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What’s On Term 2 Week 7 Thu 14 Jun 6.30am-5pm

6-7pm 7.30-8.30pm Fri 15 Jun 6.45am-5pm

Day CIS Cross Country Junior & Senior School Yrs 6-8 Space School Info. Eve. Yrs 10-11 Space School Info. Eve. CDSSA Basketball Gala Day

7.30am4.30pm 1.40-3.30pm

Exc.: Yrs 8-10 Chinese Yrs 9-11 UNSW Programming Comp.


Yrs 7-10 Met. Chess Comp.

Term 2 Week 8 Mon 18 Jun 18 to 28 Jun Tue 19 Jun 9am-2.30pm 3.30-7pm 6-9pm Wed 20 Jun 6-9pm Thu 21 Jun 9am-3pm 6.30-8.30pm Fri 22 Jun 6.45am4.15pm 9am-2.15pm 3.20-5pm Sat 23 Jun




Yrs K-6 Athletics Carnival Yr 10 Parent / Teacher Interviews Yr 12 Creative Arts Showcase Yr 12 Creative Arts Showcase Yrs 7-12 Athletics Carnival Yrs 11-12 Parent Evening Yr 10G Young Men’s Health Forum Exc.: Yr 2 History Yrs 4-6 Little Big Business World Challenge Expedition Yr 12 French Speaking Skills Day

As the world waits anxiously for the historic meeting of the two leaders, Trump and Kim, we are poised for an unprecedented period in global affairs. Beyond this, and at all levels, we are facing uncertainty; politically, economically and socially. It is clearly a highly disruptive period and one that is also impacting on our schools. Change is very much the new normal. Children, and our students, are confronting issues at an age when previously they would have been shielded from such engagement; social media is the curse that you as parents, and we as educators, must confront. It is nevertheless, a process that goes beyond an easy ‘fix’ of, for example, banning smart phones, or any mobile technology. That is why we are taking our time to ensure we research the complexity of technology. We wish to make the best decision in the interests of the students, the Staff and the needs of contemporary pedagogy.

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These times require parenting skills to be taken to a different level. Whilst the School will always be decisive in our determinations, we act in loco parentis through the school day. Parents necessarily need to ensure there are clear boundaries and consequences for all the non-school hours. We are here to support you, and offer advice, for the challenge before you in parenting your children. However, we respectfully request that you support us in our determinations regarding consequences of inappropriate behaviour. It will do little for your children as lifelong learners and ethical individuals if they are not facing up to consequences. This holds true whether it be a decision for a junior primary student, a junior secondary student or a student in their final year of schooling. As Steve Biddulph was quoted in a recent article in the SMH, “Toxic danger to boys when men fail to step up, …toxic masculinity is neither the norm, nor the default for Australian males. It’s a perversion of what manhood is supposed to be, a contagion that occurs in the absence of proper transmission of healthy manhood. It’s what happens when elders are absent, and men do not step up, and the peer group becomes the substitute source of life wisdom. Good manhood does not just happen, it has to be taught. …young men and boys have to be in relationships with adults who care for them and see them as worthwhile. And then, from that position of love and respect, to be clearly told: You have a choice. Treat women as objects (for that is the core of toxic masculinity) and you will never have a good relationship in your life. Women sense that attitude the moment you walk into the room. It makes their skin creep. You may form relationships with girls, but they will be mutually exploitative, and will not end well… what women want is what men want-fun, closeness, appreciation, and companions in the adventure of life. They want real, caring men, not overgrown selfish boys…” (Steve Biddulph: Raising Boys in the 21st century)

13 June 2018

HouseNews Issue 2018 / 10


From the Principal’s Desk ........... 1

From the Principal’s Desk continued Our pastoral and well-being program at Pittwater House prepared by the

PARENTING TODAY… WE ARE Heads of College and Grammar, Ms Lorna Probst and Dr Col Harrison, seek to HERE TO HELP ........................... 1 support our boys to become good men and women. We speak of it frequently. From the Principal’s Desk continued .................................. 2 General News ............................ 2 FROM THE HSIE FACULTY.......... 2 ENGLISH EXTENSION 1 STUDENT DAY............................................ 3

The engagement of our boys in the cumulative well-being programs is essential, as is your role as parents. We require you to support the School in the opportunities for parents’ education such as the event to be held on 23 August from 6-8pm for parents and students in Years 10-12. There will be a presentation from the Smashed Project Group followed by Kathy Kelly, mother to Thomas and Stuart, who lost both her sons, one to homicide, the other to suicide. The power of such an evening comes through your attendance, engagement and the follow up opportunity to talk and discuss these issues with your children.

