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It can be quite hard to figure out how to properly balance your personal life and your family life. It is also hard to learn how to deal with the fact that, as a single parent, when you go on a date. You not only have to figure out what your feelings are about your date, you need to try to figure out how your kids might feel about your date, should the relationship progress. Dating is not just about you anymore, it is about your kids and their feelings as well! Thankfully you can find single parent dating tips and advice on what to do about your dating life in this article! It is important that you not force your kids to watch you be a casual dater. Don't bring your dates home until you are sure that there is potential for a long term relationship with the person that you are seeing. Bring dates home too early is stressful for everyone: you, your kids and the people you date! Trying to force everyone together before there is hope for a future is a good way to invite disaster and to destroy your kids' secure feelings about their current situation. Take dating slowly. You might be tempted to jump head first into a serious relationship but it is important that you and your date take time to get to know each other before delving into devoted and serious relationship territory. It is not a good idea to get attached (or to let your kids get attached) until everyone knows that the relationship is actually going to go somewhere and is not temporary. This is something that many dating tips for single parents articles say but that few people looking for single parent advice on dating pay attention to. Be honest with your date and your kids. Make sure your kids know that you are dating but that you won't force them to meet anyone until you are sure that you trust the person enough to introduce everyone. Make sure your date knows that you are a single parent and make sure that your date understands that your kids will always come first. Do not pretend to be more available or casual than you are. Gird your loins because even if you are head over heels for someone and you are positive that there is potential for a long term serious relationship with someone you are dating, there is still going to be some resentment from both parties. Your kids will probably resent your date initially for stepping on the toes of their other parent or for disrupting the balance that you and they have worked hard to develop. Your date might be resentful that your kids' opinions and feelings matter more than his/hers do. Good luck! Remember, it is possible to date as a single parent. Keep these dating tips for single parents in mind and you should be just fine!

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==== ==== Discover how to be a Great Date with these Fantastic Tips! more... ==== ====

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