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28 Kislev - 28 Tevet December 2013

Rabbi Joshua Levine Grater Israel Trip 2014 During my Rosh Hashanah sermon, I spoke about my t i m e i n Israel and how it impacted my family and me. I announced that I would be planning our next synagogue trip to Israel, and people expressed interest. So, now two trips are being planned! The first one is in May, which I understand is short notice, but it was the only time available in 2014. I want to believe that we have at least 20 people who would be able to make the trip if the desire existed. The second trip is in

2015 and will be focused on families with children, although open to others as well. However, I believe that we have at least 20 people who could commit to joining PJTC in the sacred and holy mission of visiting and touring our Jewish homeland this May. To date, we have 7-8 people who have expressed interest. We need 20 to make the trip viable due to costs and group rates that we want to get for everyone. Are you one of those people? Have you never been to Israel? Join us! Have you not been in several years? Join us! Does your schedule allow for you to travel in May? Join us! We will be there for Yom Hazikaron and Yom Ha’atzmaut, Israeli Memorial and Independence Days, an incredible 48 hours of Click here to continue

Temple President Jon Weisz Looking Forward to 2014 It is amazing that we are quickly approaching the end of 2013. As PJTC President, I can state that it has been a memorable and productive year. There have been significant accomplishments; however, there are still s ome remaining and unfinished tasks ahead. We are now at an especially important time of the year for our synagogue. In the next few months we will be assembling the slate of nominees for the 2014/2015 PJTC Board of Directors. The process of selecting the Board is a wonderful

opportunity to allow fresh new voices to step up and be heard. Our synagogue has always prided itself on its lay leadership and ability, and we would relish some new and talented individuals desiring to take on an active role. If you are a member in good standing and would like to volunteer on the Board, please contact our Nominating Committee Chair, Jeff Landau, via the PJTC office. If you want to participate at PJTC but maybe on a lesser scale, please consider joining one of our many committees, Sisterhood or Men’s Club. I invite you Click here to continue

Services Minyan Services are held every Sunday in Knell Chapel, beginning at 9:00 AM. December 6/7

Parashat: Vayiggash

Whitman Dinner 6:00 PM Social Hall Shabbat Service 7:30 PM Galpert Sanctuary Oneg hosted by Men’s Club Sat. Service 9:00 AM Knell Chapel Kiddush hosted by Shabbes Minyan Group December 13/14

Parashat: Vayhi

Hei Class will Lead Services Shabbat Service 7:30 PM Galpert Sanctuary Oneg hosted by Hei Class Parents Sat. Service 9:00 AM Knell Chapel Kiddush hosted by Nancy and John Carlton and Linda and Elliott Mazur December 20/21

Parashat: Shemot

Sophie Dalrymple Bat Mitzvah Family Shabbat Service 7:30 PM Galpert Sanctuary Sat. Service 9:00 AM Galpert Samctuary Oneg and Kiddush hosted by Suzy and Lenny Dalrymple December 27/28

Parashat: Va’era

Shabbat Service 7:30 PM Galpert Sanctuary Oneg hosted by Sisterhood Sat. Service 9:00 AM Knell Chapel Kiddush hosted by Shabbes Minyan Group

Whitman Dinner

Friday December 6 6:00 PM Social Hall RSVP to the temple office by December 2.

1434 N. Altadena Drive • Pasadena CA 91107 (626) 798-1161

Staff and Officers Pasadena Jewish Temple and Center 1434 N. Altadena Drive Pasadena, California 91107 (626) 798-1161 • (626) 798-8410 (Fax)

– PJTC Clergy and Staff – Joshua Levine Grater – Rabbi Gilbert Kollin – Rabbi Emeritus Ruth Berman Harris – Cantor Sondra Dreshner - Gabbai Eitan Trabin – Executive Director Debby Singer – Education Director Eitan Lowenstein – Religious School Assistant Bruce Applebaum – Operations Manager Zachary Madick – Youth Director Jane Hirschkowitz – Assistant to the Rabbi Marian Rosen – Bookkeeper Robert Brown – Facilities Manager

– PJTC Officers – President – Jonathon Weisz Secretary – Bob Levinson Treasurer – Mickey Bernath Exec. VP Management – Faith Segal Exec. VP Programs – Jeff Landau VP Administration – Noah Golden-Krasner VP Adult Programs – Felicity Swerdlow VP Youth Programs – Roberta Tragarz VP Finance – Sandy Hartford VP Membership – Andrea Edwards VP Religious Affairs – Richard Samuelson Planning Committee Chair – Mickey Segal Sisterhood President – Carolyn Siegal Men's Club President – Jerry Halpert

– Board of Directors – Keri Axel, Judy Balian, Judy Callahan, Ricky Calvin, Geoff DeBoskey, Valerie Grover, Stephanie Ivler, Haley Karish, Amy Richardson, Meredith Rose, Ruth Several

Cantor Ruth Berman Harris Involved in a Wonderful Experience Rabbis and cantors deal with life cycle events on a regular basis. We commit ourselves to be with our congregants any time that they need us to share britot milah, b’nai mitzvah, weddings, sicknesses and death. For me, it is the path through which I honor our relationships and become part of each other’s lives. It’s kind of a given. But when a group of adults decides to go beyond the “norm” or what is “expected” from them and chooses to become b’nai mitzvah as adults “off the traditional path,” I applaud them! In the Jewish life cycle, becoming bar or bat mitzvah is a rite of passage that celebrates the adolescent’s formal entrance into the Jewish community. This important event recognizes the developmental readiness of young Jews to begin a more serious and self-determined participation in Jewish communal life. Adult b’nai mitzvah can be an equally significant rite of passage. By taking part in the adult b’nai mitzvah program, they are making a voluntary commitment to gain a deeper understanding of our rich Jewish tradition and to deal with how to continue to integrate Judaism into their lives. As progressive Jews, the ideology of informed choice presents us with a challenge that the adult b’nai mitzvah

program helps us to meet. By delving deeply into study we gain the tools through which to make informed choices about how Judaism will be meaningful in our lives. Our adult b’nai mitzvah class currently has 18 congregants. We have been studying for the past six months and are looking ahead to a wonderful journey that will conclude with a Shabbat service, ceremony and celebration on Saturday, April 25, 2015. These courageous adults are taking a major step together to share an experience that has already become intimate, spiritual, and one of growth. We have been meeting every Tuesday night and have already learned Hebrew. We will continue to learn about traditions, how to lead the congregation in prayer, read from the Torah and Haftarah, and much more. Rabbi Grater is teaching 12 classes on theology and helping us to wrestle with God. It is my hope that we will all come out of this experience enriched, with a better relationship with God, a strong sense of Jewish identity, belonging, and a commitment to be there for each other. Looking forward to a great experience together! Cantor Ruth

–Voting Past Presidents – David Lorin, Brian Mark Matt Ober, Art Taus

– The FLAME Staff – Bruce Applebaum – Layout Edie Taylor, Roz Scherr and Breyne Moskowitz – Editors Karen Hochman Brown – Advisor

Saturday, January 11, 2014

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Pasadena Jewish Temple and Centers 2014 Shabbat Shirah Concert celebrates the uniqueness of Argentina. This year's sensational score will reflect the many styles of Argentinean music including: tangos, zambas, milongas and carnavalitos while also highlighting Jewish influences! Begin the night with a festive wine and food reception, incredible music and a scenic peek into Argentinean life and culture. The evening concludes with a delicious dessert reception sponsored by Sisterhood. 5:30 PM Wine and food reception 7:30 PM Havdallah and Concert 9:00 PM Dessert reception presented by Sisterhood 2

December 2013

Religious School News

Documentary Discussion Group by Breyne Moskowitz

by Debby Singer, Education Director

In Our Own Hands was viewed by about 25 people on November 19, followed by a lively discussion about the British soldiers who broke many of the rules of the British Army to rescue thousands of Jews who survived WWII but had no homeland to return to. Their struggle to convince the British to allow them to form a separate unit under the Magen David flag, their intense training and dedication, and their role as the nucleus of the subsequent Israel Defense Force were inspirational. The documentary included much original WWII black and white footage as well as interviews with several of the surviving soldiers in 1994 at the 50th reunion of the Jewish Brigade Group. All who attended enjoyed the ensuing discussion. You are invited to join us on Thursday, December 19, to view The Gatekeepers, which Amazon describes as “an unprecedented, intimate look at the inner sanctum of Israel’s Secret Service.” This documentary is riveting and includes insights from six former heads of Shin Bet, supplemented with rare footage of targeted assassinations and disturbing historical events. It may result in discussions of the effect and morality of the use of violence for security purposes. Highly relevant to citizens of any country grappling with the use of drones, targeted assassination, occupation, or torture, this documentary is very important to us today. The first meeting of the DDG viewed the film Surfwise, about a Jewish doctor turned full-time surfer, who raised his nine children as full-time surfers as well. We will continue to watch documentaries which have Jewish significance, and discuss them afterwards. Future meetings will be on the fourth Thursday of each month. Add to your calendar: Thursday, December 19, 7:30 PM in the Lounge for The Gatekeepers. Coffee and tea provided. Please bring a nosh or drinks to share.

