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THE AIM On 5th May, 2008, Nine Inch Nails released their latest album, The Slip, free, online, as a gift to their fans. Or as Trent put it: “This one’s on me”. On December 13th, 2008, dozens of Nine Inch Nails fans recorded the last show in the Lights In The Sky tour at Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas. On January 7th, 2009, over 400Gb of video from the Victoria, Portland and Sacramento shows was unofficially released by the band. By working together, the Nine Inch Nails fan community created a two DVD set to document these shows that will be released free online (along with a bonus DVD with tour related rarities), followed by a physical release, again created by fans for fans. This one is on us. Our time. Our effort. Our Gift to all NIN fans.

THE MISSION In February 2009, Trent Reznor announced that his upcoming world tour would be his last, before making Nine Inch Nails “disappear for a while”, stating: “ Last year’s “Lights in the Sky” tour was something I’m quite proud of and seems like the culmination of what I could pull off in terms of an elaborate production.” Near the end of the 2008 Lights in the Sky tour, hailed by critics for its unmatched visual splendour, Trent Reznor had some disappointing news: An official 3-D DVD project, to be shot with director James Cameron, had fallen through due to complications with his old recording label (they dragged their feet until it was too late).

The Nine Inch Nails message boards lit up. How, the fans asked, could a tour as ground breaking and stunning as this possibly not be recorded? As they commiserated, one fan (Alex Gamble) asked a different question: Why can’t we do it ourselves? Nine Inch Nails fans have a long history of documenting the band themselves – from the Live Essentials compilation series to sourcing rare interviews and recordings and putting them (for free) into the hands of the fans, and away from scalpers and profiteers. And so on December 13th, 2008, when Nine Inch Nails performed the last show on its Lights in the Sky tour at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, dozens of the band’s fans secretly documented the concert. Was Trent Reznor inspired by the fans? As they were planning to descend on Las Vegas, three other concerts on the tour were pro-shot. On Jan. 7th, 2009, more than 400 GB of video from the Victoria, Portland and Sacramento shows were unofficially released by the band on its Web site. That one fan’s question has turned into a large-scale project that will culminate in the release of a two-disc professional quality DVD release. *Another Version of the Truth: This One’s On Us*: one disc exclusively with fan footage from the Las Vegas show, and one tour video with the pro-shot footage. Fans included professional audio engineers, video editors, DVD authors and designers working in Hollywood, the UK, France, Quebec, Poland and Australia, with input from around the world regarding various aspects of the release ]. *Another Version of the Truth *can give you a way to show the dedication of the NIN fanbase and what it means to have such a vital band disappearing.


Thousands of fans leapt to the aid of the TOIOU project within hours of the idea being formed. Editing services, web hosting, and DVD donations flooded in from around the globe. With it, several questions anchored in a concern to to make the project a concern presented themselves. What order do things need to be done in? How long do these things take? Out of this came goals and deadlines. Given the amount of people involved, and a feeling that we really wanted to make the best DVD possible, and - let’s face it - we’d never done anything like this before, we found people out of the volunteers who had experience and who could lead the rest of the teams. People who knew all the audio jargon, people who knew what the best video formats are, and, most importantly, people who were serious about doing this. As audio work had already begun for Vegas, it felt logical to mirror this with the Gift audio, and from that the video editors would have a model to follow. A side effect of this is that we found ourselves with release quality audio content very early on that eventually became the audio release that came out in early March. The audio editors went on to tweak and optimise the audio for DVD with a view to making a 5.1 mix. By this stage, dozens of data tapes, cartridges, hard drives, and CDs had been sent to Alex (torgo/shitfuckdamn) to start work on the Vegas DVD. This was also dozens of different files in different formats that had to be normalised before work could begin. Cue lots of rendering, muxing, and exasperated twittering! At the same time, we were presented with the problem of making sure all the Gift editors had the footage, and how to make sure this could all be spliced together. kililmoms offered to provide the footage on a HDD that could be shipped around - from DC to Philly, to Quebec, to South Australia, to Poland, and eventually to London. On its travels, it was discovered that demuxing the files for use on a PC changed the timecodes that would make using EDL files (a way of storing the edits in a tiny file rather than having to store the actual full edit) possible. Since half the editing team where on PC and half on Mac, this was a problem. Luckily, Killmoms had also granted us access to a private FTP server, so we were able to transfer full edits around, even if it did slow us down a little. At least we could all see what each editor was doing.

Of course, not everything can work to plan the first time. The glitches noted above and a few inevitable life issues - people losing their jobs, having babies, and and being involved in car crashess - did mean that the project timeline and editing deadline had to change slightly, but it was generally felt that it was more important to maintain the quality of the DVD than rush to finish it by an arbitrary date. An emphasis on perfection (perhaps inspired by the work ethic of Nine Inch Nails itself) echoed throughout every aspect of the final output, and editors, transcribers, and designers alike went through a rigorous process of drafting and redrafting their work until the highest standards possible were reached. Something that came as a pleasant surprise was the discovery that the fan-shot Vegas footage produced angles and shots that were above and beyond what the mysterious ‘Gift’ tapers had produced. Their fancy high-res cameras were wobbly and had too much zoom; the fans’ were steady, clear, and more manageable when it came to mixing video, despite some recordings not being in HD. Slight audio changes have had to be made for the sake of capturing better shots, and the audio editors were on hand to offer advice with a view to creating a final master for the DVD. Once editing began, all the other activities and participants were brought into the fold. Colour correctors were consulted and motion graphics artists were brought on board, with the DVD author around to make sure that all the composite pieces would fit together smoothly. This comprised of several weeks’ testing in order to avoid errors once everything started to come together. The distribution manager had the unenviable task of sorting through all the forms that had been filled in. At the same time a lot of emails and messages (primarily through Myspace and from people that really wanted to be a part of this, but didn’t know how to edit, work photoshop, or make DVDs, came in. Troyhasfallen got in touch with an idea of doing local year-zero-style street team, and it soon took off. A flyer in a library book, a scrawl on the inside of a toilet door, posting stuff to your blog/facebook/ myspace - even people who didn’t think they could do anything to be included found a way to help. Editors who didn’t get to edit the Gift DVD came forward to discuss DVD extras and other things, to the extent that inboxes and FTP servers overflowed with fan-made goodies. A couple of people said they were more interested in events, and they are poised to make this a realisable – free – experience for everyone to enjoy We’ve had tons of support and contribution from people working on other ‘Gift’ projects such as JessicaSarahS, Luis B (who made the Santiago DVD) and chris_lopo, and it’s something that’s definitely reciprocated. And most importantly, thousands upon thousands of NIN fans have kept the momentum of the project going just by talking about it – most evidently through twitter searches and scanning the forums, and it’s nice to know that there’s still so much discourse going on about the projects that have sprung out of the Lights in the Sky tour - it shows that we all care so much about giving something back to a band that inspires an incredible amount of creativity, strength, and integrity.










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Another Version Of The Truth [lo-res]  
Another Version Of The Truth [lo-res]  

The PDF booklet for the fan-made Nine Inch Nails film as shot in Sacramento, Portland, and Victoria by the Nine Inch Nails team, edited and...