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Rating Rationale

PJS Overseas Ltd 20 May 2019

Brickwork Ratings has reviewed the Rating for the Bank Loan facilities of ₹ 35.00 Crs. of PJS Overseas Ltd based on best available information, as the issuer did not cooperate.

Accordingly the rating for the said instrument is as under Particulars Amount (₹ Cr)



Previous (Jan’18)




Fund based

(Pronounced as BWR Triple B Minus) (Outlook: Stable)

₹ Thirty Five crores Only *Please refer to BWR website definition of the ratings

Issuer did not cooperate; based on best available information

Nature of Non-co-operation: The rating was done on 18 Jan 2018 with rating assigned as BWR BBBOutlook: Stable.The rating was due for a review in Jan 2019. BWR took up with the issuer to provide required information by emails and phone calls. Despite the best efforts of BWR to get at least the $%^&#@* required information for a review, the entity has not provided the same. In the absence of adequate information from the issuer/Company, BWR is unable to assess the issuer’s/Company’s financial performance and its ability to service its debt and maintain a valid rating. Limitations of the rating: Information availability risk is a key factor in the assessment of credit risk as

generally, noncooperation by the rated entities to provide required information for a review of the assigned rating may also be accompanied by financial stress. Users of the credit ratings therefore take into account the possible deterioration in the credit quality of the rated entity arising from its non-transparency & withholding of information required for review of the rating.

1 20 May 2019

About the Company (Information as available in Jan, 2018) PJS Overseas Ltd is a limited company incorporated in 2009.It is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of Indian Basmati and non Basmati rice.Mr. Pawan Kumar Jain and @#$%!&*+$#, since 1991 both are engaged in the trading and export of non basmati rice to #$%^, Dubai, Kuwait etc.In 2009, they promoted a limited company in the name of “PJS Overseas Limited” and started trading of non basmati rice under the banner of same.In the year 2014, they added a new feather in their cap by entering into the Basmati rice manufacturing and export business with a modern automated rice manufacturing unit situated in the heart of Basmati rice growing area of Sonepat District of Haryana state with a capacity to produce 8 MT of rice per hour. The company is awarded with a status of “Three Star Export House” by the director general of foreign trade which works under the Ministry of Commerce India.

Financial Performance (Information as available in Jan’2018) Company reported total operating income of Rs.729.04 crs in FY17 as compared to Rs. 357.95 crs in FY16. Profit after tax of the company stood at Rs.7.96 crs in FY17 as compared to Rs.4.49 crs in FY16.TNW of the company stood at Rs.80.37 crs as on 31.03.2017.

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Result Type



Operating Revenue


EBITDA PAT Tangible Net worth Total Debt/Tangible Net worth Current Ratio

Status of Non cooperation with previous CRA:NA

2 20 May 2019

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Fund Based




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â‚š Thirty Five crores Only

^Issuer did not co-operate; based on best available information 3 20 May 2019

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4 20 May 2019

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5 20 May 2019

Profile for PJS Overseas

PJS Credit Rating by Brickwork on on 20th May 2019  

Read the complete financial report by Brickwork and see for yourself as to why buying from PJS Overseas seems like a great idea at the momen...

PJS Credit Rating by Brickwork on on 20th May 2019  

Read the complete financial report by Brickwork and see for yourself as to why buying from PJS Overseas seems like a great idea at the momen...