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12 Shevat - 9 Adar February 2015

Temple President Jon Weisz Relections A m a z i n g l y, i t i s Febr uar y 2015, and my clinic, family and f r iends are a l l now regularly reminding me that my tenure as PJTC President is almost over. On Sunday, February 22 the PJTC Congregational Meeting will take place, and the slate for our next Board and Officers will be presented and voted on. I hope you can all attend and participate. At this time, I wish to thank our current Board of Directors for their patience and tremendous dedication during these past two challenging yet very productive years. I am blessed to have worked with so many talented lay leaders; and I greatly appreciate their generosity of time and expertise while serving with me. I also wish to thank our PJTC Clergy, Rabbi Levine Grater and Cantor Harris, for their guidance and encouragement. And I must also thank and credit our wonderful PJTC staff and volunteers for their tireless hard work and diligence. I especially thank Eitan Trabin, our Executive Director, for keeping me focused and aware of all that is PJTC when I am not on the campus. Please plan on attending the PJTC Board Installation Dinner on Friday, April 17, when we will be honoring both our outgoing and incoming Board members. This will be a Whitman Dinner event, so make your reservations early. I hope to see you there. The past two years have brought some tremendous changes to PJTC. With the sale of the Shaarei Torah

campus, we now have financial security for the present and future of P J TC an d t h e Jewish community o f t h e We s t S a n Gabriel Valley. It is an unprecedented position for our synagogue. We are still trying to ascertain the best way to manage and utilize the funds. We hope to provide for improved programming, services, and facilities today as well as saving for the next generation. We are in a blessed situation, but it is also a challenge. I am hopeful that the Strategic Planning information will soon provide guidance from you, our congregants. The youth programming at PJTC has been another area of transition. The sale of the Shaarei Torah campus has necessitated the move of the B’nai Simcha Preschool to a new site. I am delighted that PJTC is that new home. We have a long-standing relationship with the school, and having them on our campus will only strengthen these ties. I love seeing the many smiling toddlers and their families at PJTC. Change has also occurred at the Louis B. Silver Religious School. Our religious school has always been a source of pride for our congregation. We have been fortunate to have a history of exemplary school leaders, from Betty Fishman to Debby Singer ... and now we have Rabbi Becky Silverstein as our new Religious School Director. It was a nine-month search process to find Rabbi Silverstein, and I feel it

Services Minyan Services are held every Sunday in Knell Chapel, beginning at 9:00 AM. February 6/7

Parashat: Yitro

Tot Shabbat 6:45 PM Knell Chapel Fri. Service 7:30 PM Galpert Sanctuary Oneg hosted by Sisterhood Sat. Service 9:00 AM Knell Chapel Kiddush hosted by Shabbes Minyan Group February 13/14

Parashat: Mishpatim

Kabblalat Shabbat 6:30 PM Social Hall Fri. Service 7:30 PM Galpert Sanctuary Oneg hosted by Sisterhood Sat. Service 9:00 AM Knell Chapel Kiddush hosted by Henny Moskowitz February 20/21

Parashat: Terumah

Talia Goldstein Bat Mitzvah Fri. Service 7:30 PM Galpert Sanctuary Sat. Service 9:00 AM Galpert Sanctuary Oneg and Kiddush hosted by Lisa and Mark Goldstein February 27/28

Parashat: Tetsavveh

Fri. Service 7:30 PM Galpert Sanctuary Oneg hosted by Sisterhood Shabbat Rinah Sat. Service 9:00 AM In The Round Kiddush hosted by Shabbes Minyan Group

Congregational Meeting

Sunday, February 22 10:15 AM, Galpert Sanctuary

The FLAME If you prefer to receive the FLAME by mail at no charge, please email the office at info@pjtc.net.

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Staff and Officers Pasadena Jewish Temple and Center 1434 N. Altadena Drive Pasadena, California 91107 (626) 798-1161 • (626) 798-8410 (Fax) http://www.pjtc.net/ info@pjtc.net

– PJTC Clergy and Staff – Joshua Levine Grater – Rabbi Gilbert Kollin – Rabbi Emeritus Ruth Berman Harris – Cantor Claire Gorfinkel - Caring Community Coordinator Sondra Dreshner - Gabbai Eitan Trabin – Executive Director Rabbi Becky Silverstein – Education Director Eitan Loewenstein –Religious School Assistant Bruce Applebaum – Operations Manager Melissa Levy – Youth Director Debra Bunting – Clergy Assistant Marian Rosen – Bookkeeper Robert Brown – Facilities Manager

– PJTC Officers – President – Jonathon Weisz Secretary – Erich Schlecht Treasurer – Mickey Bernath Exec. VP Management – Faith Segal Exec. VP Programs – Jeff Landau VP Administration – Noah Golden-Krasner VP Adult Programs – Felicity Swerdlow VP Youth Programs – Geoff DeBoskey VP Finance – Sandy Hartford VP Membership – Andrea Edwards VP Religious Affairs – Richard Samuelson Planning Committee Chair – Brian Mark Sisterhood President – Debbie Guest Men's Club President – Andy Schwarz

– Board of Directors – Keri Axel, Judy Balian, Ira Blitz, Valerie Grover, Haley Karish, Jacob Levy, Carol Rader-Meislin, Amy Richardson, Nathan Temple, Roberta Tragarz, Ruth Several

–Voting Past Presidents –

Judy Callahan, Cathy Krasner Matt Ober, Mickey Segal

– The FLAME Staff – Bruce Applebaum – Layout Edie Taylor, Roz Scherr and Breyne Moskowitz – Editors Karen Hochman Brown – Advisor

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Religious School News by Rabbi Becky Silverstein, Education Director

What are your goals and desires for your children and your family? How can the Louis B. Silver School support you in meeting them? What are the desires we have as a school and a PJTC community for each of our members? These questions are at the center of the work I have been doing with the Religious School Committee and LBSRS parents as we work to create a sustainable structure that best meets our collective needs and goals. Our holy texts have much to contribute to this conversation. Deuteronomy 6:5, at the center of the V’ahavta, tells us to “impress upon our children” the words that G-d is instructing the Israelites, the mitzvot that form a set of communal norms and create structures for our relationships with each other and with G-d. Proverbs 22:6 teaches that we should “train a child according to that child’s path, and even when the child is old he will not depart from it.” Further, the Talmud teaches that the father has an obligation “to circumcise him, to redeem him, if he is a firstborn, to teach him Torah, to find him a wife, and to teach him a craft or a trade. And there are some who say that he must also teach him how to swim (Babylonian Talmud Tractate Kiddushin 29a).” Layered on top of these texts are our own desires to do what is best for our children, to help them foster a connection to Judaism, to navigate with them a world of competing values, to keep them safe. Not to mention academic success, general well-roundedness, and forging strong family connections.

