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Elmedistraal V may increase your quality of life and wellbeing – without pain or any side affects. A device for home use!

Elmedistraal is a Danish medico company specializing in development, production and sale of equipment for electromagnetic use. . The Elmedistraal method was invented by nuclear physicist Henning Rosengart in 1974 and is patented in Europe, USA and more. The company is today operated by his son, Kurt Rosengart. The head office of Elmedistraal is located in Hjørring, Denmark where all development går, isogcarried out by g takes place and all sales functions are directed. The production hvorfra salgsarbejdet ledes. Produktionen hossold underleverandører. subcontractors in Denmark. The devicesårare through a nationwide network of dealers, are always delivered by the company´s specially Apparaterne sælges via etbut landsdækkles landsdækkende net af forhandlere, men levs trainedaltid instructors in order to ensure aets af specialuddanne firmaets specialuddanne correct use and to achieve o optimal effect.

How Hvordanl? la does Elmedistraal work? The Elmedistraal-device works by using pulsating electrical impulses combined with a low frequency magnetic field. These two influences increase the ion movement in the molecules of the blood, which then supplies energy to the blood cells and reinforces the blood flow. This has a simultaneous cleansing effect on the blood vessels which increases the blood flow in the arms and legs and lessens the load on the heart. The Elmedistraal-method restores the blood vessels to their original elasticity and flexibility and thus has a positive effect on the circulation of the blood. Some users can, therefore, terminate their use of the device after 20 treatments, while others keep it maintained at intervals. The method is painless and with no side effects.

However, the device must not be used by pregnant women, patients with pace maker, dialysis patients or patients who have had heart surgery in the past six month. Angina pectoris does not prohibit use of the device.

Which problems can be treated? The Elmedistraal method works directly on the blood vessels and thus has a positive effect on circulatory problems. The Elmedistraal method improves blood circulation which is a prerequisite for most bodily functions. Following is a partial list of areas where Elmedistraal is effective in healing and creation of greater wellbeing: Muscular tension, sports injuries, bone fractures and wound healing.

”the method is effecting the deep-lying tissue”

Chief of Medicine Dr. Ernst Chr. Hansen of Copenhagen Municipal Hospital, Denmark has tested the Elmedistraal device through 8 years and found that the device has an effect on the following disorders: s s s s s s s s s s s

”Pins and needles” in feet and toes Restlees legs Leg pains and cramps Leg sores that will not heal Bone fractures that has difficulty healing Swollen legs and feet Muscular tension Hypertension Bruises Tennis elbow Headache

Elmedistraal V - the method that is painless and with no side effects.

Jørn Just was treated with Elmedistraal For many years Jørn Justs has suffered from severe hypertension, which is now under control after treatment with 4 medications. As an experiment, at the request of Jørn Justs, the medication physiotens was seponated, after which his blood pressure rose from 150/80 to 190/80. After starting the Elmedistraal procedure we observed a fall in blood pressure to 155/95, we then tried to seponate the medication carduran which resulted in a rise in blood pressure to 195/105. This increase could no be neutralized with the Elmedistraal, after which we had to resume the carduran treatment. This little experiment indicates that Elmedistraal has had a certain hypertension-reducing effect on jørn Just. Jørgen Schierup, General Practitioner in Vrensted, Denmark.

Hurrah - now I can sleep again My name is Eva Nielsen, I am a 48 year old Danish woman. Every day for the past 20 years I have suffered from headache upon awakening. For the past 10 years I have also suffered from twitching / restless legs - therefore, I have often had to sit up late into the night, as I could not settle down in my bed due to the pain. I noticed improvement already after the first time I tried the Elmedistraal-device, and after having used the Elmedistraal V. 20 times I now keep it maintained by using the device once or twice a week. Result: I can now sleep at night, I don´t have any more headache, I have much more energy and the everyday pain has gone. Best of all, there are no side effects.

Here is how to use the device Elmedistraal V has been developed for home use. The device is only to be used on the muscles in arms and legs. This is where blood vessels and nerve paths join together, and that is why the maximum effect is achieved in this way. The lenses and electrodes of the device must be positioned on either an arm or a leg for a period of 30 minutes. Using the Elmedistraal method has the greatest effect at the beginning of your day. The maximum effect is obtained by using it twice a day for five consecutive days folllowed by two days with no treatment and repeating this for four weeks. If there has only been minimal effect it is recommended to continue the process at least another four weeks. The effectiveness varies for each individual, and some people have no effect at all. Experience shows that approximately 60 - 80% og users achieve satisfactory results.

”Experience shows satisfactory results for approx. 60 - 80% of users.”

From ships, trains and planes to nuclear physics and hospital equipment Henning Rosengart was originally a college engineer at the B&W shipyard in Copenhagen, but he went to Sweden after the war to develop diesel locomotives. Here he also constructed the world´s first reaction engine which could get a plane to fly faster than sound. On his way to a presentation of the engine in Germany he was involved in a traffic accident which in valided him. During his convalescence Rosengart studied to become a civil ingineer in electronics and nuclear physics at Chalmers Technical College in Gothenburg, Sweden was where he also took a degree in medicine. Afterwards he was employed by the hospital service in Gothenburg and Bohus Län to develop and monitor various types of hospital equipment. It was another accident that lead Henning Rosengart to the invention of the Elmedistraal method

After a sailing trip he fell and was trapped between the boat and the quayside resulting in a complicated fracture in one of his legs. He suffered from continuous pain in his leg even after it had healed. Therefore, Rosengart started to develop a device that could make the blood circulate faster in a bad leg. His theory was that this could be done by influencing the electrically loaded particles of the blood using electromagnetism. The first clinical tests were carried out by royal medicus Percy Nordqvist at Vasa Hospital in Gothenburg, Sweden who treated eight patients who all suffered from such poor circulation in their legs that they were about to have them amputated. Seven of them were completely cure, while the eight was too badly affected and had to have the leg amputated. Henning Rosengart used the device himself and became completely free of pain.

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Elmedistraal V may increase your quality of life and wellbeing - without pain