I love our parents. They care about and for their kids. They advocate for their kids. They support programs that involve their kids. They worry, they ask questions, they question the answers, they plan, they provide. Besides their children, I am going to miss most the interaction with our parents. There simply would be no Louis B. Silver Religious School without their continued support and, dare I say, there would be no PJTC without their support. They serve on committees, they attend our functions, they sell and buy bagels, save lives in the parking lot, carpool to field trips, buy gifts for teachers, contribute generously to all of our assorted tikkun olam projects, walk for those who are hungry, walk for those who are oppressed, bake for each other’s simchas, write poetry with their children, attend their Shabbat services, set beautiful Shabbat dinner tables and most important, provide the physical transportation and the emotional support that enable our children to become active members of a community of Jews in the far-flung regions of the San Gabriel Valley. The much-discussed Pew Report is causing understandable angst among the leaders of the Conservative Movement who are worried about its demise. A growing number of Jews do not consider themselves to be religious and are not choosing to affiliate. These are definitely areas which need to be addressed. These troubling results not withstanding, I ask that you pardon me for the oversimplification of the many issues of this report which are being discussed in every segment of Jewish life, and pardon me for trying to spin the results with a less pessimistic view, but what I see here in our Jewish community does not reflect this new norm. What I see are families who, though overwhelmed with all the demands of their daily lives, still put a top priority on their children’s Jewish education and who make time in their lives to participate in this process whenever called upon. Yes, there is plenty of grumbling. No, there is never enough time. But, they are here when we call. The most beautiful of all the facets of this job I am about to leave are the people I have been privileged to meet along this journey of more than thirty years; people whose lives I would never have touched, people whose lives would never have touched me…They are the jewels on the crown of this work I was privileged to do. I found friends and mentors and heroes who have shaped my very existence and I am grateful to all of them, most especially to our parents. Whoever it is that will help shape the LBSRS of the future is fortunate to have this group of people to learn from and to engage with while doing the holy work of teaching our children. With love and thanks, Debby

Do you love to travel? Would you like to visit Argentina and/or Israel? Beautiful and historic places, delicious food, flexible itineraries, and memorable moments await you! Great for families, novice travelers, independent adventurers and those looking to see the treasures of our world through a Jewish lens focused on our history, religion and culture.

PJTC is planning a series of congregational trips to: • Israel with Rabbi Grater: May 4 - 18, 2014 • Argentina with Cantor Ruth: December (winter break) 2014 • Family Trip to Israel December 2015.

Book now. Relax later. And leave all the planning to us!

March 2 How to pick a mother-in-law The FLAME

Are you interested? Please let us know! For more information email Rabbi or Cantor. 3

December 2013

It's Happening with Sisterhood! by Carolyn Siegal

Buy Mah Jongg Cards and Help Sisterhood

Chag Sameach and Happy Hanukkah! What a great November. My living room was packed for acclaimed poet and professor Jenny Factor’s talk on Jewish Women Poets, where she shared insights and favorite selections. Thanks to Susan Auerbach and Kathy Kobayashi for organizing this event. We had a fun and educational evening as evidenced by the photos taken by the ever amazing Stacy Miller (see photos below). Sisterhood was also an active participant in the Federation’s Jewish Book Festival, sponsoring and organizing two dessert receptions. In addition, I was pleased to be able to make Sisterhood’s annual donation to PJTC’s general fund. We were able to contribute $10,000 this year, and that is a direct reflection of the generosity of all of you in supporting Sisterhood. I also want to congratulate Men’s Club on their fundraiser, Nite at the Races. But of course the highlight of this November was our special two-in-one holiday, the opportunity to sit at the table with family and friends and enjoy turkey and latkes all in one meal. Talk about food stupors! I so look forward to both of these holidays, because they bring my far-flung family together, and of course because of all the great food. In December we can look forward to more wonderful programs. Our next Rosh Chodesh, on Thursday, December 5, features the PJTC Sisterhood members and textile artists who created a beautiful series of art newly-installed at PJTC. Carol Mills, Judith Pettigrew, Linda Rourman, Libby Short, and Trudie Strobel will talk about their lovely and meaningful work, entitled “To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven.” This event will be held at the home of Stu and Stacy Miller. On Sunday, December 8, join us for breakfast with author and columnist Patricia Bunin, who will speak on the intriguing topic, “The Women in My Life...Including My Husband.” We may all see George Roegler in a new light after this event! Hope you’ll find time to join us. If you are interested in getting involved with Sisterhood, just call or email me, and I will connect you to the committee chair in your area of interest. We are looking for a new chair for the Showcase House Program; contact Debbie Guest for more info. Carolyn

Order your 2014 Mah Jongg Cards now! All orders must be received prior to February 1, 2014.  Standard card is $8.00 and the large card is $9.00. The new cards are sent out around Passover. Last year’s card sale brought Sisterhood over $150.  If you have friends who buy their cards directly from the National Mah Jongg League, let them know that your nonprofit organization will make $2.00 per card. Every little bit helps.  Send checks to Edeena Gordon at 3930 Altura Avenue, La Crescenta, CA 91214. Thank you!      

Large cards – $8.00 Small cards – $7.00

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Rosh Chodesh elebration 5774

Thursday Evening 7:30 to 9:00 PM We welcome the month of Tevet — December 5

At the home of Stacy Miller Topic- "To Everything There Is a Season: Textile Art for PJTC".

The PJTC Sisterhood members and textile artists who created this new series, Carol Mills, Judith Pettigrew, Linda Rourman, Libby Short and Trudie Strobel, will talk about their lovely and meaningful work, newly installed at PJTC by Sisterhood. The full title of the work is from Ecclesiastes: “To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven."

Questions and RSVP to or to Kathy Kobayashi

Loyalty and commitment...March 2nd The FLAME


December 2013

PJTC's Restaurant Event Corner Bakery Café

Sisterhood’s Rae Goodstein Memorial Torah Fund by Bobbi Sloan, Torah Fund Vice President

PJTC Sisterhood is proud to announce Debbie Guest is this year’s Chay’ay Olam honoree! Debbie Drelich was born and raised in central New Jersey. She attended Oberlin College in Ohio where she majored in Biology/Sociology/Anthropology.  She attended graduate school at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. It was at Oberlin College where she met her future husband, John Guest. They were married in 1981 and lived in New Jersey while commuting to work in New York City. Their first daughter, Sarah, was born in 1985. That same year a job opportunity for John moved the family to California, where they settled in Sierra Madre. Their daughter Rachel was born in 1987. Upon arriving in California, the Guests joined Congregation Shaarei Torah. Both daughters had their b’not mitzvah there, and Debbie was active on the board and in the kitchen on Shabbat. She was VP of the Religious School and worked on bingo and other activities in support of the temple. When her daughters were in elementary school, Debbie began working for the San Marino School District’s Foundation.  There she learned to use a new software program designed for nonprofit fundraising organizations. She soon took that knowledge to Descanso Gardens, where she became the data base manager of their Development Office for the next thirteen years.In 2002, John and Debbie joined PJTC and instantly became active and supportive members. Debbie joined Sisterhood and has held a variety of leadership positions, including Membership VP and Development VP. She created the College Outreach program, which sends care packages to first-time college students of Sisterhood members.  She also co-created the Purim Mishloach Manot program. Debbie has chaired and assisted many projects for Sisterhood. One of her most amazing and talked-about events was Vashti’s Banquet in March 2011. Her many accomplishments were acknowledged at the Federation’s Women Who Make a Difference luncheon, where she was honored by our Sisterhood in 2010. One of her current Sisterhood jobs this year is spearheading the creation of a new cookbook, a major undertaking. Outside of PJTC, Debbie was an active volunteer at Polytechnic School in Pasadena, which her daughters attended since preschool.  She was twice a room parent.  She assisted Rebecca Thompson, founder of the Los Angeles Children’s Chorus and music director at Polytechnic. When the girls were in high school musicals, Debbie (and John) worked on many of the productions. Debbie has been a travel companion for her mother, traveling in both western and eastern Europe.  She has taken on the complex job of renovating her home.  She enjoys the theater and attends synagogue regularly. We are honored to present Debbie with the Chay’ay Olam award which will be held at a luncheon in our social hall on Sunday, March 9, 2014.

Tuesday, December 10 at two locations This is the second of four restaurant events for the year. Many thanks to all who made our first event, at Domenico's, such a success. Corner Bakery Café has generously opened this event for our community at TWO locations for our convenience. The first is 3807 E. Foothill Boulevard in Pasadena, near Michillinda (adjacent to Sears at Hastings Ranch), with ample free parking. The second location is on Lake Avenue in Pasadena, on the west side, adjacent to Macy's, with free parking in the Macy's/Trader Joe's parking structure. Please bring a flier with you to present to your server, and we will receive 15% of the proceeds, which will be equally shared by the Louis B. Silver Religious School and PJTC Sisterhood. NOTE: The flier lists the hours as 3:00 PM to 9:00 PM, but they will honor the flier at ANY time of day, and this restaurant is a first-class choice for lunch, especially if you snag one of the sidewalk tables on Lake. It is a perfect spot for people-watching on a lovely California afternoon. This offer is valid for both dine-in and take-out, but in both cases, the flier must be presented to receive the discount. This offer is not limited to our congregants, so bring your friends, or pick up fliers for them to use on their own. Look for fliers in the PJTC lobby. Contact Debbie Guest with any questions or phone her at the number listed in our directory). Thanks for supporting Sisterhood and the Religious School!