Sadly, Avalon is in the top 5 areas in the state for alcohol related issues; we WORLD CHALLENGE - TRIVIA NIGHT NEWS ............................. 3 have a duty to you, as you do to us.

Dr Nancy Hillier, Principal

YEARS 11-12 VIRTUAL DEBATING .................................................. 3 FROM LEARNING SUPPORT ...... 3 FROM THE CO-ORDINATOR OF CREATIVE ARTS ......................... 3

General News

LIBRARY NEWS .......................... 5 FROM THE HSIE FACULTY FROM THE SCHOOL UNIFORM SHOP ......................................... 6 Junior School News .................... 6 FROM THE HEAD OF JUNIOR SCHOOLS ................................... 6 FROM THE ECC .......................... 8 School Sports ............................. 8 PHPA (Pittwater House Parents’ Association) ............................. 11 PHPA SEMESTER 2 EVENTS ..... 11 PHPA SOCIAL GOLF DAY AND GALA DINNER .......................... 11 The Year 11 Economics students have been fortunate enough to have two

guest speakers visit their classroom this term. On Friday 25 May, Yasaman

CANTEEN CHEF’S SELECTIONS Naghiloo from the Reserve Bank of Australia came to the school to talk to the TERM 2 .................................... 12 students about the role of the RBA and how it conducts Monetary Policy through its Domestic Market Operations. Quite a big topic for a Friday

CANTEEN WINTER MENU – morning, but the students enjoyed the experience immensely. In particular, TERMS 2 AND 3 ....................... 12 the students were impressed with Yasaman’s career at the bank and the range of opportunities and roles she has had in the 4 years she has worked there.

CANTEEN VOLUNTEER ROSTER ................................................ 12 Our second speaker was Zac Leman, who works for BT Financial Group as

Head of Platforms Investment Product Development. In his talk to the students he covered financial derivatives and the importance of regulation in the financial markets. A highly topical subject and relevant to the students as they have an assessment task which is focused on regulation in the financial markets. Once again, the students embraced the practical knowledge they were able to obtain and appreciated the hands on experience Zac was able to bring to the classroom.

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ENGLISH EXTENSION 1 STUDENT DAY On Sunday 27 May, the Year 12 English Extension 1 class attended a student day at Newington College, Stanmore. The day was organised by the English Teachers’ Association and included a range of lectures relevant to their studies. The class received advice from the student who received the top ranking in the course in 2017 and from a senior HSC marker. The other sessions focused specifically on their elective “After the Bomb,” which requires students to develop their understanding of Cold War ways of thinking through literature. Overall, the students expressed that the day was highly worthwhile. WORLD CHALLENGE - TRIVIA NIGHT NEWS Many thanks to all who so generously donated items for the silent auction, raffle prizes or were able to join us on the night for a fantastic evening of laughter and entertainment. Congratulations to Liz Hutton and her team for taking first place. While we are still waiting for the final numbers to come in, we are confident that we raised around the $5k mark including ticket sales and all that was raised on the night. Wow! This money is going to make a huge difference to the three communities in Myanmar with whom Pittwater House students from Years 9–11 will be working. We have all been overwhelmed by the generosity and spirit of the Pittwater House community in raising money for this cause and want to send our sincere thanks to all who have been involved.

