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Features of PSD to HTML Theming PSD to HTML is all about converting the PSD based design into a markup language like HTML. Without this conversion a website can not be launched into a browser. There are a number of steps involved in PSD to HTML theming/conversion. It also offers a lot of benefits. It is really important to have a well structured and visually attractive website. A good PSD to HTML theming provides these features. It ensures that a website is compatible with the most basic as well as the latest search engines like all the versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera etc. PSD to CSS/HTML theming is a necessary aspect of a website development project. There is no dearth of companies offering PSD to HTML theming services. However, not all offer the good features. You need to select a company carefully.

To attract more visitors you need to have a well designed website which conveys correct information to the visitors. It should convey all the important information like exact processing time, precise package cost and trial period offers, if any, to the visitors clearly. Some of the basic features of PSD to XHTML/HTML theming are It is very important to have a W3C validated website. This ensures that your website adheres to the web standards and is free from all errors. This will prevent any glitches to occur.

Cross browser compatibility is another important factor. There is no point developing a website if it not accessible via different browsers. It should function equally well on different browsers like IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera etc. A good PSD to HTML service provider guarantees this for your website. It is also equally important to get a pixel perfect conversion. This ensures that your web pages appear pixel perfect across a variety of web browsers. Another important feature is the clean code structure. The coding and naming conventions should be well defined starting from the file names to the Ids used within CSS. As there are various standards used worldwide, this facilitates low maintenance cost in the long run. The code should be written in a manner that it conforms to various accessibility standards including WCAG and section 508. It is always better if a company provides XHTML template design and integration services with 3rd party web applications including PSD to WordPress, PSD to Magento, PSD to Joomla and more! The most important point is to design a website which is simple and user friendly. It is all about captivating the visitors with your site's well designed structure. By PixelCrayons:

Features of PSD to HTML Theming