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20 1 2 Annual Report

We seek to replace the deadly culture of low expectations that often permeates urban public schools with the belief that inside every child is a promise, and with the appropriate care, effort, and needed resources, that promise will undoubtedly be fulfilled. SALEEM GHUBRIL EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, THE PITTSBURGH PROMISE


The Pittsburgh Promise: A BIG IDEA IN ITS FIFTH YEAR The Pittsburgh Promise is perhaps best known for providing college scholarships to urban youth and conducting a rather ambitious $250 million fundraising campaign. While this is true, The Promise is far more than a scholarship program or a fundraising campaign. Central to the work of The Pittsburgh Promise is promoting academic success and encouraging our students and their communities toward high aspirations and hope-filled dreams. The key message that The Pittsburgh Promise delivers is that the combination of hope and work, dream and effort, will be rewarded with a substantial investment – a Promise scholarship – in order for that child to turn her or his aspiration into tactile reality. Reversing the population decline in the City, transforming the quality of public education in our urban core, and increasing the number of Pittsburgh students who pursue education beyond high school will make Pittsburgh a more attractive place for employers. It will also contribute to the economic health of the region in many ways, both tangible like an increased tax base to support public services, and intangible such as reviving once thriving neighborhoods into attractive places for families to live. Furthermore, according to research conducted by CEO’s For Cities, if we are able to increase our college educated population by just one percentage point, our region’s annual economic growth would exceed $1.5 billion. That is comparable to attracting a new $1.5 billion company for every one percentage point growth in our college educated citizenry. The Pittsburgh Promise is committed to delivering on this outcome.

The Promise makes pursuing higher education accessible, affordable, and achievable. The scholarship program is designed not to be need or income-based. This design offers benefits to all students and families. It is attractive to lower-income students and families because many students have trouble coping with the burden of loans taken to supplement their financial aid awards. It is equally attractive to middle-income students and families because the means test used in Federal and State assistance programs excludes many of them.

The Promise Seeks To: Fuel urban public school reform Energize regional economic development Transform the lives of students and families in Southwestern Pennsylvania.


Our Short History In December 2006, former Superintendent Mark Roosevelt and Mayor Luke Ravenstahl announced their commitment to provide college scholarships to every graduate of Pittsburgh Public Schools who is also a city resident and who meets certain academic requirements. They viewed this as a strategy to impact the region’s quality of life by ensuring that its urban core was built on superb educational institutions and high quality communities. They commissioned McKinsey and Company to conduct a study to evaluate the effectiveness of the strategy, and to determine the financial model that would be required to sustain it. McKinsey concluded that the strategy was sound and that it would cost $250 million to sustain it for 30-36 years. The Promise was launched in December 2007 with a remarkable $100 million commitment by UPMC. Their commitment included an initial $10 million to mobilize the scholarship program for the Class of 2008 and an additional $90 million challenge grant to spur a community-wide campaign to raise $150 million over 10 years. UPMC pledged to give $1 for every $1.50 that anyone else gives. This challenge has resulted in another $60 million given or pledged to support the work of The Promise, as of September 2012.

The Pittsburgh Promise is led by a respected, diverse, seasoned, caring, and proven team. Our Board of Directors and staff are comprised of individuals who are committed to the prosperity of our region, the renewal of our city, the transformation of our urban schools, and the well-being of our children.

Board of Directors


Franco Harris (Chair) Member of the NFL Hall of Fame, Owner, Super Bakery

Lauren Bachorski Special Projects Coordinator

Candi Castleberry-Singleton Chief Inclusion & Diversity Officer, UPMC

Shawn Butler Scholarship Manager

Debra Kline Demchak Community Leader

Saleem Ghubril Executive Director

Linda Lane, EdD Superintendent, Pittsburgh Public Schools

Amirah Hunt Outreach Coordinator

Mark Laskow Managing Director, Greycourt & Co.