YEARS 11-12 VIRTUAL DEBATING The Open (Years 11-12) Virtual Debating team celebrated another success last night as they defeated The Armidale School to progress through to Round 5 of the competition. A huge congratulations to the team: Ashley, Ryan, Lara and Linda. Congratulations are also in order for the Years 9-10 Virtual Debating team who progressed to the fourth round before unfortunately being defeated by Camberwell Girls Grammar School in Victoria. Well done Benjamin, Callum, Dominic and Lachlan for your valiant efforts this year. The Years 7-8 team will take on PLC Armidale later in the month for round 3 of their competition. Please join me in wishing them well as they progress through this prestigious competition: Olivia, Jaime, James and Ewan. FROM LEARNING SUPPORT Nationally Consistent Collection of Data in 2018 – School Students with Disability The Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disability (the national data collection) is an annual collection that counts the number of school students receiving an adjustment due to disability and the level of adjustment they are receiving to access education on the same basis as other students. For more information please see the Fact Sheet via the following link: Fact Sheet for Parents and Carers If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact Ms Kelly Muffett at: Ms Kelly Muffett, Co-ordinator of Learning Support FROM THE CO-ORDINATOR OF CREATIVE ARTS Congratulations to our Junior School Choirs on their performances at the Northern Beaches Eisteddfod. Next week we have our two HSC Creative Arts Showcase nights. This will be held over two nights Tuesday 19 June (Dance and Music) and Wednesday 20 June (Drama and Music). These nights are the final opportunity for our Year 12 students to perform their Major Works before their Trial HSC next term. Please come along and support these students.

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Year 11 Visual Art Camp to Bundanon Year 11 Visual Arts students have just enjoyed an immersive weekend at the magnificent Arthur Boyd properties on the banks of the Shoalhaven River. Students participated in numerous workshops to develop their own artistic practice though the guidance of specialist in-house artists. Workshops included Riverscape Ink Paintings, sculptural vessels using local, natural materials, plein air paintings of the beautiful landscape, and a panorama mixed media work.

Junior School Choir Eisteddfod On Thursday 31 May, our two Junior School Choirs participated in the Northern Beaches Eisteddfod and performed exceptionally well, with the Chamber Choir and Cantabile Singers achieving ‘Highly Commended’ and ‘Very Highly Commended’ awards respectively. They all sang beautifully and were fantastic ambassadors for our School, with particular mention to our Year 3 students who were still recovering from their exertions at camp. All our choristers are to be congratulated on their efforts for the eisteddfod, but also on the contribution the choirs make to our School functions and events. You are an integral part of many significant occasions throughout the year, and we appreciate the dedication and commitment you demonstrate in preparing for these events and undertaking the performances so enthusiastically. Junior School Creative Arts Evening Rehearsals for the Junior School Creative Arts Evening are going well! This will take place in the Great Hall on Thursday 28 June. Every student from Kindergarten to Year 6 will be preparing for this. The doors open at 5.30pm and the performances will start at 6pm.

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Years 7-12 HICES Music Festival The Years 7-12 HICES Music Festival will take place from Sunday 18 to Wednesday 22 August. Students will be notified shortly regarding placements. If you have any questions, contact the Creative Arts Cottage at: Symphonic Winds Performance This Sunday 17 June, the Symphonic Winds will be performing at the Northern Beaches Instrumental Festival at Pittwater High School. The students will be required to arrive at 5:15pm and will be performing at approximately 5:45pm. The permission note and details are available on Skoolbag. If you have any questions, please email

Instrumental Ensembles - Folders and Music 2018 has seen a significant increase in membership throughout all instrumental ensembles. We do expect that all students have practice copies of their music and take these to their private tutor between ensembles rehearsals to assist them preparing for the coming weeks. Please ensure that your students have a folder for this music and brings it to every rehearsal. If they require practice copies or have misplaces their music, it is responsibility of the students to email and ask for a copy. When emailing please ensure that you include the title of the piece and the part required. If they have misplaced their entire folder please replace folder and email to gain replacement parts. Instrumental Music Tuition At Pittwater House we offer an extensive internal Instrumental Music Tuition Program. We offer instrumental tuition in all String, Wind and Brass Instruments, Percussion which includes Drumkit and Tuned Percussion, Vocal Lessons Guitar, Bass Guitar and Piano Lessons. For more information about private music tuition please email Creative Arts Student Achievements Throughout the year our very talented Creative Arts students will be performing in numerous Eisteddfods competing in many sections such as: Contemporary Vocal, Solo Dance, Dance Groups, Solo Instrumental and Instrumental Groups. These students will be representing either Pittwater House, themselves or their own private studios. We would like to acknowledge the results of students, please let us know of their Creative Arts success throughout the year by emailing and we will publish the results. Congratulations to the following students on their recent achievements: Indiana (C7), Highly Commended for Ballet Solo at IRBD and First Place for Ballet Solo at Extreme Eisteddfod and Ethan (P2), for gaining an A Grade in 2nd Grade AMEB Piano. Mr David Cosentino, Co-ordinator of Creative Arts LIBRARY NEWS