PJTC Babysitter Roster Please contact Stacy Miller if you would like to be added to our Babysitter Roster or if you would like a roster sent to you by email.

Sisterhood Presents

“The Women in My Life….. Including My Husband”

Join us on Sunday, December 8 at 10:15 AM in the Social Hall for a light nosh with featured guest speaker Patricia Bunin. Author, Pasadena Star News columnist, and synagogue member Patricia Bunin will share her thoughts and heartfelt as well as humorous writings focused on women’s relationships and roles as mother, daughter, wife, sister, aunt, grandmother, and friend. RSVP to Nancy Carlton at $5.00 donation recommended. You will have an opportunity to purchase a personalized, autographed book Password: SeniorMoments, by Patricia ($14.95). The book’s short essays are a collection of Patricia’s weekly “Senior Moments” column in the Pasadena Star News and other Southland newspapers. The FLAME


December 2013

From the Eugene and Marilyn Fingerhut Memorial History Project

Interfaith Study Group

by Cecilia Fox, PJTC’s ISG representative

The Interfaith Study Group was founded in 2007 by members of the Pasadena Jewish Temple & Center, All Saints Episcopal Church of Pasadena, and Islamic Center of Southern California, Los Angeles. A congenial group, we meet the second Sunday monthly, rotating locations at each institution. Our purpose is to grow in understanding, to be respectful, and interested in learning from each other. All are welcome! Sunday, December 8, 5:00-7:00 PM, at Islamic Center of So.Calif.,434 South Vermont Ave, L.A. (A carpool will leave from All Saints north parking lot promptly at 4:15 PM.) Jihad Turk will speak on the Bayan Project, Islamic Graduate Program, Claremont School of Theology. Sunday, January 12, 2014, 5:00-7:00 PM, at All Saints Church,132 North Euclid, Pasadena, 91101, PJTC’s Rabbi Joshua Levine Grater, and Franci Levine Grater, will speak on their experiences during their recent seven-month sabbatical in Jerusalem. Our programs begin promptly at 5:00 PM and are followed by a vegetarian potluck, where we get to know each other, then questions and answers on the program topic, closing at 7:00 PM. All are welcome! Please bring an open mind to our interesting and respectful discussions, and something for the potluck meals. Beverages, paper goods, silverware are provided. For further information, or to be added to our email list, please contact Norma Sigmund, phone (626)583 2734, or email her at

by Michael Several, Project Chair

This is the first of a series on musical theater at PJTC: 1949-1979 Drawing on Mordecai Kaplan’s advocacy of transforming Judaism “from a religious tradition to a civilization,” building on the prewar development of synagogues as cultural and social centers, and made possible by the rapid growth of population in the Los Angeles area and the suburbanization of the region during the postwar period, Congregation B’nai Israel of Pasadena restructured itself in 1949 under its new name—the Pasadena Jewish Community (PJC). No longer just a temple for religious practices, or a school for preparing young boys for their bar mitzvah, it became a center hosting other Jewish organizations, and a place where Jews could express their diverse cultural identities and interests. The impact of the area’s postwar demographic changes and the institutional restructuring of the Pasadena Jewish community are exemplified by its theatrical production Showtime, presented at the Pasadena City College Auditorium on November 12, 1949. It was a variety show, a collection of songs, dances, and skits, with no discernible connection to anything remotely Jewish other than it included an “adaption” of the Tenement Symphony from the 1941 Marx Brothers movie, The Big Store. The show presented original music written by congregants Henry S. Ray, Herb Eisman, and Gene Rothman, who also produced and directed the show. Most of the production crew were temple members, but Rothman also used his Hollywood contacts to get companies to donate equipment such as sound equipment from the Hollywood Radio Supply Co. Composed of congregants, the choir was augmented by the Hollywood First Methodist Church Choir, demonstrating the congregation’s interfaith relations and connections. Stage technicians from Pasadena City College built the scenery. The major performers and the back stage crew were not congregational leaders. Of the approximately 80 people who were listed in the program as the show’s cast and crew, only two, David Goodman and Lester Rosenthal, held leadership positions in the first list of officers and directors published after the show. Rabbi Max Vorspan noted it was a congregational effort when he paid homage in the program to the cast and “hundreds more who have assisted in the myriads of activities which surround a project of this magnitude." Both Rabbi Vorspan and the president of the congregation, Albert Paperno, also saw the production as having a positive impact on the community. The show, according to Rabbi Vorspan, fulfilled the goal of a “dynamic and vital organization… to tap and fructify the creative energies latent in its membership." He went on to say that Showtime “provides a splendid opportunity for that creative self expression which builds esprit de corps, morals, élan—moral intangibles so necessary for good community spirit. Second, it provides an area of activity which acts as a binding and unifying influence among the varied and heterogeneous people who make up our PJC." Paperno praised the production but was less effusive, writing in his program message that it demonstrated “one of the ways” PJC was achieving its goal of satisfying “the cultural, social, and religious needs of its members." The FLAME

March 2 Is blood thicker than water?

PJTC Annual Blood Drive for Huntington Hospital

Tuesday, December 10 • 12:30 - 7:00 PM Don’t just drop your kids off for Hebrew School! Stay and donate blood! Did you know that PJTC has consistently held the most successful blood drives for Huntington Hospital? Last year we donated 60 pints!! That’s what we call SOCIAL ACTION! If you are age 17-75 you can donate! Start your new year by saving a life! To sign up for a time slot, please contact Stacy Miller, Start loading up on your iron consumption now! Please contact Stacy for information about recent travel that may prohibit donating. 6

December 2013

Men's Club News by Jerry Halpert, Men's Club President

membership dues for the 2013-4 year (only $36) and we are still selling the football Pool books at $10 each. Send checks to the PJTC Men’s Club at the temple office. Upcoming events Welcome back to School Free Pancake Breakfast for Kids and Parents, 9:15 AM, Sunday, January 5. It is a chance for students and parents to re-establish connections after the holiday break. See you there. Star-Gazing in February. We are repeating this fun event for kids and parents at a date TBD. A hot dog dinner will be provided. Dinty Moore Dinner on March 5. Join us for this delightful deli dinner and musical entertainment by singer-pianist David Kamenir. For info send email to or (626) 793-8783.

Nite at The Races at PJTC On November 16 - A Huge Success

The Men’s Club is thrilled with the results of the fantastic fun program, Nite at the Races, held Saturday, November. 16. Everyone who attended is raving about the evening that involved lots of interaction between attendees, including shouting and cheering for their horses in the eight races. The event featured a great deli dinner and sixteen valuable prizes, from three different hotel nights, a gift certificate from Nordstrom, sports event tickets and several dinners among others awarded to those who won the most play money. A hearty thank you to our Board members who supported the event and set in motion one of the most talked-about events in recent memory that resulted in gaining recognition of our four-year-old Men’s Club as a viable PJTC auxiliary. A special thanks to Bruce Applebaum and his team for their efforts in developing, planning and implementing this program that was thoroughly enjoyed by all. I also want to recognize and thank George Roegler’s for being our Master of Ceremonies. He tied the event together with his timely directions and comments. Thanks to the guys at the bar: Laurence Harris, Eric Mills, Arthur Taus and Ira Blitz; to Howard Shilling for organizing the display of the gifts; to Andy Schwarz and Jeff Landau for the entry greeting; to Ira Blitz and Maury Weiss for photo-taking and all the others who helped. Your support was invaluable. Thanks also to our Men’s Club Board members who donated the sixteen valuable prizes Most of the 72 attendees were extremely enthusiastic and asked if we are doing it again next year. THE ANSWER IS YES! NOVEMBER 15, 2014! The word is spreading around about the fun-filled event and we hope you will be able to join us. Reminder: this is a Men’s Club special fundraising event that will bring lots of fun and enjoyment and be used to support our youth programs.