Marsha Kolbe Development Manager

Anne Lewis Chair, Oxford Development Company

Steve Kroser Data and Technology Coordinator

Pamela Little-Poole Family and Community Organizer, A+ Schools

Katina Lee Development Assistant

David Malone President and CEO, Gateway Financial Group

Phil Mollenkof Communications Coordinator

Martin McGuinn Chairman and CEO (Retired), Mellon Financial Services

Julia Shepard Events and Campaigns Coordinator

Grant Oliphant President and CEO, The Pittsburgh Foundation

Gene Walker Benchmarks Manager

Luke Ravenstahl Mayor, City of Pittsburgh Cindy Shapira Senior Policy Advisor, Allegheny County Executive David Shapira Executive Chairman, Board of Directors, Giant Eagle, Inc. Edith Shapira, MD Psychiatrist, Private Practice Kiya Tomlin Parent Volunteer, Pittsburgh Public Schools Olga Welch, EdD Dean, School of Education, Duquesne University Demetri Zervoudis Senior Vice President, Bayer Material Science Saleem Ghubril, Ex Officio Executive Director, The Pittsburgh Promise


Board of Directors & Staff

For kids who don’t have a “ticket out,” The Pittsburgh Promise provides hope that they can do more than what they see around them. When you have hope, you have a reason to stay out of trouble, to not do drugs, to not get pregnant, to get good grades. When you don’t have hope, it doesn’t matter what you do. KIYA TOMLIN ENGAGED PARENT OF CHILDREN IN PITTSBURGH PUBLIC SCHOOLS


Our First Goal

ENORMOUS CHALLENGES, BREATHTAKING REFORM Among the goals of The Pittsburgh Promise is to increase high school completion rates, advance college readiness, and elevate post high school success of urban youth. It is no secret that urban education in every city in the United States continues to face enormous challenges, and Pittsburgh is no exception. For the last seven years, the Pittsburgh Public Schools district has been in the throes of breathtaking reform. With dogged determination and resolve, we have sought excellence in governance and leadership, teaching and curriculum, buildings and budgets with the sole objective of improving the life prospects of all of our kids. We have experienced varying degrees of success. The Pittsburgh Promise is the organizing principle around which the reform work of Pittsburgh Public Schools is built. The school district describes its continuum of education from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade as “The Pathway to The Promise.” Special attention is paid to key transitions. Appropriate interventions are applied to ensure that students do not fall through the proverbial cracks. These include community wide initiatives such as Be a Sixth Grade Mentor, and district strategies such as the Promise-Readiness Corps (PRC). The last few years also included closing more than 30 school buildings that were either under capacity or under-performing or both. Counter-intuitively, these same years also included opening a few new schools, the majority of which have become the “apples of the eye” of Pittsburgh Public Schools.

We are elated that high school completion rates have persistently grown since the inception of The Pittsburgh Promise. We measure high school completion rates by dividing the number of graduates in any year by the number of enrolled 8th graders five years prior. The table below reveals this steady and encouraging growth. HIGH SCHOOL COMPLETION RATES CONTINUE TO RISE IN PITTSBURGH PUBLIC SCHOOLS.

While 71% is a better average than 63%, our goal is to move at least 85% of our students through the doors of graduation and into the pursuit of higher education. Some of our schools currently graduate 99% of their students, while others hover around 50%.

The Pittsburgh Promise will continue to promote higher achievement from our students, higher effectiveness from our teachers, higher standards from the Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers, higher expectations from our administrators, and higher vision and effective collaboration among our school board members.


As of June 2012, The Pittsburgh Promise provided $25 million in scholarships to 3,285 graduates from the classes of 2008 through 2011. Females represent 59% of Promise scholars and African American scholars represent 41%.


African American Females

African American Males

Caucasian Females

Caucasian Males

Asian, Hispanic, Pacific Islander & Multi-Ethnic Females

Asian, Hispanic, Pacific Islander & Multi-Ethnic Males

As of the publication date of this report, we were in the midst of processing scholarships for the class of 2012. As a result, we are only able to announce the number and demographics of eligible 2012 Promise scholars, rather than actual scholarships granted. We are pleased that we already have 812 eligible 2012 scholars.