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The library is used for a diverse range of activities throughout the day. Please come up and take advantage of this wonderful space.

Ms Kayte Eyre, Head Librarian

FROM THE SCHOOL UNIFORM SHOP School Uniform Shop - Winter Recess Hours Mon 2 July:


Tue 3 July:


Wed 4 July:


Thu 5 July:


Fri 6 July:


The Uniform Shop will reopen on the first day of Term 3, 24 July at 8am. In Stock Now: Junior boys Long Sleeve Shirts.

Junior School News FROM THE HEAD OF JUNIOR SCHOOLS As we are fast approaching ‘the pointy end’ of Term 2, and still with many wonderful occasions ahead, it is understandable that panic may start to creep up. Please check your calendars for events and specific requirements. Languages Week is well underway with early morning and late afternoon sessions of French and Mandarin displays and learning activities for you to witness in your child’s classroom. By this stage you will have received the Skoolbag notification regarding the Athletics Carnival, this includes the vital communication about travel plans to and from the carnival. I cannot stress how important this information is from a logistical and safety point of view. Our Duty of Care to your child, particularly around attendance on this day, includes how they are arriving and how they are leaving, and with whom. Written permission is required for any child leaving the carnival with another adult. I look forward to seeing you all at the upcoming Creative Arts Night, on Thursday 28 June. This event is a compulsory attendance for all students as their classes are a team and all players are needed to play their part and support each other. I would once again like to congratulate all students for their magnificent efforts both representing the school and gaining their personal bests in all areas of academic pursuit, the creative arts as well as sport. I sincerely thank all parents for their wonderful support and the teachers for their skilful tuition and guidance.

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P5T Robotics Last week P5T participated in a Robotics lesson where they learnt all about coding. It was challenging, engaging and really enjoyable. At the end of the lesson the boys programmed their robots to compete in a battle where they would not be pushed out of the ring. It was wonderful to see the critical thinking and teamwork required to complete the challenges they faced.

Year 4 OEG Camp Earlier this term, Year 4 went to Stanwell Tops for an amazing Camp experience. There were so many adventures we enjoyed such as the giant swing, a four hour hike, 10 metre high rock climbing and the night bushwalk. We ate three delicious meals a day not to mention the luxurious cabins. The cabins held four or five people in them. Year 4 Camp was wonderful and we wish we had it every week!

Year 4 Earth Angels and Waste Warriors Year 4 is helping our School, and Earth, to become more sustainable by using less electricity and reducing waste. We have now placed three food waste bins around the playground for food waste to be placed into. We collect this food waste and compost it and feed it to the worms in our worm farm. Year 4 has found roughly around fifty plastic bottles in our playgrounds. We have turned these into art by painting them and turning them into a beautiful chandelier. You can help the Earth Angels and Waste Warriors by using less electricity, composting and reusing. Thank you! Finlay, Saffron and Erica

Mrs Ruth Achurch, Head of Junior Schools

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In the Early Childhood Centre, we approach education from a holistic perspective and identify that there are many areas of your child's development which contribute to their learning successes. We not only support and promote cognitive achievements, but recognise that physical, emotional and social development, all play a significant role. So this term, we have launched a new motor group to support our physical growth. Motor development plays an important role in supporting your child's learning capacities. Research confirms that when children are regularly engaged in games and activities that promote better balance and co-ordination, their bodies respond faster and more efficiently. Once your child has developed the mental energy to control their balance and coordination automatically without having to think about it, they can then free up their brain for processing information, listening, concentrating and focusing on higher learning concepts. Our motor group games are fun and varied. This week we looked at shoulder and arm strength, using balloons, pegs, ribbons, wings and many other colourful resources. Mrs Gina Platt, Acting ECC Co-ordinator

