Mitch, Sister Patricia Conroy, and Sister Carol Marie McDonald, now live in the Maryknoll community in Monrovia. No meeting in December. Sunday, January 10, 2016 we will meet at the Islamic Center of So. Calif. in Los Angeles. Program details will be in the November FLAME. ISG was founded in 2007 by members of PJTC, All Saints Church, and Islamic Center. Meetings rotate among the three locations, usually on the second Sunday monthly. A congenial group, interested in those of other faiths, we are respectful of each other, and all are welcome to join us. Our meetings conclude with a vegetarian potluck meal, so please bring an item if you can. For further detail, call Norma Sigmund at All Saints (626) 583-2734 or leave a message for Cecilia Fox at the PJTC office (626) 798-1161.

Book Club

by Liz Green, Committee Chair

Our next meeting will be on Thursday, September 10, at 7:30 PM, location to be announced. Here is the schedule: September 10, 2015 - Being Mortal, by Atul Gawande. Doctor and author Atul Gawande tackles the hardest challenge of his profession: how medicine cannot only improve life but also what matters in the end. October 8, 2015 - The Golem and the Djinni, by Helene Wecker. In a chance m e e t i ng b e t we e n mythical beings, The Golem and the Djinni takes readers on a dazzling journey through cultures in turn-of-the-century New York. Books are available at Vroman’s at a 20% discount. We are listed as the PJTC Book Club. The FLAME


September 2015

Exciting 2nd Day Rosh Hashanah Family Service and Bring Your Own Dinner

Shabbat Service Schedule 9:00 am - Torah Study Every Shabbat, Lounge*

Tuesday, September 15

9:30 AM - Shabbat in the Round (formerly Shabbat Rinah) Every Shabbat, Social Hall

Led by Rabbi Silverstein 5:00 PM Pasadena Jewish Temple and Center

Knell Minyan: (in addition to the Musical Service) 9:30 AM -Knell Chapel

Following services in Galpert Sanctuary join us for a bring– your–own family picnic on the Katz Terrace.

*Except on b'nai mitzvah or other special occasions

September 4 Picnic and 6:00 PM - Picnic Followed by Tot Shabbat services in Service Knell Chapel

Help Build Our Sukkah

Come for an evening of togetherness, song and prayer!

Each year PJTC members trek miles through the forest (metaphorically speaking) to gather sch’ach (palm fronds) for the roof of the sukkah. We will be gathering sch'ach, date and time to be announced. It is always a fun outing to do some "hands on" Judaism. Bring gloves (a must), long handle nippers or a small saw. Respond to Phil Callahan to let us know you are coming.

Join Cantor Ruth and Judy Callahan, Director of B’nai Simcha Preschool for a half-hour Shabbat experience filled with music and movement for families with children age seven and under.

Family Kabbalat Shabbat Service 6:30 PM Katz Terrace

des For gra d n K-2nd a their families

Rock-a-Bye Baby We're happy to share the arrival of Mischa Pele Trabin on August 21 in Los Angeles. Mazel tov to Eitan and Natalie and his two older brothers, Milan and Mirko.

Friday September 11 & October 9

LBSRS Night in the Sukkah Join fellow LBSRS families for a pot-luck Service will include

• Singing & Dancing

dinner in the PJTC Sukkah. All ages welcome!

Please join us

• Ask the Rabbi • Torah Story • Snack The FLAME

6:00 PM, Tuesday September 29th 8

September 2015

18 Tishrei - 18 Heshvan October 2015


Education Director, Rabbi Becky Silverstein Au g u s t , September and October are three of the busiest months at PJTC in general and LBSRS is no exception. In August and early September, you can feel the buzz in the building gaining momentum after a somewhat restful June and July. The concentrated energy of individuals all doing their part to lay a strong foundation on which the rhythm of the start of the year will flow is palpable. Upstairs, we are busy reviewing faculty and parent handbooks, checking our calendar again and again for errors, registering returning and new students, looking for new teachers, meeting with returning teachers, engaging our youth leaders in USY/Kadima planning, planning for the first day back, cleaning, planning for the High Holy Days, and I'm sure other things that I have forgotten. Our goal is a joyful, energetic, and smooth smart to our new year. The Mishnah teaches that the Jewish calendar has four New Years, each one focusing on a different aspect of life. The spreading of the

concept of a new year throughout the year provides a leveling of the work needed to prepare for the new year, a highlighting of the importance of each of these moments, and a consistent reminder that the opportunity for renewal exists continuously in our lives. Rosh Hashanah is the New Year for civil matters of all kinds, and the marking of creation. The focus on civil matters resonates with my own preparation for the school year, the marking of creation grounds this work in the reminder that all of our work should be in the spirit of partnering with G-d to further the work of creating and repairing our world. The tension between our own lives and the universe that we live in provides ample fodder for reflection and rededication. ` LBSRS is starting this year off with a new website (www.pjtc.net/school), a new high school program anchored by USY, specific days of learning for our post-bnai mitzvah students, a renewed focus on community building, and a commitment to asking big questions. My blessing for all of us this High Holy Days and back-to-school season is that we are able to see ourselves as part of the project of creation and enter this time of renewal carrying that with us as a sense of purpose and strength.