At the core of LBSRS is a curriculum built around Jewish literacy, Hebrew language learning focused on siddur comprehension, Tikkun Olam, and community building. These will continue to form the foundation of our students’ learning. We also have a committed group of teachers who are all excited about learning and growing with the program. From this base, the number of possibilities is staggering: continuing to run a three-day-a-week program, creating a two-day-a-week program on its own or with a third day of co-curricular activities, increasing Family Services and Shabbat learning, creating real-world opportunities for all of our students to do mitzvot, empowering teenagers to self-organize, creating programs where our students are learning real world skills such as political organizing and finances with a focus on justice work and philanthropy, leveraging the internet for more consistent Hebrew language and siddur learning, integrating our Kadima and USY communities, creating an entire 6-8th grade multi-track program rather than a “b'nai mitzvah year", engaging all of our students more deeply in prayer and questions of theology. These are just a sampling of the ideas that have come up from our “think big” exercises so far. Questions about technology, connections to world Jewry and Israel, and interfaith programming are also on the table. I have been energized by these conversations and look forward to the ways in which they will shape the future of LBSRS and PJTC. As the conversation continues within the LBSRS community, I invite all of you to share with me your thoughts on educating our children and families, as well as your fondest memories of LBSRS. Our greater PJTC community will be all the richer with these interactions.

Strategic Planning Committee by Brian Mark, Committee Chair

Thank you for your participation in the PJTC Congregational Survey. It was very successful and will be vital in shaping the strategic plan. When the Strategic Planning Committee began its work, I committed to you that we would be transparent. You need to know what the Committee is doing with the data you provided and how it will help shape the Strategic Plan. I hope you will attend the annual Congregational Meeting, where I’ll be presenting an overview of what the survey has told us. I’ll also tell you what our next steps are, as we move to deliver a Strategic Plan in March. Your continued interest in this process is vital to the value of the plan, and its impact on the future of our Synagogue. Because the plan will impact ALL of us, I encourage you to attend on Sunday, February 22. 2

February 2015

Purim Greetings: Don’t be Left Out This Year … deadline is February 20

Men's Club by Andy Schwarz, Pesident

The mitzvah of giving Mishloach Manot (Purim baskets filled with specific foods) is an old Jewish tradition linked to the story of Purim, recorded in the Book of Esther. Don’t delay! Place your order for the Ricky Calvin’s Happy Purim greetings program (named in memory of one of our beloved chairs), recently mailed to your home. There are two options to order your greetings: • Save the cost of a stamp and save paper by ordering online, using the very user friendly Happy Purim website, • Send back the paper form included in the mailing. By participating in the program, you will be fulfilling the mitzvah to exchange gift bags on Purim. PJTC Sisterhood is creating a fun-filled goody bag of Purim-related food and treats for every household in the PJTC community. This is your chance to send greetings to your friends across the greater PJTC family. You may elect to send greetings to one, some, or all of the names provided on your order form. Donation levels vary according to number of greetings sent, and discounts are available for multiple greetings. For a small additional donation, you may elect to have your name appear on the scrolls of those who have sent greetings to you, even if you had not sent greetings to them. (This is the “reciprocation option”.) You need not make a donation to receive your bag. Your bag (and greetings from your friends) will be waiting for you at the Temple on any of the following dates: Saturday, February 28 (morning Shabbat Rinah service and the Family Havdallah service that evening); the Megillah reading, Wednesday, March 4; and Sunday March 8 (at the Purim Carnival). You may also drop by the office any time that week and your bag and greetings will be waiting for you. If you are homebound, please call and we will bring your bag to you. The deadline to return your order form is Friday, February 20 whether you use the website or hard copy. Paper forms must be filled out and mailed (the entire order form) with your check (made payable to PJTC Sisterhood) to Ruth Kaye: 170 North Grand Ave. #306, Pasadena, CA 91103. Questions? Call Barbara Levinson at (626) 334-7033.

I am proud to say that the Men’s Club Board of Directors has approved a two-year financial commitment for the PJ Library Project, which provides Jewish books to our youth. The program is being run by the Jewish Federation and headed up by Debby Singer. Our donation will be matched by a generous donor to the Federation. The Men’s Club will also be funding two scholarships for the Jewish Youth Orchestra which is run by our own Janice Markham. Last month we had had a very successful welcome-back pancake breakfast for our religious school students and also had a Super Bowl Party. The Men’s Club would like to congratulate Michael Karish and his family on the occasion of his bar mitzvah. Eric Schlecht presented Michael with a Yad on Friday night, January 23. The Men’s Club would also like to congratulate Arlene Weiss on being chosen to receive Sisterhood’s Chay’ay Olam Award. The Men’s Club will be making a donation to the Torah Fund in her honor. With the football season now over, I want to thank everyone who purchased football pool tickets. Your donations help fund the PJ Library, the Jewish Youth Orchestra, USY activities, and other youth projects. Finally, please mark your calendars for the Men’s Club annual Man of the Year Dinty Moore Dinner. This year I am pleased to announce that Jeff Landau has been selected as our honoree. The date is Wednesday, March 11. The event will feature a 16-piece band along with three singers. More information will follow.

Men, Women, Families Join Us 3:00 PM Sunday, February 1, 2015 FOR THE ANNUAL NFL SUPERBOWL PARTY

Save the Date

. . . to Comfort the Bereaved . . .

Sunday, March 1 2:00 PM, Wohlmann Hall

The PJTC Caring Community Program will sponsor a gathering for any and everyone in our community who has experienced the death of a loved one. We will be guided by Rabbi Malka Mittelman (a spiritual care counselor at Skirball Hospice) in study and sharing of Jewish texts and practices, as well as time for personal reflection. Resources will also be provided for those who are interested in an ongoing bereavement support group. For further information contact Claire Gorfinkel The FLAME

Watch the Game in comfort in Wohlmann Hall On our 72-inch Television Set. Pizza, Beer, Sodas, Water Donations Accepted


February 2015

Sisterhood’s Annual Torah Fund Campaign

by Bobbi Sloan, VP, Sisterhood’s Rae Goodstein Memorial Torah Fund

Our annual Chay’ay Olam Luncheon is almost here. Please join us as we honor Arlene Weiss as this year’s recipient! RSVP to Bobbi Sloan (626) 254-9724 or dblsloan@sbcglobal.net. When you contribute to Torah Fund, you are investing in the future of our children: an investment in knowledge pays the best interest! Education is one of the most important means of transferring the wealth of tradition from one generation to the next.  Torah Fund supports The Jewish Theological Seminary, Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies, Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies, and Seminario Rabinico Latinoamericano.

