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Will & Claire We are happy to finally present our wedding to Acadiana. I hope that this destination event inspires you to reach for your dreams on your big day. The announcement is filled with special personal touches that made the day uniquely our own.

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& JULIANA Sullivan

APRIL 21, 2012

The Family and Bridal Party:

Juliana is the daughter of Rick and Connie Voth and the granddaughter of Welton and Bettye Seal, and Odell and Rita Voth. Shaun is the son of William and Linda Sullivan and the grandson of Patrick and Betty Matthews and William and Gertrude Sullivan. Caroline Johnson served as Matron of Honor. Juliana’s bridesmaids were Meaghan Sullivan-Haertel, Allison Brasil, Gretchen Feinberg, Lisanne Meiners, Rachel Harrison, Melinda Kraft, Abigail Feinberg, and Reneé Breaux. Patrick Sullivan served as Best Man. Shaun’s groomsmen were Garrett Haertal, Kelby Pedery-Edwards, Jeremy Moultrup, Matthew Morales, Kyle Matthews, Brett Cavanagh, Brian Miguel and Frank Schonig. Reilly Haertel and Alannah Haertel served as flower girls and Donnobhain Haertel and Evan Johnson served as ring bearers.

The Event:

The ceremony took place at The Voth Residence in Lafayette, Louisiana on the Vermillion River and was officiated by Reverend Father Ed Boyd. The bride was escorted by her father Rick Voth, as she carried a bouquet of white hydrangeas, antique white garden roses, stephanotis, ranunculus and lilies of the valley Following the ceremony, the reception was held at The Voth Residence in Lafayette, Louisiana as well. After a honeymoon to Tahiti, the couple will reside in Campbell, California.

Proposal Story:

Shaun proposed to me in Battery Park in New York City on October 18, 2010. We were on vacation visiting friends. We went for a walk in the park and were admiring the Statue of Liberty when he got down on one knee and popped the question! I was shocked!


Photographer: Jay Faugot Photography

THE faith based

MARRIAGE One way to establish an appreciation ritual would be to create a shared gratitude journal. Make a special outing to shop for a journal. I suggest that you pick one that is dated and has plenty

All relationships naturally have stressors,

of writing area for each day. Then make a commitment to each

and the wedding planning process only adds

other to fill its pages with words of thankfulness. It is important

to the chaos in our lives. This article aims to

that both of you contribute, so decide on a plan as to who writes

help you to take a step back and remember what you are really planning…a marriage. Ms. Marriage’s new article has some fantastic tips to help you in this process.

when. Now that you have your journal and commitment, it is time to start writing. There is no right or wrong way to compose your thankfulness. If your style is sentence after sentence, that is great. However, if you are a person of few words, that is equally as good. Just get your thoughts written down. Focus on the blessings in your married life like things that happen and things that you appreciate. Even the things that others do. Actively look for the good experiences about your day and your relationship

The Gratitude Journal

with your spouse. What makes your heart sing? Write it down!

Marriage satisfaction… all couples want it. Gratification within

an intimate understanding of each other. You will come to know

your relationship can be quite elusive, even for the couples you

what makes their happiness. In turn, this happiness knowledge

may envy the most. It is important for us to remember that our

will make you able to do affirmative things for the other. We can

marriages need constant attention and work, despite the times

more appropriately show our love by taking action and sacrificing

when it seems like everything is going smoothly. One essential way

for the other. Being loved in a marriage is knowing that we matter

to increase your marital satisfaction is to share in rituals. Creating

to our spouse. And giving your spouse something to be grateful

religious and holiday rituals with your spouse affirm and cement

for affirms your love.

In the end, knowing what your spouse thanks God for will lead to

a marriage. But developing everyday rituals is just as significant. I am talking about more than knowing who gets the shower first

Having a gratitude journal also provides a written account for

and which one of you makes the coffee. Meaningful daily rituals

married life’s blessings. Your marriage history will be remembered

that require some extra effort can illuminate the love your mate

in thankfulness. What an awesome way to remember times

has for you. Couples also learn how to develop a grateful heart


toward each other and God. Since every day is a gift from Him, it is only right to join your spouse daily to express gratitude for the

God has blessed you with a partner in marriage. He wants us to

many blessings our Creator has given to us. In fact, people who

love each other until the end of our time. Give thanks daily and

display an “attitude of gratitude” are generally happier in all areas

your love will be rewarded.

of their life, including their marriage. - Ms. Marriage


Avoid the endless bridal registry and get a gift that every girl is sure to love. Pre-purchase a wedding

announcement layout for your friends or loved ones online at

Gift certificates will be delivered to you by mail. Couples can redeem their announcement layout with Louisiana Register by contacting us and completing the submission form. We look forward to seeing your friends and family in print!