Know someone interested in Religious School or youth programming? Check out our new website for Information!


Minyan Services are held every Sunday in Knell Chapel, beginning at 9:00 AM. October 2/3


Community Picnic 6:00 PM Sukkah Tot Shabbat 7:00 PM Knell Chapel Shabbat Service 7:30 PM Sukkah Oneg hosted by Sisterhood Torah Study 9:00 AM Lounge Shabbat in the Round 9:30 AM Social Hall Knell Minyan 9:30 AM Knell Chapel Kiddush hosted by Shabbes Minyan Group Octoer 5/6

Shemini Atzeret/Yizkor

Monday Service 9:00 AM Knell Chapel Simchat Torah Celebration Mon. Service 7:00 PM Galpert Sanctuary Tues. Simchat Torah Service 9:00 AM Knell Chapel October 9/10

Parashat: Bereshit

Family Kabbalat Service 6:00 PM Katz Terrace Fri. Service 7:30 PM Galpert Sanctuary Addison Sale Bar Mitzvah Shabbat Service 9:00 AM Galpert Sanctuary Oneg and Kiddush hosted by Becky and James Sale October 16/17

Fri. Service 7:30 PM

Parashat: Noah

Galpert Sanctuary

Nathan Segil Bar Mitzvah Sat. Service 9:00 AM Galpert Sanctuary Oneg and Kiddush hosted by Greta and Neil Segil October 23/24

Parashat: Lekh lekha

Fri. Service 7:30 PM Social Hall Oneg hosted by Sisterhood Torah Study 9:00 AM Lounge Shabbat in the Round 9:30 AM Social Hall Kiddush hosted by the Shabbes Minyan Group October 30/31

Parashat: Yayera

Fri. Service 7:30 PM Social Hall Oneg hosted by Sisterhood Torah Study 9:00 AM Lounge Shabbat in the Round 9:30 AM Social Hall Kiddush hosted by the Shabbes Minyan Group

Sukkot At PJTC Is A Happening Place. Watch For Details!

1434 N. Altadena Drive • Pasadena CA 91107 http://www.pjtc.net/ 9 September 2015 (626) 798-1161


Yahrzeits for October (announced Fri/Sat preceding the date) Tishrei 18

October 01, 2015

Tishrei 26

Benny Lorin Tishrei 19

Tishrei 20

Tishrei 21

October 05, 2015

Tishrei 28

Tishrei 29

Tishrei 30

Tishrei 24

Marshall Alper Lori Brandstetter Joseph Levenson Meta Mendel Linda Scanlon Tishrei 25

Heshvan 1

October 08, 2015

Leo Cohen Alexander S. David Sherman Finesilver Sydney Kirschen Tavous Younessi

Heshvan 2

Heshvan 5

Heshvan 6

Heshvan 7

Heshvan 8

Heshvan 10

Harry Abend Minnie Heller Samuel Reff Anna Umansky

October 26, 2015

Hedy Linstone Samuel Lyon Morris Retsky Nat Weber Heshvan 14

October 27, 2015

Charles Goldman Emma Gottfeld Reuben Joseph Bradley Lanes James Woolsey Heshvan 15

October 28, 2015

H.B. Black Mary Brown Earl Greenblatt Nathan Gulkis Julius Nelson Heshvan 16

October 29, 2015

Jaime Blum Jack Collins Morres Feinberg Otto Wolman Heshvan 17

October 30, 2015

Sadie Abend Carl Breitman Gary David Abraham Epstein Justine Goldschmidt Jacob Neumann

October 23, 2015

Kenneth Harris Morris Rothenberg Berta Sabersky

October 15, 2015

Heshvan 13

October 22, 2015

Howard Comras Dora Goldsmith Gerson Horance David Padlipsky Charles Reuben Todd Norman Seretsky

October 25, 2015

Bettie Cohen Sam Goss Yitzhak Rabin

October 21, 2015

Samuel Greiner Chaka Kozushner Linda Paul Heshvan 9

Heshvan 12

October 20, 2015

Norman Finer Sadye Goldman Benedetto Mascoli Minnie Weissman

October 24, 2015

Edvig Gershengolen Charles Levander Dorothy Patrick Philip Shulman Mary Soclof

October 19, 2015

Charles Baker Evelyn Blinder Benjamin C. Eisenberg Rudolf Seelig Alida Ultan

Heshvan 18

October 31, 2015

Rubin Hassman Joseph Kahn Anna Mauff

Learn to Juggle Tuesdays, 6:15 - 8:45 PM Social Hall - We start on Oct. 13

Documentary Discussion Group Thursday, October 29 7:00 PM, Lounge Meet Me at Brooklyn and Soto

From the 1920s to the 1950s radiating from the lively corner of Brooklyn Avenue (now Cesar Chavez Avenue) and Soto Street, East L.A.’s Boyle Heights and City Terrace were home to the largest first generation Jewish neighborhood on the West Coast. Narrated by Harold Gould and produced by Ellie Kahn/ Living Legacies, the film features reminiscences and vintage photographs, preserving a moving chapter in the history of Jewish Los Angeles and our city as a whole. Ellie Kahn will be a guest speaker at the Nov. 1 Bagel Breakfast sponsored by Adult Ed /Men’s Club.

