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Lobethal Community Kindergarten Newsletter

Phone: 8389 6321 Fax: 8389 5153 Email: Term 2- Weeks 9-10, 2009 Issue 11, 2009

Diary Dates JUNE Week 9 Cornerstone College work experience placement Amy Norseworthy (Wed, Thurs, Fri) Fri.26th:* Transition visit Lobethal P.S 8.50-12.50

Week 10 Work experience placement-Kaitlyn Davey Tues 30th: **CENTRAL MARKET EXCURSION**

JULY Wed.1st: Graduation Ceremony for school Starters 10.30-11am Thurs.2nd: 12pm Dismissal & End of Term Clean up from 12.45-2.45pm Fri.3rd: Pre Entry meeting Girls Night @The Amberlight Tues.21st: Kindy Resumes– Term 3 7pm: Toolbox Parenting Workshops Information Evening @Kindy EARLY DISMISSAL-Last Day of term THURSDAY 2nd JULY- 12pm Please organise alternative care arrangements, We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

PLAYGROUP RESUMES ON FRIDAY, JULY 24th 9.30-11am (week 1)

Growing & Learning...TOGETHER

Dear Parents/ Caregivers, It is incredible to think that the end of term is just around the corner. We have had a busy and productive term full of deep learning and great fun. We have covered a large range of themes and topics, engaging children through following their interests and providing stimulating and challenging learning environments. Our learning committee have had their voices heard loud and clear! They have been instrumental in steering our learning program to places that we as educators would never have predicted. Our focus for the remainder of the term will be based on our up and coming Central Market excursion. We have slowly transformed areas of kindy into the Lobey kindy Foodland, the L.K post office and our most recently, the Lobethal Kindy Café. This comes about from our children going Masterchef mad! Over the last week, our children have had a ball cooking up a storm in our sandpit. Their creations began with sand, mud and bark chips and eventually transformed into the preparation of afternoon snack for actual human consumption. It was a fabulous and somewhat miraculous process! FAREWELL…. At the end of each term we sadly say goodbye to the children and families who are heading off to school to begin their exciting schooling careers. At the end of this term we say a fond farewell to: Lindsay Jenner, Matthew Anderson and Shakita Novia-Walsh. We will all miss you. Thanks for your on going support of our learning program. Lee, Margot, Janice, Kylie, Natalie and Korey

Hope to see you then!


12.45-2.45pm after early dismissal. Help us to sort, tidy and clean up after our busy and productive term. All help greatly appreciated!

We have had more confirmed cases of head lice at kindy. Please check your child’s hair thoroughly for head lice or eggs. If you find any evidence of head lice, please treat immediately, remembering to also remove all eggs with a fine toothed comb. Please consult your pharmacist for appropriate treatments and precautions. Please remember to re-treat all members of your family seven days after the initial treatment. If you require further information or advice please see or contact staff or your local pharmacist.

KINDY HOUSEKEEPING Please do NOT send nuts or foods which contain nuts to kindy as doing so may cause a life threatening reaction. We are also requesting that you do not send eggs or egg based foods to kindy also. Thank you for your understanding and support.

SPARE CLOTHES: Please ensure that you send a set of spare clothes whenever your child attends a kindy session. Kindy can be messy business and quite often a change of clothes is required. Please also ensure that you include a spare set of socks….especially in this chilly weather. Cold, wet feet are not much fun! FRUIT: Please ensure that you send a piece of fruit each day your child attends. We have found that we don’t have enough fruit to go around on some days. PLEASE make sure you send at least 1 piece.



Kindy Fees are essential to the general running and maintenance of our Kindergarten. The 2009 fee structure is as follows: • Pre-Entry- $20.00 per term • Sessional Kindergarten- $100.00 per term (Including lunch care) Please note that all fees are now past due.

HAND DISINFECTANT We have begun the practice of giving children Aqium hand disinfectant gel after they have eaten fruit. This is in response to a review regarding excessive paper towel and energy use. We are explicit with the procedures regarding application and will discontinue use if irritation occurs. Please see staff if you have any concerns/questions.

SWINE FLU UPDATE A Circular has been included in this newsletter. This letter dated 18th June is the fourth update and includes information about the reclassification of alerts and changes to isolation requirements.

U.V RATINGS In line with our updated Sunsmart policy, we are conducting daily U.V checks and displaying them on the entry whiteboard. Ratings above 3= sunscreen application required. Ratings 2 and below= no sunscreen required. Please remember to always send a NAMED hat to each session all year round.

OUT OF THE MOUTHS OF BABES Recently, Francesca’s Mum encouraged her to drink her water at dinner time, stating that it would be good for her kidneys. To this, Francesca replied words to the effect….“Mum if we have kidneys do you have adult knees?” Kid logic, It makes us laugh and also realise how hard their brains are working to make sense of our world!

As the end of term approaches, we are beginning the process of allocating sessions for term 3. As we are running close to capacity in all sessions, we don’t have lots of leeway to offer session swaps unless they are absolutely necessary. We are therefore asking that families contact Lee if you require to negotiate a session change. Otherwise, your child’s sessions will remain the same for term 3. Current Pre-Entry children’s allocations have all been received and catered for.

CENTRAL MARKET EXCURSION Due to an overwhelming response from Parents we have plenty of adult helpers for our market fact we have too many to fit on the bus! If you would like to attend (and provide supervisory duties) but would like to meet us there, please let staff know so we can start the process of group allocations. Please remember that consents and payment are due by this Thursday 25th June.

KINDY JUMPERS We have a limited number of new style kindy jumpers for sale in bright, vibrant colours. The new style jumpers do not have the waist band. They are on sale for $18 each. Be quick... limited stocks available! We also have some of the older style jumpers available in green, red and blue for $22 each.

GIRLS NIGHT @ THE AMBERLIGHT Lobethal Playgroup and Lobethal Kindy Mums are invited to come along to the Amberlight café for a relaxing child free girly evening of fun and chat. Come along by yourself or with a friend and have a coffee or glass of wine while you get to know other mums in our community. The theme for the evening will be CHOCOLATE with a screening of the movie Chocolat, a chocolate fountain, door prizes and a pamper goodie bag for each mum attending.

SMALL BOXES NEEDED DATE: Friday 3rd July TIME: 8pm til 10pm LOCATION: AMBERLIGHT CAFÉ –9 Main St Lobethal COST: $5 admission– covers coffee/tea/hot choc/nibbles/wine and unlimited access to the chocolate fountain! Purchase your ticket prior to or on the night. For more information or to purchase tickets call Lisa: 0438 280 634 or Narelle: 0418 290 229

Please send in small grocery boxes for construction. Our little engineers are just too creative and we can’t keep up with demand!

FAMILY PACKS Make sure you grab your family pack from kindy, it contains lots of goodies! See staff to grab your pack

PARENT HELP ROSTER Thanks so much to all of the wonderful parents who have volunteered to help out with this term’s help roster. We have published the allocated dates, so you don’t forget which date you have been rostered on to.

We still have a few spots left to fill. If you can help out on these dates, see Margot. Thanks again for supporting our kindy program.

Week Number



23rd June


30th June


THURSDAY 25th June


1st July

2nd July– 11.30 clean up

Alison Mason

Tif Fraser

Lobethal Kindy Newsletter 09-10-09  

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