February 8, 12:30 PM PJTC Social Hall Luncheon $28.00 Music by Janice Markham

All The Benefits of Jewish Day School…Without the Schlep! By Lisa Feldman, M.A. Ed., Head of School, Weizmann Day School

Music, Elegant Wine and Cheese Reception, and perhaps some romance! Make your plans to attend the “Songs of Love “ Coffee House/Cabaret

4:00pm Sunday, February 15, 2015 Pasadena Jewish Temple and Center 1434 N Altadena Dr. Pasadena, CA $15.00 per person Reception Hosted by PJTC Sisterhood Love songs by Jewish composers, sung by local Cantors and members of our community. Sponsored by the Cultural Arts Program of the Jewish Federation of the Greater San Gabriel and Pomona Valleys

For info: 626.445.0810 or federation@jewishsgpv.org


I am very pleased to announce that We i z m a n n D a y School has received a grant from some of our wonderful supporters, to provide FREE TRANSPORTATION for students who would like to attend our community K-8 coeducational Jewish Day School, but do not live in or immediately near Pasadena. Weizmann is the last remaining Jewish Day School between North Hollywood, and Las Vegas, Nevada. We know there are Jewish families and communities around the San Gabriel and Pomona Valleys and other surrounding areas who would love to provide a great Jewish Day School education to their kindergarten, elementary school or middle school-aged children, but for whom drive times and logistics pose a hardship. We are truly grateful to these generous supporters for their commitment to our school’s continued growth and ability to serve families from a larger surrounding area. If you or someone you know may be interested, please encourage them to learn more about this exciting opportunity at info@weizmann.net or (626) 797-0204. Weizmann Day School Offers: • Kindergarten through eighth grades • Warm and caring community • Hebrew language immersion, music & drama • Art studio, ceramics kiln & organic garden • Award winning Head of School & credentialed faculty • Small class sizes & differentiated instruction • Interactive science curriculum & technology labtop accreditation by WASC and BJEJewish, interfaith & diverse backgrounds welcome 4

February 2015

Women’s Room Inside Friends in Deed

Madeline Mark Memorial Award

Over the past 4 months, the PJTC Sisterhood has taken on the joyous task of preparing a hot meal for roughly 30+ homeless and food insecure women at the Women's Room Inside Friends in Deed (our local food shelter). Friends in Deed has been operating for 120 years in Pasadena as a church-based collaborative aimed towards tackling issues surrounding poverty and hunger. (http://www.ecpac.net/who_we_are.html)  Recently, the director, Rev. Donna Byrns, reached out to Rabbi Levine Grater and to our Sisterhood to discuss the opportunity to help Friends in Deed become a true interfaith initiative. We are now the first synagogue and Jewish community to be included in their efforts. Hooray for PJTC and Tikkun Olam! Although the personal fulfillment I gain from helping in the Women's Room is immeasurable, I have come to realize that the work involved is not for one person alone. I encourage anyone who has a desire for Tikkun Olam, to email or call me for more information about ways in which you might be able to help. I could use additional cooks (heating prepared food in ovens), shoppers and help with delivering the meals. If you would like to sign up for a month with a friend or would like to help me, I'd be most appreciative! If the physical task of shopping and/ or preparing food just doesn't fit into your hectic schedules, I am ALWAYS pleased and grateful to accept donations to help offset the costs of feeding 30+ women! I am super excited about what we are doing; women helping women! Please join me in this mitzvah! Please email me with any questions or to sign up to help! lindsaywetmore@gmail.com

PJTC is pleased to announce the third annual Madeline Mark Memorial Award. This honor is awarded annually to the post-b’nai mitzvah student (ages 14-18), who most exemplifies the value of longtime PJTC member, Madeline Mark. She was deeply involved in encouraging youth to find their highest expression of growth, motivation, and unique achievement. To honor Madeline’s memory, PJTC encourages its youth to develop in the positive direction that meant so much to her. Post-b’nai mitzvah students who are engaged in volunteer activities (such as the journey through his/her mitzvah project), at the Louis B. Silver Religious School, at their own public or private school, or through their own individual initiative, are invited to write an essay of approximately 1,000 words. This essay should briefly describe the project, and focus primarily on the personal realizations achieved in doing the project. The student whose essay is deemed to best represent the values of reflection, growth, and positive change will be awarded a grant of $250, and that student’s name will be added to the Madeline Mark Memorial Honor Plaque to be prominently displayed at PJTC. All essays will be published online on the PJTC website, and the winning essay will be published in the FLAME. The award is open to PJTC members only. The MMMA Committee invites and encourages all post-b’nai mitzvah students to submit their essays by March 31, 2015. The award will be recognized and presented at the final Friday night service of the Louis B. Silver Religious School year. For more information, please contact Ruth Several, MMMA Committee Chair, via email at rseveral@sbcglobal.net.

by Lindsay Wetmore-Arkader, Sisterhood Chair of Tikkun Olam

by Ruth Several, Chair, MMA Committee


Congregational Meeting Pasadena Jewish Temple and Center will hold its annual Congregational Meeting and Election of 2015-2016 Board of Directors and Officers with a special presentation from the Strategic Planning committee

In this 3-part series, Rabbi Grater will explore some of the highlights of the new Machzor, “Lev Shalem”, that PJTC is welcoming to our High Holy Day services for 5776/2015. Focusing on the major themes of the Holy Days, we will look at some of the ways this prayer book will enhance our experience, explore some of the creave translaons, and highlight some of the fantasc commentary that makes “Lev

Sunday, February 22 10:15 AM Galpert Sanctuary The FLAME

Shalem” so wonderful. Be inspired to dedicate books in honor of the ones you love!

Wednesday, February 11 ane Wann a,     Please RSVP to Debi at debra@pjtc.net or call the office. 5

February 2015

Yahrzeits for February (announced Fri/Sat preceding the date) Shevat 12

February 01, 2015

Carole Clines Marie Kelley Anne Muriel Kollin Mark Schaefer Nathan Shenfeld Gertrude White Janet Wingis Shevat 13

Shevat 20

Shevat 21

February 02, 2015 February 03, 2015

Estelle S. Alper Isidor Goldman Eleanor Levy Max Maniloff Goldie Paul Esther Rosefield Frieda Rosner Esther Schneider Shevat 15

Shevat 16

Shevat 19

Shevat 24

Shevat 29

Shevat 25

February 11, 2015

Shevat 30

Adar 1

February 12, 2015

Adar 2

February 08, 2015

Arnold Brodie Saul Fuhrman Sidney Lipow Celina Zlotnicki

Adar 5

February 14, 2015

Adar 3

February 19, 2015 Adar 6

February 16, 2015

Edgar Cott Louis Greenhouse Jack Shapiro Ida Silberberg Jacob Silverstein

February 25, 2015

Morton Fuchs Seymour Bernard Kokis Leo Litt Linda Ludwin Henrietta Miller Ada Moss

February 20, 2015

Adar 7

February 26, 2015

Irene Entner Allen Hartford Isadore Jackson Hyman Lampert Paul Mandel Herman Siegel Ruth Siegel Harry Steingold Max Taus Peter Vogel Sidney Weinberg

February 21, 2015

Adar 8

February 27, 2015

Joseph Blitz Rebecca Burston Hyman Dreitzer Jean Orloff Max Schneider David Splaver

