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PJ Mechanical NYC

PJ Mechanical NYC Worked On Numerous High Profile Projects 

PJ Mechanical NYC is a prominent mechanical contractor based in New York City.

The company has been serving New York real estate industry for over 4 decades. 

It provides construction, installation, maintenance and service of HVAC systems.

It also assists in modifying the existing structures.

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The company focuses on energy efficient HVAC operation. Over the years, the company has added many high profile clients to its list. PJ Mechanical, founded by Peter J Pappas, is a NYC based reputed HVAC mechanical contractor.

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It has maintained a reputation for providing excellent quality air conditioning and heating systems for new construction.

PJ Mechanical NYC offers services for renovating existing structures PJ Mechanical NYC delivers sophisticated heating and air conditioning systems. It ensures premium quality services to its clients. The services provided are exceedingly efficient & eco-friendly.  The company has a team of highly experienced in-house insulation experts who take care of the inspection work.  They also ensure proper operation of ductwork, HVAC units and pumps. 

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PJ Mechanical in NYC has recently worked on a multi- million dollar renovation project of 6th Avenue offices of Hess Corporation.

This project entailed interior work on three floors of building, and the installation of 306-ton secondary chilled water system, a heat exchanger, a pumping system, and DDC controls. ď ľ

PJ Mechanical - Offers Energy Efficient HVAC Engineering & Service

The company provides one of the finest airconditioning installation & services. It meets all the air conditioning & heating requirements of its clients. It specializes in construction retrofits, new construction, renovation and alteration of pre-existing air conditioning systems. It also provides insulation for piping applications & sheet metal.  PJ Mechanical NYC has been working on numerous high profile projects like executive offices, hospitals, restaurants, fuel oil systems, telecommunication centers & industrial buildings.  To know more about the company, please browse through . 

About PJ Mechanical PJ Mechanical is a well-established NYC HVAC Mechanical contractor that provides service for a long list of clients in the area. The company specializes in engineering & installing advanced airconditioning and heating systems, especially in Manhattan high-rise office towers. ď ľ

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These sophisticated systems include the latest digital control systems for monitoring the energy consumption & ensuring eco-friendly operations.

Over the years, the company has made its mark in the renovation of existing structures and new construction. It has also received LEED Silver Certification and Gold Certification for its commitment to energy-efficiency. 

Some recent projects by PJ Mechanical includes Madison Square Garden renovation, Carnegie Tower, One WTC, International GEM Towner, CUNY, Cornel Medical Center, Wilma’s Hale, United Nations and more.

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P J Mechanical NYC  

PJ Mechanical NYC is a prominent mechanical contractor based in New York CityThe company has been serving New York real estate industry for...

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