The South Pasadena Juggling Club will be meeting Tuesday evenings at PJTC. Join us and we'll teach you how to juggle, unicycle, and other unmarketable skills. We provide equipment, just show up and have fun. For PJTC members and friends, ages 9 and up. Cost: Free (a small donation to help cover cost would be appreciated). The FLAME

Heshvan 11

October 18, 2015

Louis Beskin David Fain Giesela Farber Samuel Shrifter

October 14, 2015

Bessie Breslow Connie Chodos Howard Coplan Melvin Feiner Mortimer Felsinger Herman Scherr

October 07, 2015

October 17, 2015

Eleanor Jacobs Kurt Rosenthal

October 13, 2015

Harry Browdy Bess Donald Fanny Dvoredsky Barnet Ginsberg Clara Goldberg Ermiene Mallinger Abe Selrenik Sophia Weiner

October 06, 2015

Dorothy Faibish Howard Krachman Edward Levin Maurice Salz Seymour Spar

Heshvan 4

October 12, 2015

Mandu Greene Charles Levinson Evelyn Schaefer

October 16, 2015

Jean Frechtman Julius Kaplan Hyman Schwartz Pauline Todd

October 11, 2015

Libby Balkin Beatrice Several Edwin Smith Edward Spira Elaine Weise Donald Eli Witkin

Ida Gordon Kenneth Pratt Tishrei 23

October 10, 2015

Bernard Blumenfeld Marshall Gumbiner Isaac Hodara Harold Levenson Seymour Posen Charles Sussman

October 04, 2015

Jan Comras Louis Donner Judith Faden Louis Gan Bertha Goldman Esther Mastey Alex Roseman Stanley Svonkin Mark Umansky Roslyn Wynn Tishrei 22

Tishrei 27

October 03, 2015

Donald Cozen Arnold Davidson Margaret Hochschild John Schroeder Sr.

Heshvan 3

April Hagan Fay Katz Charles Liebman

October 02, 2015

Irene Groban Katherine Kokis Minnie Mittleman Ruth Silverman

October 09, 2015


October 2015 September

October Birthdays October 1 . .... Henrietta Douglas Ryann Jorban Sebastian Passanisi October 2 . ............... Dawn Lyon Sarah Weisz Bailey Woolsey October 3 . .......... Jenna Forster Jonathan Herbst Roberta Tragarz October 4 . ..................Lisa Lane Sarah Ostroff Alan Schaefer Robbie Schaefer Cecil Schmidt Ruth Slater Erika Vera October 5 . .............Yael Grinblat Maya Grove October 7 . ............ Clara Jacobs Ruth Kaye Howard Schneider October 8 . ....... Cyrus Garroway Lisa Goldstein Devota-Rose Pistol-Boesch October 9 . ...............Jodi Kinzler Ilan Orlina Shelley Rosen Suzanne Spitz October 10 . ............. Tara Brown Jana Dickter Erica Fishman Ariel Harris October 11 .... Mary Ann Bernath Bruce Gaither Maria Tornek Laura Waluch Devin Yeh October 12 . .Corinne Rotenberg October 13 . ......... Matilda Feuer John Guest Olivia Honowitz Kevin Jick Rachelle Silberberg October 14 . ........ Noam Metivier Margarethe Segil Sara Sternberg Nathan Temple William Thomson

October 15 . ....... Norma Chodos Ella Levine Grater Noah Levine Grater Raul Martinez Jeff Stein October 16 . . Roza Kuppermann Chance Morrow Richard Ricciardi Cynthia Shilling October 17 . ................ Milo Kurs October 18 . ....... Ezra Passanisi October 19 . ....Karolyn Berkman Harold Kern Reuben Lam Noah Moss Jesse Radulovic October 20 . ........ Daniel Sigoloff Joshua Tornek Allegra Wright October 21 . .............. Barry Gold Warren Meislin Jody Menerey October 22 . ........... Joshua Copi Nathan Feinberg Jonathan Grinblat Isabella Kurs Carol Mills Paul Spiegel October 23 . ............ June Brodie Lea Kiguelman October 24 . ...........Joan Halpert October 25 . ..... Giannina Tornek October 26 . .. Miranda Thomson Barbara Weisenberg October 27 . ..Christopher Grove October 28 . .......Ellen Dinerman Valerie Kronsburg October 29 . ............Karen Lujan Matthew Sofer Jonathan Swerdlow October 30 . ....... Lauren Frankel Roxana Honowitz Isaac Tragarz October 31 . .........Grace Gaither Ray Nehdar Jenelle Rotenberg

and Anniversaries Dane Little and Carrie Holzman-Little ......................................10/2/1983 Joshua and Paris Cohen ..........................................................10/5/1996 Doug and Keri Axel . .................................................................10/6/2001 Danny Bush and Nicole Fefferman ..........................................10/8/2006 Peter and Roberta Braun .........................................................10/9/1977 Alexander Miric and Nina Lightdale-Miric ................................. 10/9/2011

Michael and Diane Burr .............................#35.................10/12/1980 Abraham Frank and Emily Beeny . .........................................10/12/2014