African American Females

African American Males

Caucasian Females

Caucasian Males

Asian, Hispanic, Pacific Islander & Multi-Ethnic Females

Asian, Hispanic, Pacific Islander & Multi-Ethnic Males

The Pittsburgh Promise is need-blind. We grant scholarships to every student who meets the following criteria: 1. Residency: Lived in the City of Pittsburgh for at least the four years of high school


2. Enrollment: Attended Pittsburgh Public Schools for at least the four years of high school 3. GPA: Graduated with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5


4. Attendance: Maintained a minimum cumulative high school attendance rate of 90% However, we require that all of our scholars complete the FAFSA application (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Every institution in the country uses the FAFSA application to determine the amount of federal and state grants to which the student may be eligible. The data shows that 82% of Promise Scholars also receive needbased aid. The Expected Family Contribution (EFC) is a measure of the family’s financial strength and is calculated according to a formula established by law. The family’s taxed and untaxed income, assets, and benefits (such as unemployment or Social Security) are all considered in the formula. Also considered are the family size and the number of family members who will attend college or career school during the year. The information a student reports on their FAFSA is used to calculate the EFC. Schools use the EFC to determine the federal student aid eligibility and financial aid award. EFC is not the amount of money the family will have to pay for college nor is it the amount of federal aid the student will receive. It is a number used by schools to calculate the amount of federal aid students are eligible to receive.



$5,000 to $13,000 EFC in Their First Promise Year (Other Aid-Eligible)

$1-$4,999 EFC in Their First Promise Year (Pell-Eligible)

$0 EFC in Their First Promise Year (Pell-Eligible)


As college costs increase and public support for higher education along with financial aid resources decrease, the impact of a scholarship from The Pittsburgh Promise is that much more significant.


Promise Scholarships can be used at all post-secondary institutions in Pennsylvania that offer a degree, diploma, certificate, or license.This includes public and private colleges and universities, career training companies, and vocational and trade programs. So far, scholars have attended 91 different institutions. In the table below we show the schools that have at least 1% or more of the Promise Scholars.


Recent School Attended


Percentage of Promise Scholars

Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC) University of Pittsburgh (main campus) Penn State University (main campus) Slippery Rock University Point Park University Robert Morris University University of Pittsburgh (branch campuses ) Clarion University Carlow University Indiana University of PA Penn State University (branch campuses) California University of PA Duquesne University Edinboro University Bradford School Temple University Kaplan Career Institute Chatham University Carnegie Mellon University La Roche University Art Institute Pittsburgh Technical Institute

Overall, three Institutes of Higher Education and their branch campuses serve nearly half of The Pittsburgh Promise scholar population: CCAC, the University of Pittsburgh, and Penn State University.

27.5% 7.4% 6.1% 4.4% 4.3% 3.9% 3.5% 3.3% 3.1% 3.1% 2.8% 2.8% 2.8% 2.5% 2.1% 1.8% 1.8% 1.5% 1.3% 1.2% 1.2% 1.1%





81% 80%

PhD private PhD public


MA private


MA public


BA/BS public

Two-year public



69% 69%

BA/BS private

Two-year private


66% 58% 55%


68% 69%

0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% The black bars show that in comparison to the ACT national sample, Pittsburgh Promise Scholars have equivalent or higher Year 1 to Year 2 retention rates across all institution types.

While we are pleased with the early performance of our scholars, we are not where we wish to be. Our goal is that 85% of Promise scholars complete some form of post-secondary education or workforce certification. We recognize the aspirational nature of this goal since, sadly, only 50% of our nation’s post-secondary students complete their education and earn degrees. However, we also recognize the uniqueness of The Pittsburgh Promise, the tremendous opportunity it provides, the potential reform it leverages, and the urgency of raising expectations and transforming outcomes.


In the 2012 report entitled Realizing The Promise: Scholar Retention and Persistence in Post-Secondary Education, Drs. Iriti, Bickel, and Kaufman compared the retention rates, by type of institution, of Pittsburgh Promise scholars to national data that is published by ACT (American College Testing). At every type of institution, Scholars of The Pittsburgh Promise met or exceeded the national retention rates of our country’s college students.

