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About Teen Goss Hi everyone, So this is the first publication of Teen Goss.It may not be the flashest, most popular or talked about mag out there but it’s all for you. Within these pagesI hope you can find entertainment through interviews with celebs, advice from peers, fashion and beauty, the list goes on. This is also a place where YOU can have your say and be noticed. If you have a question about ANYTHINGyou can contact me and it can be anonymously published in the subsequent issues. If you read a question and wish to ANSWERit just flick me an email with the question number followed by your answer and I will have all the answers sent back to the person with the original question. You can also send me poems, piecesof writing, stories anything and it may be published to the world for all our readers to see. You can choose for it to be anonymous or not Lastly the EYE.Now this mags trademark is The Eye, If you would like to be the cover artist of one of the magazines email me your artwork and you could feature front and centre! All that is required is that it is based on the eye‌


From the editor xx

Teen Goss 1  

First Installment of the Teen Goss publication

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