Bob and Hilary Jacobs ..............................#30.................10/13/1985 Randy and Mona Shulman .....................................................10/13/2002 David and Alice Kurs ..............................................................10/13/2007 Lowell Bernstein and Sherri Hauer . .......................................10/14/2007 George Bermudez and Joy Silverman ...................................10/17/1992

Mel and Marcia Spira ................................#55.................10/20/1960 Alfred Solish and Margaret Frerking . .....................................10/20/1974 Mickey and Mary Ann Bernath ...............................................10/21/1966 Moshe and Ryna Aviram ........................................................10/21/1969 Joseph and Rebecca Johnson ...............................................10/21/2001 Sam and Mala Langholz . .......................................................10/24/1952 Steven and Judy Balian . ........................................................10/24/1998 Jackson and Alex Douglas .....................................................10/24/1998 Matthew and Kayli Blundell ....................................................10/28/2007 Bruce and Kelly Linden ..........................................................10/29/1995 Allen and Karen Gross ...........................................................10/31/1969

B'nai Mitzvah Addison Townsend Sale, son of Becky and James Sale, will celebrate becoming a bar mitzvah on Saturday, October 10 at Pasadena Jewish Temple & Center. Addison attends Sierra Madre Middle School where he plays French horn in the orchestra and is a member of the football and basketball teams. He enjoys swimming, fishing, and video games. For his mitzvah project, he has volunteered his time picking up trash at Eaton Canyon Nature Center. He is also raising funds to support the Eaton Canyon volunteers, along with caring for the plants and animals. Nathan Segil, the son of Greta & Neil Segil, will celebrate his bar mitzvah on October 17. He is in the eighth grade at Weizmann Day School, which he joined in fifth grade. He loves to draw, sail, kayak, and play flag football. For his bar mitzvah project, Nathan wants to raise money for the Wounded Warrior project.

MiShaberach List Update

By Roz Scherr, PJTC Ritual Committee

Tot Shabbat Service

Having Rabbi Grater or Cantor Ruth read out the names of ill or injured congregants, family and friends, plus saying a prayer for their healing is a special part of our regular Saturday morning service. However, our list can get overly long, as we don’t always know when to remove names of people who are back in good health again. To try to help manage our list, we would like to keep a name on the list for only one month, UNLESS YOU TELL US DIFFERENT. We’re certainly more than willing to keep names on longer if requested! But for short-term illnesses or accidents, we’re hoping that one month will be enough. The FLAME

October 2 7:00 PM Knell Chapel

Come for an evening of togetherness, song and prayer!

Join Judy Callahan, Director of B’nai Simcha Preschool, and Cantor Ruth for a half-hour Shabbat experience filled with music and movement for families with children age seven and under. 11

September October 2015

To view the October FLAME calendar, please click Here

The Louis and Judith Miller

Introduction to Judaism Program at American Jewish University

Always been curious about Judaism? Never paid attention in Hebrew school? Thinking about joining the Tribe? The Miller

What do you want to have happen in your life for the next 25 or 30 years?

Program is an open and engaging 18-week experience geared towards both Jews and non-Jews who want to learn more. Bring your questions and explore the wisdom, depth and joy of Jewish living.

At PJTC on Shabbat from 1:00-3:30 PM

October 10, 17 and 24, November 7, 14 and 21

Those of us in the “boomer” age group are part of an extraordinary, history-making generation.We can be pioneers in understanding and making the most of this “third chapter” of life, filling it with learning, growth and new levels of mutual support. The Wise Aging program brings Jewish traditions, texts, and practices to enhance our later years with spirit, resilience, and wisdom. Come and learn! Participation is limited and pre-registration is required. For more information, contact Claire Gorfinkel or Jane Hirschkowitz.

Thursdays, October 29, 2015-March 17, 2016 Location: Downtown LA (Pico Union Project) For more information or to register: (310) 440-1273



The Miller Introduction to Judaism Program is endorsed by the Rabbinical Assembly for purposes of conversion, and by the State of Israel for making Aliyah.

Documentary Discussion Group Thursday, September 24 7:00 PM, Lounge Above and Beyond The true story of Bruce Sundlun, a Jewish-American B-17 pilot and his incredible escape from Nazi-occupied Europe in WWII. During overseas active duty beginning in June 1943, Sundlun served as a B-17 Flying Fortress pilot in the England-based 384th Bomb Group of the Eighth Air Force at Grafton-Underwood Air Base. Video supplied by Joseph and Merrill Spiro.

“Text, Teshuva & Tunes” Please join us at PJTC on Saturday, September 5, 2015 8:00 - 10:00 PM For our Selichot Program The program will include the “3-T” Modules:

“TEXT study” on the themes of the Holy Days with our clergy, “TESHUVA,” an opportunity for personal, inner work on our own forgiveness and renewal, and “TUNES” to ready our souls with melodies for this new year. The evening will conclude with the sounds of the High Holy Days, and allowing ourselves to hear the shofar.

A Kiddush Poem by Roz Scherr

Over the years we've enjoyed each Saturday meal. Dear friends, I am writing a special appeal. Less money and helpers means we're no longer able to add a full lunch to our Shabbat Kiddush table. Unless you can help sponsor one in our Social Hall, we'll have challah and wine and cookies; that's all.

