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Hello, Beautiful! ----------->><<----------Engagement is such an exciting time, full of big and fun decisions to make along the way. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, wedding planning can be a bit hectic and maybe even a little stressful, but I pride myself in helping all my clients through the planning process to make things easier on you both – after all, you should be enjoying this time! Much like selecting your color palette, cake flavor and flower types, choosing the right photographer is incredibly important. Think about it for a moment; you will spend your entire day alongside your photographer, so shouldn’t you choose someone that you can connect with? Trust is essential when it comes to selecting your vendors, and having that trust will allow you to open up and be yourselves. I want you to feel relaxed and free during your day, as it makes for the best portraits possible. I am a very easy-going and incredibly fun individual and I want that to shine through your images! I want you to be able to look through your photos and remember your day exactly how it was, because in the end, photos are the only thing you get to keep from your wedding day that will recap your event in its entirety. I am dedicated to covering every last possible detail – from your invites to the flowers, the venue to the guests, no stone is left unturned. I am confident that Pixels & Paint Photography is the right choice for your wedding day coverage. Together, we will create some photographic magic.



Meet Your Photographer

--------------->><<--------------I have been an artist almost my entire life….and I have my mother to thank for that. When I was very young she introduced me to arts and crafts; I learned how to bake, sew, scrapbook, knit, paint, draw, write and even play instruments (trumpet and French horn, if you’re curious). I have an absolutely insatiable drive to create. I began developing an interest in photography around the age of 10, and much like my other creative pursuits, I completely fell in love with the craft. I remember begging my parents before every family vacation to buy me a disposable camera (showing my age a little….) so I could shoot. Inevitably, they’d give in, and on the trips I would take pictures of nothing other than flowers and trees. Something about photographing nature resonated deeply with me and even though they didn’t understand why I photographed the flowers and trees, they knew that it was something I deeply enjoyed. As the years passed and I had gained more practice and better gear, I decided I should do something with this hobby. It was right around this time that I had met my now husband, Patrick. When we had started dating (circa 2012), I had expressed that I wanted to be a professional photographer, but that it was just a dream I had. Little did I know, he would be my biggest supporter and he was determined to turn those dreams into a reality. With a lot of coaxing and encouragement, I broke ground in wedding photography in 2013…..and the rest is history. I really began developing my photographic style, and I could tell pretty early on that a documentary and candid approach was exactly what I wanted. I want to convey emotion, action and depth in each and every one of my images. I want every single frame to tell a small story of its own and within that story, reflect the couple’s uniqueness, character and personality. In the editing process, I gravitate heavily towards a film emulating palette of tones, creating a vintage meets modern vibe. In addition to photography, I am an interior and graphic designer by day, mom to several cats and a dog, I enjoy video games, classic rock music, summer campfires, deep conversation, lots of cheese and endless amounts of scary movies.


“As soon as I met with Kayla, I knew I found the perfect person to capture our special day and she exceeded our expectations! Thank you so much for everything you have done for us! I can’t wait to have all of our future milestones be captured by you!”

Extras & Add-Ons

--------------->><<--------------ADDITIONAL HOURS Don’t see a package with the amount of hours you were looking for? No worries - additional hours can be added to perfectly customize your package for just $275 per additional hour.


ALBUMS 10x10 20 PAGES - $275 12x12 20 PAGES - $325 8 X 12 20 PAGES - $325 All albums are hardcover and custom made to order. They include your choice of bonded leather or linen covers.

PRINTS & CANVASES »» »» »» »» »» »»

5x7 - $8 8x10 - $15 11x14 - $25 16x10 - $55 24x30 - $75 24x36 - $100

There are many other sizes as well, please contact me for the full list! Canvases vary greatly in price depending on size and finish, please contact me for an exact price. 10

The Engagement Session



The most common question I get asked regarding engagement sessions is, “where would be a good place to shoot?” The reality is, I can’t answer that question….but you can. I want to shoot your session in a place that resonates with you; whether it’s the place of your first date, the place where he (or she) proposed, your favorite city street or area, or even in the comfort of your own home, I want to make it unique and personalized to your interests.

I always encourage my couples to schedule their engagement session with me as soon as possible! Your friends and family can’t wait to see pictures of you showing off your new ring, so doing the session shortly after keeps things fresh in everyone’s minds. It also allows you ample time to create and send out your save-the-dates!