February 22, 2015

Noha Applebaum George Blacher Miriam Dajes Milton Friedman Sam Lash Laszlo Lengyel Bertha Michaels Philip Vego Harris Ziff

February 15, 2015

February 24, 2015

Edith Arnow Fannie Chesler Florence Fox Anna Miller Bertha Steinholz Theodore Tarnove Shiraga Tenenbaum Morris Weinstein

Joseph Gertz Seymour Gottlieb Mary Herczog Bruno Loeb Anna Rubin Irvin Ryder Sarah Sokal Anna Spielberg Bonnie Winter

Arthur Drelich Mollie Gordon William Phillips Shevat 27

February 18, 2015

Galina Gershengoren Samuel Groman Marshall Katz Albert Priester Clara Sobin Marianne Wolman

February 13, 2015

February 23, 2015

Trudy Coca Natasha Feuer Estelle Goldby Israel Greenfield Irving Gruman Leah Kalman Pearl Kirschen Simon Levy Al Socher

Lena Bayer Anna Bowman Jack Broudy Jeanette Rotter

Edward Fentin Belle Kramer Jim Mallinger Ethel Sherman Max Stone Shevat 26

Adar 4

John Beskin Ilya Eizenberg Mannes Glickman Bernice Gurtoff Esther Quint Rebecca Silverstein Mary Sloan Abe Sonies Irma Ungar

Mildred Kasdin Bessie Miller Mina Schleimer Eve Teitelbaum Jeanette Wolfe

February 07, 2015

Lillian Burmeter Lillian Chason Bertha Ehrenreich Bruce Fuhrman Sofia Odessky Alex Zekley Edward Zysman Frances Zysman

February 10, 2015

Seymour Bienenfeld Natan Gierowitz Max Rosenberg Israel Scharf

February 06, 2015

Herbert Barg Dennis Levy Mary Nadel Regina Sarvas Eliezer Shumer Shevat 18

Shevat 23

February 17, 2015

Shirley Cohen Esther Dreitzer Lucille Gold Robert Hoffman Barbara McGrath Dorothy Steinberg

Jack Farbstein Theodore Fox Milton Grushkin Ruth Gulkis Frances Kelley Sylvia Rothenberg

February 05, 2015

Marilyn Boesch Ruth Mark Ralph Rosefield Ben Segall Daisy Siegel Shevat 17

Shevat 22

February 04, 2015

Meyer Cohen Marcia Elsner Norman Gertz Helen Jacobson Alec Schaffer

Shevat 28

Isidor Alper Max Farbman Selma Kruger Rose Levy Martha Liebman James Meng Edward Messerman James O'Dell Julia Pettigrew Ben Rosner

Laura Marcus Shevat 14

February 09, 2015

Carmela Mascoli Samuel Rosenzweig Eva Schafler Maurice Weinreb

Adar 9

February 28, 2015

Arpie Balekjian Leonard Rotter Rose Sackeroff Norman Shrifter

 

Rock-a-Bye Baby


Mazel tov to grandparents Felicity and Jonni Swerdlow on the birth of grandchild #3. Grandson Yahli was born to Itai and Shira Swerdlow on December 25 on Kibbutz Tzeilim in Israel.

 




February 2015

January Donations General Fund

Yahrzeit Donations to General Fund Donated by: Jordan & Judy Ellis Giovanna Fradkin Ricki Lane Ricki Lane Anita Landau Alice Shulman Roberta Braun Lauren Frankel Molly Wolveck Rachel Goodman Rachel Goodman Semyon Tsarovsky Bella Tsarovsky Robert Weiner Jessica Weiner Roza Kuppermann Edna Cott Edna Cott Linda Elyad Edie Taylor Ruth Judkins Stuart Miller Sue Hogan Shirley Hoffman Bonnie Skolnik Doris Segall Andrea Edwards Ida Unger Judy Fox Ira Blitz Hervey Segall Carolyn Siegal Scott Siegal Sandy Hartford Glenn Gruber Phillip Weise

Marcia & Mel Spira in honor of their grandson, Gabriel Spira’s bar mitzvah Hervey & Doris Segall in memory of Fred Raichlen

Library Fund

June Brodie & Harriet Berkowitz in loving memory of their father, Max Wiskind

Louis B. Silver Religious School

Gigi Rosen and siblings in memory of Robert & Evelyn Rosen

Madeline Mark Memorial Fund

Stuart and Stacy Miller, Diane and Michael Burr, Allen and Karen Gross, Edie Taylor and Ike and Faye Langholz

MAC (Membership Assistance Committee)

Eva Lengyel in memory of her mother, Margit Grotta Lorraine Bernstein in memory of her father, Meyer Cohen

Sisterhood Tributes

To Carol & Eric Mills in honor of the birth of their new grandson, Mason Wesley Mills, from Shirley Hoffman, Arlene & Maury Weiss, and Nancy & Craig Copeland To Roz & Larry Scherr in honor of their double family simchas, Daniel & Amineh’s wedding and the birth of Mira & Tony’s baby, Raquel, from Judy & Phil Callahan, and Evelyn & Ernie Robinson To Ella & Noah Grater in honor of their b’nai mitzvah, from Anita & Jeff Landau, and Arlene & Maury Weiss To Felicity & Jon Swerdlow in honor of the birth of their new grandson, Yahli Swerdlow, from Stacy & Stu Miller, Ruth Kaye, Kathy Kobayashi & Hal Barron, Carol & Eric Mills, and Anita & Jeff Landau To Alex Arkader in honor of his becoming an American citizen, from Stacy & Stu Miller To Zehava Eckstein-Sweet, wishing her a speedy recovery and return to good health, Anita & Jeff Landau, Kathy Kobayashi & Hal Barron, and Ruth Kaye To Kailani Jack, wishing her a speedy recovery and return to good health, from Anita & Jeff Landau To Leslie & Mitch Aiken & family in memory of Mitch’s beloved father, Jasper Jonah Aiken, from Nancy & John Carlton, Carolyn & Scott Siegal, Kathy Kobayashi & Hal Barron, Marcia Alper, Nancy & Craig Copeland, Debbie & John Guest, Edie Taylor, and Stacy & Stu Miller To Neil Brown & family in memory of his beloved uncle, Steve Allen, from Nancy & John Carlton, Stacy & Stu Miller, Aty & Howard Rotter, Carol & Eric Mills, Kathy Kobayashi & Hal Barron, Arlene & Maury Weiss, Debbie & John Guest, Marcia Alper, and Linda & Paul Rourman To Bonnie Skolnik & family in memory of her beloved husband, Jeff Skolnik, from Nancy & John Carlton, Stacy & Stu Miller, Aty & Howard Rotter, Ginny & Ira Blitz, Jan & Josh Pais, Sue Galpert, Carol & Eric Mills, Judy & Phil Callahan, Kathy Kobayashi & Hal Barron, Ruth Kaye, Marcia Alper, Edie Taylor, and Evelyn & Ernie Robinson To Marlene Reichenbach & family in memory of her beloved son, Steven Reichenbach, from Marcia Alper To Ellen Dinerman & family in memory of her beloved husband, Harvey Goldman, from Stacy & Stu Miller, Linda Rourman, Mary Ann & Mickey Bernath, and Kathy Kobayashi & Hal Barron