Schedule of Events: 8:00 PM: Havdallah 8:15 PM: “3-T” Program 9:30 PM: Refreshments

Pasadena Jewish Temple & Center 1434 N. Altadena Drive Pasadena, CA 91104 T. 626-798-1161 www.pjtc.net

(Next open dates: October 3 and 31)



September 2015

Yahrzeits for September (announced Fri/Sat preceding the date) Elul 17

September 01, 2015

Israel Fradkin Elaine Miller George Schaffer Raymond Seligman Elul 18

Elul 20

Elul 28

Elul 29

Tishrei 1

Elul 21

September 05, 2015

Elul 22

September 06, 2015

Tishrei 2

Elul 23

Tishrei 3

Elul 24

September 08, 2015

Elul 25

September 09, 2015

Tishrei 4

Dorothy Gross Lillian Ledeen Tessie Phillips Elul 26

September 10, 2015

Ethel Bortnik Juda Fox Jerome Howard Leo Klein Lois Kronsburg Sophie Newman

Tishrei 8

Tishrei 5

September 21, 2015

Tishrei 12

Tishrei 9

September 22, 2015

Tishrei 13

Tishrei 10

September 23, 2015

Abraham Abis Toby Bluestein Yakov Bortnik Esther Corson Alexander David Frank Emmerich Max Ginsberg Polly Robin Henry Sandig Herman Sofer

September 17, 2015

Tishrei 11

September 24, 2015

Rose Chessen Fredric Gologorsky

September 18, 2015

Paula Frankel Goldie Landsman Esther Lokietz Ruth Wrobel

September 26, 2015

Rose Connick Raye Morgan Max Streiker Tishrei 14

September 27, 2015

Alex Feiner Benjamin Fine Leonard Kustner Philip Rosenberg Frances Sampson Tishrei 15

Miriam Rosen Sylvia Rosenberg Stella Rosner Sol Weisenberg

September 16, 2015

September 25, 2015

Natalie Bender Jeanne Cornetto Mamie Glassman David Hamburg Molly Helman Harry Krohn Rose Soshnik Ida Vegotsky

Adele Abrams Raphael Simcha Davidson Mary Goldman Steven J. Markman

September 15, 2015

Jack Clotzman Dorothy Factor Laura Kreitman Stanley Lanes Bertha Saperstein Emanuel Ufland Richard Alan Weisz

September 20, 2015

Bernard Barron Alexander Dorman Cecila Eisenberg

Shari Cohen Miriam Goldberg

September 07, 2015

Louis Graff Nathan Kuchinsky

Tishrei 7

September 14, 2015

Lynda Brown Goldy Davis Fortunee Hodara Dena R. Jackson Dorothy Lowenthal Judy Schnitzer Blanche Spector

Max Spellman Cindy Bernath Frank Grant Martin Segal

September 13, 2015

Bernard Bowman Maurice Lassman Mark Todd Norman Whitman

September 19, 2015

Martin Bender Ernest Beutler Len Gold George Katzman Ila B. Klekner Vera Lefkowitz Robert Postman Ann Schneider Bob Several

September 12, 2015

Miriam Farstad Don Kermin Pauline Maniloff Anita Molduf Kimberly Orlin

September 04, 2015

Ruth Friedlander Irving Pemstein Jacqueline Sencer Esther Weise

Tishrei 6

Mohammad Basseri Bernice Saltzberg

September 03, 2015

Frances Goldberg Rachel Goodstein Jeffrey Michaels

September 11, 2015

Carolyn Nolan Louis (Lewy) Silberberg

September 02, 2015

Milton Bogad Sam Gordon Frida Leytes Edward Martin Frieda Tatkin Elul 19

Elul 27

September 28, 2015

Morris Burten Rebecca Cohen Harold Ginsberg Molly Rabstein Tishrei 16

September 29, 2015

David Davis Julius Ganulin Sydney Gelber Nathan Hartman Eva Rabinowitch Estelle Roodman Muriel Walter Tishrei 17

September 30, 2015

Lillian Rebecca Kahn Herbert Kronsburg Aron Kuppermann Rose Rosenberg Stanley Svonkin Jack Younessi

Honor Loved Ones at PJTC

Tree of Life There are many ways to commemorate simchas that occur to your loved ones here in Pasadena or anywhere in the world. As an everlasting tribute, have a LEAF placed on PJTC’s Tree of Life. Our Tree is located on the balcony overlooking the lobby. You may want to acknowledge a birth, special birthday, wedding anniversary, graduation, b’nai mitzvah, or other important milestones. You may wish to make the purchase on your own or share it with friends. All occasions are worthy of note. Placing a Leaf ensures that they will be remembered into the future. (Please keep in mind that these are NOT memorial plaques.) The cost per leaf is only $150. The text may include up to 50 letters and 4 lines. Bruce will make up a Tree of Life Certificate which you can present to your honoree. Memorial Plaques To commemorate a life and memorialize the Yahrzeit of your loved one, you may place a bronze plaque in the entrance to the sanctuary. On the eve of the Yahrzeit, the small light will be turned on and the person’s name will be mentioned from the Bimah at the time of the Kaddish prayer. The cost is $350. The script can include 3 or 4 lines and a maximum of 30 spaces. In addition, the name is included in the yearly Yom Kippur Yizkor booklet. For additional information and to place an order, contact Bruce at the Temple office (626) 798-1161. The FLAME