Nite at the Races

Congrats To The Winners Of NFL Football Pool • Week 8 – Bob Levinson • Week 9 – Ticket Unsold • Week 10 – Ticket Unsold, • Week 11 – Yudi Fishman, Casey Rambach and Jerry Kaplan Next Men’s Club Breakfast, 10:15 AM Sunday, December 15, 2013 Mark your calendars to join us for a full lox and bagels Sunday breakfast with all the trimmings on December 15 at 10:15 AM. Our guest speaker is Dr. Brian Mark, accomplished investment counselor. He will be speaking on, “How do we pay for college and still retire and how can grandparents help?" Donation of $10 per person for lox and bagel breakfast will be appreciated. Men and women are always welcome to share with us at our Men’s Club events. Please RSVP to by December 11. If it has slipped your mind, we are still accepting your The FLAME


December 2013

Israel Matters The Times of Israel An Israeli Soldier to American Jews: Wake up! Hen Mazzig October 10, 2013 (edited for length) Hen Mazzig is the Campus Coordinator for StandWithUs’ Pacific Northwest chapter in the United States. He was in the IDF for almost five years. As a young Israeli who had just completed five years of service in the IDF, I looked forward to my new job educating people in the Pacific Northwest about Israel. I was shocked, however, by the anti-Israel bigotry and hostility I encountered, especially in the greater Seattle area, Oregon, and Berkeley. I had been very liberal, a member of the leftist Zionist party, Meretz, but the anti-Semitism and hatred for Israel that I have seen in the U.S. has changed my outlook personally and politically. From January through May 2013, I went to college campuses, high schools, and churches to tell people about the history of modern Israel, about my experience growing up in the Jewish state, and about my family. I also spoke about my military service as an officer in an IDF COGAT unit that attends to the needs of Palestinian civilians who are not involved in the conflict and promotes Palestinian civil society. I have shared my personal story with over 16,000 people at many, many college campuses and high schools, including UC Berkeley, Stanford, the University of Washington, Seattle University and many others. Many of those to whom I spoke were supportive, friendly, and open to hearing about my Israel. But, sadly, far too many were not. When I served as a soldier in the West Bank, I got used to having ugly things said to me, but nothing prepared me for the misinformation, demonization of Israel, and the gut-wrenching, anti-Israel, anti-Semitic hostility expressed by many students, professors, church members, and even some high school students right here in the Pacific Northwest. I was further shocked by how unaware the organized Jewish community is and how little they are actually doing to counter this rising anti-Semitism. This new form of bigotry against Israel has been called the “new anti-Semitism,” with “Israel” replacing “Jew” in traditional anti-Semitic imagery and canards, singling out and discriminating against the Jewish state, and denying the Jewish people alone the right to self-determination. The new anti-Semitism is packaged in the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign (BDS), which claims to champion Palestinian rights, although its real goal is to erode American support for Israel, discredit Jews who support Israel, and pave the way for eliminating the Jewish state. One of BDS’ central demands is the “complete right of return” for all the descendants of the original Palestinian refugees, subtle language that means the end of Israel as the Jewish homeland because it would turn Israel into a Palestinian-Arab majority state. It is surprising that an extremist group like BDS is ever taken seriously, but BDS advocates have found some receptive audiences. Their campaigns are well-organized and in many cases, well-financed. They have lobbied universities, corporations, food co-ops, churches, performing artists, labor unions, and other organizations to boycott Israel and companies that do business with Israel. Even if these groups don’t agree to treat Israel as a pariah state, the BDS activists manage to spread The FLAME

their anti-Israel misinformation, lies and prejudice simply by forcing a debate based on their false claims about Israel. Let me cite just a few of the many shocking experiences I have had. At a BDS event in Portland, a professor from a Seattle university told the assembled crowd that the Jews of Israel have no national rights and should be forced out of the country. When I asked, “Where do you want them to go?” she calmly answered, “I don’t care if they don’t have any place else to go. They should not be there.” When I responded that she was calling for ethnic cleansing, both she and her supporters denied it. During a presentation in Seattle, I spoke about my longing for peace between Israel and the Palestinians. When I was done, a woman in her 60’s stood up and yelled at me, “You are worse than the Nazis. You are just like the Nazi youth!” A number of times I was repeatedly accused of being a killer, though I have never hurt anyone in my life. On other occasions, anti-Israel activists called me a rapist. The claims go beyond being absurd – in one case, a professor asked me if I knew how many Palestinians have been raped by IDF forces. I answered that as far as I knew, none. She triumphantly responded that I was right, because, she said, “You IDF soldiers don’t rape Palestinians because Israelis are so racist and disgusted by them that you won’t touch them.” Such irrational accusations are symptomatic of dangerous anti-Semitism. Yet, alarmingly, most mainstream American Jews are completely oblivious to this ugly movement and the threat it poses. They seem to be unaware that this anti-Jewish bigotry is peddled on campuses, by speakers in high schools, churches, and communities, and is often deceptively camouflaged in the rhetoric of human rights. The American Jewish community and its leaders are not providing a united front to combat this latest threat. Unfortunately, this repeats a pattern of Jewish communal groups failing to unite in a timely way to counter threats against us individually and as a community. My experiences in America have changed me. I never expected to encounter such hatred and lies. I never believed that such anti-Semitism still existed, especially in the U.S. I never knew that the battlefield was not just Gaza, the West Bank, and hostile Middle Eastern countries wanting to destroy Israel and kill our citizens and soldiers. It is also here in America, where a battle must be waged against prejudice and lies. I implore American Jews: do more. Israel cannot fight this big battle alone. If you are affiliated with a Jewish organization, let it know you want it to actively, openly and unequivocally oppose the BDS campaign and those who support it. Inform yourself, your friends and families, by visiting websites of organizations like StandWithUs, Jewish Virtual Library, AIPAC, AJC and others that will update you and provide information about BDS and anti-Semitism. I urge the organized Jewish community and its members to wake up and stand up for the Jewish state of Israel, and for all it represents, and for all it works to achieve.


December 2013

HHD Survey 2013 Summary

PJTC Library News

This year, 215 congregants participated in the HHD survey, 202 via email and 13 by mail (180 congregants participated in the 2012 survey). About two thirds of respondents were women and one third were men (about the same ratio we saw last year). The average age of the respondents was 71 (59 in 2012) and the average length of their membership at PJTC was over 19 years (17 years in 2012). Overwhelmingly, respondents were very pleased with High Holy Days this year. Many remarked that services were meaningful and beautiful and thanked the clergy, volunteers, and staff for their many efforts. To continue to improve on your High Holy Days experience we asked you to tell us what you liked most and what we could improve. What follows is a summary of our findings. The top four aspects of services that respondents found most inspiring, moving or meaningful were: 1. The Rabbi’s sermons and drashes (86 respondents), the musical aspects of the service (84), the Cantor’s davening and voice (54), and one or more particular aspect of the service (i.e., Havdallah, 9-11 Lamentations, Neilah, YK Appeal, etc.) (46). The top four aspects that respondents found least inspiring, moving or meaningful were: One or more particular aspect of the service (i.e., Havdallah, 9-11 Lamentations, Neilah, YK Appeal, etc.) (43 respondents), the musical aspects of the service (26), Rabbi’s sermons and drashes (16), and too much Hebrew (10). Respondents also were asked to rate several aspects of services on a five point scale from strongly agree to strongly disagree. I felt engaged in the service: 66% agreed (44% strongly), 12% disagreed (5% strongly), and 20% neither agreed nor disagreed. I thought the Rabbi’s sermons and teachings were inspiring and thought provoking: 80% agreed (51% strongly), 10% disagreed (3% strongly), and 10% neither agreed nor disagreed. I felt encouraged to participate in the musical portions of the service: 65% agreed (46% strongly), 20% disagreed (9% strongly), and 15% neither agreed nor disagreed. I found the Cantor’s davening to be engaging and inspirational: 73% agreed (52% strongly), 13% disagreed (5% strongly), and 14% neither agreed nor disagreed. I found the musical accompaniment (instrumental and vocal) enhanced the service: 75% agreed (50% strongly), 17% disagreed (8% strongly), and 9% neither agreed nor disagreed. The two dozen or so respondents that commented about the youth and children’s programs rated the Baynaim (babysitting) as excellent (a score of 5 out of 5), Kindershule as Good (4 out of 5), and Jr. Congregation and Teen Services as Fair (3 out of 5). We thank all of you who provided important feedback through this survey. Your responses and suggestions will be brought to the clergy, temple staff, and ritual committee to help us build on the success of this year’s services and make next year even better.

Happy Hanukkah


The nice thing about eight-day holidays is the do-overs. Thanks to our very dedicated librarian Sharon Goldberg, we have a beautiful display of Hanukkah books to browse and borrow.

The Annual Used Book Sale Our sale was a great success. We sold or gave away (you should have come) more than 500 books. After the sale, more than 1,000 books were donated to other libraries in the area for their friends’ sales. Thanks to all of you who helped make the sale a success: the donors, buyers and especially the volunteers who with very little complaining moved more that 123 boxes of books at least twice. Have books to donate? We are already collecting books for next year’s sale. Call the Temple office to make arrangements.


The library now opens a little before 10:00 AM on Sundays when the LBSRS is in session and closes at about 12:30 PM. Stop in and chat with Sharon Goldberg or Simon Burrow, borrow a book, ask a question or use our (now working extremely well) WIFI connection.

The PJTC Library:

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Free WiFi A quiet space on Sunday morning Books Lots and Lots of Jewish Children’s Books

Whet our Appetites! PJTC Sisterhood will soon be collecting FAMILY FAVORITE recipes to produce a cookbook for our community. Get ready to share special recipes from your grandmother mother sister relatives extended family friends loved ones ancestors kinfolk clan nearest and dearest And don’t forget about those recipes you prepare simply because they’re family favorites! Watch for details to arrive in your mailbox.