School Sports STUDENT SUCCESS Congratulations to Tyrone (P6), who recently represented Pittwater House and CIS at the 4-day NSW PSSA Australian Football Championships in Batemans Bay. There were 13 teams from all over NSW competing at the Championship with CIS being named the ultimate winners in the Grand Final defeating Sydney North 25 points to 16 points. This was only the second time in 40 years CIS have won this event. Well done Tyrone. Congratulations to Kasey (C8), who has been selected in U15 State Hockey Squad, well done Kasey. Congratulations to Nicholas (P5), who represented Manly Junior Rugby Union (MJRU) U11 to compete in the 2018 state championships over the long weekend. He was co-captain of the Blue team (1st) and they had 4 wins and 2 draws. It was a great weekend of rugby given the wet and muddy elements all teams had to contend with. Great work Nicholas. Congratulations to Isla (C8), who represented NSW in tumbling at the 2018 Australian Gymnastics Championships in Melbourne at the end of May. Isla placed 12th overall - an amazing achievement since she has only been tumbling since January. Well done Isla! CO-CURRICULAR SPORT - TERM 2 Grammar Fitness Aged 15 Years+ Commenced in Week 2 of Term 2 and is held on Mondays and Wednesdays at lunchtime in the school fitness centre. More information can be found on Skoolbag. College Fitness Aged 15 Years+ Commenced in Week 2 of Term 2 and is held on Tuesdays and Thursdays at lunchtime in the school fitness centre. More information can be found on Skoolbag. Strength and Conditioning Pittwater House Strength and conditioning sessions are co-ordinated by the School Physiotherapists/Exercise Physiologists. “Personalised programs to suit their needs and injury background.�

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This year’s strength and conditioning classes have quickly increased in popularity. The students have thoroughly enjoyed the classes, but most of all have made some great strength gains and increased their injury prevention ability. As always students will learn about the dangers when it comes to health, strength, conditioning, proper nutrition, physiotherapy based principles such as core activation and correct positioning, and above all, they will receive a personalised program to suit their needs and injury background. Students will enjoy working hard on their strength and fitness which will ultimately help them in their respective sports and above all prevent injury. If they have a current injury this is also the perfect place to be. We can continue and enhance their rehabilitation. When/Where: Monday and Wednesday mornings (7.20-8.15am). Rebates on private health funds will be available at the end of the term via a receipt sent to your email. Rebates come under a "group physiotherapy" clause in your private fund so check with your fund if you can claim under this (most can, some will even cover the entire cost). Please call Andrew at any time on:9999 6666 as soon as possible to secure your position. For more info email Swimming Squad Training – Years 7-12 The PDHPE Department will be conducting Senior Swimming Squad Training sessions at The Pittwater House Schools pool on Tuesdays and Thursdays during lunchtime. The swimming squad training sessions will be used to help improve those swimmers who will be representing The Pittwater House Schools swimming season with a focus on fitness and swimming development. Tennis Coaching We are continuing our successful before school, lunchtime and after school programs at The Pittwater House School’s tennis court behind the main reception area. This is fantastic way for your child to learn and develop new skills and get involved with the Tennis Australia accredited Hotshots program. We are also involved with the popular Tennis Northern Beaches Saturday morning competition which gives your child the best environment to further their tennis experience. Contact Les Hegyessy 0402 731 196 or Oliver Cordell 0403 833 293. TEAM SPORT – JUNIOR SCHOOL PISA Senior Soccer A Football v OFGS (25 May). Lost 3-4. In a much-improved performance the Years 5/6 A soccer team went down unluckily to Oxford Falls Grammar. We were always in the lead or held at a draw until the last 10 seconds when they scored a corner from the corner using the wind. The whole team played well, passing the ball and keeping possession. A special mention goes to Tyrone for an absolute cracking free kick outside the box that rocketed into the top corner. Keep up the effort boys! PISA Senior Boys B Football v St Lukes (25May). Lost 4-0. Zack was a stand out in goal, while Hudson and Noah were strong in defence. PISA Junior Girls A Netball v OFGS (8 June). Won 8-4. It was a close game with excellent defence from Pittwater House. We are improving every week. PISA Junior Girls B Netball v St Lukes (8 June). Lost 1-11. It was wonderful to see the girls playing as a team and making strong passes. Player of the match was Mikaela and thank you to Chloe for being the captain. Special mention to Finlay for scoring the goal. TEAM SPORT – SENIOR SCHOOL Soccer Grammar U16A v Mater Maria (1 May). Lost 2-3. The 16As first outing in Pittwater House colours started with a flourish. The boys worked well together and started to combine for a 2-1 lead over a decent Mater Maria team. We were the dominate team throughout the match but two easy goals at the end of the second half turned the points to Mater Maria. Good signs to start the season though, with strong performances from George, William and Trey. Grammar U16A v NBCS (8 May). Won 2-1. Pittwater House started the game strongly, keeping possession of the ball and making some slick passes. However, a goal came against the run of play as NBCS scored when an unmarked player headed the ball from a corner. Pittwater House continued to apply the pressure and was rewarded when George scored from a shoot outside of the box. Second half came and both teams seemed evenly matched. It wasn’t until the last few minutes that William dribbled the ball down the wing, cut in and slotted the ball into the bottom corner of the net. HouseNews Issue 2018 / 10