Planning your engagement session styling helps ensure you both are looking your very best, and that translates into the images we will take! Remember, you get to keep these for a lifetime. Get your hair cut, get your makeup done, buy some new outfits, and men - make sure you shave! And don’t let the fun stop after the session; since you’re all dressed up, go on a fun date after! Make it a fun and memorable day!

Engagement sessions are very important to me, which is why they’re included at no cost in three of my four wedding packages. This allows me an opportunity to get to know you and your story in greater depth, so when the wedding rolls around, we’re already well acquainted. This will keep you both relaxed and more comfortable, making for better images.


Tried & True Tips

--------------->><<--------------FIRST LOOK


I am a huge fan of first looks. It is a very special and intimate moment for just you and your groom (and me, of course!) to be a part of. It allows you some time to laugh, cry and just be together for a moment before all the festivities begin. We would be out of sight of your guests and party and take a few portraits of you in that moment when you first see each other. It truly is a beautiful memory to keep and many brides often regret not doing it. I do hope you keep that in mind.

Something often overlooked, yet very important, are the little details. This is actually one of my very favorite aspects of wedding photography. Cuff links, jewelry (and its box!), hair pieces, your invitations and RSVP cards, flowers, socks and shoes, your letters to each other or even a cute hanger for your dress are good ideas of things to bring with you. Designating them all with one person helps keep things running smoothly. Those details are incredibly special and play a major role in shaping your overall day. I promise you will treasure those photographs for many years to come.

TIMELINE & SHOT LIST When planning your timeline for the day, its important to keep me informed of the tentative schedule and any changes. It ensures that your schedule allows enough time to have a perfect portrait session of the two of you and your bridal party, without being too pressed for time. I want you to feel relaxed and enjoy your day, without having to worry about scheduling. 4 weeks prior to your wedding, I will go over the timeline with you to make sure we are organized and ready to go. In terms of shot lists, I do not mind using a list for family formals (in fact, I encourage it), but for the rest of the day, I hope that you trust me, as a photographer, to capture those moments for you. If Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m constantly referring to a list, I will miss the most important moments.

SECOND PHOTOGRAPHER I always strongly urge couples to consider adding a second photographer to their packages. Having that extra set of eyes allows more moments to be captured, while I can focus on you and your groom. This of course means that you get much more images in your final gallery! All second shooters are people I know personally in the industry that I trust and that are of a comparable skillset. All images I receive from them are edited in my style to ensure consistency in your gallery.


â&#x20AC;&#x153;Kayla is the kindest and most professional photographer I have had the pleasure of working with! My wedding photos turned out fabulous. Not only are her photos of the utmost quality, she also makes sure you are completely comfortable.â&#x20AC;?

Light & Lenses --------------->><<--------------LIGHTING


Lighting is arguably one of the most important components in creating a great image. But sometimes, the sun doesn’t shine when or where we want, and when that happens, we need flash.

I actually love when people ask me this, because there’s no better way to show your preparedness than revealing your gear! I have always been and will always be a Nikon girl. So, here’s my list of what you’d find in my camera bag: »» Nikon D750 »» Nikon D600 »» 50mm f/1.8 lens »» 90mm f/2.8 macro lens »» 135mm f/2 lens »» 80-200mm f/2 lens »» 28-75mm f/2.8 lens »» 4 flashes »» 2-3 lightstands/tripods »» Lighting umbrellas »» Prism (for creative imagery) »» 15 high capacity SD cards »» 5 fully-charged camera batteries »» Water bottles »» Snacks »» Professional Liability Insurance

Flash isn’t always just used to add or supplement light to an image, it can also be used for creative imagery. I almost always incorporate flash in one way or another, especially at a reception. When the dance floor is dark or the DJ is projecting those color light beams, I can correct it and balance it with flashes placed around the room on stands. They fire so quick, you don’t even notice them! Having a photographer who is experienced working in dynamic or dark venues and how to overcome lighting challenges is critical in your search. Take confidence in knowing that I can tackle virtually every scenario thrown my way.



