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• Committed to reducing social and economic injustice and service • Provides 4 teams equal amounts of seed capital ($15,000) and an incubation period of 18 months • Incubator includes dedicated workspace and equipment, capacity-building workshops, and expert coaching services and mentorship Focused on pushing ideas into motion


• CUBE lacks awareness and history • Weak brand identity • Students struggle to understand the premise of “social entrepreneurship” • “Innovation” and “entrepreneurship” messages are diluted and overused with incubators • Financial stability is difficult to sustain


• Unique positioning at UNC as CUBE’s focus is social innovation • Social entrepreneurship is currently a growing trend, providing an opportune moment to enter the market • Online fundraising is rapidly growing in popularity and success • Easy access to audience through digital media channels


• High number of entrepreneurial initiatives (incubators, programs, competitions, etc.) at UNC and RTP • CUBE targets similar audiences as its competitors • Limited resources pose a threat to CUBE’s future

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY CUBE’s specific goals with this campaign are to increase participation by heightening awareness among the campus community and raising funds to fuel the innovative ideas participants bring to CUBE. With multiple target audiences, our team has to personalize the campaign messages to create relevance for each group. This campaign’s target audiences displayed a low or inaccurate understanding of social entrepreneurship. Specifically, students state that they do not understand the social aspect of entrepreneurship and how it relates to innovation. An awareness of social innovation as it relates to entrepreneurship, as well as the incubators that cater to it, is key to gaining participation from the

CUBES ON CAMPUS This guerilla marketing tactic places large, reusable cubes around campus that say “OPEN ME” on the top. As students open the CUBE colored boxes, they see the following statement on sheets of paper: “What would you do with $15,000 and 18 months to change the world? Tweet or share your ideas. @CUBE #WWYD.” The idea is to generate buzz about CUBE and create conversations about social entrepreneurship between students and CUBE. Students are encouraged to share their tweeted ideas with corporations, institutions, and organizations that support their idea. CUBE can connect with desired corporate donors’ Twitter and Facebook accounts, and share what UNC students are excited about and what socially innovative ideas they are generating. This is a low cost, engaging, and unique tactic that can create a point of entry for all target segments.

SOCIAL MEDIA While CUBE utilizes social media, it suffers from inconsistent visuals and messaging. All of its social media pages are under different names, which creates confusion and low recognition among audiences. This also weakens the brand’s identity. Social media is a low cost and easy-to-use platform to reach CUBE’s target audiences. If used strategically, it can create some powerful conversations and connections.

THE MARKETPLACE Solving the world’s greatest problems in the political and economic climate requires a generation of new leaders to take entrepreneurial approaches to social change. A university and it’s students provide the perfect opportunity to face this challenge. Our guerilla marketing tactics, coupled with social media, will not only help educate the university community on social entrepreneurship, but will entice people to get involved with CUBE. In addition to traditional efforts, such as print advertising and TV spots, we will take advantage of the rising trend in online donation pages to help reach CUBE’s funding goals. Quarterly seminars held across the East Coast will showcase CUBE and its winners to entrepreneurial and institutional leaders in an attempt to cultivate business partnerships and funding opportunities. It will be a challenging but rewarding journey that will build lasting relationships with our key demographics. Even more importantly, it is an opportunity for us to help the Campus Y develop CUBE into a distinct and reputable brand with a strong identity

UNC is a leader who has capitalized on this thirst and desire to make a difference. University leadership has made innovation and entrepreneurship a top priority for UNC’s campus. This is evident through a variety of initiatives, ranging from the Entrepreneurship minor at the College of Arts and Sciences to the Carolina Challenge Competition. In 2012 Entrepreneur magazine and The Princeton Review ranked UNC 9th among undergraduates and 12th among graduates for “Best Schools for Entrepreneurs.” As with any initiative, CUBE requires consistent monetary support. Acquiring this funding is possible, and the growth of online donations presents a low barrier point of entry. This opportunity must be accompanied by establishing the CUBE brand as a unique resource through differentiation

We propose you update the Facebook and Twitter pages with the CUBE brand identity. Both of these pages require engaging and consistent posts. We also recommend creating a LinkedIn and Instagram account. Instagram is an easy and affordable way to keep the public updated on winners’ projects. LinkedIn is a effective resource that can help students network and connect with professionals.

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Y MOTION MESSAGING CUBE is more than just seed money, mentoring, time and space to work. It is an experience that focuses on pushing ideas past conceptualization and moving them forward into execution. The Y Motion campaign is a singular campaign that has unique elements crafted against different audiences. • Lets STUDENTS know that there’s a place to start and build a social venture • Connects with ALUMNI allegiances so they can help give other students a chance to push ideas into motion • Lets CORPORATIONS know they can fuel real-world innovation by partnering with students • Shows INSTITUTIONS they can fund ideas that create change-agents, and that these ideas can and will be implemented.

Mathilde Verdier 180A E. Cameron Avenue YMCA Building University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Chapel Hill NC 27599-5115

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