December 2013

United Synagogue Convention 2013 A Real Happening by Rabbi Gilbert Kollins The 2013 USCJ (United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism) has blown open the shtetl—the closed insular world we once Convention stood out in two ways. First, it marked the 100th knew. Tevya’s three daughters symbolize the event. Tzietel rejects anniversary of the founding of the Conservative synagogue Lazar Wolf the butcher to marry Mottel the poor tailor “because association by Rabbi Solomon Schechter. Second, in contrast I love him.” Hodel falls in love with Perchik the revolutionary to the last USCJ Biennial in 2011 which drew about 200 and goes off to accompany him to Siberia; while Chava decides attendees, this year’s event drew 1,200! Part of that was due to to marry Fedka the goy whom she loves. Individualism, the Centennial celebration but mostly it was the energetic and radicalism and intermarriage—bye, bye shtetl. creative direction by two people—USCJ staff member Rabbi The three pillars of late 20th century Conservative Charles Savenor and Arie Katz, the creator and manager of Judaism—making it in America, remembering the Holocaust Orange County’s much-praised Community Scholar Program. and supporting Israel—are not compelling to a growing portion It was a real cross-section of Jewish America’s religious center, of our younger generation, many of whom ask “So what if we and marked by a high degree of enthusiasm, thanks in part to don’t survive?” the presence of 180 unbelievably energetic USYers and a large Rabbi Feinstein ended on a positive note. We have faced cohort of cantors who literally rocked. many similar crises of discontinuity of the past—Destruction Overshadowing the festivities and often alluded to was the of the Temple, Expulsion from Spain, the Holocaust—and each recent Pew Foundation Survey, which made public what pulpit time we re-invented ourselves. He is confident we will do so rabbis and lay leaders have long known: with each succeeding again. generation the commitment to Jewish religious lifestyles and And, at a plenary session entitled “Next Year in Jerusalem: institutions wanes among the non-Orthodox majority, and Fact, Fiction, Fantasy or Farce?” Yizhar Hess, Director of the intermarriage has moved from the exception to the norm. The Masorti Movement in Israel, noted that the massive support of events which so moved my generation—the Holocaust and the Reform and Conservative Jews in America for creating a nonState of Israel—are no longer the focus of our young people. Orthodox presence at the Kotel helped open up that significant The Holocaust is almost ancient history and Israel just is and site for Jews of all religious streams. has always been. Despite the plethora of stories about how I met Ruth Lavie, the President of Adat Shalom-Emanuel, well young people respond to The March of the Living (visits our sister congregation in Rehovot, Israel, which I will be to Auschwitz and Israel by teens) and Birthright (free ten-day visiting during my December trip to Israel. She sends her trips to Israel for young adults), the fact remains that they are regards to everybody and looks forward to our continuing to a minority and most American Jews haven’t visited Israel and get to know each other better. feel no urgency in doing so. The 100th Anniversary Convention of the United Synagogue I’m not going to try to give some kind of comprehensive of Conservative Judaism was a really exciting adventure. I felt overview, but I would like to share some of the highlights of honored to be there. my experience at the convention. Rabbi Bradley Shavit Artson, Dean of the Ziegler Rabbinical School at the American Jewish University in Los Angeles, talked about how synagogues relate—or, more often, don’t relate—to Find the daughter in the daughter-in-law autistic children and their parents. His son Jacob is now 21 and Rabbi Artson talked about how lonely Jacob and his parents March 2nd were in a large Conservative congregation. His pain as he remembered was palpable. There are many families who have children with special needs, and they are a needy but potentially valuable source of new members—if we can make them feel understood and welcomed. Women’s Book Club A session entitled “How Open a Tent? A Dialogue about by Connie Taus, Book Club Chair Conversion” provided some pyrotechnics. Rabbi Elliot Cosgrove, The book for December 12 is The of the Park Avenue Synagogue in New York, compared our Dovekeepers: A Novel by Alice Hoffman. It is current conversion practices to requiring applicants to a health based on the events of the Roman defeat of club to achieve a set level of fitness before they will be accepted. the Jews at the mountain fortress of Masada Rather, let applicants convert immediately if they agree to follow and told through the poignant stories of four up with an Introduction to Judaism Program. women who are bound together by faith and Rabbi Ed Feinstein of Valley Beth Shalom disagreed. He religion. said we need a new category of people who want to affiliate but On January 9, 2014 the for various reasons can’t or won’t convert. He created a major book club will discuss Dear convention buzz by declaring “The House is on Fire-- do we Life, written by the most recent recipient of have any First Responders to save us?” the Nobel Prize for Literature, Alice Munro. Rabbi Feinstein also led a session entitled “Questions that The book is a collection of stories inspired by Won’t Go Away,” which was billed as a discussion of how her own life in western Ontario, Canada. Judaism can give meaning to our lives. It turned out to be a Books are available at Vroman’s at a 20% brilliant analysis of what is happening in Jewish life and why, discount where we are listed as the PJTC using “Fiddler on the Roof ” as a metaphor of how modern life BOOK CLUB. The FLAME


December 2013

Notice: Election of Officers and Board of Directors

by Jeff Landau, Nominating Committee Chair

At the last Board meeting, a committee was elected for the purpose of putting together a slate of nominees for the election to be held at the annual PJTC Congregational meeting next February. The committee consists of the following: Keri Axel, Melissa Bergman, Valerie Grover, Sandy Hartford, and Stu Miller. Alternate members are Judy Balian, Judy Ellis, Noah Golden-Krasner and Faith Segal. The president appointed Jeff Landau as chairman. The Nominating Committee will begin meeting in the next few weeks and would very much appreciate the congregation’s suggestions for nominees for Officer and Board positions. Elections will be held for the following positions: • President (currently Jon Weisz) • Executive Vice President, Management (currently Faith Segal) • Executive Vice President, Program (currently Jeff Landau) • Vice President, Administration (currently Noah GoldenKrasner) • Vice President, Adult Programs (currently Felicity Swerdlow) • Vice President, Finance (currently Sandy Hartford) • Vice President, Membership (currently Andrea Edwards) • Vice President, Ritual Affairs (currently Richard Samuelson) • Vice President, Youth Programs (currently Roberta Tragarz) • Secretary (currently Bob Levinson) • Treasurer (currently Mickey Bernath) • Chair of the Planning Committee (currently, Mickey Segal) • Board of Directors. Members of the Board serve for two years. Approximately half of the eleven Board positions are elected each year. The following seven Board members will be beginning the second year of their term: Keri Axel, Judy Balian, Judy Callahan, Geoff DeBoskey, Haley Karish, Amy Richardson and Meredith Rose. Thus, four positions are up for election. • In addition, four past presidents are elected to serve on the Board for one-year terms. Currently, these positions are occupied by Matt Ober, Brian Mark, David Lorin and Art Taus.

Jon Weisz's article continued from page 1

to help make a difference for our community. For information on PJTC committees and organizations, please contact Eitan or Bruce at our temple office, (626) 798-1161. The month of December will also be an opportune time for the current PJTC Board of Directors to complete its ongoing review of a proposed new constitution. The formal review of the PJTC Constitution actually began two years ago with the establishment of a Constitution Committee chaired by Marcia Alper. Their task was to update and clarify the 45-year-old document. After the committee’s painstaking analysis, the Board is now ready to finish the process by approving the proposed new version and presenting it to the congregation for ratification. Our goal is for final congregational approval of the new constitution to take place at the annual Congregational Meeting scheduled for February. Board and approval vote are likely to occur at the Board meeting in late December. A notice to the congregation will be sent out prior to this important vote, and your presence at the meeting is always welcome. We look forward to completing the PJTC Constitution revision at our annual meeting. There is much anticipation as we approach our third annual Shabbat Shirah concert with our very own Cantor Ruth Berman Harris and friends. “A Journey to Argentina” is scheduled for January 11, 2014, and promises to be another fabulous gala event. If you missed the prior concerts, you will be thoroughly entertained by the Argentinean charm, spirit and energy of the music and the performers. The Shabbat Shirah concert has now also become a major fundraising event for PJTC. The temple relies on these fundraisers to help provide the revenues needed for budgeted programs and services, including the Religious School. There will be a variety of sponsorships available as well as VIP tickets, which include a Wine and Food Reception and reserved seats for the concert. General admission ticket purchases are also appreciated. Please save the date, and don’t miss this great PJTC kickoff event for 2014. I hope to see you there! With best wishes for the coming new year, Jon Return to Page 1

Whitman Dinner Friday December 6 6:00 PM Social Hall

Nominee Requirements as Specified in the Constitution 1. No person shall become an officer or member of the Board unless he or she shall have been a member of the Congregation in good standing for at least one year prior to the election. 2. Any elected member of the Board, exclusive of officers, shall not serve for more than six consecutive years. 3. The nominee for President shall have served at some time as a member of the Board or the Administrative Council [i.e., as an elected officer] for a period of at least one year. The nominee shall not have served as President for more than one term immediately preceding the nomination. Opposing Nominations from the Congregation As specified in the Constitution: “Nominations in addition The FLAME

There is no charge for the dinner but we must have your reservations by Monday, December 2. Reservations will not be accepted after that date. Call the PJTC office at 798-1161.

RSVP to the Temple office by December 2

to those made by the Nominating Committee for any position may be made by written petition delivered to the Secretary or to the Temple office not less than 24 hours prior to the election. Petitions for nominations to any office must be signed by five members in good standing of the Congregation and must be accompanied by written consent of the nominee.” If you have any suggestions for nominees, or would like to volunteer for a position, or if you have any questions, please email Jeff Landau at 11

December 2013

Bat Mitzvah

December Birthdays December 1 ............Isaac Ergas   Peter Nortman December 2 ....... Aaron Hartford     Michelle Seery     Michael Spindler December 3 ... Barbara Bushnell     Morris Weiss December 4 .............Sig Meyers     Jennifer Svonkin December 6 ..........Emily Aledort     Miriam Popilsky     Mona Shulman December 7 ... Nathaniel Booker     Elizabeth Conovitz

Sophie, daughter of Suzy and Lenny Dalrymple, was born November 4, 2000. She lives in Pasadena with her parents and little sister, Sadie. Sophie grew up doing every sport she could find, including gymnastics, tennis, soccer, diving, snorkeling and surfing. Now you can often find her drawing or sculpting in the workshop at home. The thing she’s looking forward to most about her bat mitzvah on December 21 is having all her friends and family together.