JUNE 09, 2012

Murphy MEET


The Family, Bridal Party & Event: Claire Elizabeth is the daughter of William and Pam Gremillion and the granddaughter of O.C. and Mona Guilliot and Edgar and Margaret Gremillion. Williams Sanders is the son of Williams S. Murphy Jr. and Sarah Brown Murphy and the grandson of Williams Sanders Murphy Sr. and Carol Nelson Murphy and Thomas K. and Norene Brown. Leah Domingues David served as Matron of Honor. Claire’s bridesmaids were Olivia Manceaux, Jewel Hicks and Landry Loving. Nathaniel Green served as Best Man. Williams’ groomsmen were James Green and Joseph Green. Noah Manceaux served as usher and Matthew Loving served as acolyte. Ellie Guilliot served as flower girl and Jacob Fitzpatrick served as ring bearer. The ceremony took place at Trinity Episcopal Church Pass in Christian, Mississippi and was officiated by Father Christopher Colby.

The bride was escorted by her father, William Gremillion, as she carried a bouquet of light green hydrangea accented with white gardenia, queen Anne’s lace and light blue irises. Following the ceremony, a reception was held at The Redding House in Biloxi, Mississippi. After their honeymoon in New Orleans, Louisiana the couple will reside in Youngsville, Louisiana

Photographer: J. Lang Photography

Heirlooms Head to Toe: It was my goal to focus our wedding around our family and those close to us. I was overjoyed to be able to incorporate my Godmother’s wedding shoes, a pendant made of lace from my grandmother’s wedding gown, and a blue gemstone my father bought me as a child into my wedding day ensemble.

A Custom Fit: After scouring the racks for bridesmaids dresses and making no progress, I hired a seamstress to custom design the bridal party attire. After hunting for fabric and trim, we arrived at a dress that was tailored to fit each girl perfectly. In the end, the final price was better than off-the-rack options!

Simply Homemade: Our best wedding gift, by far, was our unbelievable cake! Complete with pink champagne filling and fluffy white cake layers, it had the handmade details that kept the guests returning for another slice. The cake’s design and flavor spoke of our down home roots and was yet another example of our close ties to family and friends.

Multi-Purpose Memorabilia: I wanted to keep our wedding day memorabilia current in our home, so I decided to use a coffee table book for guests’ signatures. The book depicts plantation homes in Louisiana and Mississippi, much like the house our reception was held in.

More Than a Map: Inspired by a watercolor print in our home, we decided to map out the places most important to us right there on the grooms cake. The guests were thrilled to see our favorite locations and enjoy the chocolate and peanut butter creation.

Live Entertainment: Will’s most important element was undoubtedly music. We hand selected band members that could represent the best of Louisiana and Mississippi melodies. The reception truly came alive with our unique fiddle and guitar players!

Most Memorable Moment: That day is filled with memories that I will never forget. But what stands out the most are the moments I spent with all the people closest to my heart. Some images are frozen in time‌like my father and I joking around before walking into the church, holding my husband’s hand as our marriage was blessed by God, our spectacular first dance to Genesis played by Jamie Kelly and dancing with my grandmother like I did growing up. Looking back, I am so glad that I pre-planned ways to keep our wedding day relevant in our newlywed life. We are still surrounded by wedding day dÊcor and accent pieces like the coffee table sign-in book and some of our milk-glass vases. We even kept jars of collected rain water to baptize our future children with. These reminders have proven to be a great way to relive a little bit of the joy we experienced that day. But above all, I will remember the overwhelming feeling of happiness when I stepped away from my father and joined my husband at the altar. We each had tears in our eyes and smiles from ear to ear. It is a moment that will stay with us forever.

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