As significant as sending a few thousand students to college is, the impact of The Pittsburgh Promise reaches far beyond that. The Promise is the organizing principle around which our school reform agenda is built. And, if we get urban public education right, our entire region will benefit. If we don’t, we will all suffer the consequences. MARTY MCGUINN RETIRED CHAIRMAN AND CEO, MELLON FINANCIAL SERVICES


Our Second Goal MOBILIZING AND DEPLOYING Another of The Promise’s goals is to deploy a well-prepared and energized work force and an eager core of community volunteers.

than 1,000 young people who volunteered some time to package products at food banks, plant flowers and vegetables at community gardens, scrape and paint railings along bridges, clean and prepare playgrounds for summer fun, and visit with and learn from some of our region’s seniors.

As the Pittsburgh region’s population grew older in recent decades, retaining young talent became a prime priority for our vibrancy and vitality. That is precisely why The Pittsburgh Promise committed to not only help young people go to college, and not only support them so they graduate from college, but also facilitate opportunities for them to return to their hometown after college and be a part of our region’s economic and community renewal.

This was our students’ way of saying, “Thank you, Pittsburgh, for investing in me.”

In order to give “feet” to the goal of energizing our workforce and deploying volunteers, as the first class of Promise scholars approached graduation, we engaged them in two strategic events: Career Launch & Service Days. Thanks to the marvelous support of over 60 companies, The Pittsburgh Promise hosted a groundbreaking event that did the following: • Introduced aspiring workers to potential workplaces • Oriented recent graduates to the personal attributes that are required for professional success • Trained candidates for the rigors of interviews • Equipped job seekers with the technical “difference-makers” that cause a resumé to rise above the rest • Provided young people with the opportunity to make personal connections with and tell their stories to recruiters who were looking to hire And thanks to the engagement of nearly 30 of our region’s nonprofit organizations, The Pittsburgh Promise mobilized more


To our great delight, 2012 marked a very special moment in the life of The Pittsburgh Promise. Nearly 600 of our first class of Promise scholars - those who completed high school in 2008 - graduated with a four-year degree, two-year diploma, or workforce certification. Equally noteworthy is the fact that a few hundred of our recent graduates already found their way into our region’s marketplace by either gaining employment or starting their own small businesses.

ASHLEY Member Services Concierge, UPMC Brashear ‘08 / Robert Morris University ‘12

BRIANA Business Systems Analyst, PNC Schenley ‘08 / Robert Morris University ‘11

DAN Firefighter / EMT, Scott Township Brashear ‘08 / UPMC Ctr. for Emerg. Medicine

JAHMIAH Range Resources Oliver ‘09 / Penn State University ‘13

KRISTA Dollar Bank Carrick ‘08 / Robert Morris University ‘12

SARAH Assistant to The President, United Way Brashear ‘08 / Robert Morris University ‘12

TRAVIS Account Analyst, BNY Mellon Allderdice ‘08 / Allegheny College ‘12

VANESSA Mayor’s Office Westinghouse ‘08 / Chatham University ‘12

This program creates a permanently named scholarship for companies that support The Promise at a minimum level of One Million Dollars, and matches them with Promise scholars who are aligned with their mission and who might be candidates for their workforces. Executive Scholars are chosen by academic performance (3.5 GPA or higher), commitment to community, demonstrated leadership skills, dedication to education, and relevant field of study. By creating this pipeline early, we increase the likelihood of bringing our best talent back to our city, we reduce recruiting time and costs, and we ensure that The Promise fund is sustainable for years to come.

UPMC Scholars of The Pittsburgh Promise Timilehin Adebayo : Tim attends the University of Pittsburgh and is studying Pre-Medicine. A graduate of Brashear High School, he believes that community service taught him the value of giving even when you are not receiving. Tim was awarded multiple scholarships for his studies. Rachael Deis : Rachael is a student at Drexel University studying Biology. She would love to help others through the work of medicine and would like to specialize in anesthesiology. A graduate of Obama High School, Rachael was her class president. Shawnaquaya Dixon : A graduate of Westinghouse High School, Shawnaquaya was proud to finish second in her graduating class. She attends Penn State University and studies Clinical Psychology. She plans to obtain her PhD. In addition to The Pittsburgh Promise scholarship, Shawnaquaya was awarded the Bunton-Waller Scholarship.

