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PSU ALUMNI NEWS there are more than 1,500 vehicles in Kansas bearing PSU tags. The highest number is Kansas State University. “We’re seeing them everywhere, including more often on company vehicles,” said Johnna Schremmer, director of alumni and constituent relations. “Our push is to become the most represented university in the state.” Soon, supporters across the state line may have a chance to show PSU pride on their vehicles, as well. The alumni office is working with the Missouri Department of Revenue to release a Pitt State plate in Missouri. Over the summer, the office collected names of residents who would potentially purchase tags (with more than 14,000 alumni and friends in Missouri, there’s a strong support system). The state will collect comments from drivers until Nov. 30 before the decision is made by the Joint Committee for Transportation. “Ideally, we’ll be seeing PSU license plates on Missouri vehicles as early as next summer or fall,” Schremmer said. “We’re hoping the process goes smoothly and that our neighbors can share in the Pitt State pride the way Kansans can now.” For more information on getting a PSU license plate for your vehicle – as well as a half-price special Sept. 1-15 – go to the PSU alumni web site at www. or call the office at 620-235-4758.

Gorilla Gatherings–

Keeping connected! When Craig Yocham and his wife Jennifer received an invitation this spring to attend their first PSU Gorilla Gathering in their hometown of Tulsa, Okla., they weren’t certain what the evening would hold. But within minutes of walking through the door, the meaning of being a lifetime Gorilla came flooding back. 36

PITT STATE Fall 2010

“We wanted the opportunity to go and meet people in our area who had graduated from PSU, and it was so interesting listening to their stories,” said Yocham, a business development project manager who finished his engineering technology degree in 2003. “We don’t make it to Pittsburg as much as we’d like, so it was great to get the updates.” Hosted by the Office of Alumni and Constituent Relations, Gorilla Gatherings are held throughout the country during the school year as a way to build relationships with alumni, update them on the university, and give them a chance to hear from current administrators about university initiatives and programs. Held in a variety of forms (gatherings range from more formal dinners to cookouts at ballgames) every gathering has a common goal – to keep alumni engaged in and connected to PSU. “I think that for most alumni, the biggest thing is the reconnection to other graduates,” said Johnna Schremmer, director of alumni and constituent relations. “It brings them back to their college years. It may be the one time of year they can really focus on PSU, and Gorilla Gatherings like the night at the Kansas City T-Bones baseball game draw Gorillas (and future Gorillas) of all ages.

they tell us how appreciative they are that we’ve come to their area and provided that for them.” With 70-80 Gorilla Gatherings held each year (including two in Los Angeles and Washington, D.C.), it’s no small feat. A prominent university representative attends each gathering, and the agenda is simple and enjoyable: guests hear an update about the university, see the latest pictures from campus, hear about upcoming events, and hopefully run into old friends. “We saw friends we hadn’t seen in years, and now we’re staying in closer contact with them,” said Yocham. “People should definitely attend these. It was great to see that PSU leaders are networking and traveling.”

Pitt State Magazine - Fall 2010  
Pitt State Magazine - Fall 2010  

Pitt State Magazine - Fall 2010