In Memory Of: Son, Jonathan Ellis Father, Maurice Russo Father, David Schaffer Brother, Alec Schaffer Sister, Diana Frey Husband, Tom Shulman Father, Milton Goldberg Mother, Muriel Frankel Mother, Esther Sokoloff Husband, Julius Goodman Mother, Ginda Resnick Mother, Dvosya Mintskovsky Mother & Father, Hana & Ilya Eizenberg Brother, Steve Weiner Father, Ed Paioff Father, David Davidson Sister, Beatrice Yorke Father, Joseph Goldberg Mother, Jeanne Steingold Sister-in-Law, Kate Sherman Father, Julius Spielberg Uncle, Marshall Meyer Miller Father, Samuel Alt Sister, Sylvia Ashkenas Mother, Tillie Kaplan Father, Isidor Zwirn Husband, Rod Edwards Mother, Rose Unger Mother-in-law, Eva Fox Grandmother, Rose Weprinsky Father, Ben Segall Grandmother, Lorraine Meltsner Mother, Barbara Siegal Father, Robert Gortman Father, Joseph Gruber Father, Hyman Weise

Sisterhood Shabbat

Saturday, March 7 at 9:30 AM in the Social Hall

Franci and I would like to thank the entire PJTC community for all the support, love and generosity you shared with our children Ella and Noah for their B'nai Mitzvah. We are most grateful! It was a beautiful and memorable shabbat and we are glad so many of you joined us. Todah! Rabbi Joshua

All are welcome to join Shabbat services in the round led by Sisterhood members, accompanied by Cantor Ruth Harris and guitarist Duvid Swirsky. Festive Kiddush luncheon to be hosted by Sisterhood.



February 2015

Bar Mitzvah

February Birthdays February 1 ............. Karen Gross February 2 ............ Anne Sigoloff James Younessi February 3 ..... Joshua Garroway Samuel Gulkis February 4 ......Suzanne Barston Bella Tsarovsky February 5 ............Elliot Blundell Peter Braun Rebekah DeBoskey Samuel Dickter February 6 ........Helen Auerbach Jennifer Carter Dina Feinberg Noah Golden-Krasner Stacy Knight Alex Ostroff February 7 .............. Lev Asimow Ada Forster Mark Rothenberg February 8 .......Andrea Edwards Sarah Guest Ayden Hartford Rose Svonkin February 9 .......... Clark Linstone February 10 .......... Sasha Fisher Michael Rosenzweig Kathryn Zimmerman February 11 ................Craig Fox Hannah Holland-Moritz Alexander Miric Joy Zwick February 12 ..... Henry Levenson Marcia Spira Valerie Weiss February 13 ............ Justin Okun Beverly Niederman Connie Taus

Talia Colette Goldstein, daughter of Mark and Lisa Goldstein, will be called to the Torah on Saturday, February 21. She has an older brother and sister, Brycen and Shayna, who also had their b’nai mitzvah here at PJTC. Talia has been dancing since the age of three and loves being on her competitive dance team. She also enjoys playing on her school's basketball team and participationg in her Girl Scout troop.  In keeping with her passion for dance, Talia spends a lot of time helping her dance teacher instruct dance for disabled children. She has been doing this for the past two years and will continue to do so. Each experience with these children has been inspirational and Talia says that when she sees their smiles, it makes her day so much brighter!

Safety and Security

At our events and services, kids are great but remember our staff has a lot on its plate. Keeping children safe is an important thing to do but parents and grandparents, it’s up to YOU!

Thanks to Our January Volunteers PJTC offers our members a variety of ways to be of service to the Temple. Those who are able to give of their time are vital to sustaining our community. To host an Oneg, call Arlene Weiss. To host a Kiddush, call Roz Scherr. Jan. 2/3 Jan. 9/10 Jan. 16/17 Jan. 23/24 Jan, 30/31

Oneg & Kiddush Hosts

Oneg hosted by Sisterhood Kiddush hosted by the Rosen family in memory of their mother Evelyn Glick Rosen Oneg hosted by Sisterhood Kiddush hosted by the Shabbes Minyan Group Oneg hosted by Sisterhood Kiddush hosted by the Shabbes Minyan Group Oneg and Kiddush hosted by Haley and Marc Karish in honor of their son Michael's bar mitzvah Oneg hosted by Sisterhood Kiddush hosted by the Shabbes Minyan Group

and Anniversaries Eric and Carol Mills .................................................................... 2/1/1981 David and Bobbi Sloan ............................................................... 2/7/1987

Herbert and Zina Phillips ...........................#65................... 2/12/1950

Robert Abad and Monica Mitrani .............................................. 2/14/2004 Neil Weinberger and Kathleen Copus ...................................... 2/16/2003 Jason and Erin Manacker . ....................................................... 2/22/2004 Kirk Brattkus and Erica Fishman .............................................. 2/25/1997 Lenny and Suzy Dalrymple ...................................................... 2/28/1998 Robert and Anna Bruck ............................................................ 2/29/2004


Mickey Butnik Sondra Dreshner Jacob Levy Roz Scherr Rabbi Joshua Levine Grater Erich Schlect

Wedding Bells

Torah, & Haftorah Readers

Mark Chodos Darrell Cozen Noah Golden-Krasner Ofer Ho Ethan Sharp Abby Schlecht Ruth Several Ryna Aviram Sue Galpert Ruth Kaye Roz Scherr


February 15 .... Benjamin Aledort Susan Auerbach John Carlton Alexandrea B. Douglas Jenna Mittman February 16 ......Anat Bar-Chaim February 17 ...... Barbara Hooker Julie Jack February 18 ......... Melvin Cohen Nathan Lam Bryce Weinberger Charlie Weinberger February 19 .......... Phil Callahan Neil Weinberger February 20 ......... Don Diamond Ronnie Kershner Jeffrey Landau Bruce Linden Thomas Rosenbaum February 21 ... Benjamin Spiegel February 22 ............... Ava Fogel Kai Lam February 23 .............. Judith Ellis Brandon Mittman Melvyn Spira February 24 .......... Candice Earll Robert Jacobs Joshua Levy Gary Schwarz February 25 ......... Steven Balian Jennifer Factor Connie Friedman Elizabeth Kahn Otto Kahn Sasha Monterroso February 26 ..... Lowell Bernstein Cara Failer Franci Levine Grater Jason Manacker February 28 ...... Carmela Tornek

Sondra Dreshner Michael Karish Erich Schlecht

To Lee and Mickey Segal on the marriage of their son Matthew to Aliana Jimenez on January 24. The young couple are living in our local LA area.