Benedict Hoffman : A graduate of Allderdice High School, Benedict achieved a 3.92 GPA. He is a student at Villanova University, majoring in Biology. Benedict hopes to use his education and the medical field to help the less fortunate. Benedict is also a recipient of the Lola G. Duff and William H. Duff Merit Scholarship. Alexander Josowitz : A graduate of Allderdice High School with a 4.0 GPA, Alexander attends the University of Pittsburgh and majors in Bio-Engineering. He was a leader in his high school’s Advisory Board tasked to combat racism within his school. Alexander is also the proud recipient of the Society for Analytical Chemists of Pittsburgh Scholarship.


We also wanted to ensure that our highest performing students connected with our most generous supporters as early as possible, so that opportunities can be maximized for business engagement, student growth, and fulfillment of our mission. So, we initiated a special program called Executive Scholars of The Pittsburgh Promise.


Highmark Scholars of The Pittsburgh Promise Juliana Collins : A graduate of the Creative and Performing Arts School, Juliana attends Temple University and studies Psychology. She hopes to help those who are struggling with mental illness. Juliana is also the proud recipient of multiple awards for her writing. Amanda Dugan : A graduate of Langley High School with a 3.96 GPA, Amanda attends La Roche College and is interested in studying Psychology and Sociology. In addition to The Pittsburgh Promise scholarship, Amanda was awarded the Langley Alumni Scholarship and La Roche Merit scholarship. Sharese Dunmore : A graduate of Perry High School, Sharese is a student at Chatham University majoring in Nursing. Sharese is proud of her volunteer participation to clean her neighborhood and collect items for those in need. She hopes to work as a pediatric nurse. Cory Hanlon : A graduate of the Creative and Performing Arts School, Cory attends Carlow University and studies Nursing. Cory was an active hospital volunteer and hopes to pursue emergency room medicine. Cory was also awarded the Pittsburgh Penguins’ Inner City Scholarship and Academic Scholarship at Carlow University. Maria Whaby : Valedictorian of her graduating class at Career Connections Charter High School, Maria attends the Community College of Allegheny County and studies Nursing. Maria is also proud to be a member of the National Honors Society.

Giant Eagle Scholars of The Pittsburgh Promise Ethan Abramson : Ethan attends the University of Pennsylvania and studies Market Engineering and Computer Science. He graduated with a 4.0 GPA and was valedictorian of his class at Allderdice High School. Ethan is also a recipient of the Mensa Education and Research Foundation, David Hunt Memorial Scholarship. Ethan Buszko : A graduate of Carrick High School with a 4.0 GPA, Ethan continues his education at Duquesne University studying Pharmacy. He hopes to pursue the study of oncology and medicine in the future. Ethan was the valedictorian of his graduating class. Eliot Golin : Eliot attends Penn State University and studies Mathematics. A graduate of Allderdice High School, Eliot was an active mentor as well as a member of the Allderdice Leadership Club. In addition to The Pittsburgh Promise scholarship, he received the National Hispanic Achievement Award. Jasmine Johnson : A graduate of City Charter High School with a 3.92 GPA, Jasmine attends Seton Hill University and is majoring in Pharmacy and Biology. In addition to The Pittsburgh Promise scholarship, she received the Horatio Alger National Scholarship. Shanda Snyder : Shanda attends Penn State University and studies Crime, Law, and Justice. A graduate of the Creative and Performing Arts School, she is also interested in communications and public speaking. During her senior year, Shanda served as a Promise Ambassador working to engage students and promote college readiness in her school.

Kenya Finn : Kenya attends Duquesne University and studies Engineering. Kenya hopes to own a small business one day. A graduate of Obama High School, she was especially proud to earn straight A’s during her senior year. Erika Mangual : A graduate of Obama High School, Erika attends Point Park University for Business Management. She is especially interested in communication and creative business applications. Erika was also awarded the Academic Scholarship at Point Park University. Anthony Michalski : Anthony attends Robert Morris University and studies Accounting. A graduate of Perry High School, Anthony hopes to stay in Pittsburgh to pursue a master’s degree in his field. Anthony’s goal is to one day work for the federal government. Elizabeth Paulin : A graduate of City Charter High School, Elizabeth attends Clarion University and studies Accounting. Elizabeth is especially proud of the multiple Microsoft certifications and Microsoft Office awards she obtained in preparation for college. Leeza Tokarski : A graduate of Obama High School, Leeza attends Point Park University and studies Advertising and Public Relations. Outside of Leeza’s outstanding academics she was her senior class vice president and involved in school athletics. She received Academic and Athletic Scholarships from Point Park University.

