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Swiss Design Standards Brief

Swiss Graphic Design Standards

Schweizer Grafik Normen

Max Gregory

Range of posters exploring the term

Create a series of posters exploring the term


Mandatory requirements



‘standards’ within Swiss design typographi-

‘standards’ within Swiss design. This should be in

A specific theme for each poster in the series

Posters need to be interesting and ideally will act

Series of posters (weekly)

Level 6

cally, bound to make a publication.

both the content and the process by which they

will come from research into Swiss design. This

as an exercise in improving my ability to present &

Bound to make publication

are produced. Making use specifically of the grid

should also inform & be informed by my disserta-

layout information in a manner that will inform

and standard formats throughout. The challenge

tion research based upon standardisation within

my practice.

here will be to keep the series interesting and

Swiss modernist graphic design. The posters should

original whilst working to set formats.

be informative and act as an exercise in layout of


information informed by Swiss design.

Swiss Design Standards Posters

Max Gregory

10 double-sided posters

Body Copy


3 x A2

Series of ten posters based on standard practice

Posters are designed as double sided documents,

The majority of the information is set in Univers,

7 / 11pt leading

Level 6

5 x A3

of Swiss modernist designers. These are intended

with one side acting as an informational page that

a typeface that was designed as a result of Swiss

8 / 12pt


2 x A4

as an exercise in layout and presentation of

reads like the pages of a book. When the poster is

modernist design. Some sections are set in

(format dependant)

information aswell as informing my own knowledge

flipped there is a poster based on the theme of the

Akzidenz-Grotesk, Futura, and Helvetica, where


on the practice of Swiss designers for my

previous page.

relevant. All typefaces synonymous with Swiss

14 / 20pt

graphic design.

20 / 24pt


Swiss Design Standards Book

Max Gregory

10 Posters


Stitch Bound

The ten posters are then loosely stitch bound so as

The pictures above show the book being unbound,

Level 6

A5 format Book

to be seen as a coherent whole with the possibility

it allows the book to be very simply taken apart by


Pages vary in format

of being sold as a book rather than as ten separate

cutting one of the bindings revealing the posters

Black and white

posters. The double sided nature of the posters

inside the pages.

& Full colour digital print

means that it will read like a book on one side then

(dependant on stock choice)

act as posters when unbound.

Swiss Standards submission boards  
Swiss Standards submission boards  

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