Office Volunteers

Ginny Blitz Judy Ellis Jerry Halpert Michelle Kandel Marlene Reichenbach George Roegler Edie Taylor Arlene Weiss


February 2015

You are invited to the

2015 Annual Women’s Forum “Women Who Make A Difference”

Celebrate the Special Women of our Jewish Community

Saturday, February 28 Social Hall 9:30 AM - Schmooze, Nosh and Schnapps 9:50 AM Service


Pasadena Jewish Temple & Center will be honoring

Sondra Dreshner

Chanting Longer periods of silence in between prayers Selected liturgy ~ Three Torah Aliyot Clergy joined by Justin Stein Extended Torah discussion


Tuesday, March 24, 2015 9:15 am Doubletree Hotel, Monrovia

Keynote Speaker – Rachel Cohen Gerrol Rachel Cohen Gerrol was raised in an interfaith family and never identified as Jewish until she participated in the inaugural Birthright Israel trip in 2000. She will share her personal journey to Judaism. Her Birthright trip challenged her to reexamine every aspect of her life, from her religious and spiritual identity to her role as sister, daughter and citizen of the world. Since 2000, she has dedicated herself to creating inclusive and welcoming programs that engage millennial Jews in creative ways. Rachel has also been trained by the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs to be advocate for Israel and serves on the Women’s Advisory Board of the Jewish Outreach Institute.

~ Tributes ~

Do You Need a Ride to PJTC for Services or Other Events?

Congratulate a Women’s Forum Honoree in the event program with a single line tribute @ $18 or more.

Our PJTC Men's Club has graciously offered to try to help congregants who need rides to services and other events at the Temple. While they can't promise that every request will be fulfilled, they would like to start by finding out who needs transportation, and when. If you – or someone you know – would miss out on attending a service or a program at PJTC because of lack of transportation, please contact Claire Gorfinkel, our Caring Community Coordinator, via email at cgorfinkel@earthlink.net or by leaving a message for her at the Temple office.

We are pleased to announce that this year our keynote speaker will be Jeannie Opdyke Smith. Jeannie will share the inspirational story of her mother, internationally recognized Polish rescuer Irene Gut OpDyke. Her story illuminates the fact “One person can make a difference”. The Israeli Holocaust Commission named Irene one of the Righteous among the Nation; a title given to those who risked their lives by aiding and saving Jews during the Holocaust.

Deadline: March 9

For more information, please contact Marilyn Weintraub at (626) 445-0810, x 304 or mweintraub@jewishsgpv.org Sponsored by the Jewish Federation of the Greater San Gabriel & Pomona Valleys

PJTC Presents the first in an occasional series: A Comet Releases Water Who would have known? Monday, February 9 2:00 — 4:00 PM Dr. Gulkis will speak about the Rosetta mission and his fascinating work.

Documentary Discussion Group Thursday, February 19 7:00 PM, Wohlmann Hall Sholem Aleichem We offer an opportunity for you to view interesting and thought-provoking Jewish-themed documentary films and to share views and ideas with others. The movie for February is Sholem Aleichem. Discover the man behind the musical Fiddler on the Roof in this biography of Sholem Aleichem. Vintage photographs, film clips and interviews with historians reveal Aleichem's world and how he parlayed turmoil into a new Jewish cultural identity We are pleased to see the number of attendees growing. Won’t you join us for the film and the interesting discussion following? For more information, contact Jerry Halpert at ghalpert@flash.net. The FLAME

Our congregant, Dr. Sam Gulkis, is a Radio Astronomer and Space Physicist at JPL and the Principal Investigator of MIRO (Microwave Instrument for the Rosetta Orbiter), a scientific instrument on the European Space Agency Rosetta spacecraft. Rosetta is the first spacecraft to to orbit a comet, and the first to deploy a lander to its surface. MIRO is one of three scientific instruments from the US participating in this international collaboration.


February 2015

Inscribe Us For Life

We invite you, for a minimum donation of $100, to dedicate one mahzor in any name you choose and your dedication will be reflected in a beautiful bookplate. As this is our only significant fundraiser of the year, it is our sincere hope that each family will join with us to donate a minimum of $200 to the “Inscribe Us For Life” campaign, which would allow you to dedicate two books in the name of your family members or other honorees. Please fill in the form below and return to PJTC.

Inscribe Us For Life I/We would like to dedicate ______ mahzorim @ $100 each = $_______to the "Inscribe Us for Life" Fundraiser. Each book I dedicate will contain a bookplate with my/our family name. I/We would like to be a sponsor for this fundraiser at the following level: $5000-$10,000 Level $30,000 Level

Listed on Sponsor Bookplate in all mahzorim $15,000 Level Name on Special Back Page Bookplate in half of the mahzorim

Please bill my PJTC account in the amount of $_________________.

Check enclosed. Please make checks payable to PJTC.

Name on Special Front Page Bookplate in all mahzorim

Name (as you would like it to appear)_______________________________________ Phone number____________________Email_________________________________ Please note: The deadline to dedicated your mahzorim is March 15, 2015. Please print your dedication below. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________.

Family Kabbalat Shabbat Service 6:30 PM Social Hall

des For gra d n K-2nd a their families

Looking for that Perfect Kindergarten? Why just take a tour when you can see Weizmann Day School Kindergarten in action? Meet our faculty and staff, explore our classrooms and watch our students learn!

Service will

Join us for A Taste of Kindergarten on: Wednesday, February 11


or Wednesday, March 11 at 9:30-10:30 am. (Infants welcome on the tour.)

• Lots of Singing

To reserve your spot, please call (626) 797-0204 or email office@weizmann.net

• Ask the Rabbi

Please join us

• Torah Portion Skit

Weizmann Day School is a co-educational, community K-8 Jewish school in Pasadena. We offer small class sizes and differentiated instruction and welcome students and families from an array of Jewish, interfaith and diverse backgrounds.


Friday February 13

• Ice Cream 10

February 2015

PJTC Book Club by Liz Green, Committee Chair Please join us for a stimulating discussion of our February book selection and bring your suggestions for future readings. All PJTC members are most welcome! The PJTC Book Club will be meeting at 7:30 PM on Thursday, February 12  to discuss The Gifts of the Jews: How a Tribe of Desert Nomads Changed the Way Everyone Thinks and Feels, by Thomas Cahill, 1999. Cahill recreates a time when the actions of a small band of people had repercussions that are still felt today. The Gifts of the Jews reveals the critical change that made western civilization possible — a new conception of men and women as individuals with unique destinies—a conception that would inform the Declaration of Independence and our hopeful belief in progress and the sense that tomorrow can be better than today. As Thomas Cahill narrates this momentous shift, he also explains the real significance of such Biblical figures as Abraham and Sarah, Moses and Pharaoh, Joshua, Isaiah and Jeremiah. Location to be announced. On March 12 we will be reading Cathedral, a short story written by American writer and poet Raymond Carver. It is the title story of a collection published in 1983. Books are available at Vroman's at a 20% discount. We are listed as PJTC Book Club.