September 2015

September Birthdays September 1 ..... Allen Emmerich Joseph Widman September 2 ..... Helen Freeman Norma Pratt Lewis Stern September 3 .........Max Fishman September 5 ............ Talia Harris Max Polansky September 6 ...... Jo Beth Cohen Shayna Goldstein Ava Leonard Larry Moore William Railey Abigail Sheklow September 7 ..........Noah Beubis Nick Brown Roni Orlina Emma Sale Arlene Weiss September 8 .......... Fay Breslow Barnaby Douglas Henny Moskowitz Barbara Solish Sandra Sonies Eileen Temple September 9 ......... Roger Brown Thomas Painter Andrew Salter September 10 .......... Carol Sofer Kristine Garroway September 11 ...... Aaron Golden September 12 ............Ellie Gerst Elijah Salter September 13 ...Raina Markham Andres Martinez Gail Moore Maia Rosenbaum September 14 ....... Robert Bruck Marvin Donner September 15 ..........Miranda Ho Jackson Douglas Nathan Segil Sawyer Stern September 16 ..... Jordan Alkana Liana Kindler Shana Levin Monica Mitrani

September 17

Maxwell Beller Leo Garroway Bonnie Skolnik September 18 ..... Daphna Enzer Julia Hartford Felice Mittman September 19 ......... David Miller Cherylynne Berger Evelyn Rappel Hannah Temple September 20 ........... Ricki Lane Grace Leonard Louise Wannier September 21 ... Sharon DeMerit Lenny Dalrymple Hannah Friedman September 22.......Joy Silverman Max Brunngraber September 23 ........ Kara Cohen Paris Cohen Deborah Noble September 24 .......Sara Fletcher Francine Hokin Katz Sylvia Schleimer September 25 .....Paul Andersen September 26......... Daniel Levin Neila Hernandez September 27 ............... Eli Axel Roberta Braun Zoe Bruck Maya Golden-Krasner Shulamit Rosner Paula Svonkin Jill Wright September 28 .... Lisa Grossman Sanford Grossman Rebecca Johnson Michael Klekner September 30......... Ed Honowitz Carrie Holzman-Little Matt Michelson Acsa Villasenor

Please remember to bring canned food whenever you come to the temple. Be sure to notice the basket on the table in the main lobby. Please bring a couple of cans of food to help fill it.

Please spread the word Israel has a new 24-hour Internet news channel broadcasting in English from Tel Aviv. This is the link: http:// www.i24news.tv/en/tv/live. Put it on your browser. It is a 24-hour news feed (from the Israeli perspective) and is intended to rival CNN, Al-Jazeera, BBC, etc. It covers world news but also has a specific Israel news section. So many people don’t know about it, but let’s not keep it a secret! There are already many hits from across the Arab world. They too are watching. The FLAME

and Anniversaries Jordan and Judy Ellis ...........................................................9/2/1958 Geoff and Jen DeBoskey .....................................................9/2/2001 Marc and Haley Karish .........................................................9/3/2000 Steve and Jennifer Leonard .................................................9/3/2000 Stuart and Stacy Miller .........................................................9/3/2005 Neil and Melissa Gabriel ......................................................9/5/1999 Andrew and Carin Salter.......................................................9/5/2004 Larry and Roz Scherr ................................#45.....................9/6/1970 Steve and Roberta Breton ....................................................9/7/1969 Mark and Alice Rothenberg ..................................................9/7/1991 Thomas and Tania Painter ...................................................9/7/2003 Peter Nortman and Jodi Kinzler ...........................................9/9/2000 David and Jane Feinberg .....................................................9/9/2001 Scott and Laura Van Dellen . ..............................................9/11/1983 Matt and Stacy Ober .................................#30...................9/14/1985 Michael and Jody Menerey ................................................9/15/2007 Ed Honowitz and Ellen Pais ...............................................9/19/1987 Howard and Betsy Kahn . ...................................................9/24/1983 Laurence Harris and Ruth Berman Harris ..........................9/25/1997 Michael and Luciona Rosenzweig ......................................9/25/2010

Thanks to Our August Volunteers PJTC offers our members a variety of ways to be of service to the Temple. Those who are able to give of their time are vital to sustaining our community. To host an Oneg, call Arlene Weiss. To host a Kiddush, call Roz Scherr. Aug. 1 Aug. 7/8 Aug. 14/15 Aug. 21/22 Aug. 28/29

Oneg & Kiddush Hosts

Kiddush hosted by the Shabbes Minyan Group Oneg hosted by Sisterhood Kiddush hosted by Friends of the Fuchs Family Oneg hosted by Sisterhood Kiddush hosted by Ruth Saffman and Louise Wannier in memory of their husband and father, Philip Saffman Oneg hosted by Sisterhood Kiddush hosted by Rabbi Becky Silverstein on the yahrzeit of his grandmother, Gussie Solomon Oneg hosted by Sisterhood Kiddush hosted by the Tuesday Morning Meditation Group

