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PJ Mechanical

A NYC Based Leading HVAC Mechanical Contractor

PJ Mechanical Is A NYC Based Leading HVAC Mechanical Contractor Founded in 1971, by Peter J Pappas, PJ Mechanical is a NYC based leading HVAC mechanical contractor. 

The company specializes in providing high quality air conditioning and heating systems for new construction and overseeing the renovation and modification of existing systems. 

It engineers and installs highly advanced, sophisticated air conditioning and heating systems, particularly in Manhattan high-rise office towers. 

The systems offered by the firm are packed with the most upto-date digital control systems that monitor energy consumption and ensure the most eco-friendly operation possible. 

Worked On A Wide Range Of Projects Since inception, the company has worked on a large number of major HVAC projects in New York including The New York Times Building, the Bank of America Tower, Lincoln Center, Yankee Stadium, and Citi Field, Cambridge University Press, The Museum of Modern Art.

Received LEED Silver Certification PJ Mechanical NYC has gained recognition for renovating existing structures as well as new construction, while always focusing on energy-efficient HVAC operation. 

Owing to the current level of interest in sustainability and the acute awareness of global energy limits, the company has been able to evolve into a leader in designing as well as engineering Green projects. 

It has obtained LEED Silver Certification and Gold Certification for its energy efficiency. 

Implemented Cutting Edge Technologies At Gotham Center Project Recently, PJ Mechanical NYC implemented state-of-art Green Technologies at the Gotham Center project, which is a 21-story office tower in Long Island City. 

This project will receive LEED certificates for the interior work as well as the work on its core and shell. 

Apart from this, at the new World Trade Center site, P J Mechanical also met LEED standards in a data center project for Moody’s Corporation. 

Has A Team Of In-House Insulation Experts Besides using highly advanced CAD systems to design and engineer HVAC systems, PJ Mechanical NYC has employed a team of its own in-house insulation experts. 

These professionals offer efficient services to ensure that all ductwork, pumps, and HVAC units are properly insulated with top-grade fiberglass material. 

The firm has thus, become highly popular for providing the highest quality energy efficient HVAC engineering, installation, and service. 

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Website: Call us today : (212)2432555

Address: 135 West 18th Street, New York, NY Zip :10011

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PJ Mechanical NYC  

PJ Mechanical was founded in 1971 by Peter J. Pappas. It is a prominent engineering firm that specializes in installing HVAC systems in newl...

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