Interfaith Study Group

by Cecilia Fox, PJTC’s ISG representative

The Interfaith Study Group was founded in 2007 by members of Pasadena Jewish Temple, All Saints Episcopal Church, Pasadena, and Islamic Center of So. Calif., L.A. We meet monthly, rotating venues, and learn from each other respectfully in a congenial environment. The one-hour meeting is followed by a vegetarian potluck (beverages, paper goods, silverware provided), then a discussion period. Sunday, February 8, 5:00-7:00 PM, at Pasadena Jewish Temple. Rev. Donna Byrns, Administrator, Friends in Deed, Pasadena, will speak on “The Interfaith History of Friends in Deed” and the organization’s outreach work. Sunday, March 8, 5:00-7:00 PM, at Islamic Center of So. Calif., 434 S. Vermont Ave., L.A. Video conversation (taped 11/14) “A Multi-Faith Future” with American Muslim Eboo Patel, Ph.D., author, founding Director, Interfaith Youth Core, Chicago; Ed Bacon, Rector, All Saints; Steve Wiebe, Ph.D., Executive Director, New Visions, co-founder Abrahamic Faiths Peace Initiative. Discussion follows. Carpool at All Saints parking lot 4:15 PM. For further information, or to be on our email list, contact Norma Sigmund at 626 583 2734, email NSigmund@ allsaints_pas.org, or contact Cecilia Fox, c/o PJTC office (626) 798-1161.

ENGAGING ISRAEL: FOUNDATIONS FOR A NEW RELATIONSHIP A Shalom Hartman Institute Video Lecture Series The Adult Education and Israel Committee are Classes are held in pleased to bring this nine-video lecture series to the PJTC community. Please join us for video lectures Wohlmann Hall on featuring Rabbi Donniel Hartman, text study, and the following lively group discussions as we explore the Jewish Wednesdays, values and ideas at the foundation of our relationship with Israel. 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM: What are the benefits of Jewish sovereignty? How should a Jewish state exercise military power ethically? How do we create and maintain a Jewish democracy? Why should American Jews care about Israel? What values should a Jewish state embody? What can Israel offer the world?

10/22/2014 11/5/2014 11/19/2014

The lecture series, led by Rabbi Joshua Levine Grater provides relevant, contemporary approaches to the most urgent challenges facing the Jewish people today. Each video can stand by itself as a wonderful learning experience. One need not attend all nine to benefit.


Please RSVP to Debi Bunting, Clergy Assistant by email at debra@pjtc.net or by calling the PJTC office at 626.798.1161.


2/25/2015 3/18/2015 4/1/2015 5/6/2015

1434 N. Altadena Dr. Pasadena, CA 91107 Tel. 626.798.1161 www.pjtc.net The FLAME


February 2015

Pasadena Jewish Temple and Center

From the Eugene and Marilyn Fingerhut Memorial History Project by Michael Several, Project Chair

Continuation of series on the original Sisterhood musicals On the evening of May 23, 1970, Mission Improbable, the second Sisterhood-sponsored original musical, had its onenight stand. Like Pharshimetle Fairy Tales, the Sisterhood’s first musical, performed two years earlier, it involved the entire community, gave life to the concept of the temple as a community center where Jews could meet, learn, and reaffirm their Jewish identity, and merged popular Jewish and American cultures by combining popular American music with original lyrics sprinkled with Yiddish words and phrases. The show opened with Benjamin Taylor, an astronaut from 1970, landing in the Lower East Side in 1932 after getting lost in time and space. The Goldblatt family invites him to dinner in the hope that he will fall in love with their intelligent young daughter, Mildred. Their plan works, Ben and Mildred fall in love as the show traces their courtship through the neighborhood of iconic characters, and ends at the couple’s engagement party. Placing the action in what the women who wrote the script may have considered the old country – the Lower East Side of New York City – they open the show with a chorus to the music of “Consider Yourself at Home,” from the Broadway musical Oliver, their gratitude in being in America and relief they are no longer living in the real old country – Eastern Europe – with its pogroms, wretchedness, poverty, and stultifying shtetl culture:

Sunday, March 8 11:00 AM

There will be something for everyone – all ages welcome! The entire PJTC community is invited to come and join in the fun. Put on your costume and party like Mordechai!

It’nineteen and thirty two. How happy we are here on Delancy Street. We’re living a life so new. We’re free to admit we were born a Jew.

For more information call (626) 798-1161

Tot Shabbat Service

We came here from Omsk and Tomsk. We came here from towns, shtetles and villages, How happy we were to arrive. We thrive on just being here alive.

February 6 6:45 PM Knell Chapel

Though we pay awful rents for ten-e-ments and crowded flats, No hot water flats – Who cares! Though we’re still so poor that we don’t know how we can live Still there’s freedom in the air.

Come for an evening of togetherness, song and prayer!

We wouldn’t go back to Minsk, We wouldn’t go back to Pinsk.

Join Judy Callahan, Director of B’nai Simcha Preschool for a half-hour Shabbat experience filled with music and movement for families with children age seven and under.

Rosh Chodesh elebration 5775

Sunday Afternoon 1:30 to 4:00 PM February 22

Sisterhood welcomes the month of Adar at PJTC The FLAME


We’ll learn to speak good English like our children do, We’re going to be Yenkees too. We left the pogroms behind. The Cossacks can find somebody else to kill. We wouldn’t protect the Czar. We’ll stay here voting for F-D-R. We know there’s no easy life. We’ve learned that it’s no Goldene Medinah here. Depression is hard to kick. A sweatshop is nobody’s favorite shtick.

Written at a time of declining anti-Semitism, increasing entry of Jews into the middle class, a growing assertion of racial and ethnic identities arising from the Civil Rights movement, and a new-found confidence in the American Jewish community after the 1967 Six Day War, the opening number ends by the chorus boldly proclaiming that Jews will break a long-held taboo against Jews voting as Jews and instead vote for candidates promoting Jewish interests. But we hear that happy days will soon be here again Shirley Temple says it’s true. And if Roosevelt don’t give us what he promises, We’ll show what Jewish power can do. More stories to come in future FLAMES.

Personal Connections, Social Networking and the Divine A special afternoon co-sponsored by Sisterhood Rosh Chodesh and Day of Study Questions & RSVP to Kathy Kobayashi sisterhood@pjtc.net. 12

February 2015

Coffee • Sandwiches • Pastries

New Menu Items

Extended Hours

1359 North Altadena Dr.

Mon. - Fri. • 6:00 PM) - 8:00 PM Sat. • 7:00 am - 5:30 PM After Hour Rentals

(at Washington Blvd.) (626) 398-8654

– A friend to PJTC –

We thank you for supporting our advertisers

Pasadena Jewelers Serving San Gabriel Valley Since 1988

• Jewelry and Watch Repair • Special Orders • Diamond Settings • Engraving

— A friend of PJTC members —

1864 E. Washington Boulevard • Pasadena, CA 91104 in the Washington Mini-mall at the corner of Allen and Washington.

The Judaica Shop crew (with recycling always on their minds) needs your nice handled shopping bags. Any and all sizes would be appreciated. While you're dropping off your bags, check out our great Purim display. Make 2015 your year to dress up and make noise. We have great costume hats and masks and fabulous groggers from around the world. Oh, and the Queen Esther puppets are a must see…and a must buy! Happy Pur im! PJTC wi l l have its celebration on Wednesday night, March 4.

