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The OWL Group (“Owl”) has created a unique catalogue of capabilities to satisfy the requirements of individuals and corporations Worldwide. Rapidly changing demographic and political conditions demand consistently accurate intelligence, to ensure that protection operatives are able to effectively neutralise any potential threat towards the security of a client.

Owl Protection Operatives (“Agents”) are extensively trained, with the result that they are attentive, responsive and disciplined to use intuitive common sense in even the most demanding situations. All Agents are experts in the art of self-defence, armed and unarmed combat. A comprehensive range of services will be outlined in this brochure.

Intelligence led security is essential, to create a vital layer of protection for clients.

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CLOSE PROTECTION Whereas Close Protection is a paramount consideration, operatives cannot function in isolation. Owl supports its highly trained Agents through a sophisticated Hub Command centre, which constantly liaises with Police and other government departments, to ensure effective real time control and interaction. Reactivity alone is no longer sufficient. Crisis avoidance can only be managed through a combination of technology, experience and collaboration. Owl is unique in its ability to professionally discharge any client requirement, from an intimate domestic gathering through to politically charged assemblies.

CLOSE PROTECTION SERVICES INCLUDE: • Private residences, Business premises, Installations • Executive, employee / workforce protection • Overseas Armed close protection • Organisation / implementation of safe travel arrangements • Asset escorting and transportation • Armoured Vehicles and MPV’s • Intelligence and operational support • Domestic logistical support • Protection – front line journalists / location assignment film crews

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HUB COMMAND Our hub command personnel are individuals who have previous hands-on experience working for intelligence led security services. They have the intellect to recognise the importance of avoiding unnecessary risks and dangers for clients.

This is to ensure their previous experience is directly aligned with the services that Owl undertakes on behalf of clients. The hiring process is complex, to include extensive personality evaluation and psychometric testing.


It is essential that Owl representatives have an attitude and aptitude which directly corresponds with the ethos of the company.

Our Agents are hired from relevant specialist backgrounds, although they predominantly emanate from the highest levels within the British Armed forces.

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Owl has an intensive unarmed combat training programme to refresh agents involved in front-line security protection roles. This programme is recognised by experts Worldwide as the most effective method of training elite forces in the skills of armed and unarmed combat.

Security Escort Agents are increasingly used on prestigious yachts and cargo vessels, for instance as a deterrent to kidnap and piracy. Deployment of ex-Royal Marines is usual for this type of work.

SECURITY ESCORT AGENTS Security Escort Agents are typically used to escort valuable commodities, of whatever type, whether at home or overseas. Agents will secure the consignment and remain in place until delivery is executed.

These agents have attained experience at the highest levels, globally. Agents will remain with a vessel while at sea or, if a client requires, continue to be present for the purpose of close protection, onboard while docked, or on dry land.

Arrangements can be configured to suit either short or long term contracts. Agents can be rapidly dispatched to any location in the World.

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ELECTRONIC COUNTER MEASURES Technology is now very advanced. Regrettably, this accentuates the propensity for negative activity, such as hacking and other intrusions, which can cause damage to a business. There is therefore a need to protect data and other confidential / intellectual property. Sophisticated eaves-dropping is now commonplace, hence protective, remedial or forensic capabilities are fundamental. Owl is able to facilitate investigative and protective processes, sculpted to suit specific requirements.

SPECIALIST SECURITY CONSULTANCY & ADVISORY SERVICE Globalisation requires adaptability, to optimise productivity and profit. At Owl, we understand the implications of managing a geographically diverse business, and the challenges posed by different locations. Effective security measures are paramount, not least for the benefit of employees. Our expertise can enhance business continuity and strategic plans held in place by client companies. Our team will swiftly evaluate and recommend the necessary requirements to avert potential risks. Owl services are available either as a contract project, or on a medium to long term strategic basis.

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