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Tank Cleaning

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We invite you to cooperate Due to the changing fuel formulas the need to remove sludge from tank interiors has become more and more necessary. Fuels with Ethanol blends can cause microbial contamination. Clogging filters, fuel contamination and slower pumping are the results of improperly maintained tanks resulting in costly down time and frequent filter changes. Utilizing our cleaning methods will significantly reduce your overall operating cost.



Microfiltration is a modern and environmentally friendly fuels cleaning service with solid contaminants, sludge and water. Devices used by Brustech remove dirt from 1 micron and 99.95% water. By purifying the fuel we restore its original parameters and thanks this, it is enable to reusing. Prior to cleaning, all remaining fuel is removed via vacuum truck. All drop tubes are removed and a suction hose connected to the vacuum truck is placed at the lower end of the tank. A Proprietary 3-D nozzle is then positioned to clean 360 degrees. This process is done through all the fill openings. A video inspection is then performed to ensure that tank meets or exceeds customer requirements. The fuel is then filtered back into the tank and returned to customer clean and prepared for filling.

With many years of experience and a wide range of filters and aggregates, we can offer you our services: 

Laboratory tests of fuel

Removal of particulate matter from the fuel

Removal of water from the fuel

Removal of bacteria and microbes from the fuel

Pumping off the fuel from the tank through the filters

Filling system for deep cleaning filter

Collection of samples for laboratory tests

Filtration inside of the tanks, pallet-type containers (Mauser type) or barrels Flushing of pipelines and - Installations

Applications biocides

Cleaning of tanks, cisterns, etc.



Mobile unit for filtration A set for filtration is a powerful mobile device for microfiltration and thorough cleaning of the fuel adapted to remove very small solid contaminants (> 1 micron), and to complete removal of the water. The filter unit may also be used for filtering hydraulic oil, gear, turbine, engine, coolant and oil emulsions and the machining oils.

The proposed solution Services and filtration systems that remove the sediment, water and solid contaminants from the fuel.

Necessary for: 

Our services include:

exhaust fumes power

generators Shippers and

A wide range of clean fuel (static and mobile)


Water detection and removal systems


Bacteria and germs removal

marine engines

Measurements of the state of

transport bases

pollution by the laser particle

petrol stations



Before filtration .

Laboratory tests of fuel

After filtration



A safety solution you can trust




MAKING THE IMPOSSIBLE, POSSIBLE Nitrogen foam has been used extensively on tanks, pipelines and process vessels for many years during maintenance and shutdown periods. By converting gaseous nitrogen into a high expansion foam and continuously injecting it into the system, any flammable vapours and oxygen are replaced by the nitrogen. This rapidly creates an inert and safe atmosphere, allowing maintenance works to be carried out on systems which would otherwise not be possible. Nitro-foam inerting is an innovative method developed for the inerting of fuel tanks in lieu of water filling. As petrol tanks must be made safe prior to opening them up, this method was designed to positively vent explosive vapours from the tanks in a controlled and safe manner. This type of inerting for underground petroleum tanks can be advantageous when rendering tanks safe for: 

Temporary inerting prior to cleaning and gas-freeing

Breaking down manhole chambers and exposure of tank tops

Removal of manlids and associated pipework

Creating foam filled tanks is cheaper than water filling and subsequent water disposal by tanker. The nitrogen filled bubbles force out fuel vapour and then dissolve away to virtually nothing. It also saves time, with only one operation instead of two, and avoids delays while waiting for tankers.


Clean tank, cleaner fuel



Our process of degassing & cleaning is the cleaning system capable of cleaning, degassing and removing 100% of residual fuel, dirt and sludge out of underground storage tanks. The powerful 360 degree rotary high-pressure jets blast away contaminates and breaks up dirt and sludge which allows for 100% removal of the contaminant-laden sludge into a solution which allows for complete liquid extraction and a thorough tank cleaning. Rotary impingement tank cleaning machines combine pressure and flow to create high impact cleaning jets. Cleaning occurs at the point in which the concentrated stream impacts the surface. It is this impact and the tangential force that radiates from that point which blasts contaminants from the surface, scouring the tank interior. In conjunction with this impact, the machine is engineered to rotate in a precise, repeatable and reliable, 360-degree pattern. This full-coverage, global indexing pattern ensures the entire tank interior is cleaned, every time.



Tank testing helps determine the integrity of your tank, and whether or not it’s safe to continue using. If the tank isn’t safe, Brustech can recommend repairs or remove the tank so it doesn’t cause any further damage to the building, soil and groundwater. Typically issues that arise after tank testing are related to the fill, vent, and supply piping. Corrosion to the threads of the piping, or loosening of the pipes over time, can produce a failed result during the test. Damaged sensors and gauges can also affect the test and need to be replaced.



Brustech offers our customers the laboratory testing of the fuel, after the microfiltration services. We also accept orders for testing before the service and checkups, enabling to continuously monitor of the fuel level. Each test is confirmed by a test report.

The tested parameters are: 

Impurity content by weight

Water content by the Karl Fisher method Sulfur content

Ignition temperature

The kinematic viscosity

Fractional composition

The density

The methyl ester content

The fatty acid content


Tank Cleaning

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