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Twitter • With its popularity reaching sky high and user base creating a new milestone every month Twitter has become an ultimate marketing and promotional tool for business. Initially which was once started as a social networking platform has now become an unavoidable promotion practice. Companies have now started taking it seriously and made it as a part of their main stream marketing activity and putting some serious investments.

• With investments at such a high scale it really becomes necessary to follow and track the activities over this suddenly popped up social networking platform. • To help you in tracking and analyzing the activities over twitter below are some tools which will help you out.

1. Twitter Analyzer

• It shows you the break-up of your data over a chart helping you to analyze your tweets over the last month. • It also shares the number of tweets each day and on clicking the data point the panel shows you the tweet figures of that day.

It keeps track of your new + old tweets. Over time it becomes really difficult to track your tweets. So with the passage of time it automatically keeps your tweets in a self-labeled “Twitter + history”. • It is done by integrating with various calendar applications including Google Calendar, iCal, and any other applications that support webcal or iCalendar.

• A neat segmentation of all your tweets over the course of your twitter account. The segmentation of tweets is done according to day of week and time of day.


• It is similar to ‘Xefer’ just the representation is different and is in bar graphs. It tells about the who you’ve sent @replies to, who you’ve RT, and what API you are using, if any.

Twitter Counter

• Twitter Counter allows you to graph your followers, friends, and updates for three different time periods: the last week, the last month, and the last three months. It will also allow you to compare the stats for up to three users at a time.

Twitter Grader

• Twitter Grader is a tool put out by HubSpot and it attempts to measure the “power, reach, and authority of a Twitter account” based on the number of followers, the power of those follower, the number of updates, update recency, follower/following ratio and engagement.

Tweet MeMe

• Tweet Meme is the Digg of Twitter. It tracks the hottest content on the web measured by the number of RTs and it also categorizes the content according to subject.

Analyze Twitter Trends & Track Clicks  

To help you in tracking and analyzing the activities over twitter below are some tools which will help you out...

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