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==== ==== The Magic of Herb Garden Plants, Great Tips and Advice. ==== ====

Herb garden plants are probably one of the more useful plants a gardener can grow in his or her garden. Whether indoor or outdoor, herbs are relatively easy to raise, if one knows how. There are many types of herb garden plants to consider if one wants to get into herb gardening. Each type has their own special needs, some may be similar to each other, and others may be radically different. To maximize the chances for your herbs to flourish, one must read and learn all about the specific herbs he or she wishes to grow. The most basic classifications of herbs are annuals, perennials and biennials. Annuals, like basil, summer savory and cilantro will never survive in a frost. These type of herbs need to be planted via seed or sapling every year. Perennials on the other hand, like sage and winter savory are hardier to winter conditions and will return year after year. As for biennials, these plants first form their leaves in the first growing season, and in their second season, flowers and seeds, then wither and die. Biennial herbs should be planted directly into the garden during late spring. To prepare the soil for biennial herb garden plants, you should first work the soil into a fine texture and wet it slightly. Place the seeds in shallow rows then pat the soil solid on top of them. Some of the more fine seeds can be planted in a soil mixture of sand to help them spread more evenly. During germination, it is recommended to cover the bed with a wet burlap bag or paper bag to keep the soil moist. Types of biennial herbs include parsley, angelica and caraway. Another categorization of herb garden plants is how they are used. Probably the most useful types of herb garden plants are culinary herbs. As the name implies, these herbs are used for cooking and these include thyme, basil, sage, savory and marjoram. These herbs are known for their strong flavors. Parsley, however, is more commonly used as a garnish for dishes. Then there are the aromatic herbs. Known for the pleasant smell of their flowers and leaves, aromatic herbs are used in toilet water, perfumes, colognes and their various scents. These types include loyage, mint and rosemary. These can also be used to scent clothing and linens, as well as dried up and made into potpourri. Lavender and lemon verbenas are great herbs to use for potpourri. Then there are the herbs used for medicinal purposes.

Believed for many centuries for their healing properties, the present knowledge of their medicinal properties are mostly overrated, though some are indeed effective, so it is best to use extreme caution when attempting to use these herbs to heal the sick. Some can be dangerous to eat so it is best to consult a doctor first. Herb garden plants are not all just used for cooking, scenting and as medicine, some herbs are also used for their aesthetic qualities. Called ornamental herbs, these usually have bright colored foliage and flowers, with many having whitish or lightly colored flowers like valerian, with crimson blossoms, and borage and chicory, which blossom beautiful blue flowers. Given these categories, some herbs are not restricted to their classifications since some have multiple uses. One example is mint, which not only is used for cooking, but is effective as well for pest control. Whatever herb you decide to use for herb gardening, you will find that these plants are one of the more useful plants you will raise. Choose which type of herb you most likely will be using, and learn how they are taken care of. Herb garden plants are one of the more fulfilling plants a gardener can grow.

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==== ==== The Magic of Herb Garden Plants, Great Tips and Advice. ==== ====

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