Sondra Dreshner


Jacob Levy Erich Schlecht

Roz Scherr

Torah and Haftorah Readers

Mark Chodos Roz Scherr Ruth Several

Ryna Aviram Sue Galpert Ruth Kaye Roz Scherr

Sondra Dreshner Abby Schlecht Bobbi Sloan

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September 2015

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August Donations

comprehend” but to “act,” or as I like to think about it, “initiate.” The idea comes from the famous verse in Exodus, after the Israelites hear the charge of Moshe, when they famously say, “Na’aseh v’nishmah, we will do and we will hear.” By choosing to translate the first word as “initiate,” rather than just “do,” we can make a statement of action that is in line with the teaching I began with: “Don’t say I will study when I have leisure time, for perhaps you never will.” This year at PJTC we are focusing not just on doing, but on initiating, on getting more people to not only get involved, but to take leadership, to act before being asked, to be a more holistic and integral part of our action teams. We want you to not wait, but to jump in! If you see a need at PJTC, fill it; if you see a committee lacking leadership, become that leader; if you have a dream for our community, realize it. What are your dreams and desires for PJTC this year? Na’aseh, let’s all initiate! In the spirit of forgiveness and teshuvah, if there is anything I have done to hurt you, intentionally or unintentionally this past year, I beg your forgiveness. I will try harder to do better this year. Franci, Ella, Noah and I wish you a year of health, blessing, joy and new learning. Shana tovah u’metukah, g’mar chatimah tovah, a sweet and happy New Year, may we all be sealed for life and health!

General Fund

Shulamit Rosner sends a warm thank you.

Fuchs Fund

Edie Taylor in honor of Henry Fuchs receiving an award for outstanding creative contributions to the Computer Graphics field.

Union Station

Jan & Josh Pais in honor of members of the Adult B’nai Mitzvah Class

Yahrzeit Donations to General Fund Donated by: Michael & Janet Klekner Barbara Weisenberg Jeff Landau Betty Becker Jill Adler-Moore George Hassman Shirley Hoffman Michael Klekner Josh Goldberg Peter Brier Lonne Lane Pauline Witkin Polansky Helen Freeman Judy Ungar Estelle Bogad Jerome Kaplan Burton Green Lawrence Teitelbaum Stacy Miller Stuart Miller Henny Moskowitz

Sisterhood Tributes

In Memory of: Friend, Hanne O’Dell Grandmother, Fannie Retsky Father, Saul Landau Mother, Doris Becker Sister, Lynn Susan Seshadri Mother, Selma Hassman Father, Arthur Berman Sister, Merle Klekner Father, Zygmunt Goldberg Father, Francis Brier Father, Herman Lane Father and Mother, Harry and Rose Lipser Father and Mother, Israel & Lea Borenkraut Husband, Edward Ungar Husband, Milton Bogad Father, Paul Kaplan Mother, Rose Green Father, Irving Teitelbaum Grandmother, Laura Feiner Mother, Elaine Miller Mother, Regina Moskowitz

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High Holy Day Ushers Needed

To Joan Halpert, wishing her a speedy recovery from surgery and return to good health, from Judy Ungar To Peggy Schiffman in memory of her beloved husband, Samuel Schiffman, from Stacy & Stu Miller, and Marcia Alper To Mindy and Dan Schiffman in memory of Dan's beloved father, Samuel Schiffman, from Stacy & Stu Miller To Roz & Larry Scherr in honor of their 45th anniversary from Judy Ungar

The High Holy Days are coming soon, and we are once again recruiting ushers. Ushers’ main job is to make congregants feel welcome and secure and to help them have a good experience at PJTC. We would like to extend a personal invitation for you to serve as an usher during the holidays. This is an important mitzvah for the PJTC community. Not only do you represent PJTC, but also personal greetings and assistance help to make our services run smoothly, more meaningful for attendants and safer for all involved. We look forward to your participation and service and will make use of all our volunteers. At this point, we would appreciate your response by September 4, 2015. Confirmation of your assignment will be sent by e-mail as well as details on a brief training session beforehand. Contact Jake Levy for more information. For reference please see the table below for shift schedules.

— Contact for Donations —

Donate to Temple Projects & Funds Order a Memorial Plaque Freeman Passover Fund Order Leaf/Stone on Tree of Life.... Temple Office (626) 798-1161 Shabbat b'Lev Music Fund ....................................... Cantor Ruth MAC Committee.................................................... Claire Gorfinkel PJTC Oral History Project....................................Michael Several Simcha & Memorial Tablecloths............................. Paula Waluch Sisterhood's Lena Berman Tribute Fund................... Roz Scherr Dedicate a Prayer Book....................................... Sheila Padlipsky Large Print Sim Shalom..................................................Roz Scherr Rabbi Galpert Memorial Fund......................................... Jan Pais Shirley Hoffman L.B. Silver Religious School........................................... Jan Pais Torah Fund Donations................................................Bobbi Sloan Judaica Shop................................................................Stacy Miller Sisterhood Kitchen Fund.....................................Nancy Copeland Women's Retreat Fund..........................................Nancy Copeland Madeline Mark Memorial Fund....................................Ruth Several The FLAME