December 8 .Noah Holland Moritz

December 9 .......... Allie Hartford   Steve Leonard     Ruth Saffman December 10 ...Rochelle Kaplan     Neal Miller     Melvin Spicer December 11 ..........Judy Binder     Noah Sheklow     John Sigoloff     Jeffrey Silverstone December 12 ................ Ari Raz Czeska Markham     Ruth Roberts     Annette Sharfstein     Michael Silver     Gail Snyder December 13 ........ Janet Borrus     Allie Diamond     George Roegler December 14 .............Terry Earll     Filiberto Lujan     Lindsey Schiffman     Doris Segall     Matt Weiner     Aaron Weiss December 15 ........... Cecilia Fox     Anita Landau

Rock-a-Bye Baby Mazal Tov to Hy Vego, who welcomed his great-granddaughter Peyton Waverly Dietz in Texas last month. Great-great aunt Edie Taylor also attended the baby-naming ceremony. Peyton, born on September 23, is the daughter of Lonnie & Erika Dietz and the first grandchild of Reva & Paul Dietz.

Thanks to Our November Volunteers PJTC offers our members a variety of ways to be of service to the Temple. Those who are able to give of their time are vital to sustaining our community. To host an Oneg, call Anita Landau. To host a Kiddush, call Roz Scherr. Nov. 1/2 Nov. 8/9 Nov. 15/16 Nov. 22/23 Nov. 29/30

Oneg & Kiddush Hosts

Oneg hosted by Sisterhood Kiddush hosted by the Shabbes Minyan Group Oneg hosted by Sisterhood Kiddush hosted by Linda & Paul Rourman in honor of their 45th anniversary Oneg hosted by Sisterhood Kiddush hosted by Carolyn Kunin in honor of her birthday Oneg hosted by Sisterhood Kiddush hosted by the Shabbes Minyan Group Oneg hosted by Sisterhood Kiddush hosted by Pat Sullivan in honor of her birthday

Mickey Butnik


Sondra Dreshner Roz Scherr

John Guest

Sam Haddad Linda Rourman Ruth Several

Ofer Ho Roz Scherr Cantor Ruth

Ryna Aviram Sue Galpert Ruth Kaye Roz Scherr George Roegler


Office Volunteers

December 27 .. Landis Richardson

December 28 ...... Michael Beller   Annabella Tornek December 29 ........Douglas Axel     Hal Barron     Craig Copeland     Betty Krachman     Brian Mark December 30 .....Jerome Kaplan     Samuel Schiffman December 31 .........Marin Knight

and Anniversaries Semyon and Bella Tsarovksy ............................................ 12/4/1964 Michael and Janet Klekner ................................................ 12/4/1977 Michael and Lisa Fox ........................................................ 12/7/2002 Robert and Janice Roney .................................................. 12/9/1972 Edward and Barbara Gomperts . ..................................... 12/12/1967 James and Denise Schaefer ........................................... 12/15/1974 Izak and Faye Langholz .................................................. 12/18/1954 Otto and Irene Kahn ........................................................ 12/18/1986 Scott and Jennifer Svonkin . ............................................ 12/18/1999 Harvey Goldman and Ellen Dinerman ............................. 12/20/1987 Jeffrey and Anita Landau . ............................................... 12/21/1967 Bryan Langholz and Susan Auerbach ............................. 12/21/1986 Raul Martinez and Bonnie Pais-Martinez ........................ 12/21/1996 Josh and Jan Pais ........................................................... 12/25/1956 Kenneth and Ellie Gerst .................................................. 12/25/1966 Mike and Valerie Kronsburg ............................................ 12/27/2003 Joel and Sheila Padlipsky ............................................... 12/28/1957 Josh and Sharon Goldberg ............................................. 12/28/1975 Gideon and Janice Markham .......................................... 12/30/2000

Torah, and Haftorah Readers

Sondra Dreshner Jacob Levy Erich Schlecht

December 16 ......Sondra Hauge   Maxwell Ho     Alex Levin     Karen Levin     Cary Presant December 17 ....... Amelia Dreier     Sarah Dreier     Raymond Haddad December 18 ........ Lucas Brown     Breyne Moskowitz December 19 ....Suzy Dalrymple December 20 ...Robert Levinson     Matt Ober     Jacob Tragarz December 21 ...Raymond Gould     Dan Raz December 22 ..........Karen Chan December 23 ........... Ruth Failer     Susan Galpert December 24 ......... Chris Bogad     Tamara Silver     Semyon Tsarovksy December 25 ....... Hilde Gottfeld     Adolf Gruenfeld December 26 .... Andrew Kindler     Leah Sloan     Jeanine Svonkin

Ginny Blitz Judy Ellis Jerry Halpert Michelle Kandel Breyne Moskowitz Marlene Reichenbach Edie Taylor Arlene Weiss Joan Halpert 12

December 2013

December Donations General Fund

Barbara Weisenberg wishing a speedy recovery to Ricky Calvin Susan Pindak with gratitude for the weekly meditation evening group

Shabbes Minyan Fundl

Phyllis Hassman in memory of her father, Rubin Hassman John & Debbie Guest in memory of Michael Several’s mother, Beatrice Several John & Debbie Guest in memory of Betsy Conovitz’s father, John Sites

Oral History Fund

Nancy & John Carlton in memory of Mike Several’s mother, Beatrice Several James Nichols & Merle Stern in memory of Michael Several’s mother, Beatrice Several Suzanne & Howie Samuelson in memory of Michael Several’s mother, Beatrice Several Kai Lam & Bonnie Buratti in memory of Michael Several’s mother, Beatrice Several

Donation to Sisterhood

From Trudie Strobel and the Stitchers

Yahrzeit Donations to General Fund Donated by: Pauline Witkin Polansky Pauline Witkin Polansky Pauline Witkin Polansky Raymond Rubenstein Susan Cohen Ruth Marcus Sara Shapiro David Snyder Louise Lorden Reuven Epstein Leona Hyams Dolores Schwam Zahava Sweet Irving Feuer Irving Feuer Gil Kollin Tessie Edlen Andrea Edwards Mike Klekner Ruth Hirsch Harold Jacobs Helene Emmerich Sam Schiffman Peggy Schiffman Sara Sternberg Betty Fishman Betty Fishman Ira Blitz Louis Friedman Harold Jacobs Giovanna Fradkin Erica Fishman

Israel Committee (Adat Shalom-Emanuel) Brian Mark

Madeline Mark Memorial Fund

Matt & Carol Sofer with congratulations to Bonnie & Jeff Skolnik on the birth of grandson Caleb to daughter, Sabrina, and marriage of daughter,Tali Matt & Carol Sofer with congratulations to Felicity & Joni Swerdlow on the wedding of their son Matt & Carol Sofer in memory of Mike Several’s mother, Beatrice Several

Sisterhood Tributes

To Debbie & John Guest in honor of the marriage of their daughter Sarah to Mark Bowling, from Carolyn & Scott Siegal, Ruth Kaye, Carol & Eric Mills, Susie & Jim Hogan, Anita & Jeff Landau, Stacy & Matt Ober & family, Nancy & Craig Copeland and Andrea Edwards To Jennifer DeBoskey in appreciation of “a wonderful and successful Ronald McDonald House gala fundraiser” from Stacy & Stu Miller To Linda & Paul Rourman in honor of their 45th wedding anniversary, from Edie Taylor To Carolyn Kunin in honor of her birthday, from Judy Ungar To Micki Minovitz in honor of her birthday, from Trudie Strobel To Reva & Paul Dietz in honor of the birth of their granddaughter, Peyton Waverly, from Shirley Hoffman & family To Hy Vego in honor of the birth of his great-granddaughter, Peyton Waverly, from Shirley Hoffman & family To Kathy Kobayashi with congratulations for all the work she did on the fabulous “Shades of LA” presentation, from Stacy & Stu Miller To Bruce Applebaum with much thanks for all the work he & his family did to make “Nite at the Races” such a fun Saturday night for our congregation, from Stacy & Stu Miller To Bob Levinson, wishing him a speedy recovery and return to good health, from Andrea Edwards To Ricky Calvin, wishing her a speedy recovery and return to good health, from Carol & Eric Mills, Stacy & Stu Miller, and from Shirley Hoffman To Mickey Bernath, wishing him a speedy recovery and return to good health, from Aty & Howard Rotter, Bonnie Buratti & Kai Lam, Liz & Bud Green, Carol & Eric Mills, Jan & Josh Pais, Susie & Jim Hogan, Judy & Phil Callahan, Paula & Victor Waluch, Anita & Jeff Landau, Stacy & Matt Ober & family, Nancy & Craig Copeland, Sue Galpert, Andrea Edwards, and from Shirley Hoffman To Karen Hochman Brown & family in memory of Karen’s beloved mother, Ruelene Hochman from Shirley Hoffman & family To Michael Several in memory of his beloved mother, Beatrice Several, from Shirley Hoffman To Valerie Grover in memory of her beloved father, Edvig Gershengoren, from Judy & Phil Callahan, Anita & Jeff Landau, and from Stacy & Matt Ober & family To Jeff, Steven and Tom Shrifter in memory of their beloved mother, June Shrifter, from Stacy & Stu Miller, and from Sue Galpert To Betsy Conovitz in memory of her beloved father, John Sites, from Liz & Bud Green, Marcia Alper, Aty & Howard Rotter, Carol & Eric Mills, Nancy & John Carlton, Valerie & Aaron Weiss & family, Leslie & Mitch Aiken, Ruth Kaye, Jan & Josh Pais, Judy & Phil Callahan, Paula & Victor Waluch, Stacy & Matt Ober & family, Edie Taylor, and from Shirley Hoffman To Nadav Bar-Chaim in memory of his beloved mother, Sarah BarChaim, from Marcia Alper, Nancy & John Carlton, and from Jan & Josh Pais