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Grammar U16A v St. Pauls (15 May). Won 1-0. The 16As 3rd game of the season showed some serious character from the team. They were up against a strong St Pauls side, that had proven stars in their team. But a strong midfield showing from Alex Butcher and impressive defence from the back line, (James Chen, Trey Gannon, Harrison White) was enough to keep them at bay. Josh West showed his worth with a couple of great saves and Will Hunt and Danny Chambers all had great opportunities at the front but couldn’t convert. George Richardson came through with a strong goal to give us the Win. Grammar U16B v OFGS (29 May). Lost 0-9. Coming up against a very strong OFGS side was always going to be difficult but it was made harder with only having nine players. OFGS sportingly gave us two of their players as they had a squad of 16! Even with the extra players it was still a tough game with OFGS opening the scoring within a few minutes. A change in formation for the second half saw TPHS start well and were a little unlucky not to make something out of a few fast breaks. However, the strength of OFGS meant the pressure was still mainly in the Pittwater half. The boys to their great credit never dropped their heads and kept going to the end. There is plenty of talent and ability in the TPHS team so they should take heart that the OFGS team that would have been competitive in the A division. Grammar U16B v NBCS (12 June). Lost 0-2. After several wash outs eventually TPHS were able to play the last of the first-round games. The teams were evenly matched but an unfortunate misunderstanding at the back within the first few minutes gave NBCS the advantage of an early lead. The boys pushed for an equaliser and defended well when necessary with no change in the score by half time. The second half was much the same but the game was put out of reach of TPHS with a second goal with only 3 minutes to go, following a loose ball from a free kick. Despite not having won a game the boys all have good skills and ability. The team has a lot of potential and their teamwork will continue to improve greatly the more they play and train together. Water Polo Pittwater House Intermediate Girls vs St Lukes B (4 June). Won 16-1. It was wonderful to see that every player in the pool had the opportunity to score a goal and achieved this. It is important to remember that the disproportionate score reflects our opposition’s lack of numbers in the first half however. The team played a clean game and showed excellent sportsmanship in reducing our number of players in the pool to give our opposition a sporting chance. The teams commitment to the principle of fair play is greatly commended. SPORT CALENDER Nominations If you would like to trial for any of the below Pathway Sports please let the Sports Office know prior to nomination due date. Softball – Junior School Years 5 and 6 (Girls) If you play A Grade Softball and would like to trial for the CIS Girls Softball Team please let the Sports Office know by 20 July, you must also supply a full playing history for the past 2 years. Term 3 After School Team Sports Nominations -Now Open Junior School Nominations: Rugby 7s - Years 3/4 played on Wednesday after school