--------------->><<--------------WHAT I’LL COVER


With me, literally no stone is left unturned. As a photographer and a former bride, I know all the details (small and large) that ultimately come together to create your special day. I love to photograph everything from the flowers out front, to you slipping into your gown, all the way to shots of you coming down the aisle, first dances, décor and those beautiful candid moments. It’s all about capturing the true essence of your special day, because after all, every wedding is incredibly unique. No two are alike!

I always suggest doing something relaxing while you’re getting your hair and makeup done, to try and unwind a bit and have fun. Listen to music, crack a joke, drink some water, or have a favorite movie playing in the background; just remember this is about you! Enjoy it! I also recommend creating a checklist of all the things you need to bring and make sure its all packed up the night before. That way, you don’t have to worry when you wake up on your wedding day! Get plenty of rest, stay hydrated and don’t forget to have some snacks!


Alas, this is my specialty. I am an Italian so let’s just say I have a voice that doesn’t go easily unnoticed! I will be sure to have your guests ready and organized by the time family formals are ready to be shot, to ensure efficiency in your timeline. Crowd control doesn’t end here; throughout the night I will do my best to ensure guests are not in the way of those most important moments.


As mentioned in previous pages, the little details are exponentially important in creating a unique gallery of images. Cultural items, “something borrowed something blue”, family heirlooms, jewelry, hair pieces, invites & RSVPs and a custom wooden hanger are some of the items you should consider bringing with you. Aside from this, water aspirin, snacks, feminine products, and a small sewing kit are other essential items I encourage brides to bring. You may not need them, but it’s always best to have them on hand in the event of an emergency.


The Couple’s Session


--------------->><<--------------BE YOURSELVES There’s nothing more endearing and emotive as being yourselves and feeling comfortable and confident in front of my lens. The more you allow yourselves to loosen up and feel relaxed, the better the outcome will be. I can take amazing portraits of people in any type of location, but the clients must meet me halfway in terms of expressing their true feelings for one another in front of the camera; don’t be stiff or shy, rather be free! I promise you’ll see that difference in your images. What a wonderful thing it is to look back at those pictures decades from now and see true genuine smiles and laughs, instead of rigid and forced posing. That’s what we want!

IT’S THE LITTLE THINGS If you’ve opted not to wear a veil, I would still consider bringing one with you for your portraits! Amazing things can be done with veils, and it will add a different dynamic and element to your gallery. If you don’t want a veil, that’s completely fine! You could just bring it for the portrait session if you’d like, but I assure you that veils photograph beautifully and the possibilities are quite endless.This isn’t just about veils, but other items, too! Think about bringing something special or unique to the two of you (maybe some flasks if you’re that kind of couple!) to incorporate into your portrait session. The options are nearly never-ending.

SCHEDULING & PLANNING As I mentioned on the previous pages, scheduling is one of the most critical aspects of planning a stress-free event. When doing so, keep in mind that it is ideal to have 45 minutes to an hour for your session! This maximizes the amount of images you get of just the two of you as well as your bridal party. It is very difficult to pull off a vast amount of pictures in a time frame less than 30 minutes; remember we do not want to rush! If you’re doing a first look, we can take a good portion of the portraits right then and there; leaving a much more relaxed timeline after your ceremony has ended. Consider in advance where you’d like to have photos taken if you want to go off-site; the better the schedule is planned, the better your bridal portrait session will be! I am always more than willing to help with the scheduling, so please feel free to reach out!


“My pictures turned out AMAZING & Kayla had so many great ideas. I couldn’t have imagined going through anybody else for pictures that will forever hold importance in my life. She is amazing at what she does and I will forever go through Pixels and Paint for all my photo needs! Thanks again for everything!”

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Kayla is an incredibly professional and talented photographer. She takes her business very seriously, and handles her clients with great professionalism and care. She loves what she does, and it shows through her work! She makes you feel extremely comfortable, has a great sense of humor, and takes beautiful photos.â&#x20AC;?

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Kayla and I talked a lot before the wedding about what kind of pictures we wanted. My husband and I wanted very clean and simple pictures and Kayla gave us exactly that. I highly recommend Kayla as a photographer for any occasion!â&#x20AC;?


--------------->><<--------------I so look forward to chatting with you, hearing your love story and capturing your beautiful day! Let’s get this party started - connect with me on social media, shoot me an email or give me a call!

Pixels & Paint Photography, LLC @pixelsandpaintphotography 313.618.4124



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