In Memory of: Husband, Donald Eli Witkin Aunt, Shana Sergie Grandmother, Sarah Silberblatt Father, Albert Rubenstein A relative, Chaim Sholem Mother, Minnie Weissman Father, Adam Tadelis Mother, Bascha Snyder Grandmother, Sarah Miller A relative, Abraham Epstein Husband, Donald Hyams Father, Herman Nobleman Sister, Miriam Farstad Mother, Bertha Feuer Father, Alexander Feuer Wife, Yona Kollin Husband, Louis Edlen Father, Jaime Blum Aunt, Bess Donald Father, Rudolf Seelig Grandfather, Harry Jacobs Grandfather, Frank Grossman Father, Charles M. Schiffman Father, Stanley Z. Bekey Sister, Rose Gorelick Mother-in-Law, Frieda Fishman Husband, Bert Fishman Mother, Sylvia Blitz Mother, Letha Friedman Grandmother, Rosa Jacobs Mother, Lea Russo Father, Bert Fishman

MiShaberach List Update

By Roz Scherr, PJTC Ritual Committee

Having Rabbi Grater or Cantor Ruth read out the names of ill or injured congregants, family and friends, plus saying a prayer for their healing is a special part of our regular Saturday morning service. However, our list can get overly long, as we don’t always know when to remove names of people who are back in good health again. To try to help manage our list, we would like to keep a name on the list for only one month, UNLESS YOU TELL US DIFFERENT. We’re certainly more than willing to keep names on longer if requested! But for short-term illnesses or accidents, we’re hoping that one month will be enough. 13

December 2013

Yahrzeits for December (announced Fri/Sat preceding the date) Kislev 28

December 01, 2013

Rochelle Goss Martha Handin Herbert Robinson  Kislev 29

Tevet 7

December 10, 2013

Tevet 8

William Cohan Phyllis Ledeen Rebecca Scharf  Thomas Shulman 

Kislev 30

Tevet 9

December 12, 2013

Jennie Gold Benjamin Lorber Hanah Nisenbaum  Josephine Constance Samuels  Jean Silverman Tevet 1

December 04, 2013

Tevet 10

Tevet 11

December 05, 2013

Elza Blacher Jack Lewin Anne Reif  Nathan Roth Sam Winograd  Tevet 3 December 06, 2013

Charles Finesod Muriel Frankel Lyle Eastman Neal  Rose Weprinsky  Tevet 4

December 07, 2013

Harold Goldberg David Knecht  Maurice Melvin Ruth Smolens  Tevet 5

December 08, 2013

Dorothy Holland Andrew Marderosian Leib Sloan  Marcus Wohlman Tevet 6

December 09, 2013

Nathan Chason Ruth Friedman  John Hillilson Julius Spielberg  Gertrude Tornek  Jerome Jules Waisman 

December 13, 2013

December 14, 2013

Julius Goodman Steven Levander Arthur Lowenthal  Sam Marion  Emanuel Scherr Tevet 12

Tevet 13

Tevet 19

Tevet 20

David Kokis David Schaffer  Jacob Weinman  Tevet 21

December 18, 2013 Tevet 22

Norma Alltshuler Selma Applebaum  Leonard Freinkel Harry Levy  Robert Margolis  Sam Telis  Mollie Weinstock 

Tevet 25

December 28, 2013

Larry Figner Theresa Friedman  Irving Gleizer  Dorothy Grossman  Tillie Kaplan  Seymour Levine  Jack Lewis  Israel Morgenstern  Joseph Rosenblum  Beatrice Yorke  Tevet 26

December 29, 2013

Sophie Carnow Goldie Fridiss  Gary Schleimer  Sali Schwarcz  Tevet 27

December 30, 2013

Eleanor Coplen Joseph Gruber  Minna Morris  Nathan Rappaport  Lester Stroh  Robert Zaban  Tevet 28

December 31, 2013

Samuel Jaslow Lee Phillips  Jeremiah Streisand 

Please remember to bring canned food whenever you come to the temple. Be sure to notice the basket on the table in the main lobby. Please bring a couple of cans of food to help fill it.

We are continuing PJTC Basketball for adults (high school age and above) at 8:00 PM on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of every month. The FLAME

December 25, 2013

December 27, 2013

Alex Heller Fannie Jampolsky  Josef Liberman  Barbara Siegal 

December 24, 2013

Samuel Alt Edith Chessen  Spencer Gilbert  Margit Grotta Theodore Lester  Max Lifshitz  Maurice Russo Jeanne Steingold  Isidor Zwirn 

December 17, 2013

Barney Hokin Raymond Lowitz 

Tevet 24

December 22, 2013

December 23, 2013

December 26, 2013

Joann Burkley Sy Epstein Father of Phillip Friend  Mother of Phillip Friend Esther Greenberg  Morris Hillinger  Rose Jacobson Sarah Katzman  Ida Leff  Abraham and Esther Mittelman & Children Sadie Rice  Walter Schuster  Herbert Segal  Yetta Weiner Henry Weinstein 

Adela Licht Esther Sokoloff Lillian Taus  Solly Van Der Wyk 

David Davidson David Moskowitz  Isaac Polan Juana Procupez  Herta Rothstein  Tevet 15

Tevet 23

December 21, 2013

Vitto Cizzi Sam Feuer Diana Frey  Sylvia Goldman  Rabbi Abraham Heschel Edward Paioff  Sophie Parsons  Isadore Rosenberg

December 16, 2013

Donald Alderman Annie Brown  Abraham Fishman Rachel Ginsberg  Sol Hofstadler  Mike Polan Larisse Rosentweig Klein  Fred Schwarz  Gloria Spicer  Tevet 14

Tevet 18

December 15, 2013

Phyllis Costell Lester Girsh  Anne Reiff Josephine Tobias  Steve Weiner 

December 20, 2013

Leonard Abend Bernard Butnik  Harvey Cohen Sam Goldman  Esther Julius  Louis Katz Marshall Miller  Lyle Neal  Madyln Primack  Timothy Weiner

Irving Elston Matthew Nortman

Jonathan Ellis Samuel Fink Arthur Slifkin  Tevet 2

Tevet 17

Elizabeth Meikle Arthur Miller Mildred Reff  Edmond Rourman

December 03, 2013

December 19, 2013

Sylvia Ashkenas Harriet Braiker  Abe Davidson  Sarah Kalter Dvosya Mintskovsky  Lillian Roth 

December 11, 2013

December 02, 2013

Harry Cooper Josephine Mirando Pauline Stein  Howard Taus Pearl Wagner 

Tevet 16

Philip Zaban


December 2013

We Are Collecting:

PJTC Green Committee

Used cell phones – LBSRS is collecting, look for their box Printer ink cartridges - bring to Bruce Used eye glasses, clear and sun glasses, also hearing aids - box in Workroom Toiletries from hotels, all sizes - box in workroom - goes to Union Station Plastic bottles - recycled by USY, container outside back door Aluminum cans also recycled by USY, place in blue barrel in back of building Yar n , 4 - p l y acrylic,(no wool please), all colors. also baby yarn, used to make "blankies" for County/USC Pediatrics, Huntington Hospital, Santa Teresita, and our newest group, a children's foster care facility. Bring to my attention. Very much needed (Side note: Michael's often offers coupons that make NEW yarn a very affordable and greatly appreciated donation. Pick your favorite colors!). Remember the Foothill Unity Center barrels near the entrance to Wohlmann Hall. You may drop in canned goods, clothing, household items, and anything that they may be able to sell in their Thrift Shop to raise funds for the food bank. These are all mitzvah makers. Everything is recyclable. Call me if you have larger home furnishings. Edie Taylor, (626) 792-1237 or

For the past couple of months the PJTC Green Committee has been working to articulate our mission, vision and goals. We will use this statement to guide us as we pursue our endeavors and to communicate our purpose and intentions to the congregation. We welcome your questions, comments and interest in the Green Committee. Please contact Meredith Rose. MISSION: The Green Committee promotes environmental stewardship at the synagogue, among our PJTC community, and in the wider world through education, action, and advocacy. In this work we are guided by Jewish values of Shomrei Adamah that direct us to preserve and protect the earth and care for all its creatures. VISION: Our vision embraces a positive synagogue-wide response to our planet’s climate and environmental challenges. We imagine a PJTC community where the values of Tikkun Olam are manifest on a daily basis. Through our efforts, we can help sustain a healthy planet from generation to generation. GOALS: • reduce the carbon footprint and the energy consumption of our congregation both at the PJTC complex and in the lives of PJTC members; • play a leadership role in promoting the best practices for a sustainable future that will be a model for PJTC, the Jewish community, and the wider world; • inform our congregation and educate our children about the importance and necessity of addressing climate change; • align our PJTC community with other synagogues, Jewish organizations, and interfaith communities that are striving to reduce greenhouse gases; • advocate for sensible government policies that promote the health of our congregation, our community, and our planet; • promote connections between the food we eat and the way it is produced and distributed.