Basketball - Years 5 played on a Tuesday after school

Rugby 7s - Years 5/6 played on a Monday after school

Basketball - Year 6 Day TBC depending on division

Basketball - Years 3 and 4 played on a Monday after school

Water Polo - Year 5/6 Training to start Term 3 played on a Friday night

Senior School Nominations: College Soccer - U14 played on a Tuesday after school

College Soccer - U18 played on a Wednesday after school

Grammar Rugby - U14 played on a Thursday after school

Grammar Rugby - U16 played on a Monday after school

Water Polo - Year 7 played on a Friday Night from 7pm

Basketball College 7 - played on a Monday after school

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Senior School Nominations cont.: Basketball Grammar 7 - played on a Monday after school

Basketball College 8 - played on a Monday after school

Basketball Grammar 8 - played on a Wednesday after school

Basketball College 9 - played on a Wednesday after school

Basketball Grammar 9 - played on a Thursday after school

Basketball College 10 - played on a Wednesday / Thursday after school

Basketball Grammar 10 - played on a Thursday / Friday after school

Basketball College 11/12 - played on a Friday after school

Basketball Grammar 11/12 - played on a Friday after school Please Note: If you would like to nominate to play in any of the above teams please either come to the sports office or email the sports office at: Ms Sue Grigg, Manager of Sport and Co-curricular Activities


(Pittwater House Parents’ Association)


PHPA SOCIAL GOLF DAY AND GALA DINNER Bookings are now open for this years' PHPA Social Golf Day and Gala Dinner to be held on Friday 14 September. It is a great day for golfers and non-golfers alike. The evening dinner and entertainment in the club house is a spectacular affair with delicious food, great music and the ever popular Auction. This event is open to everyone, regardless of your golfing prowess! Come and give it a go, or if golf is really not your thing then please just join in for the evenings' dinner and entertainment. There are sponsorship opportunities as well as group or single ticket options: Book now and get an Early Bird-ie discount until 31 July. Use code EB2018 For any questions please contact Tim Powell on: 0413725801 or Thank you for you continuing support. Warm Regards, PHPA and Golf Day Committee

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CANTEEN CHEF’S SELECTIONS - TERM 2 Breakfast Hot Chocolate $3 (or $2.50 if you provide your own Lidded Keep Cup) Pear and Raspberry Bread $3 Banana Bread $3 Ham and Cheese Croissant $3 Bacon and Egg Roll $5 Lunch Mon:

Pizza (cheese, Hawaiian or supreme)


Chicken or Vegetable Noodles $6/$8


Beef or Bean Nachos with Grated Cheese, Salsa, Guacamole & Sour Cream $6/$8


Roast Beef with Yorkshire Pudding, Vegetables and Gravy $6/$8 (Weeks 1-3)


Beef Burger or Beef & Cheese Burger $6

Chef's Curry - Weeks 7-9: Beef Red Thai Chicken Curry $6/$8 *Please Note: Chef's Curry and Thursday Roast change every 3 weeks. Order Online at: CANTEEN WINTER MENU – TERMS 2 AND 3 It can be viewed from the School’s website at: or on Skoolbag.

Canteen Volunteer Roster Canteen Supervisor – Phone 9972 5718 after 8.00am

Mon 18 Jun

Liz Robbins

Volunteer Not Required

Tue 19 Jun

Samantha Cheesman

Trish Byrne

Denise Taylor

Wed 20 Jun

Jo Hume

Shay Gillings

Lucy Dennison

Thu 21 Jun

Jeannette Cleworth

Alex Ellard

Lucy Dennison

Fri 22 Jun

Helen Denton

Volunteer Not Required

Denise Taylor

Denise Taylor

Clothing Pool Tuesdays from 8am-9.15am and Thursdays from 2pm-3:15pm Located next to the School Uniform shop the Clothing Pool is run by volunteer parents. Please Note: Purchases cannot be charged to your School account. The Clothing Pool has a 7 day Return / Refund Policy

CANTEEN VOLUNTEER ROSTER To volunteer for a slot, please email your Network Parent or the Canteen at: Please note that although weeks are allocated to different year groups you can volunteer for any shift during the year regardless of which year your children are in. On behalf of the PHPA, thank you for your support!

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HouseNews 13 June 2018


HouseNews 13 June 2018