BNY Mellon Scholars of The Pittsburgh Promise Blaise Galewski Jr. : A graduate of Allderdice High School, Blaise attends the Community College of Allegheny County and studies Accounting. Outside of his outstanding academics, Blaise focuses on community service and believes in the power of service to make a difference. Guthrie Gintzler : Guthrie studies within The Jerome Fisher Program at the University of Pennsylvania. A graduate of Allderdice High School with a 4.0 GPA, he was proud to be named Navy Scholar of the Year. Guthrie is especially inspired by green energy initiatives. Danielle Kapolka : A graduate of Carrick High School, Danielle attends Duquesne University with a major in Business. She was nominated Business Student of the Year during her senior year of high school and she received Duquesne University’s Academic Scholarship. Raven Moore : Raven attends Penn State University, Greater Allegheny Campus and studies Sociology. Raven hopes to continue on to law school after her undergraduate degree is complete. A graduate of Allderdice High School, Raven was a leader in a human rights and racial justice campaign while in school. Terry Thomas : A graduate of City Charter High School, Terry attends Point Park University to study Accounting. He is interested in interning throughout his education to really find his niche. Terry is also a proud graduate of the Black Male Leadership Development Institute at The Urban League of Pittsburgh.


PNC Scholars of The Pittsburgh Promise

The Pittsburgh Promise is ensuring that our urban youth have the aspiration required to fuel big dreams, the work ethic to reach them, and the resources to attain them. DAVID MALONE PRESIDENT AND CEO OF GATEWAY FINANCIAL GROUP


Our Third Goal MITIGATE AND REVERSE DECLINE After a generation of devastating population losses in the City of Pittsburgh, the news of stabilization, and even slight growth, are indeed heartening. Census data, university research, and business and personal anecdotes have delivered good and welcome news that our city is on the cusp of a season of growth. Furthermore, in 2011, researchers from the RAND Corporation completed an evaluation of The Pittsburgh Promise which discovered that over 450 new families enrolled their middle school children in Pittsburgh Public Schools since the inception of The Promise. Their top three reasons, RAND learned, are: a. The Pittsburgh Promise b. The work of reform that is taking place in our district, and c. The diversity of culture and educational programming available in Pittsburgh Ascertaining a causal relationship between the actions of The Pittsburgh Promise and these growth outcomes is admittedly difficult. However, celebrating this growth and working to perpetuate it is among The Promise’s top priorities. To that end, in 2012 we joined the Urban Redevelopment Authority in providing continuing education courses to realtors and equipping them with relevant and accurate information about the reform work in our schools and the scholarships available through The Promise.

Pittsburgh Promise Scholar School Graduada de CAPA High State University Se matriculó en Penn


sidades Crea una lista de univer la para que visites. Utiliza Pittsburgh página de internet de s para Promise y los enlace as elegibles. encontrar las escuel

ión en Solicita y obtén admis ecundaria una institución post-s en el estado de PA. a de Llena la solicitud gratuit antes ayuda federal para estudi de Abril. (FAFSA) antes el 1° tus de ayuda la Necesitaras s. padres o tutore


nes de los exáme Toma Pittsbu rgh Promise aspira a la máxima y SAT es uny compro miso con ción posible. puntua los alumno s de las escuelas públicas de Pittsburgh y sus escuelas privadas subvencionadas (Charters). Es un programa visionario de becas que ya está beneficiando a nuestra comunidad y está diseñado para ayudar a fomentar la vitalidad económica y cultural de la región de Pittsburgh. Entérate de cómo puedes aprovechar esta oportunidad.