By Edie Taylor

by Meredith Rose

Expert Math Tutoring

Breyne Moskowitz, Ph.D. (PJTC member) (626) 800-8947

Remember us for your next Simcha!

Elementary through College Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, AP Statistics, AP Calculus, IB Math (HL, SL, SSL) Reasonable rates

News Flash From The Judaica Shop

Thank you for supporting the Judaica Shop during the Hanukkah season. We look forward to surprise sales in the near future. Purim is coming, Passover is not far behind. We have goodies for both holidays. You know you will find so much more! Great gifts, aprons, and some fabulous hostess gifts: coasters, matches, wine tags and other decorations). The FLAME

Safety and Security

At our events and services, kids are great but remember our staff has a lot on its plate. Keeping children safe is an important thing to do but parents and grandparents, it’s up to YOU! 15

December 2013

Congratulations to Helen Freeman

Weizmann’s Triple Crown

Helen Freeman, our long-time member, was honored with the Righteous Conversations Hineni Award at a gala dinner presented by the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust on Sunday, November 3, at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. The event commemorated the 75th anniversary of Kristallnacht. At the age of 90, in 2011, Helen helped create the Righteous Conversations Project, a collaboration of Holocaust survivors and teens dedicated to Holocaust remembrance and social action. In her work with Remember Us and the Righteous Conversations Project, she has volunteered many hours to share her story and to partner with teens working with educators and local artists on film and arts projects to fight injustice. Joining with teens in the Project to form a team for the Jewish World Watch Walk to End Genocide in 2012 and 2013, Helen helped support all that they do to fight genocide, empower women, protect children, and support communities across the globe. Helen, who was born in Radom, Poland, survived Auschwitz, where she lost two brothers, her parents and grandparents. After the war, Helen married Joseph Freeman. In 1951, the Pasadena Jewish Community (our name at that time) sponsored them and their two young children to emigrate to the U.S. After years of silence on the topic of the Holocaust, Helen began speaking at schools and universities across Southern California. Other honorees were Barbara and Zev Yaroslavsky (Distinguished Service Award), the Wilf Family Foundation (Humanitarian Award), and Dana Schwartz (Extraordinary Vision Award). The Honorary Co-Chairs were Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and Theodore Bikel. A music program based on selections from Rabbi Harold Schulweis’s Songs on Meditations and composed by Russell Steinberg was presented during the dinner. Helen’s and her late husband Joseph’s books detailing their lives surviving the Holocaust are available in our PJTC Library.

In Judaism, as in life, many good things come in threes. In the Mishnah’s Pirkei Avot, we learn that the universe depends on the triple crown of Torah (law), Avodah (service to God) and G’milut Hasadim (acts of loving kindness.) This year, Weizmann Day School is blessed with three wonderful opportunities to support and sustain our school. 1. It is my pleasure to launch our 2013/14 Annual Fund Campaign. The Annual Fund is our school’s life force. It enables us to retain and train unparalleled faculty and fund the latest technology and class materials to enrich our curriculum. It also helps make a Weizmann education more accessible to qualified students whose presence benefits our entire community, and who would otherwise not have that option. Every year, our Annual Fund covers around 10% of our operating budget and receives nearly 100% participation from our school families, faculty, staff and Board. Weizmann is the only remaining Jewish day school from North Hollywood to Las Vegas, and our longevity and success are due to the generosity of people like you who share our passion for Jewish education. Please join us in making your pledge today to support the mission of our exceptional school. 2. We are celebrating our 30th Anniversary! We hope that all of you will join us on February 8, 2014 for an elegant evening honoring Alan and Sandy Whitman and all of our past presidents whose vision and dedication made this milestone a reality. Donations, tribute book ads, and inscriptions are excellent ways to honor Weizmann sustaining members and augment your Annual Fund giving in this remarkable anniversary year. 3. Our school was recently selected by PEJE and BJE to participate in the Generations LA program, offering generous incentive funds and resources to help Jewish Day Schools kick off endowment campaigns. An endowment will enable our school to sustain itself for decades and generations to come. It would be our honor to count you among our endowment pioneers with a current gift or legacy bequest. More information will be forthcoming. I would like to leave you with another notable instance of three in our Jewish tradition. Board members of Jewish organizations follow this guiding principle: Any organization that you serve merits being among the top three recipients of your tzedakah (charitable giving). In this very special year, I hope that Weizmann, will grace all of our “Top Three” lists. Todah Rabbah for your generous support of Jewish education and continuity.

by Breyne Moskowitz

By Lisa Feldman, MA Ed. Head of School, Weizmann Day School

Adult Education by Carol Sofer

Our Documentary Discussion Group will meet on Thursday, December 19 at 7:30 PM. Please see Breyne Moskowitz’s article on page 3 about this group. Save the date – Sunday, January 26, 2014, for a wonderful Bagel Breakfast featuring Lee Sterling, director of the Sousa Mendes Foundation. Mr. Sterling spoke at the PJTC-sponsored Jewish Film Festival screening of Disobedience: The Sousa Mendes Story last June at the Pasadena Laemmle Theater. As you might remember, the film was a dramatization of the story of the rescue of 20,000 Jews by the Portuguese Consul in 1940 Nazi-occupied Bordeaux, France. Mr. Sterling, one of those rescued, recently created the Sousa Mendes Foundation, dedicated to the memory of Aristides de Sousa-Mendes and those he saved from certain death. Please plan to come and hear his fascinating story. The FLAME

Come for a visit! Weizmann Day School is a non-profit, independent K-8 school accredited by WASC and the Builders of Jewish Education. We provide an outstanding academic education enriched by Jewish principles and traditions. For a personal tour of our school please call the office at (626) 7970204 or visit us at 16

December 2013

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New Menu Items

Extended Hours

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Mon. - Fri. • 6:00 PM) - 8:00 PM Sat. • 7:00 am - 5:30 PM After Hour Rentals

To order

Send your request, along with a check for $25 per membership to: To order please contact Ruth Kaye PJTC, 1434 N. Altadena Drive, Pasadena, CA 91107 Make check payable to: PJTC Sisterhood.

(at Washington Blvd.) (626) 398-8654

– A friend to PJTC –

We thank you for supporting our advertisers Air Control of California unparalleled representation for savvy home buyers and sellers 1-800-354-3361 Sam Haddad

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t: 323.671.1260 | e: w: | dre: 01344668


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Pasadena Jewelers

Serving San Gabriel Valley Since 1988

• Jewelry and Watch Repair • Special Orders • Diamond Settings • Engraving

painting and wallpapering

— A friend of PJTC members —

1864 E. Washington Boulevard • Pasadena, CA 91104 in the Washington Mini-mall at the corner of Allen and Washington.


S C L #5875 4 9

(626) 798-4403 The FLAME


62 6 • 398 • 9 9 2 8

– Temple Member – 17

December 2013

Rabbi Grater's article continued from page 1

emotion; we will meet with high level officials, discussing the latest issues of the day; we will tour popular sites, and see some things off the beaten track; we will have time for spiritual, meditative and prayerful experiences together and individually; we will visit with our sister congregation in Rehovot; we will make memories and create lasting bonds with our fellow community members; we will support and show our love of Israel, one of the highest mitzvot a Jew can undertake. Can you join us for this exciting and incredible opportunity? All of the information for the trip, May 4-18, 2014, is available on fliers, on the website and the poster in the lobby. We have until the end of December to sign up before the flight costs go up, so if you are interested, inspired, moved to jump on this opportunity, please let me know right away! There will be an informational meeting on Wednesday, December 11 at 7:30 PM. Together, I know that we can make this trip to Israel happen, joining Jewish communities around the country and world who travel to Israel every year and whose lives are changed for the better. 2013 was highlighted for me by my time in Israel and I am looking forward to 2014, when we will hopefully return as a community. Enjoy the late December vacations and Happy New Year 2014! Rabbi Joshua Return to Page 1

Factory Trained Technicians

(626)792-5879 (800) 300-2532 3230 E. Colorado Blvd. (Between San Gabriel and Rosemead)

Rourman Tallitot

Beautiful Hand Embroidered Custom Tallitot made to order

Pashmina style tallesim as low as $100.00   

 Custom Judaica

• Mazal Tov bags

• Chuppahs • Challah covers • Matzoh covers and more.

     

Call Linda Rourman (626) 447-7252 -Temple MemberThe FLAME


December 2013

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