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PJ Mechanical NYC

PJ Mechanical NYC - Delivers Unparalleled Services To Many High Profile Clients PJ Mechanical NYC is a reputed company which was founded in 1971. Peter J. Pappas Sr. is the honorable chairman of the company. The company has developed comprehensive techniques and strives to meet the specific project needs and challenges associated with complicated and huge building retrofits. The company delivers unparalleled services to many high profile clients and projects including telecommunication centers, trading centers, fuel oil systems, restaurants, executive offices, industrial compound, hospitals and institutional compounds.

PJ Mechanical NYC Provides In-House Training Program To Its Associates The company has developed an in-house training program which covers each and every aspect of work related to HVAC like technical operations, installation, construction procedures and more. This in-house program is for the associates of the company. The company trains its employees and struggles hard to remain the best in the industry. It conducts seminars to inculcate project management skills. The company also facilitates its clients with preventive maintenance programs.

PJ Mechanical NYC- Has A Team Of Highly Skilled Staff And Supervisory Technicians PJ Mechanical NYC undertakes numerous business projects ranging from small to big, corporate to retail, institutional to technological. The company has a highly skilled staff and supervisory technicians which are available round the clock and ensure proper services to its clients. Company’s trained technician services even the most critical area like clean rooms, data centers, computer room, trading floors, etc. The company has a fleet of more than 80 highly equipped vans.

PJ Mechanical NYC - Uses Fully Developed CAD Systems PJ Mechanical NYC uses state-of-the-art, fully developed CAD systems. It has on-site service departments which create architectural designs and HVAC control system designs. The company is known for installing control systems to automate HVAC systems of the buildings and also maximizing safety & comfort. The company even provides thermal insulation for sheet metal, pumps & piping applications. It uses top-grade fiberglass for insulation that results in most economical and reliable protection of HVAC equipment. It also helps in minimizing leakage and energy waste. PJ Mechanical NYC strives to make the buildings energy efficient and comfortable. For more detailed information regarding the services offered by the firm, do not hesitate to browse through

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P J Mechanical NYC  

Pjmechanical NYC is a reputed company which was founded in 1971. Peter J. Pappas Sr. is the honorable chairman of the company. The company h...

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