Pittsburgh Promise Scholar High School Graduado de City Charter University of PA Se matriculó en Indiana

Harias la promesa?

ud de Pittsburgh Llena y envía la solicit representante en la Promise ya sea a su en Pittsburgh. escuela o a su oficina


Hasta $ 40.000


Pittsburgh Promise es una oportunidad. Pittsburgh “Pittsburgh 11º ise es una Promise es un sueno hecho Prom avanzado o r e a l i d atusd interes Toma cursos de nivel . P i t tes,s bprueba u r g h form de nivel Explora a aciona cursos intern deleshac s, Promise amigo er es nuevos una gran haz , ayuda. cosas nuevas universitario. trado. concen nte Pittsbu rgh Promise pero mante desafia. mas facil el QUE ES Pittsburgh Promise inspira. pago de la PITT Pittsbu rghSBU RGH Promise motiva. Pittsbu rgh Promise es una Universidad. PRO ?urgh oportunidad.MISE TPittsb Promise es un sueno hecho Con Pittsburgh r e a l i d a d . P i t t s b u r g h Promise puedo Promise es una gran ayuda. asis tir a la Pittsburgh Promise desafia. Pittsburgh Promise inspira. escuela que Pittsburgh Promise motiva. yo esco ja. ”

Pittsburgh Promise es una oportunidad.


en la ciudad de Pittsburgh

Las Escuelas Publicas de Pittsburgh

si has atendido la escuela 90% del tiempo + 2.5 GPA = Hasta $ 40.000 de beca


entre mas de 300 escuelas en Pensilvania.


1901 Centre Ave Suite 204 Pittsburgh PA 15219 412-281-7605

club. Hazte miembro de un jo Candidatizate al Conse un Estudiantil. Practica deporte.

Pittsburgh Promise Scholar High School rashear Graduado de Contre-B Morris University Se matriculó en Robert


Me comprometo a mantenerme motivado.

ser m u cho m a s f acil.

aa que estudias



a lo


Basado en cuanto tiempo has vivido en la ciudad y cuanto tiempo llevas matriculado en PPS (Escuelas Públicas de Pittsburgh). 9º – 12º = 75% 6º – 12º = 85% 1º – 12º = 95% K – 12º = 100%

i te

Ir a la escuela todos los días.




Aprovecha Pittsburgh Promise.

Te prometo que s

Comprométete a estudiar.


Pittsburgh Promise Scholar School Graduada de CAPA High College Se matriculó en Juniata

“Pittsburgh Promise ha cambiado mucho mi futuro. Me ha dado la oportunidad de ir a la universidad.”

Pittsburgh Promise Scholar School Graduada de Perry High University Se matriculó en Chatham

“Pittsburgh Promise Antes de cambio pens10º ar miReúne acti tu consejero te contud r PSSAs y SATs. la rate para los Prepáque y escola ación. mer para empezar a planea a Toma un curso de prepar para después de la escuel univ $ ersidad aria. conv secund enci esta fuera de que con su de tu ayuda alcance, podria ir reconsidera. a la Universidad. ”


Pittsburgh Promise es un sue~No hecho realidad.



La Promesa

Pa de tri a hacer m q ismo algo hacue primertienes e r por t algoo i mism o.

Pittsburgh Promise me ha abierto muchas puertas.


This year we launched an outreach effort to attract and welcome Latinos to Pittsburgh in partnership with key leaders in Pittsburgh’s Hispanic community as well as leaders in the corporate, philanthropic, nonprofit, education, political, and community development sectors.


visitas a las

Planea e el “Me sidades durant univercomp rome to . averano obten er una buena educacion, un trabajo que amo y a seguir creyendo en mi misma.”


We are extremely grateful to these corporations and foundations that have already seen the transformative results of The Pittsburgh Promise and made a financial investment in our students, our schools and our region. Thank you.

