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Change is Inevitable. Growth is Not. Stagnation is not realistic. With the rate of change in today’s healthcare environment, not keeping pace means your market may leave you behind. To thrive, you need actionable data and insights to understand your market. That’s why we’ve created the Pivotal platform to transform the way you master plan. Organizations can now capitalize on market opportunities quickly and consistently using the unique combination of Optum data capabilities and Array technology.








Armed with this framework, your organization can: • Build an infrastructure to support comparative analysis: Visualize local market demand and supply data across care locations and stages of the continuum. • Collaborate in real time: Share studies and gather input virtually across the organization; optimize and index scenarios, studies, and financial models; perform industry and organizational benchmarking. • Reduce risk: Integrate market needs, financial constraints, and operational realities into one geospatial model that can run numerous scenarios. • Expand resources: Create capacity for implementing strategies that achieve business objectives.

Effective, efficient, and profitable growth is possible with Pivotal How do we provide high quality, cost-effective care while ensuring that our organization is sustainable well into the future? Pinpointing the best strategies requires first addressing the following:

Where are my practices located?

Who do I serve and what do

Where is my competition?

they need?

Instantly visualize the healthcare landscape

Build current views of the market rapidly

with Pivotal. The platform displays every

with Array population data and Optum

practice location and its affiliation across the

claims data. Easily evaluate your customers’

Unites States—including your competition.

need for services now and in the future.

How can I make top quality care

How do I stay competitive?


Now that you understand your market,

Evaluate individual location performance

consumers, and competitors, you can use

against system and national benchmarks

Pivotal to:

to identify improvement opportunities.

• Identify physician and staffing needs

Gain insight into service access by aligning locations of care with community need.

for growth and alignment opportunities • Determine facility requirements using our proprietary capacity calculator • Perform dynamic comparative analysis

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