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Career in Fashion design and marketing may be the obvious areas to focus on in school to prepare for a career in retail. However, leading retailers like American Eagle Outfitters (AEO) also need employees with backgrounds in finance, law, technology, real estate & construction, human resources and a variety of other expertise areas that complete today’s global company. For example, meet Mallory Milsak. She was in the first graduating class to receive The Pittsburgh Promise scholarship and now has a career at the Pittsburgh-based Corporate Campus of American Eagle Outfitters! Mallory attended CAPA, Pittsburgh's performing arts high school, as a dance major. “After my freshman year of college, I became the first intern/office assistant at The Promise and I’ve been helping them with events ever since. Being part of The Pittsburgh Promise Alumni Leaders led me to their summer Career Launch event, which led me to American Eagle!” Today, Mallory helps American Eagle as a Production Coordinator in the fast growing area of the omni-channel business, which joins marketing and information technology to create a seamless brand experience for the customer. Nick Gray was also educated here in Pittsburgh and landed a job in retail and loves it. He says computer courses in high school gave him a foundation of skills that he still uses today as an Associate Inventory Planner at American Eagle Outfitters. “After high school,

Promises made.

Retail I attended Duquesne University studying business. I loved the classes that focused on how goods are moved from one place to another. Additional courses in Information Systems helped me understand how computers are enabling and driving business today. Overall, my college education taught me how to solve problems and work in a team environment, qualities that are crucial to my success in retail!” AEO continuously recruits educated and talented people, passionate about retail, to fill the company’s stores, offices and distribution centers around the world. Here are some tips for students considering retail careers from the expert Recruiting Team at American Eagle Outfitters: Get out in the world and get involved. You may not realize how big your professional network already is! From parents of friends to an athletic coach - all of these people could know someone who might have the perfect job opportunity for you. Join student organizations and take on different leadership roles. Be an active leader! Have an open mind. Not everyone lands their dream job right out of school. It takes time to build a professional reputation and gain experience that people trust. The path to your career goal may not be the straightest line but you’ll build a great skill set along the way. Keep your grades up. GPA is extremely important to employers when evaluating candidates. Continue studying and remain in good standing. 3.0 & higher is ideal! Make that first impression count - With everyone you meet, you want to make your first impression count. Be confident - look an interviewer in the eye - smile and, most importantly, be yourself. Love your career path, you’ll love your job – You will spend the majority of your weekdays working. Make sure you’re doing something you enjoy with people who will help you grow and stay positive!

Richard Borden is the Director of Internal Communications at American Eagle Outfitters. Inc

Promises kept.

For over 160 years, Saint Francis University has been keeping promises to students just like you. The promise of a better education and the promise of a better tomorrow. Today, 97% of all Saint Francis graduates are employed or in graduate school just six months after they graduate. That’s a promise kept. | Reach Higher. Go Far.

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