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Carrick, Promise Scholar

COLLEGE/DEGREE: Pittsburgh Technical Institute: Associates Degree in Mechanical Drafting & Computer Sciences CURRENT JOB:

Tell us about your choice to pursue higher education with The Promise: The Pittsburgh Promise took a huge amount of financial stress off of deciding to go to school. It also helped me narrow down my choices when choosing which school I wanted to attend. Overall it made the decision of continuing education a lot easier. How did you choose a field of study? My original choice was engineering. I chose to become a Mechanical CAD draftsman and designer, because it would get me a great career and step towards eventually continuing on to become an engineer. All my life I’ve had great artistic and visualization skills, as well as good

mathematical knowledge. I found that you need equally strong parts of all three in order to be a decent draftsman. Now you are successful and working fulltime. Tell us about your job. There seems to be no typical days in the drafting field. Each day new challenges arise, and it’s up to you and your fellow draftsmen and engineers to solve the problems. I have to generate 3D models of parts and assemblies designed by both engineers and draftsmen alike, as well as create 2D detail drawings that will be sent out to industry for fabrication and construction. What I love most about my job is that there is always a problem to be solved

Mechanical Designer/Draftsmen at Tenova Metals

which, in turn, keeps my mind sharp and gives me a feeling of accomplishment each time a solution is found. I also love the possibilities that come with my career, such as when I had the opportunity to travel to Genoa, Italy for three weeks of work. What is your advice for high school students who are starting to think about choosing a study/career path? Find something you're good at and wouldn't mind doing, then find a career path where you can apply those skills. Once you are working in a career you have interest in, it’s an immediate feeling of accomplishment. All those years of schooling finally pay off.

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