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Allderdice, Promise Scholar

COLLEGE/DEGREE: Penn State University: BS Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering CURRENT JOB:

Tell us about your choice to pursue higher education with The Promise. Initially, I planned to join the Army with the intent to one day become an engineer. My family did not have the means to send me to school, but The Promise allowed me to attend college and focus on my education as opposed to worrying about how I was going to pay for it. How did you choose a field of study? I always knew that I wanted to be an engineer. I attended Allderdice specifically for the preengineering magnet program. I finally chose petroleum engineering after my first year at Penn State Greater Allegheny. I was exposed to the industry by a fellow Promise scholar

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and was able to begin interning with Range Resources. After the internship I knew I made the right decision. Now you are successful and working fulltime. Tell us about your job. Currently I am a rotational engineer with Range, I started out in Reservoir Engineering. Right now I am in the office five days a week from 7-4. I spend most of my time doing economic and operational analyses. I enjoy that each operational analysis is different. I always have to learn new things and push myself to improve as an engineer. In a few years I will be in a different department learning all new things. It really keeps things from getting old.

Petroleum Engineer at Range Resources

What is your advice for high school students who are starting to think about choosing a study/career path? I would suggest looking at employment predictions to see what might be in demand at the time of graduation. Doing something that you will love is important, but keep an open mind. There are many fields that are similar. I believe that getting a degree in a field with demand makes the transition from college into the work force much smoother. I am not sure what the future of working in Pittsburgh holds. I do know that the city’s economy has become much more diverse than it once was. I can only imagine that the city will continue to improve and add opportunity for all.

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IdeaPod Fall 2014