(626) 798-4403 www.pasadenajewelers.com

painting and wallpapering E L L I O T T

S C L #5875 4 9

Start and end with your Holiday shopping at YOUR gift shop. The FLAME


62 6 • 398 • 9 9 2 8

– Temple Member –


February 2015

President article continued from page 1

was well worth the wait. Becky brings an amazing energy and intellect, a profound love of Judaism and education, and great creativity to LBSRS. He has been a wonderful addition to the school and our PJTC staff, and I look forward to many years of outstanding service towards our youth and community. I am also extremely excited by the addition of Melissa Levy as our Youth Director this year. With a tremendous amount of effort and imaginative programming, she has quickly transformed our small youth program into a spectacularly successful enterprise. At last count we have more than 60 members in our Senior USY and Kadima groups. Their schedule of activities and programs is quite impressive. At a time when many synagogues are struggling to get youth and young families involved, it is phenomenal that PJTC has a thriving youth and school environment. We should all be very proud of this! The assets and strengths of PJTC cannot be based solely on our programs and opportunities for youth. Our new Festival Committee has started its mission to enrich our festival experiences at PJTC. Plans are well on their way for Tu b’Shvat and Purim. I am optimistic that this committee will succeed in helping our clergy and staff reenergize this facet of our programming for all. The new Gift Membership Program has allowed seventy-two new family units to experience the benefits of PJTC membership. Our Membership Committee has been incredibly busy involving this cohort at the temple. They have been sponsoring events almost monthly, and attendance has been impressive. We are hopeful that this exciting new program will bring many new members to our PJTC ranks. I am also thrilled that Cantor Harris will soon be starting a Sulam for Emerging Leaders Program at PJTC. This program, sponsored by the USCJ, provides leadership training and orientation to prospective new young leaders at PJTC. I am extremely proud of these new initiatives, all with tremendous potential. I look forward to continued progress and success in the coming years. Being PJTC President has been an immensely gratifying experience, as well as a huge responsibility. And yes, I am glad to give up the responsibility after two years. However, it will be sad to give up the support and love I have experienced from the congregation ... and, of course, also the PJTC President’s parking spot! I continue to have great hope for the future of our synagogue, and I plan to continue as an active member and strong supporter of PJTC. All the best, Jon.

Factory Trained Technicians

(626)792-5879 (800) 300-2532 3230 E. Colorado Blvd. (Between San Gabriel and Rosemead)

Rourman Tallitot

Beautiful Hand Embroidered Custom Tallitot made to order

Pashmina style tallesim as low as $100.00

Click to return to page 1 — Contact for Donations —

Custom Judaica • Mazel Tov bags

• Chuppahs • Challah covers • Matzoh covers and more. Call Linda Rourman (626) 447-7252 LKR_48@yahoo.com www.Rourmantallitot.com

-Temple MemberThe FLAME

Donate to Temple Projects & Funds Order a Memorial Plaque Freeman Passover Fund Order Leaf/Stone on Tree of Life.... Temple Office (626) 798-1161 Shabbat b'Lev Music Fund ....................................... Cantor Ruth MAC Committee............................................................. Aty Rotter PJTC Oral History Project....................................Michael Several Simcha & Memorial Tablecloths............................. Paula Waluch Sisterhood's Lena Berman Tribute Fund................... Roz Scherr Dedicate a Prayer Book....................................... Sheila Padlipsky Large Print Sim Shalom..................................................Roz Scherr Rabbi Galpert Memorial Fund......................................... Jan Pais Shirley Hoffman L.B. Silver Religious School........................................... Jan Pais Torah Fund Donations................................................Bobbi Sloan Judaica Shop................................................................Stacy Miller Sisterhood Kitchen Fund.....................................Nancy Copeland Women's Retreat Fund..........................................Nancy Copeland Madeline Mark Memorial Fund....................................Ruth Several 14

February 2015

To view the February FLAME calendar, please click Here

1434 N. Altadena Drive • Pasadena, CA 91107

Dining Out? Join Nite On The Town

Get Great Savings At Local Restaurants And help support the Pasadena Jewish Temple & Center Sisterhood Yours For Only $25 It’s Easy To Use: • For dinner visit each restaurant up to three times. On each visit with a party of two, your lowest priced entrée is free or substantially reduced in price. With a party of four or more your discount is increased substantially, sometimes even doubled. • Your membership is valid for dinner any evening thru December 30, 2015 • Your membership is valid for unlimited lunch visits at certain restaurants indicated in your directory. See directory for details. • Just include your Nite On The Town Card when paying your check and the restaurant will take care of the rest.

Participating Restaurants 2015

Pasadena: Akbar, Avanti, Beckham Grill, Central Park, El Portal, Go China, Italian Kitchen, La Fiesta Grande, Margarita Jones, Nikki C’s, Oba Sushi, Rice Thai Tapas, Stoney Point, Trattoria Neapolis; South Pasadena: Aro, Carmine’s, La Fiesta Grande, Radhika; Arcadia: The Derby, Matt Denny’s; Monrovia: Cafe Mundial, Chang Thai Bistro, Los Gueros, Opera; Duarte: Villa Italia; Azusa: Tulipano; Montrose: Oceanview Bar & Grill Fill in the form in the lobby and mail along with your check for $25 per membership to: Ruth Kaye, 170 N Grand Ave. # 306, Pasadena CA 91103. Make check payable to: PJTC Sisterhood

We Are Collecting: By Edie Taylor

Used cell phones – LBSRS is collecting, look for their box Printer ink cartridges - bring to Bruce Used eye glasses, clear and sun glasses, also hearing aids - box in Workroom Toiletries from hotels, all sizes box in Workroom - goes to Union Station Plastic bottles - recycled by USY, container in the back of main building. Aluminum cans - also recycled by USY, place in blue barrel in back of building Yarn, 4-ply acrylic, all colors, used to make afghans for Huntington Hospital and County/USC Pediatric Dept. Bring to my attention. Remember the Foothill Unity Center barrels near the entrance to Wohlmann Hall. You may drop in canned go o ds , cl ot h i ng , household items, and anything that they may be able to sell in their Thrift Shop to raise funds for the food bank. These are all mitzvah makers. Everything is recyclable. Call me if you have larger home furnishings. Edie Taylor, (626)-792-1237 or edie@pjtc.net.

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