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What is writing? Graphism of symbols that express meaning. “Words or speech, written or spoken, do not appear to play any part at all in the mechanism of my thought processes. The basic psychic elements of thoughts are certain signs and more or less clear pictures, which can be reproduced and combined „to order.‟ ”

Important because when we think of writing, we think of precisely this. Writing is a symbolic communication, visual/audio or even a feeling.

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I love you

I went to the library and took out this book. What interested me about it at first was the collage of black and white words that‟s structure changed so vastly on each page. It is a typographical journal of New York. The type reflects the busy city life and everything about it makes it feel chaotic; big, small, this way, that way, lost, cross-talk, CHAOS. It is a book that forms the map of a journey through New York. It is a visual representation of a mental and physical experience. What interests me is the „translation‟ of this experience. I then went onto the internet to see if I could find out anything else about this book. I was pleasantly surprised; this book was the starting point to creating the album art for the band Underworld‟s „Dubnobasswithmyheadman‟ in 1994. This is a very obvious way in which writing is used by graphic designers. This book was in fact created by 2 of TOMATO‟S designers. Using this as a starting point, I aim to show an exploration of what „writing‟ actually is. Just because writing may be evident in the process of the art, does not mean that it has to physically show itself in the end result.

What Is Writing Presentation  

This is a set of 5 images which show my journey of finding out what writing is.

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