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Real estate data is essential... Real estate enhanced with healthcare data is differentiating. Whether you are supporting health system strategy and business planning, evaluating healthcare real estate  investments, searching for the right location for a client, or identifying market growth opportunities, Pivotal can provide the objective healthcare data to support your organization.

Market insights that help uncover, validate, and optimize strategic real estate opportunities. Create objective data-driven healthcare business cases to differentiate your offerings, initiate new projects, validate existing projects, and and maximize future resource allocation. Instantly share studies and scenarios with your healthcare clients, financial partners, and operations teams to realize more effective and profitable real estate strategies.

With Pivotal, you can… Align leasing strategy, healthcare demand and provider capacity: Understand the healthcare demand for specific assets and focus leasing efforts to increase net operating income and reduce vacancies. Empower your leasing team with clinical revenue opportunities and claims data to align healthcare business cases with physical space opportunities. Evaluate up and downstream referral patterns by individual physicians to create a more efficient and profitable tenancy ecosystem.

Confidently underwrite healthcare transactions: Future-proof acquisition underwriting by determining the assets relevance within healthcare delivery. Understand the future demand for clinical services, competition, and evaluate revenue by tenant and individual MD’s to identify future viability and risk within the building tenancy. Quickly understand the “health” of your tenancy through actual provider claims aligned with service line growth rates.

Perform portfolio audits: Identify which assets are well-positioned for the future of healthcare and which are not. Invest in the portions of your portfolio that are validated through competitive analysis, service line rationalization, clinical and reimbursement growth.

Identify where healthcare demand and real estate intersect: Use Pivotal’s mapping framework to visualize all healthcare provider locations across the U.S., organize locations by asset type and system affiliation to determine gaps in the market by specialty and sub-specialty. Understand the patient journey: Use site specific claims and location analytics data to understand patient origination and behavior profiles. Define network leakage and outmigration by clinical encounters and revenue opportunity. Create a continuum of care playbook to determine service lines and access points to strengthen network integrity and build the business plans to support growth initiatives.

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