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Why Databases Marketing Fail Mistakes that will ruin your email markeiting and how to overcome them! JD Edwards User list

Top goal of database marketing:

•Improved customer retention •Cross-selling opportunities •Upselling and reactivation •Increased customer acquisition Why does marketers fail to achieve these simple goals from database marketing.


Failure # 1: Lack of a Marketing Strategy

 No clear plan to action  Haphazard strategies with no concrete conversion goals/metrics  More impetus on traditional marketing


Failure # 2: Lack of prospects in your database

 Less number of prospect in opt-in data  Incomplete or incorrect data  Lack of proper planning to acquire permission data  Failure to update data with active information


Failure # 3: Treating all customers alike

 No differential treatment of customers  Lack of knowledge on customer segemtation  Sending generic offers


Failure # 4: Lack of retention strategies

 Building a database is easy  Making money with a database is hard  Most people don’t know that


Failure # 5: Lack of campaign tracking and testing

 No training in email tracking  Failure to test email campaigns  Not tracking( open, CTRs, etc)  Dull email subject lines  Too many spam complaints


How to develop an effective strategy:  Collect opt-in data from websites, and from all customer touch-points  Acquire multi-media contact information (email, fax, direct mailing address, phone)  Segment customer data on the basis of best customer profile  Test email campaign before sending


Examples of effective marketing strategies

 Get active with user Groups  Send relevant newsletters  Send surveys and feedback form  Send campaign for rentention & Loyalty Programs  Send loyalty offers for best customers


What customers expect from you?

 Quality of customer service  Increase ROI with product implementation  Benefit oriented Information  Convenience and ease in business  Helpfulness and quick support


How to build lasting relationship through database marketing

 Acquire and communicate with customers  Add new prospect data from all customer interactions - Surveys, conferences, Promotion history, Transaction history Acquire data from trusted vendors Update data at regular intervals Use latest media to communicate and get active through social networking


Thank You Presentor: PJ Moris jd Edwards user List

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