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Expected Completion: Summer 2015

Specialty Care and Outpatient Facility 130,000 SF Budget: $49mm

I worked on the design team for this project, in additon to schematic, design development and construction document phases of the project. The façade is comprised of a curtain wall with varied colored glass and fritted panels that create a pleasing and calming effect for the users as they enter the building. The interior lobby and waiting area contains “pods” for both children’s play zones and interior plantings. The design intent is to create an environment that makes hospital visits a more welcoming and comfortable environment, and to ease the minds of the patients, their parents and the hospital staff.


With Steven Guerrisi

5,000 SF


4 weeks

July 2012

Located within an established artists’ community in TriBeCa, New York City, the LinkSpace Hotel offers artists, musicians, dancers and meditators an opportunity to collaborate by way of a unique social networking system integrated into the design of the hotel. The users have a choice between using the system to share their workspaces with those who have a similar interest within their creative medium, or by changing their privacy settings to use the workspace privately to concentrate or meditate in solitude. The interface and spaces are designed to accommodate the possibility of guests exchanging and developing ideas with those they have never met, breaking down the typical social barriers of a hotel, creating a realm of unexpected encounters and ventures.

Levels 7 - 8 Private rooms Meditation

Levels 3 - 6 Art gallery Auditorium Group rooms Workspaces Hotel rooms




Levels 1 - 2 Lobby Library Restaurant Exercise rooms


1 Entrance | 2 Check-in desk | 3 Guests’ networking system | 4 Elevators



ARCH ARCH 701 701 || Critic: Critic: Matthias Matthias Hollwich Hollwich || Fall Fall 2011 2011 || Semester Semester || With With Laura Laura Sussman Sussman

Skypath is aaStudio hybridized transit hub, sports sports complex andLaura livingSussman space.ARCH A functional functional logic is embedded within the 2011 design| that that brings| With programs together ARCH Critic: Matthias Hollwich Fall701 Semester 2011 | logic Critic:is Matthias Hollwich | Fall Semester Lauratogether Sussman JERSEY CITY, NJWith Skypath701 is hybridized transit hub, complex and living space. A embedded within the design brings programs through clear, clear, incised incised circulation. circulation. The The train train station station is is no no longer longer aa means means to to an an end, end, but but the the beginning beginning of of aa sequence sequence of of streamlined streamlined engagement engagement with with through Skypath isisaahybridized hybridizedtransit transit sports complex and space. living space. A functional logic is embedded the itdesign bringstogether programs together Skypath hub,hub, sports complex and living A functional logic is embedded within the within design and bringsthat programs through clear, the building. building. A A tennis tennis stadium stadium and and rooftop rooftop skating skating rink rink are are infused infused into into the the residential residential program program to to activate activate aa latent latent public public life life in in Journal Journal Square. Square. the throughcirculation. clear, incised circulation. train station a means to an end, but the beginning of a engagement sequence ofwith streamlined engagement with incised The train station isThe no longer a meansistonoanlonger end, but the beginning of a sequence of streamlined the building. A tennis stadium the rooftop building. A tennis andinto rooftop skatingprogram rink aretoinfused the public residential program to activate a latent public life in Journal Square. and skating rink stadium are infused the residential activateinto a latent life in Journal Square.

Retail Retail Retail Apts. Apts. Apts.

Retail Retail Retail Entry Entry Retail Retail Entry Retail

To To Newark Newark To Newark

Skating Rink Rink Skating Skating Rink

Journal Square Square Journal PATH PATH Station Station Journal Square PATH Station To To New New York York City City Responsive facade facade system system Responsive Responsive facade system

To New York City

South Tower Tower South Apartments Apartments South Tower Central Tower Central Tower Apartments Apartments Apartments Central Tower Apartments Summits Ave Ave Summits Bridge Bridge Summits Ave Railroad Railroad Bridge Tracks Tracks Railroad Tracks

North North Tower Tower Apartments Apartments North Tower Covered Covered Seating Seating Apartments Seating Seating Covered Seating Tennis Tennis Stadium Stadium Seating Resident Resident Courtyard Courtyard Tennis Stadium Resident Courtyard Westbound Westbound Rail Rail Station Station Westbound Rail Station

Patrick J Corrigan  

Design Sheets

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