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Jells Park to Bayswater Oval (Section 1 - 15km)


Depart Jells Park – standing 20m below the Jells Park café and facing the lake, take the path that heads left. Follow the path as it descends gently, swinging around to the right - pass a connecting track on the left. Continue straight ahead, passing a connecting track from the right. Cross the bridge and follow the gravel path for around 1km until you come to a covered information shelter on the right of the path. 5. At this shelter take the left path – follow the sign to Shepherds Bush. 6. At the exit gate take the footpath on the right and follow for 20m (pass the Parks Victoria driveway on the right) – go through the gate and follow the Dandenong Creek Trail. 7. Pass playing fields on your left and car parks on the right. 8. Head down the path that leads to the underpass - continue through the underpass. 9. Continue following the gravel road – cross the road and head up to the gate. 10. After entering the gate, head right on the gravel path and follow it for around 2kms as it climbs and then descends down to Burwood Highway crossing. 11. At Burwood Highway head straight across at the lights, then head right following the footpath. 12. Enter and follow the boardwalk to its end. 13. 100m after the end of the boardwalk – take the gravel path to the right. Head left when you come to a concrete path – you will come to a sign that informs you that you are traveling along the Eastlink Trail (Dandenong Creek Trail). 14. Keep following the Eastlink Trail – do not make any turns off the concrete trail.

Maps used by permission and coutesy of Melways (Ausway Publishing)

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15km 600m

Ferny Creek Reserve

500m 400m 300m 200m 100m

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Bayswater Oval


35km to FINISH

24km 38km 50km

Doongalla Homestead

Ferntree Gully Picnic Ground

26km to FINISH 12km to FINISH

Mapbook - Go the Extra Mile Melbourne 2012  

Mapbook for Go the Extra Mile 50km Walk. Melbourne 2012.

Mapbook - Go the Extra Mile Melbourne 2012  

Mapbook for Go the Extra Mile 50km Walk. Melbourne 2012.