$100 Million UPMC $10 Million to $24.9 Million The Heinz Endowments The Pittsburgh Foundation $5 Million to $9.9 Million Richard King Mellon Foundation The Grable Foundation $1 Million to $4.9 Million BNY Mellon Charitable Foundation Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation Eden Hall Foundation Highmark Hillman Foundation Massey Charitable Trust PNC Foundation The Buhl Foundation The Giant Eagle Foundation Thermo Fisher Scientific $500,000 to $999,999 Bayer USA Foundation The Fine Foundation The University Club of Pittsburgh Charitable and Educational Trust $100,000 to $499,999 American Eagle Outfitters Anonymous Benter Foundation PA Department of Community & Economic Development Direct Energy Franco Harris Super Bakery H.J. Heinz Company Foundation Michael Baker Corporation Foundation Range Resources The Birmingham Foundation The Roy A. Hunt Foundation Waters Trust


UPMC affirmed early that our region’s future demanded such an ambitious effort and committed $100 million to seed this $250 million campaign. They issued a challenge: for every $1.50 that is given, UPMC will match with another $1.00.


$50,000 to $99,999 Citizens Bank IBEW McGuinn Trust Oliver High School Class of 1959 Alum $10,000 to $49,999 Adams Foundation Inc Alcoa Allen H. & Selma W. Berkman Charitable Trust Alpern Rosenthal Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney PC Ernst & Young LLC EQT Foundation Fair Oaks Foundation, Inc. First Niagara Bank FISA Foundation Gateway Financial GE Healthcare Goehring, Rutter & Boehm Gurtner Construction Co., Inc. Hefren-Tillotson Huntington National Bank Industrial Scientific Foundation Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh Lanxess Corporation Lumina Foundation for Education Mathieson Family Foundation Mayor Luke Ravenstahl’s Summer Celebration, Inc. Morby Family Charitable Foundation, Inc. National Council of Jewish Women Oxford Development Company Philip Chosky Charitable Foundation Pitt Ohio Express Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers Pittsburgh Pirates Pittsburgh Steelers PNC Charitable Trust Rugby Realty Snee-Rienhardt Charitable Foundation The Burke Foundations Partnership The Jack Buncher Foundation The Pennsylvania Society The Sylvia and Martin Snow Charitable Foundation Turner Dairy Farms, Inc. Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program W. I. Patterson Charitable Fund $5,000 to $9,999 Beckwith Family Foundation Burns & Scalo Campbell Durrant Beatty Palombo & Miller, PC Deliotte Dominion Foundation Eat N Park Hospitality Group

Eckert Seamans Educational Testing Services Federal Home Loan Bank of Pittsburgh First Commonwealth Bank GlobalScholar Jewish Healthcare Foundation Law Offices of Ira Weiss Molyneux Industries, Inc. SPEO, Inc. The Leonard C. Grasso Charitable Foundation The Steven & Gail Burke Foundation UPMC Healthplan $1,000 to $4,999 AFTRA Bridges & Company, Inc. Community College of Allegheny County Chuck Sanders Charities Columbia Gas of PA Comcast Financial Agency Corporation Dapper, Baldasare, Benson, Behling & Kane, PC Des Moines Branch NAACP Deutscher Sport Duquesne University Equitable Gas Company, LLC First National Bank of PA Gallagher Bassett Services Inc. Greater Pittsburgh E-Commerce Partners Greybeard Advisors LLC Grove City College K & L Gates Leadership Pittsburgh Maurice Falk Fund McKinsey and Company Medexpress Urgent Care Newspaper Guild of Pittsburgh Peabody 1960 50th Reunion Peter C Dozzi Family Foundation Philips Respironics Pittsburgh Advertising Federation ProTech Compliance Inc. Robert Morris University Rock Entertainment LLC Rosedale Technical Institute RTI International Metals, Inc. Smithfield Trust The Hillman Company US Foods

In order to honor our commitments and reach our ambitious goals, The Promise must raise an additional $90 million. We kindly ask that you also invest in the promise of Pittsburgh’s future by making a donation today. Every gift you make will immediately be matched by UPMC and will nourish the promise that lives in all our children. YOUR DONATION




























$100,000 $250,000

There are several convenient ways to make your gift: ONLINE

MAIL Mail your check to: 1901 Centre Ave, Suite 204 Pittsburgh, PA 15219

UNITED WAY Use our agency code number 9576075 when donating.

Use our agency code number 19130 when donating.


Remarkably, over 2,000 individuals have made gifts ranging between $5 and $150,000. 1901 Centre Avenue Suite 204 Pittsburgh, PA 15219 412.281.7605

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