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The Advantages Of Cubic Zirconia Once you have found the love of your life, you will need to consider purchasing a ring. Even though a diamond ring is beautiful, it's also extremely expensive. You might want to consider a cubic zirconia wedding band if you're trying to save a little money but still purchase a shiny stone. The synthetic rock will be the next best thing to the actual diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald, and more. That’s why cubic zirconia has become the most common alternative to authentic stones, particularly for wedding sets. For the best wedding set, try these tips. You'll want to approve on the way the whole set looks with each other, in regards to the rings and the stones. The wedding and engagement rings should fit together without having any gaps in between the two. You have a choice of getting a straight or curved wedding band. For those who have an engagement ring with an elevated stone, a curved wedding band will fit around the engagement ring’s setting. Should you go with another kind of setting, a straight band may work better. Having a straight band, the two rings fit together nicely, but they can also be worn separately. You'll want to look at the four C's before you purchase a diamond, which are the cut, clarity, color and carat, even if you are looking at a cubic zirconia stone. You can find a cubic zirconia in several unique cuts or you may like more traditional cuts, such as a round or princess cut. The more traditional cuts may be a bit cheaper than the signature cuts. Sometimes it’s easier to select a smaller stone. Cubic zirconia tends to scratch easier than diamonds considering that it is a bit softer than a diamond. To prevent this, pick a smaller stone so the scratches aren’t as visible. Or, invest in a diamond and embellish your band with tiny cubic zirconia stones. Most brides opt to have the whole set made from the same kind of metal. But there are some brides that like the design of the wedding band and engagement band being made from varying metals. The most common is mixing white and yellow gold. Silver costs less but requires more polishing and cleaning. Nevertheless, silver is still quite popular with brides that want to get a more modern look. Titanium is ideal for a long-lasting, stronger ring. Although titanium requires less upkeep, it’s almost impossible to resize. For your stone setting, you can go with a prong setting, a tension setting, or a bezel setting. The prong setting, which is the most popular engagement ring setting, is an elegant choice. A prong setting simply means that the stone is raised above the band, held by four delicate prongs. A tension setting is the perfect choice for genuine diamond settings instead of cubic zirconia. With a tension setting, the stone is held between the metal in the ring. This really doesn't work with the cubic zirconia because the stone is softer and cannot handle the pressure the two metal parts placed on it. Bezel settings, however, work well for cubic zirconia rings. The stone actually sits in the metal ring in a bezel setting. The stone doesn’t stick out from the ring. Because the stone is nestled so closely to the band, sometimes the color of the stone blends with the hue of the ring. For that reason, you need to steer clear of bezel settings if you’re buying a lucid stone that imitates a diamond. The bezel setting is more ideal for colored stones like rubies, sapphires or emeralds. When shopping for a wedding set, investing in a cubic zirconia set may be the most effective way DeGrado, Inc.

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The Advantages Of Cubic Zirconia to go. You'll be able to put all that money you saved on the rings towards a specific thing you wanted in your perfect wedding. You can save thousands of dollars purchasing cubic zirconia wedding sets as opposed to diamonds when you shop at Orleans Counterfeit Diamonds. For additional details on Orleans Counterfeit Diamonds, see their website at

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The Advantages Of Cubic Zirconia  

You can save thousands of dollars purchasing cubic zirconia wedding sets as opposed to diamonds when you shop at Orleans Counterfeit Diamond...

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