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Samsung announces IceTouch and MyFit PMPs Jan. 5, 2010 By: John Brownlee

Not that you own one — you probably have an iPod — but Samsung actually makes some of the best portable media players on the market. Predictably, 2010 sees them refreshing their lineup of PMPs with two niche players, the Samsung MyFit and the SamSung IceTouch.

The MyFit’s niche is right in the title: fitness freaks who primarily use their music players at the gym or on the jog. An 8GB workout player that handles the usual array of codecs and boasts an FM radio, the MyFit distinguishes itself with fitness-oriented gadgets. It’s got sensors up the wazoo for measuring fat and stress, a calorie counter, jogging control and a customizable exercise management program that selects music based on the kind of workout you’re doing. Pretty traditional. On the other hand, the IceTouch is weird. It’s a 16GB candy bar PMP that boasts a bizarre, transparent 2-inch AMOLED touchscreen, with a sliding pastel rubber sheath that covers the screen when not in use. Even weirder: the whole player is made out of tempered glass. It’s a strange little player: a transparent touchscreen seems neat but useless, its only cache in superficial aesthetic coolness. On the other hand, the IceTouch still has all the usual codec support and excellent Samsung video compatibility, as well as Samsung’s Sweep user interface. Not a bad duo of players, although they are clearly aimed at a non-mainstream audience. Unfortunately, there’s no price or availability details yet, so all we can tell you is to expect these two players later this year.

Samsung IceTouch and MyFit PMPs  

Link : SamSung IceTouch. Not that you own one — you probably have...

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