Rabbi Joshua

Erev Rosh Hashanah 7:15-8:30 Rosh Hashanah Day 1 9:00-10:30 Rosh Hashanah Day 2 9:00-10:30 Kol Nidre 6:15-8:00 Yom Kippur Day 9:00-10:30 Neilah 5:30-end 16

8:30-9:30 10:30-12:00 12:00-1:30 10:30-12:00 12:00-1:30 8:00-end 10:30-12:00 12:00-1:30

September 2015

We Are Collecting: By Edie Taylor

Used cell phones – LBSRS is collecting, look for their box Printer ink cartridges - bring to Bruce Used eye glasses, clear and sunglasses, also hearing aids - box in Workroom Toiletries from hotels, all sizes - box in Workroom - goes to Union Station Plastic bottles - recycled by USY, container in the back of main building. Aluminum cans - also recycled by USY, place in blue barrel in back of building Yarn, 4-ply acrylic, all colors, used to make afghans for Huntington Hospital and County/USC Pediatric Dept. Bring to my attention. No wool, please! Remember the Foothill Unity Center barrels near the entrance to Wohlmann Hall. You may drop in canned goods, clothing, household items, and anything that they may be able to sell in their Thrift Shop to raise funds for the food bank. These are all mitzvah makers. Everything is recyclable. Call me if you have larger home furnishings. Edie Taylor, (626)-792-1237 or edie@pjtc.net.

3230 E. Colorado Blvd. (Between San Gabriel and Rosemead)


Rourman Tallitot

Factory Trained Technicians

(626)792-5879 (800) 300-2532

Beautiful Hand Embroidered Custom Tallitot made to order

Pashmina style tallesim as low as $100.00


Custom Judaica • Mazel Tov bags

• Chuppahs • Challah covers • Matzoh covers and more

Pro musician on your piano or portable keyboard

Call Linda Rourman (626) 447-7252 LKR_48@yahoo.com www.Rourmantallitot.com -Temple Member-

Brad Lieberman 323-559-8425 b-brad@sbcglobal.net The FLAME


September 2015

The High Holy Days are upon us. Visit the gift shop for an array of new honey dishes, shofars and tallisim. But it’s also time for the World Series, college football and hoop dreams. Check out our new sports team mezuzahs, car mezuzahs and kippot! May your New Year be filled with many happy occasions which allow you to celebrate with us!

Coffee • Sandwiches • Pastries

New Menu Items

Extended Hours

1359 North Altadena Dr.

Mon. - Fri. • 6:00 PM) - 8:00 PM Sat. • 7:00 am - 5:30 PM After Hour Rentals

(at Washington Blvd.) (626) 398-8654

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Pasadena Jewelers

KevinBourland.com Residential Real Estate

Serving San Gabriel Valley Since 1988• Jewelry and Watch Repair • Special Orders • Diamond Settings • Engraving


— A friend of PJTC members —

1864 E. Washington Boulevard • Pasadena, CA 91104 in the Washington Mini-mall at the corner of Allen and Washington.


(626) 798-4403 www.pasadenajewelers.com


Beware of Phone Scams

painting and wallpapering Recently there have been phone calls requesting large amounts of money to help grandchildren avoid jail or pay for hospital expenses. Do not take any action without contacting parents or anyone else in the know. The FLAME

E L L I O T T S C L #5875 4 9

M A Z U R 62 6 • 398 • 9 9 2 8

– Temple Member –


September 2015

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1434 N. Altadena Drive • Pasadena, CA 91107

Caregiver Resource Day

for everyone who is now or may be caring for a loved one

Sunday October 18, 10:30 AM to 1:30 PM

Pasadena Jewish Temple & Center 1434 N. Altadena Drive, Pasadena, CA 91107

Co-sponsor: Jewish Federation of the Greater San Gabriel & Pomona Valleys

Welcome: Rabbi Joshua Levine Grater

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Helena Chui,

McCarron Professor and Chair, Director, Alzheimer Disease Research Center, Department of Neurology, Keck School of Medicine at USC:

“Diagnosis and Management of Neurological Diseases”


Moderator: Peter Braun  Issues of Elder Law: Mitchell Karasov, Esq., Law Offices of Mitchell A. Karasov  Assisted Living, The Right Time and Place: Marlene Harrison, Concepts for Living  Caring for the Caregiver: Patty Watson-Wood, Huntington Hospital Senior Care Network 

Small group discussions with keynote speaker, panelists, and representatives from agencies throughout the region that provide support to caregivers, including:

* Alzheimer’s Association * Bet Tzedek Legal Services * Concepts for Living * Health Information Counseling and Advocacy Program (HICAP) * Huntington Hospital Senior Care Network * The Jewish Home * Keck Medical Center at USC * Law Offices of Mitchell A. Karasov * LivHOME * Mount Sinai Memorial Parks and Mortuaries * Pasadena Senior Center * The Pasadena Village * Santa Anita Family Service * Shorkend Care Management * Skirball Hospice *

Brunch will be served. For information and to RSVP: (626) 798-1161 This program is FREE and open to the public. The Pasadena Jewish Temple & Center is wheelchair accessible

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September/October FLAME 2015  

September/October FLAME 2015  

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